Assistant Finance Manager Resume

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Assistant Finance Manager Resume Example

Assistant Finance Manager


Financial analyst professional with 12+ years of experience in financial planning, budgeting & forecasting, analysis and reporting.

Proven leadership in training employees and conducting business financial presentations. Strong in financial planning and analytical skills.


Work Experience 

Assistant Finance Manager
Dellon International Ltd.

Reporting to Regional Finance Manager in UK, I am responsible for :

  • Independently handle Project accounting for council contracts namely Cloud, Products, Bristol, WECA, Sefton & North Somerset.
  • Preparation & review of various financial reports on Daily, weekly and monthly basis while co- working with FP&A stakeholders for assigned Contracts.
  • Revenue, Cost & Headcount analysis for assigned Contracts on a monthly and quarterly basis. Providing process improvement recommendations on a timely manner.
  • Got trained in UK to work closely with Stake holders on forecast and budget planning activities for assigned contracts.
  • Knowledge sharing and support seniors in FP&A activities & drive standardization and improvement.
  • Successfully onboarded FP&A activities for 3Cloud, Bristol, WECA & Producgts which are now managed by me.

Senior Finance Executive
Gem National Ltd.

Reporting to Senior Finance Manager in AUS, I was responsible for :

  • Evaluating the company’s Accounts receivables processes and recommending the best ways to improve them further.
  • Improve on the establishment’s current collections systems with result oriented suggestions. Monitor Debots for any irregularities.
  • Collaborate closely with the Finance manager in the analysis of the corporation’s financial status and other such important issues affecting the entire company

Senior Finance Executive
Ace Technology Ltd.

Reporting to Finance Manager in UK, I was responsible for :

  • Preparing, analyzing and revieweing First draft of P&L report for assigned contracts.
  • Monitoring project wise revenue, cost and oveheads and highlight any variances monthly.
  • Collaborate closely with the UK Finance manager in the analysis and review of the project wise Balance sheet and Timesheet schedules.
  • Participate and support seniors in Audit and any adhoc requirements

Senior Executive – Documentation and Sales Co-ordination
Euro Corporations N.V.

Reporting to Division Manager in Belgium, I was responsible for :

  • Direct reporting to the Business Development Head located for Steel & Wood division in Belgium.
  • Co-ordinating between the stakeholders like Clients, Supplier, Logistics and Top level management for shipments, payments, documentation and statutory department.
  • Ensuring the planning of shipments, payments from clients, to suppliers and Warehouse are done completed and the deadlines been met.
  • Successfully Designed and Setup an Automated Purchase & Sales order tool through SQL and MS Access with the help of IT Team which resulted in savings of 15 mins per document. It also helped in generating various Business reports from SQL.

Manager – Accounts Receivables
Finland Curv Ltd.

Reporting to Managing Director in Nigeria, I was responsible for :

  • Ensuring the Day to day activities for Accounts Receivables are completed smoothly. This included monitoring daily billing to clients, payment postings and Aged debtor reconciliation.
  • Weekly Bank reconciliation, Cash flow in co-ordination with Accounts payables team, Credit card reconciliation, Employee Loans  Advances reconciliation and Inventory reconciliaiton.
  • Generating Monthly Sales report and presenting to the Management including Forecast and Trend analysis of Sales Report through Excel.
  • Successfully Designed and implemented a new Billing software and Debtor collection Flow resulting in efficient and smooth follow-up system ensuring the Debtors make the payment on time.

Senior Executive – Credit Risk Assessment
Urban Global Services Ltd.

  • Responsible for reviewing and Analysis of Credit scores and Payment history of US based customers through Web based Server for Citi Financial Mortgage Company (CFMC) a sister concern of Citibank.
  • Reporting the credit scores and Payment history of US based customers to the 4 major Credit Bureaus located in USA (Experian, Equifax, Transunion and Innovis)
  • Actively responding to Customer queries. Maintaining Client- Customer relationship.
  • Awarded the “Star of the Quarter” twice for exceptional performance.  Also, received Appreciation Mails from Business office manager for consistent performance.


Chartered Management Accountant (CMA)
Chartered Institute of Management Accountant (CIMA)

Master of Business Administration (US)
Northeastern University

Diploma in Financial Management
Georgia Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)
New York University


  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Chines

Career Expert Tips:

  • Always make sure you choose the perfect resume format to suit your professional experience.
  • Ensure that you know how to write a resume in a way that highlights your competencies.
  • Check the expert curated popular good CV and resume examples

Assistant Finance Manager Resume with Writing Guide

Many young people these days are seeking professional and career growth and their first stop should be a resume. Resumes have always been a difficult but necessary tool for job seekers. A resume is not only an indicator of how well you can present yourself; it is also an introduction to the skills you have, your ability to communicate, and your drive for success.

Examples of resumes have been listed in several articles, and even resume examples may be found on the internet. However, many professionals and job seekers still struggle with the basics of how to write a resume. So what is the best way to display your skills? Do you need special writing exercises to write a perfect resume? Besides these questions, it can also be hard to kindle your passion for writing as this article will provide you an average resume example and help you make changes to fit your career goals.

Steps to writing a Perfect Assistant Finance Manager Resume:

What is your resume strategy?

The first step in creating a successful resume is to determine the best format for your skills. While the chronological format is typically considered the “preferred” template, other types of formats can work just as well for your resume. This can be an important factor when deciding what type of template to choose.

Writing a perfect Assistant Finance Manager Resume, we should keep in mind that the development of keywords bundled in sections helps organize content based on purpose and function. Use keywords to emphasize and verify your skills and experience by making choices from the four key resume sections:

I. Education:

  1. Educational History: List all of the schools you have attended in order from high school to college graduation. Include the name of each institution, degree earned, and grade received for each class or major course. Add a brief description of your educational experiences as well as highlights from your last year or two attendance at any institutions currently attended.
  2. Include any awards, honors, prizes or other academic recognitions you have received during your academic career.

II. Employment History:

  1. List all of the companies you have worked for in reverse chronological order, beginning with the most recent employment first and ending with the earliest employment last. Include job title, company name(s) and city/state location of employer(s). Also include dates of employment with each company and highlight your job responsibilities or positions held at each company.
  2. Include any awards, honors, prizes or other special distinctions you earned during your work experience.

III. Reference:

  1. Include the names and contact information of three professional references who can comment on your particular job skills or experiences. Contact information for these references should also be included as a separate section in reverse chronological order under “References” in the “Education” section. Provide date(s) of employment with each reference and highlight experience or duties performed at each company or organization employed with them.
  2. Include a brief description of how you interacted with your references.

IV. Professional Skills:

  1. List your skills or attributes in the following order, beginning with the most recent job experience first and ending with the earliest job experience last. Avoid abbreviations while listing your skills or attributes; instead complete each skill or attribute with sufficient detail to make the point important to the company for which you are applying.
  2. While displaying your skills, make sure you do not forget to include descriptions that explain the purpose of each skill. If you are applying for a Finance position, make sure you list this section of your resume including: “The ability to anticipate trends and recognize financial problems that must be dealt with in an efficient manner.”
  3. List three to five (depending on the complexity) skills or attributes that have been most influential in the most recent programming environments. This is what employers look for from Senior Finance Manager candidates.

V. Additional:

  1. If your resume also contains an “Additional” section, the content should be included at the end of your resume. If your resume does not contain an “Additional” section, please put all additional information below any references you may have listed; or use this space to list any special honors or achievements, publications or patents that might pertain to your job skills and responsibilities.
  2. Avoid using a distinct format for this section while listing any extra information such as: languages spoken, interests or hobbies, etc..

List of Typical Responsibilities For an Assistant Finance Manager Resume:

  1. Keep A/R and A/P on track.
  2. Prepare monthly budget reports.
  3. Maintain a cash flow (Accrual) budget.
  4. Prepare monthly bank reconciliations for client banks and agencies.
  5. Review bank statements for discrepancies among client banks and agencies, make adjustments as needed, and prepare financial statements for audit purposes (with client’s agreement).
  6. Issue checks for premium payments, refunds, commissions, monthly payroll, and reimbursements.
  7. Prepare bank wire transfers; prepare and record deposits of cash funds to bank accounts.
  8. Prepare monthly employment tax reports for unemployment and state and federal taxes.
  9. Reconcile general ledger accounts to client’s monthly statement balances.
  10. Reconcile current account balances on a weekly basis with client agencies or banks (A/R).

Top 10 Must-have Assistant Finance Manager Skills:

  1. Strong understanding of the Finance area (Accounting, Analysis, and/or Tax)
  2. Excellent and analytical problem-solving skills
  3. Ability to quickly analyze financial and operational data
  4. Proven ability to assist in overall financial analysis of a project or business plan from start to finish (for example, preparing an Excel spreadsheet that evaluates single project cost impacts.)
  5. Ability to summarize financial information into useful reports for upper management (for example, using Report Builder for Microsoft Excel).
  6. Knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Access or other business analysis software (for example, VBA).
  7. Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  8. Ability to coordinate with other departments, including sales and production
  9. Proven experience in working with internal clients
  10. Proficiency in English (both verbal and written)

Tips to write an Assistant Finance Manager Resume Summary:

  1. Be specific and avoid vague terms such as “responsible”:
  2. Talk to the hiring manager: This includes: looking up their LinkedIn profile, researching who they work with and what companies they have worked for.
  3. Talk to the hiring manager’s colleagues: This includes: asking for an introduction via a mutual contact, querying them if they could recommend someone, sending a cold email, or using LinkedIn messaging.
  4. Use your skills & achievements to help you in the interview: This includes: have a list of 3-5 bullet points that will be included on your resume and brought up in the interview.
  5. Talk to recruiters: They may not have the authority to hire you but they have access to hiring managers who do.

How to write an Assistant Finance Manager Resume with No experience:

  1. Lead with your accomplishments
  2. Continuously update it to reflect your current skills and achievements
  3. Proofread, grammar check, and spell check before submission
  4. Make sure your last name, contact information, and references are clear
  5. Get feedback from an industry professional before submission

The best way to make your resume top-notch is to use it as a guide and customize it for each specific job/company that you apply for.

Leading with accomplishments will instantly get the attention of the employer, however always ensure that your contact information and references are clearly visible.

By continuously updating your resume to reflect your current skills and achievements you will help increase your chances of getting an interview, even if the job posting is months or years old.

How to write an Assistant Finance Manager Cover Letter:

  1. Create a ‘goal’ for the letter.
  2. Make it personal & relevant to your skills & experience
  3. Use the right format, tone, and length
  4. Avoid mistakes that will turn you off from your opportunities
  5. Keep it short and concise.
  6. Check for errors and typos.
  7. Include a positive final sentence.
  8. Proofread before sending!

How to Write a Finance Manager Resume:

  1. Set your resume goals & targets
  2. Evaluate your past experience, skills, training, and education
  3. Use the right resume format, layout, and style for the job
  4. Be specific about your skills and achievements compared to the job description
  5. Give an overview of your education, experience & strengths in a summary statement at the top of your resume
  6. Include relevant contact information and a professional profile
  7. Use specific examples and numbers to support your achievements
  8. Check for grammar, spelling, typos & layout errors
  9. Edit for length
  10. Proofread before submitting or delivering!

Key Takeaways:

  1. With the help of these tips, you will see that your resume for Assistant Finance Manager is very organized, color-coded, and professional.
  2. You will have included plenty of relevant experience and skillsets to show that you are a stand-out candidate.
  3. You will have used words in your resume that highlight your abilities to be a strong addition to any team.
  4. You will have created a resume section at the top of the page where you can include contact information and an introduction about yourself!