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Rachel Harry





A Business Development Manager covering New York and the South West of California. Focused on comprehensive Business and Product Development for Private Wealth Managers, Private Banks, IFAs, Fund of Funds, DFMs and Stockbrokers.

Specialties: Global and U.S public equities, listed infrastructure, ESG and Impact investing, Fixed Income and Alternatives.

I have a comprehensive understanding of various investment vehicles including OEIC’s, Investment Trusts and SMA’s



Work Experience


Business Development Manager- NewYork

GEM Global Asset Management



Responsible for fund sales to intermediaries across the South West.
Clients include Private Wealth Managers, Private Banks, IFAs, Fund of Funds, DFMs and Stockbrokers.

I also look after discretionary, family office and key advisory accounts in London.

Client Relationship Manager – UK Sales

GEM Global Asset Management

Jan 2017


Supported two regional sales directors covering the South, the Channel Islands, Scotland and Ireland. I also covered discretionary wealth managers, Private banks and family offices in New York.

Whilst a CRM, I was given the responsibility of looking after key advisory relationships within New York.

Responsible for mutual fund reporting for Legg Mason’s offshore and onshore ranges, this included day to day reports such as factsheets, performance etc.

Broker Sales

Money New York

Mar 2014


Looking after various corporate accounts within US. Organically building out a book of clients. Extensive meetings across New York over a two year period.




Master of Arts (M.A.)

San Jose State University

Jun 2012


History & Politics – 2:1

A Levels

Northeastern University

Jun 2007


French A, History B, Art B, Economics C


Arizona State University


2A*, 7A’s, 1B




Fundraiser for the Footsteps Foundation






  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

Career Expert Tips:

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What Should Be Included In A Business Development Manager Resume?

Having a well-written resume is essential for landing a job as a Business Development Manager. A resume should accurately and effectively represent your skills, experience, and qualifications for the job. As a Business Development Manager, you need to be able to demonstrate leadership and problem-solving abilities. Your resume should clearly showcase these attributes and illustrate why you’re the ideal candidate for the job.

A well-crafted Business Development Manager resume should include the following key components:

  • A professional summary: A summary of your background and qualifications that conveys your value to a potential employer. It should be concise but also highlight your strengths and experience.
  • A list of relevant skills and qualifications: This should include both hard and soft skills that are relevant to the role and demonstrate your capability to effectively manage a business development team.
  • Relevant work experience: Include your most recent and relevant experience that shows your ability to manage and develop business.
  • Education and certifications: Make sure to include any degrees or certifications you have received.
  • Additional skills or interests: Include any additional skills or interests relevant to the job.
  • References: Include a list of professional references who can speak to your qualifications and experience.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your resume is an effective marketing tool that will help you stand out as a top candidate for the Business Development Manager role.

What Skills Should I Put On My Resume For Business Development Manager?

Are you looking for a job as a business development manager? Having a well-crafted resume can be a major factor in your success when it comes to landing your dream job. Many employers look at a resume to get an idea of what kind of skills and experience you possess and how you may fit into their team. To make sure you stand out from the competition and make a good impression, you must pay close attention to the skills that you list on your resume.

Including the right skills on your resume can show employers that you have the right qualifications and experience to take on the responsibilities of a business development manager. Depending on the industry and the company you are applying for, the specific skills you should include on your resume will vary. However, there are some core skills that every business development manager should have.

Some of the most important skills to include on your resume for a business development manager role are communication, problem-solving, negotiation, and analytical thinking. As a business development manager, you must be able to communicate effectively with clients and colleagues. You must also be able to effectively solve problems and negotiate deals that are mutually beneficial for both parties. Lastly, a business development manager will need to be able to analyze the market and trends in order to make informed decisions that will benefit the company.

In addition to the core skills mentioned above, you may also want to list other skills that relate to the particular industry you are applying for. This could include skills such as marketing, budgeting, sales, project management, or customer service. It is important to list these skills in a way that will help show employers how your skills will help you excel in the role

What Is The Job Description Of The Business Development Manager?

The job description of a Business Development Manager typically involves identifying new business opportunities, managing the development and implementation of the overall business strategy and leading business projects. As a Business Development Manager, you will be responsible for developing a strategy for the organization and driving the growth of the company. You must be able to think strategically, analyze market trends and identify opportunities for growth and improvement in businesses. You must also possess excellent communication, organizational and problem-solving skills.

In addition to these skills, the Business Development Manager should also have a keen knowledge and understanding of the industry in which they are working. They should be well-versed in the competitive landscape and be able to develop strategies to capitalize on any competitive advantage. They should also have the ability to identify potential customers and create strategic partnerships with them.

Business Development Managers are also responsible for developing and implementing marketing plans, and creating business plans to support the overall objectives of the organization. They should also be able to effectively communicate and collaborate with other internal and external stakeholders, such as customers and vendors. The Business Development Manager should also have the ability to effectively manage budgets and resources to meet the organization’s goals.

The Business Development Manager is also expected to stay up to date with the latest industry trends and technologies, and use these to inform the development of their strategy. They must also be able to lead and motivate a team of cross-functional professionals to ensure the success of the organization.

What Is A Good Objective For A Business Development Manager Resume?

When writing a resume for a business development manager position, it is important to create an effective objective statement that captures the attention of potential employers. An effective objective should succinctly explain the type of position you are seeking and how you are qualified to fill it. It should also demonstrate your enthusiasm and commitment to the job.

When crafting your objective, focus on the specific skills, experience, and qualifications that make you a great fit for the job. For example, if you have a strong background in sales management, you might use an objective like “Results-driven sales management professional with a proven track record of success in developing, launching, and managing successful sales campaigns”.

In addition to highlighting your qualifications, a good objective should also demonstrate your commitment to the job. For example, you could state that you are “eager to contribute to the growth and success of the company through my experience in sales and business development”. This conveys your enthusiasm for the job and highlights your dedication to your employer’s success.

Finally, make sure your objective is clear and concise. Employers are often overwhelmed by long, detailed objectives. Keep your objective to one or two sentences that accurately sum up your experience and qualifications. By doing this, you will ensure that your resume will stand out from the rest and give you the best chance of securing the business development manager position.

What Are The Career Prospects In The Business Development Manager?

The career prospects in Business Development Manager are quite lucrative, especially for those who have the right blend of experience and skill set. A Business Development Manager is a key role in any organization’s team and is responsible for the strategic planning, implementation and management of business growth initiatives. They are responsible for developing and managing relationships with clients, partners and other key stakeholders. They also need to understand the industry and be able to analyze market data to develop and implement successful strategies.

Business Development Managers are expected to be highly organized, have excellent communication skills and be able to work well in a team. They need to be able to identify and develop relationships with key partners and stakeholders in order to create and maintain good relationships with them. They also need to be able to identify new opportunities for business growth and manage any risks associated with them. In addition, a Business Development Manager should have a sound understanding of how to leverage technology and digital marketing tools to maximize business growth.

In terms of salary, a Business Development Manager can expect to earn an average of $80,000 per year, depending on experience and qualifications. Job security is also generally good, as the role can be quite specialized and competitive. There are also plenty of opportunities for career progression in the area, with many larger companies offering promotion through the ranks. The role of Business Development Manager can also be highly rewarding, as the successful strategies implemented may result in the growth and success of the company.

Key Takeaways for an Business Development Manager resume

A successful resume for a Business Development Manager should highlight qualifications such as sales expertise, strategic thinking, organization, communication, analytical and negotiation skills, and teamwork. Those seeking to secure a position in this field should be able to display a degree in business, finance, marketing, or a related field in their resumes.

When creating your Business Development Manager resume, include important skills that you have learned in your previous roles. For example, demonstrate your ability to research market trends, use market information to identify new business opportunities, and create and implement business strategies. A clear understanding of the company’s strengths, weaknesses, and target market will also be beneficial.

In addition, include any professional development courses you have taken, as well as any sales or marketing certifications you may have obtained. Your experience should be detailed, showing the impact and results of any successful initiatives or campaigns you have been involved in. Provide specific details on project objectives, timelines and budget, as well as any new customers or clients you have helped to acquire.

Finally, ensure that your resume is easy to read and that it clearly communicates your qualifications, skills and experience. A well-written, professional Business Development Manager resume will go a long way towards helping you land the job you want.