Commercial Financial Analyst Resume Template

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James Tim

Commercial Financial Analyst




Accountant working at KFC, responsible for the Balance Sheet items on the Monthly Management Report. Analise Jet reports to scruitinise daily financial activities. Calculate monthly wastage and retention stock. Identify inventory discrepencies.

Background in various software financial systems, daily processes regarding the Financial department and breakdown of the Financials for future decision making.

Experience in identifying errors in systems, financials and manufacturing processes.



  • Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Excel
  • QuickBooks
  • Pastel
  • CaseWare
  • Odoo
  • Xero


Work Experience






  • Investigatie and report discrepencies
  • Monthly management accounts discussion and analysis
  • Month end recon checks
  • Inventory adjustments in factory rooms
  • Accounting of tracabilities in factory
  • Calculation of wastage and retention stock

Finance & Procurement

Wine Fine Dine

Jan 2021


  • Financial Duties: Month end journals; Creditors and Debtors, Bank Reconciliation,Petty Cash
  • Payment operations: Refunds and Payment reconciliation
  • Account Management: Client account queries; Sales; Payments; Client Relationships and Retention
  • Problem and error identification in Financial IT system

Logistics Coordinator

Wine Fine Dine

Sep 2019


Process cost effective Waybills, Track and Trace Parcels, Customer queries regarding ETA’s, Breakages and Claims.



Sep 2016


  • Prepare Financial Statements
  • VAT Reconciliation
  • International Annual Reports – Report discrepencies




Financial Accountancy Degree

San Jose State University

Dec 2014


Senior Certificate High School Graduate

Northeastern University

Dec 2011





  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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What Should Be Included In A Commercial Financial Analyst Resume?

A commercial financial analyst resume should include important information about a candidate’s work experience, qualifications, and achievements. It should also highlight any skills or education that are relevant to the position. A commercial financial analyst works in a variety of roles, so it’s important to tailor the resume to the specific job.

When writing a commercial financial analyst resume, it’s important to include a summary of skills and qualifications. This should include a combination of hard and soft skills relevant to the position, such as proficiency in financial analysis, budgeting, forecasting, and risk management. Candidates should also include a list of their work experience and any relevant certifications.

The next step is to include a list of relevant education and professional development. This should include any graduate or undergraduate degrees, certifications, or other professional development that is relevant to the job. It’s also important to include any specialized training that would be beneficial to the position.

Finally, the resume should include a list of achievements. This should include any awards, honors, or accomplishments that demonstrate a candidate’s strengths and skills. It’s important to include any relevant work experience, as well as any successes in the workplace.

A commercial financial analyst resume should be tailored to the job at hand. Candidates should focus on their skills and qualifications, as well as their professional achievements. By providing a comprehensive list of relevant information, candidates can demonstrate to potential employers that they have the experience and skills necessary to succeed in the role.

What Skills Should I Put On My Resume For Commercial Financial Analyst?

As a commercial financial analyst, your resume should accurately reflect your expertise and qualifications. Highlighting the skills and experience relevant to the position is key to making sure that potential employers understand that you can be an asset to their company.

When crafting your resume, consider the skills that employers in the financial sector value most. Examples of important skills to show in a commercial financial analyst resume include analytical thinking, problem solving, financial modeling, and data analysis. Also, focus on communication skills such as writing, public speaking, and presentation skills. Showing that you can effectively report complex ideas and analyses in a comprehensive way is important.

Strong technical skills are also essential for commercial financial analysts. Demonstrate that you are proficient in the use of digital tools, such as Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and SQL. Additionally, include any experience you have in programming languages, such as Python and R. These skills will help to support your ability to interpret data and offer insights and recommendations.

Finally, emphasize any other relevant skills and qualifications on your resume, such as professional certifications, detail-orientation, and knowledge of industry and regulatory standards. Including these items on your resume will demonstrate to employers that you are well-prepared to handle the duties of a commercial financial analyst.

What Is The Job Description Of The Commercial Financial Analyst?

A Commercial Financial Analyst (CFA) is a highly specialized financial professional who evaluates and assesses the financial performance of a company or organization. They are responsible for analyzing financial data to create reports that can be used to make better business decisions. The CFA is responsible for providing recommendations to the management team, executives, and other stakeholders on how to improve financial performance and achieve growth objectives. This role requires a deep understanding of financial and accounting principles, as well as the ability to interpret large amounts of data. The CFA must be able to communicate their findings to a wide range of stakeholders in a clear and concise manner.

CFAs must possess a strong understanding of economic and financial concepts, as well as the ability to interpret financial statements and other data. They must also have an understanding of the competitive landscape and be able to identify opportunities for the company to capitalize on. To be successful in this role, the CFA must also have strong organizational and communication skills, as well as the ability to effectively manage their time.

The job of a Commercial Financial Analyst is critical in helping businesses make more informed decisions. The CFA provides valuable insights and analysis that can lead to improved performance, increased profitability, and better decision-making. It is a demanding and highly rewarding role, and one that requires a high level of skill and expertise. With the right resume and qualifications, a CFA can open many opportunities for career growth and success.

What Is A Good Objective For A Commercial Financial Analyst Resume?

When crafting your objective statement for a commercial financial analyst resume, it is important to remember that this statement should be concise and should provide a clear image of the skills and qualities that you possess that make you the ideal candidate for the job. A good objective should do more than simply showcase your qualifications; it should demonstrate to the hiring manager the value you bring to their organization.

The best objectives for a commercial financial analyst resume should emphasize the candidate’s ability to assist the organization in achieving their financial goals. The objective should also include a few of your top skills and qualifications that are pertinent to the position and to the company.

For example, a good objective might read something like this: “Dedicated and highly-skilled commercial financial analyst with five years of experience in financial analysis and forecasting. Proven ability to identify and implement cost-saving opportunities and develop innovative solutions to maximize profits.”

By providing a short, but powerful, objective statement, the hiring manager can quickly assess if you are a good fit for the position. Be sure to customize your objective statement for each job application to ensure that it is tailored to the position and the organization. This will demonstrate your interest in the job and your commitment to the company.

What Are The Career Prospects In The Commercial Financial Analyst?

A career as a Commercial Financial Analyst can be a rewarding and lucrative option for those looking to break into the world of finance. This field is highly competitive, but the rewards can be great for those who excel in their position. As a Commercial Financial Analyst, you will work with businesses and organizations to analyze financial data and develop strategies to maximize profitability. You will be responsible for developing complex financial models, forecasting trends, and evaluating financial statements. Your work will also involve researching the latest economic trends and making recommendations to the organization.

In order to be successful in this field, you must have a good understanding of financial principles and be able to interpret complex data. You should also be comfortable with computers and have an eye for detail. Having an advanced degree in finance or accounting is helpful, but not necessary. Additionally, you should have strong communication skills to effectively present your findings to executives and other decision makers.

As a Commercial Financial Analyst, you will have the opportunity to help businesses and organizations make informed decisions. You will play an important role in the growth and success of the organization, and you can expect to be compensated accordingly. This career offers a great deal of flexibility, allowing you to work with a variety of clients and explore a wide range of industries. Additionally, there is potential for advancement for those who demonstrate their commitment and dedication to the organization.

Key Takeaways for an Commercial Financial Analyst resume

When crafting your Commercial Financial Analyst resume, there are a few key points to keep in mind. First, emphasize your skills and experience that demonstrate your ability to identify and analyze financial data and trends. A successful Financial Analyst must be able to interpret data and draw accurate conclusions. Highlight the areas in which you have the most experience and expertise. Additionally, be sure to showcase your knowledge of financial models, budgeting, forecasting, and other financial topics.

When detailing your skills and experience, consider listing any relevant certifications that you hold. These may include CFA or CMA certifications, along with any other credentials you have earned. Showing that you have taken the time to earn certifications demonstrates a commitment to your professional development.

When it comes to the experience section of your resume, focus on the results you have achieved in your previous roles. Outline the initiatives you have managed or participated in and explain how your work impacted the business. Include data and figures to demonstrate the extent of your contribution.

Finally, be sure to include any extra activities that you have taken part in such as voluntary work or continuing education courses. Doing so demonstrates a commitment to your industry and shows that you are engaged in your field.

By following these tips, you can create an effective resume that will help land you the job of your dreams. With a well-written resume, you can showcase your skills and experience, and make a lasting impression with potential employers.