Mining Engineer Resume

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Eric Michael

Mining Engineer


A Reliable and dedicated candidate pursuing a professional qualification in Mining Engineer seeking a position in your Organization aiming to build a decent career and test my limits. Great at maintaining a respectful and friendly demeanor under any circumstance. Professional with mixed experience in mining, with focus on underground panel caving: Operations and planning.


  • Mine Planning
  • Process Optimization
  • Process Design
  • Team Building

Work Experience

Mid-Term Planning Department Chief

GBC Asset Management


In charge of constructing and validating production plans for División El Teniente during the next five year period (Budget and Quinquennial plans). Production plans span from mine production and development all the way through concentration, smelting and commercialization.

Operations Engineer

Harris Associates

Apr 2018

Leader of a process within one of the mining sectors in Teniente, with focus on meeting the planned demands for production and costs, while upholding safety and health. In charge of operators and shift supervisors.

Drilling and Blasting Chief, Reservas Norte Mine // Crushing and Transport Chief, Diablo Regimiento Mine


MBA: Business Administration and Management for the Mining Industry

San Jose State University

Dec 2017

Mining Engineering

Northeastern University

Jun 2012


  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

Career Expert Tips:

  • Always make sure you choose the perfect resume format to suit your professional experience.
  • Ensure that you know how to write a resume in a way that highlights your competencies.
  • Check the expert curated popular good CV and resume examples

Mining Engineer Resume Writing Guide & Tips

If you’re a mining engineer looking for work, your resume is the first thing employers will see. This post is going to share with you all the steps and professional advice needed to create an impressive document. We’ll walk through every section of your resume, examine what information should be included in each one, and give you insider tips on how to make your resume stand out.

What Is a Mining Engineer?

A mining engineer is a specialist in the field of geology, geothermal engineering, and petroleum engineering. They operate and maintain mining machines for the mining process: drilling holes, allocating ore to streams of conveyers and transporting ore to the crushers.

Mining engineers study materials such as rocks, rock formations, and minerals in order to develop resources – such as metal ores or oil-bearing shale – that can then be used for useful products.

Mining Engineer Job Description:

As a mining engineer, you are responsible for designing and implementing large-scale mining operations. You need to be creative and able to work on a broad range of problems related to your field.

You will need an in-depth knowledge of the geology of the mines and production sites that you are working with. You need the ability to communicate your findings and get buy-in from other workers, executives, and government regulators. You also need good communication skills since you will be working with many different teams.

Mining Engineer Job Responsibilities:

  • Conduct geological and engineering studies that will determine the most profitable and efficient methods of mineral extraction.
  • Monitor conditions in a mine or quarry to ensure the safety of workers and equipment.
  • Develop ways to extract mineral ores, including using explosives or chemical mining agents.
  • Ensure that environmental laws, including those regarding pollution, are followed in terms of waste disposal and reclamation of mined areas where possible.
  • Work with engineers to ensure that new machinery and equipment is designed and built to facilitate the work of mining engineers.
  • Train other mining engineers on how to design and perform specific mining tasks.
  • Create geological maps of mine locations and study their density, radioactivity, chemical composition, and other characteristics.
  • Study the economic feasibility of potential mines in order to develop strategies for future projects.
  • Follow safety regulations and provide protective gear for workers under your supervision.<
  • Work with geologists, engineers, and technicians to analyze the geological environment of mine sites, to predict the effects of shock waves on equipment, and to evaluate drilling and blasting risks.

Top 10 Useful Tips to Write Mining Engineer Resume:

  1. Choose the Right Format: Your resume is not a novel and should be concise. You can choose from a conventional chronological format, functional format, or any other format that allows the hiring manager to see your relevant skills and experience quickly.
  2. Include a Summary: You should always include a Summary section at the beginning of your resume. This is where you can mention your achievements, strengths, and achievements – this section provides an overview to any reader of your resume.
  3. Be Professional: You can present yourself as a professional by giving your resume a clean, well-written and professional look. Remember to make sure that it is attention-seeking and demonstrates your expertise in the industry.
  4. Understand the Hiring Process: You should always be mindful of the process that employers use to review resumes and it is important to customize your resume for this process. There are many different ways in which hiring managers find candidates and they will interpret your information differently from one another.
  5. Keep It Short: Your resume should be no longer than one A4 page and it should have no more than 5 sections. You can follow a standard format or you could include the relevant details in a specific section, such as Resume Skills.
  6. Show Your Skills: A hiring manager wants to know what you can do, so you need to demonstrate your skills and experience in your resume. You can do this by using action words when describing your responsibilities and duties. You should also highlight your uses of new technologies, skills, relevant work history and education.
  7. Make It Easy to Read: Your resume should be easy for the hiring manager to read and understand. You should use the standard fonts and spacing requirements for resumes. You can also use bullet points and lists to make it easy to scan through your resume.
  8. Stay Current: A hiring manager will be interested in your current experience and education so you should not include your high school results or skills that are not relevant to the job. Make sure that you are always updating your resume as your career progresses, as this provides clarity to your skills and experience.
  9. Keep Track of Your Achievements: After you have completed a job and the position is over or you have changed employers, make sure you note the relevant details on your resume to make it unique and show your achievements.
  10. Have Someone Review it: You should always have someone with experience review your resume before you send it out to a potential employer. This person can provide you with feedback on how to present your skills and experience in the best way possible.

How to Write a Mining Engineer Summary:

Your summary section should include:

  • Your skills and experience: List your skills and experience in a brief paragraph. This section is where you can highlight your achievements and areas of expertise when applying for any type of job.
  • Responsibilities: Include a brief description of your current responsibilities and duties in your current position.
  • Achievements: Include any major achievements or awards that you have received during your employment.
  • Education: You should include the details that relate to your degree and relevant work experience.
  • Professional Affiliations: You can include any professional affiliations that you have been a member of, or awards and memberships.

Top 10 Effective Mining Engineer Skills:

  1. Problem Solving: This is a key skill for mining engineers as they will have to solve everyday problems.
  2. Decision Making: This is another key skill because you will need to make decisions about your equipment and process design when working as a mining engineer.
  3. Planning: The mining engineer’s role requires them to plan processes and machines that will produce workable solutions.
  4. Multi-tasking: As a mining engineer, you need to be able to multi-task effectively while working on several projects at once.
  5. Communication: This is a vital skill for mining engineers because they will be communicating with all different types of people on a day-to-day basis.
  6. Computer Skills: Mining engineers need to have computer skills, such as the ability to use a computer program, to be able to complete their work.
  7. Mathematics: A strong understanding of mathematics is essential for mining engineers.
  8. Engineering: Mining engineers need to have a strong understanding of engineering techniques and theories.
  9. Leadership: Mining engineers need to be able to take on leadership roles when necessary, especially when directing subordinates.
  10. Teamwork: This is another key skill for mining engineers because they will often be working on projects with other people.

How to Write a Mining Engineer Resume with No experience:

  • Include lots of details and information about your education and work-related experience, so that hiring professionals can ascertain your level of competence.
  • If you have some volunteer work experience, include it in the resume. This will help with your resume’s credibility.
  • If you don’t have a lot of work experience but are still looking for a job in this field, then consider focusing on your academics.
  • List some of your extra-curricular activities on the resume.
  • You can also include an awards list if you have any, even if they are not related to your job search.
  • If you are trying to get your first job, then make sure to emphasize in the resume that you want to work for a mining company.


Finally, we would like to conclude this article by simply following the above resume writing guide you can get your job in mining industry.