Customer support specialist Resume

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Customer support specialist Resume

Bower Campbell
Customer support specialist


My starting role was to advance technical support chat with AT&T for over 6 years with the Austin, TX team. I would help solve client issues ranging from network outages, device issues, software, and teaching clients on how to use their mobile devices. We have recently transitioned to phone support to help with our customer sales/service center with our tech support skills. I have learned and experienced more with the changes the company has gone through. I am ready to use my knowledge and experience to expand my horizons.


Work Experience 

Advanced Technical Support
AT&T Mobility Services LLC

My career with AT&T started as Advance technical support in the Austin, TX center. My experiences with the company helped me learn many skills from network, software, client support, and technical troubleshooting.

American Express

Working for American Express. I was the representative for the Austin, TX area. I was in charge of managing the event from meet & greet, set up with projector screen, Visual projector, sound equipment, served concessions, and taking pictures for the entire event.


Applied Science Degree
New York Institute of Technology


  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Chines

Career Expert Tips:

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  • Ensure that you know how to write a resume in a way that highlights your competencies.
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Customer support specialist Resume with Writing Guide

The applicant for a customer support specialist must be able to serve clients while consistently using good judgment when resolving conflicts. We will show you how you can use your resume and cover letters to demonstrate the skills that make you perfect for this job. The first step is to write an introduction of yourself –

here’s how:

  • Start by numbering your skills on separate lines, being sure to include any computer or technology experience in addition to customer service, conflict management, and problem-solving experience relevant to the position.
  • Next, use them to organize your resume by listing each skill under the job title for that particular position.
  • Create a profile for each position you have held, and for each of your skills.

Customer support specialist Resume Writing Guide:

  • Prepare a resume that’s both relevant and accurately describes your qualifications. A resume is an advertisement selling yourself to an employer, and it should be just like any other job advertisement you’d read in a newspaper or online: it should tell the prospective employer what kinds of skills, experience, and education you have, as well as some idea of where and how you’ve done those things.
  • List your most recent employer first under “Current” or “Recent,” then list others in reverse chronological order (“More”–>”Less”). If you’ve worked for more than one employer, put the longest, most recent employers first.
  • List your job duties in reverse chronological order: “Latest,” followed by “Most.” Use this format to show you are able to multitask or keep up with ongoing projects within a departmental structure.
  • If you’ve been laid off or voluntarily quit a job, list that employer last under “Past” or “Previous. List any other experience, education or training you have that relates to the job you’re seeking.
  • Use keywords from the job description on your resume (e.g., words like “management” if you are applying for a manager position).
  • Be sure to put all phone numbers, email addresses and website links in an “Other” column at the end of your page so they don’t mess with your formatting.”
  • Write the job you are applying for in bold letters at the top of your page, along with the location and contact information. Don’t clog up your resume with logos or unnecessary information.
  • Proofread! This is probably the most important step to take when writing a resume, as there are always at least a few errors that can be avoided by simply looking out for them and correcting them before sending it to potential employers.

List of Typical Responsibilities For a Customer support specialist Resume:

  • Provide professional, timely and accurate information about customer accounts, transactions and relationships to resolve discrepancies
  • Research, analyze and document product technical questions or problems
  • Answer customer inquiries by phone, in person or email
  • Create forms, letters, documents and other materials as required by departmental procedures or to fulfill customer requests
  • Maintain knowledge of company products, services and competitors through training programs; be able to explain or demonstrate products/services to customers; offer product/service comparisons
  • Communicate with customer representatives, business partners, agents and salespeople to resolve inquiries or problems
  • Provide office support for financial department activities
  • Communicate changes in policies or other company information to customers, including new product information and requirements
  • Provide documentation to customers to explain technical aspects of service and features of products; may prepare contracts or other documents
  • Participate in planning special projects as required by the department

Top 15 Must-have Customer support specialist Skills:

  1. Accuracy- How well did you followed instructions and prepped for the call?
  2. Resourcefulness- How well did you navigate the issue/problem and, when appropriate, ask for information?
  3. Preparedness- Were you prepared to say that you are not the problem or that this is a problem with your company’s products, systems or policies?
  4. Inspiration- What can you offer customers in terms of services and products? What do others say about your customer service skills?
  5. Maintainability- How well did you handle the customer, being patient and willing to be of assistance?
  6. Opportunity- How well did you discuss with customers their goals and expectations related to repairing or replacing products or services?
  7. Empathy- Did you ask questions to find out why a customer was upset, frustrated, or angry? Was there a cooperative atmosphere between you and the customer?
  8. Efficacy- How well did you listen to the entire story or status of the call, and how well did you articulate your recommendations or resolve the issue?
  9. Authenticity- What kinds of approaches, methods, information, and examples are available for others to see in the customer?
  10. Service orientation- How well did you meet customer needs in a timely manner and what was the reaction of those customers that benefited from this action?
  11. Clarity- What did you understand about the problem, and how well did you communicate your understanding of the situation?

Tips to write a Customer support specialist Resume Summary:

  1. Create a Top-of-the-Mind (ToM) subject line to grab the attention of hiring managers
  2. Select examples of how you have solved similar problems in the past with a direct referral to your resume
  3. Include one sentence about why you are looking for a new job
  4. Include a Professional Summary or Technical Summary section that highlights your skills and accomplishments
  5. Include connections via social media to your new potential employer
  6. Include a list of your achievements
  7. Include your LinkedIn profile in the first section
  8. Include any certifications and licenses you hold in the first section
  9. Your name and contact information should be at the top of the email or resume, not at the bottom

Tips to write a Customer support Specialist Resume Objective:

  1. Determine whether you want to work in a specific industry or function, such as systems administration and engineering, management, sales or customer support
  2. Determine whether you want to work in a specific location
  3. Determine whether you want to work for a specific company or move to another company

Tips to write the Customer support specialist Resume career objective statement:

  1. Start the objective statement with an action verb, such as “Manage,” “Develop,” “Solve,” and “Lead”
  2. Use pronouns, such as I and my, sparingly
  3. Use a present tense verb, such as “Solve” or “Lead”
  4. Use words and phrases that describe the position you want, such as “Management” and “Problem-solving skills.”
  5. Use words and phrases that describe the industries you are targeting, such as “Manufacturing,” “High-tech,” and so on

Tips to write the Customer support specialist Resume job history:

  1. Be consistent with regard to spelling and dates
  2. Create a logical flow that will help your reader to quickly understand your work history
  3. Use the past tense to describe any positions you held (such as “Served as an Assistant Sales Manager,” “Sold Appliances and Electronics,” and so on)
  4. Use present tense to describe any activities in which you are currently involved
  5. Use the word “Present” or the words “Currently” and “Since” when describing any current employment

How to write a Customer support specialist Resume with No experience:

  1. Write a good title that will catch the eye
  2. Write your Experience section first
  3. Include a specific objective under “Experience” to let the employer know what you have done in the past.
  4. Provide your contact information under Experience – then list your previous employers and their telephone numbers and email addresses on separate lines underneath the employer name. Compare them to this resume template at once, if necessary, so it is easy to see how they are formatted.
  5. Do your research first. Before writing your own resume, do some research into the types of jobs that companies in the industry are hiring for, and about the industries, you are applying to. Use resources such as:
  6. When you write a cover letter, don’t copy the wording verbatim from a specific resume you found on the internet! Resumes are advertised in an ad or through an agency, so it’s not rare for resumés to be copied or taken word-for-word without credit.

How to write a Customer support specialist Cover Letter:

  • Identify the name and title of the person to whom you will be addressing your cover letter, find out if they have any preferences towards certain kinds of paper or colors, etc.
  • Decide on a format appropriate for your cover letter. Most employers prefer to receive cover letters that are double spaced with a header that includes your full name and contact information.
  • Create a professional greeting that does not begin with “To Whom It May Concern.”
  • Start your body with a strong attention-grabbing sentence that will entice the hiring manager to read the rest of your letter.
  • Follow your introduction with a short paragraph detailing how you heard about the job, why you are interested in it and why you believe you would be a great fit for it.
  • Write your qualifications in bullet point form by matching your work experience to what the employer is looking for.
  • You have two minutes to do this so make it count.
  • Finish your cover letter by thanking the hiring manager for taking the time to read your letter and expressing any interest in the position.
  • End with a signature line and a contact name, phone number, or e-mail address.

Key Takeaways:

  • The main purpose of a Customer support Specialist Resume is to get your foot in the door for an interview.
  • Use words and phrases from the job posting in your resume, if possible. This demonstrates that you have researched the company and also shows that you are a good fit for the position (which will help you secure an interview).
  • Make sure your resume has no typos or grammatical errors, especially if applying for an office job (typos speak volumes about your level of care and attention to detail).