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Richard Kevin

Data Engineer


Data Scientist with a Master’s degree in Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Big Data Analytics with 6 years of work experience in the IT field in the whole Software Development Life Cycle such as Design, Programming, Model Building, Deployment, Testing, and Documentation.


  • Python, R, SAS, Flask, FastAPI
  • Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AzureML, Computer Vision
  • Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, Seaborn, Matplotlib, Cufflinks, Plotly, Scikit-Learn, Power BI
  • NLP, Spacy, CNN, RNN, Tensorflow, Keras, and PyTorch
  • ElasticSearch, Splunk, Apache Solr, Carrot2, Kibana, Beats, Banana, Logstash
  • Cloudera, Hadoop, HDFS, MapR, PySpark, Hive, Impala, Kafka, Zookeeper, Sqoop, Talend
  • SQL, MySQL, MSSQL, Postgres, Vertica, NoSQL, MongoDB, Presto, Salesforce SOQL
  • Web Scraping, Selenium, Docker, Git
  • Azure, AWS, Google Cloud

Work Experience

Data Scientist

Hewlett Packard Enterprise


  • Building Recommendation Systems, Contextual Chatbots using Natural Language Processing, Classification, Clustering and Regression Models using Tensorflow and Keras!
  • Applications of Machine Learning to build text analytics solutions, Computer Vision for large-scale Image classification, and Pattern Recognition!
  • Building enterprise search and E-commerce applications using Solr, and Elasticsearch, and Machine Learning, built Rest API’s using flask!
  • Worked on building seq2seq models, dialog flow management for contextual chatbots with NLP, TensorFlow.
  • Building ML models for translating documents into multiple languages in real-time.
  • Big Data processing, Text Mining, real-time data visualization, log analysis, and data streaming using Apache Kafka and Spark!
  • Worked on search engine development and Big Data Integration &Analytics based on Hadoop, SOLR, Spark, Kafka, Storm and web Methods.
  • Wrote Kafka producers to stream the data from external rest APIs to Kafka topics.
  • Developed multiple algorithms and built pipelines for scraping data from different sources like FTP links, share points, RDBMS, and indexing into Solr, ingesting a large amount of data (~2 Billion) inside HDFS from various sources!
  • Wrote Spark-Streaming applications to consume the data from Kafka topics and write the processed streams to HBase and Also worked on Apache Spark and Elasticsearch integration.
  • Worked on Integrating RDBMS and MongoDB with Apache Superset for  data exploration and data visualization able to handle data at petabyte scale.
  • Indexing billions of structured, unstructured data from multiple sources into SolrCloud / Elastic cluster for performing the search and analytics in realtime.
  • Responsible for Setting up high availability Hadoop, SolrCloud / Elastic cluster for high-scale Big Data analytics projects.

Full-Stack Python Developer

Manuh Global Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,

Sep 2015

  • Worked on building web applications using Python and Django, Implemented web scraping for crawling data from Sources!
  • Analyzing structured/unstructured data using Text Mining!
  • Design, develop, deploy and support token based RESTful API services!
  • Developed code for Authentication, Stock Maintainer, and Options Search
  • Worked on Table creations and generating reports from RDBMS using Python.
  • Worked on Django ORM module for signing complex queries.
  • Defined different Django API profiling techniques for faster rendering information.
  • Designed and created data extracts, supporting Banana, POWER BI, Tableau, or other visualization tools reporting applications. 


Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering

San Jose State University

Apr 2013


Dot Recommendation Chatbot

Data Scientist


  • Deep learning based voice enabled recommendation and conversational dialog engine using Python and Elastic which makes it possible to generate better resolution recommendations based on collections of historical articles and known conversations. The language-independent design of ChatBot allows it to be trained to converse in any language.


Data Engineer / Data Scientist

Aug 2019

  • Quantum is an Enterprise Search engine developed using Apache Solr and Elasticsearch. It is primarily used by HP Support Engineers for Case Resolution. One tool that provides all types of information which are required by an engineer for Case Resolution includes Related Articles, Elevated cases, Customer found issues, Related Videos, Customer Analytics!


Data Engineer

Apr 2017

  • Glasspane is a 360 view of customers, ASM (Account Support Manager) is a Single Point of Contact for Customer. It will provide the ability to view account Information and collaborate with the HPE Account Team. It has Ability to provision a cockpit /portal for information sources, tools & processes needed to manage an Account one stop shop.


Data Scientist

Jul 2019

  • It Combines the Physical devices to the internet includes Parking sensors, Security Monitoring and Temperature Sensors.

Option Analytics

Full-Stack Python Developer

Sep 2015

  • Options Analytics offers news and information including stock quotes, stock exchange rates, Corporate press releases and financial reports, and popular message boards for discussing a company’s Prospects and stock valuation. It also suggests the users to buy and sell their stocks based on the present Conditions. Users will get the bits of advice, search the options and start the trading which will reduce the Time to analyze and make a profit to him.


  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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  • Ensure that you know how to write a resume in a way that highlights your competencies.
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Exploring the Role of a Data Engineer

The landscape of modern business is powered by data, and at the heart of this data-driven revolution is the role of a Data Engineer. In this digital era, the significance of a Data Engineer cannot be overstated. This article aims to unravel the multifaceted role of a Data Engineer, delving into their responsibilities, job requirements, and providing insights on crafting an impactful Data Engineer CV.

What are the Job Requirements for a Data Engineer?

Embarking on a career as a Data Engineer requires a unique set of skills and qualifications. Let’s explore the prerequisites that define the journey to becoming a proficient Data Engineer:

  • A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field, establishing a strong foundation in the technical domain.
  • Expertise in database technologies, including but not limited to SQL, NoSQL, and data warehousing solutions.
  • Hands-on experience in data modeling, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes, and data pipeline development.
  • Proficiency in programming languages such as Python, Java, or Scala, crucial for implementing data solutions.
  • Familiarity with big data technologies like Hadoop, Spark, and distributed computing concepts.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, essential for addressing complex data challenges.
  • Excellent communication skills to collaborate with cross-functional teams and articulate data solutions effectively.

Additionally, obtaining certifications in relevant technologies such as AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty or Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Engineer Associate can enhance your CV and marketability.

Responsibilities of a Data Engineer

The role of a Data Engineer is dynamic, encompassing a wide range of responsibilities that contribute to the seamless flow of data within an organization. Here are the core responsibilities that define the role:

  • Designing and implementing scalable and robust data architectures to support business needs.
  • Developing and maintaining ETL processes for efficient data extraction, transformation, and loading.
  • Collaborating with data scientists and analysts to understand data requirements and providing the necessary infrastructure.
  • Ensuring data quality and integrity by implementing effective data validation and cleansing processes.
  • Optimizing and tuning database systems for performance and reliability.
  • Implementing security measures to protect sensitive data and ensuring compliance with data governance policies.
  • Staying abreast of emerging trends and technologies in the data engineering landscape and recommending innovative solutions.

Each responsibility plays a crucial role in shaping a Data Engineer into a key player in an organization’s data strategy.

Data Engineer CV Writing Tips

Crafting a compelling Data Engineer CV is essential for standing out in a competitive job market. Here are some tips to help you create a CV that showcases your skills and experience effectively:

  • Highlight specific data projects you’ve worked on, detailing the impact on the organization’s data infrastructure.
  • Showcase your expertise in specific data tools and technologies, such as Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, or specific database systems.
  • Quantify your achievements with metrics, demonstrating the tangible results of your data engineering initiatives.
  • Include any relevant certifications or training programs you’ve completed, emphasizing your commitment to professional development.
  • Customize your CV for each application, aligning your skills and experience with the specific requirements of the job.

Your CV is not just a document; it’s a reflection of your expertise and potential impact as a Data Engineer.

Data Engineer CV Summary Examples

Your CV summary serves as the introduction to your professional journey. Craft a powerful summary that encapsulates your skills and experience:

  • “Results-driven Data Engineer with a proven track record in designing and implementing scalable data architectures, optimizing ETL processes, and enhancing overall data quality. Proficient in Python and Apache Spark, dedicated to driving data-driven decision-making in organizations.”
  • “Experienced Data Engineer specializing in big data technologies and data warehouse solutions. Successfully led the implementation of data pipelines, resulting in a 30% improvement in data processing efficiency. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.”
  • “Detail-oriented Data Engineer with expertise in data modeling and database optimization. Led cross-functional teams to implement robust ETL processes, ensuring accurate and timely data delivery. Certified AWS Big Data Specialist with a commitment to staying updated on industry trends.”

Each summary is an opportunity to showcase your unique strengths and set the stage for a deeper exploration of your CV.

Building Your Data Engineer Experience Section

Your experience section is the heart of your CV, providing a detailed narrative of your journey as a Data Engineer. Here are some examples to guide you:

  • “Led a team of data engineers in the development of a real-time data processing system using Apache Kafka, resulting in a 40% reduction in data latency.”
  • “Implemented a data governance framework, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and enhancing data security measures.”
  • “Collaborated with data scientists to deploy machine learning models into production, contributing to data-driven insights for business decision-making.”

Each experience is a chapter in your professional story, highlighting your contributions and impact in the field of data engineering.

Educational Background for Your Data Engineer CV

Your educational journey forms the foundation of your expertise as a Data Engineer. Showcase your academic achievements to strengthen your CV:

  • Master of Science in Computer Science, XYZ University, 2019.
  • Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology, ABC University, 2017.
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Engineer Associate, 2020.

Each educational qualification is a testament to your commitment to learning and staying updated in the ever-evolving field of data engineering.

Key Skills for Your Data Engineer CV

Your skill set is the toolbox that sets you apart as a Data Engineer. Highlight both technical and soft skills that are crucial for success in this role:

Technical Skills:

  1. Data modeling and database design
  2. ETL processes and data pipeline development
  3. Programming languages: Python, Java, Scala
  4. Big data technologies: Hadoop, Spark
  5. Data warehousing solutions
  6. SQL and NoSQL databases

Soft Skills:

  1. Analytical and problem-solving skills
  2. Effective communication and collaboration
  3. Attention to detail
  4. Adaptability to evolving technologies
  5. Project management

Each skill is a tool in your arsenal, contributing to your effectiveness as a Data Engineer.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Data Engineer CV

Ensure your Data Engineer CV stands out for the right reasons by avoiding these common pitfalls:

  • Avoid generic language; instead, use specific examples to highlight your achievements and contributions.
  • Don’t focus solely on technical skills; emphasize your ability to collaborate and communicate effectively.
  • Proofread meticulously to eliminate any errors or inconsistencies that may detract from your professional image.
  • Avoid using jargon without context; explain technical terms to make your CV accessible to a broader audience.
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of a well-crafted cover letter; use it to convey your passion for data engineering and your fit for the role.

Avoiding these mistakes ensures that your Data Engineer CV is a compelling representation of your skills and experience.

Key Takeaways for Your Data Engineer CV

As you craft your Data Engineer CV, keep these key points in mind to make a lasting impression on potential employers:

  • Highlight your specific achievements and contributions in data engineering projects.
  • Showcase your proficiency in relevant tools and technologies, emphasizing their impact on data solutions.
  • Quantify your successes with measurable metrics, providing tangible evidence of your effectiveness as a Data Engineer.
  • Include a section on continuous learning, featuring certifications and training programs that enhance your skill set.

Finally, feel free to utilize resources like AI CV Builder, CV Design, CV Samples, CV Examples, CV Skills, CV Help, CV Synonyms, and Job Responsibilities to create a standout application and prepare for the Data Engineer job interview.

Armed with these insights and tips, you are now ready to craft a CV that is a true reflection of your journey, your skills, and your aspirations as a Data Engineer. Best of luck!