Business Consultant Resume

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Business Consultant Resume Example

Austin Benjamin
Business Consultant


Creative in nature, with critical and analytical thinking, it is in marketing where I am found. With a capital M, the marketing which fascinates me, which pushes me to be up to date with behavioral changes, and it is what pushes to create authenticity with original ideas.

I am ready to invest every day everything I know and everything I am in a marketing career in which the dreamer artist in me grows and flourishes.


Work Experience 

Community Manager / Sports Leader Manager

  • End of study project under theme: “Does the Customer experience impact customers’ purchasing decisions”
  • Community Manager: responsible for digital communication, working on the new InstaStories concept, creating content for the store’s Facebook and Instagram page, animating pages with surveys, games, and raffles …
  • Sports Leader Manager: responsible for a department of the Quechua brand, ensuring the supply of products with better stock management, anticipation of sales and adjustment of prices, animation of gondola heads for weekends …

Marketing Consultant

  • Second professional experience, observation internship
  • Réalisation des études de marché
  • Creating designs and visual identities for small and medium businesses


  • First professional experience, initiation internship
  • Prospecting customers in BtoB
  • Client Account Management


Master Degree in Marketing and Commercial Actions
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Preparatory Classes For Business School
Mount Avon High School


  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Chines

Career Expert Tips:

  • Always make sure you choose the perfect resume format to suit your professional experience.
  • Ensure that you know how to write a resume in a way that highlights your competencies.
  • Check the expert curated popular good CV and resume examples

Business Consultant Resume with Writing Guide

A business consultant is an individual who provides advice and recommendations in solving a client’s business challenges. For example, a company may need help figuring out how to increase profits, manage inventory or improve customer service. Consultants use their skills and knowledge to offer insight and advice on ways to enhance or improve these aspects of the company’s operations. Generally speaking, consultants are usually brought in from outside the organization they are working with in order to provide an unbiased opinion or perspective on the company’s needs. A job description for a consultant will often include a list of topics they can be expected to cover.

Business Consultant Resume Writing Guide:

The business consultant’s resume is a very specialized document. It needs to be tailored to the particular industry that you are targeting, and as such it will vary greatly from one business consultant’s resume to the next. However, there are certain elements that can be used on every business consultant’s resume regardless of your profession or your industry.

The general format of a business consultant’s resume should be similar to that of any other job seeker. It should have an objective, a summary, and then a list of your education and experience. The summary section can either be under the “Experience” heading, or it can be set off to the side as its own section. In general though the experience section is where you will want to list your accomplishments such as increases in sales and profits, decreased operating costs, etc…

The next section of your Business Consultant Resume should be the “Professional Summary”. This summary section should be a short paragraph that sells the skills that you bring to the table. It can essentially be a tacked-on-end cap for your resume.
There is no rule that says what the format of this summary section needs to be; however, it is generally wise to follow a simple format for most resumes.

Business Consultant Responsibilities:

  1. Acquiring new clients and customers: Working with businesses in the green, health, telecommunications and software industries.
  2. Establishing contact with potential clients: 5-10 different approaches to approach a client to sell consulting services; skills critical to closing one-on-one meetings for business development
  3. Overcoming objections when pitching new clients: Developing a resume tailored for the client’s needs and industry.
  4. Presenting ideas and projects to clients: In-depth presentation of the client’s business issues.
  5. Planning projects: Detailed planning of a course of action to solve client’s problems
  6. Negotiating with clients and finding solutions within project deadlines: Effectively explain problem to client, outline proposed solutions, negotiate changes and come up with a detailed solution for presentation to client
  7. Cost analysis and proposals: Developing cost analysis on a new project from research provided by the client
  8. Evaluating project proposals: Analyzing and organizing all proposals and recommendations from the client
  9. Presenting solutions and creating plans: Developing plans to solve client problems by analyzing their business
  10. Solving problems: Assisting in solving business problems presented by the client through thorough research of industry issues
  11. Write reports for clients using accounting software applications: Writing detailed monthly reports, internal and external financial analysis using accounting software applications

Top 7 Must-have Business Consultant Skills:

  1. Communication Skills
    Communication skills are necessary to be a successful business consultant as you need to build a strong relationship with your clients. The steps needed to do this are: know what needs will make the client most comfortable, listen carefully and be able to handle the emotional side of the conversation.
  2. Negotiation Skills
    The ability to sit down with every client and negotiate on their behalf is an important skill for any consultant. Negotiation helps you to understand the client’s needs and find a solution that works for everyone.
  3. Listening Skills
    Listening is just as important as communicating. Your clients will tell you their frustrations, fears, knowledge, etc., it is your job to listen to all of this information and incorporate it into your winning presentation.
  4. Personality Skills
    Keep in mind that no two clients will be alike, learn to tailor your presentation towards each of their personality types. Clients will come across as aggressive, passive, fast-paced, etc. and it is your job to match their personality to create a successful business relationship.
  5. Business Acumen
    Business acumen will help you become a very knowledgeable and valuable member of the client’s organization. Learn everything you can about your client’s business before you present how you can help them become more profitable.
  6. Understand Company Culture
    You will need to get a thorough understanding of the current company culture before you make any recommendations. You need to gauge how open your client’s organization is to new ideas as well as what characteristics need changing.
  7. Presentation Skills
    Make sure to communicate your plan with great passion and enthusiasm. This will help the client envision themselves achieving success. With great presentation skills, you can present your idea in a way that will have the client agreeing with every syllable you say.

Tips to write a Business Consultant Resume Summary:

  1. You don’t have to be a business professional to write a Business Consultant Resume Summary. If you are just starting out in your career, recruiters may look for you to write one. A general summary is a great opportunity to mention any skills and experiences in which you excel. Look for common challenges shared by other professionals dedicated to careers in this field and highlight them if they help you stand out as someone who can help the employer solve those issues.
  2. Make your resume easier to read by keeping it professional and formatting it in a way that resembles what is expected from this type of job description.
  3. It’s always better to be too comprehensive than too short.

How to write a Business Consultant Resume with No experience:

  1. Customize your resume to suit your presentation.
  2. Write a letter of introduction and include it on top of the resume.
  3. Use a spreadsheet or calendar to map out dates and write interesting facts about each event or activity.
  4. Keep sentences clear, direct, and short in order to emphasize skills and experience over personal information. .To be sure you are addressing the audience´s needs, follow this sample template given below:
  5. Add keywords.
  6. Make sure the writer’s contact information is on your resume. None of these strategies are hard rules. You can mix and match based on your goals and learning experience.

How to write a Business Consultant Cover Letter:

  1. How to structure your cover letter:
    In the letter, start with “I am writing to you” or “Once again.” If you are writing to someone else in their organization, start with “To whom it may concern” or “This is to acknowledge receipt of your response” or something similar. You could also mention that you have enclosed a copy of your resume. That keeps the letter on track and makes it professional and easy to read.
  2. What to include in the letter:
    Give the recipient a sense of how well you understand their position and the company. Start with a topic sentence detailing why you want to work for them. This is an opportunity to highlight your qualifications or skills that make you unique.
  3. How to format your cover letter:
    Use 12-point type, font size 12 (or larger), and one-inch margins.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tailor, your resume and cover letter to the job you’re applying for.
  • Be clear about the types of jobs you want.
  • Write a job-specific resume with what a hiring manager needs to know and will find interesting.
  • Add extra information that fills in gaps about your skills and experience.