Digital Marketing Manager Resume

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Eric Edward

Digital Marketing Manager


A Digital Marketing with experience in different areas of Campaigns and Strategy, Conversion optimization, SEO specialist, PPC executive/specialist, Social media expert, Email marketing, Mobile Marketing, Data Analysis and Content Marketing.


  • Project Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Advise Marketing teams
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Mobile Marketing
  • google Ads & analytics

Work Experience

Digital Marketing Manager



Regarding Operations

  • Support the Executives in achieving their objectives.
  • growth of their assigned shops.
  • Manage Executive workflow processes.
  •  monitoring progress on specific tasks and reallocating work as appropriate.
  • Provide resolution to operational problems whilst adhering to corporate competencies.

Digital Marketing



Focus on stimulating online sales & marketing and responsible for converting traffic on our partner websites to sales :

  • Launched the first social campaign with a retail partner.
  • Collaborated with 3 Field Marketing Specialist to ensure an excellent CX in store and online
  • Analyze marketing data and develop insights with the aim of identifying business needs and new opportunities
  • Negotiated, planned and implemented new marketing programs with more than 15+ partners
  • Produced high-quality, effective marketing messages and promotions every quarter

Accountant – Cashier

SMSA Express

Nov 2019


Riyadh Diamond

Jan 2013

Customer Account Executive

Aramex Express

Aug 2012


Hemaia Group

Jan 2011


Bacherlor’s in Accountant

San Jose State University

Feb 2003

CCNA Network

Northeastern University


English Language

Arizona State University



E-commerce Operation



The purpose of the role is to manage multiple complex ecommerce projects from the scoping stage through to delivery. progress of work while overseeing a team of on-site and offshore information architects, designers, developers and testers executing the work.


  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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What should be included in a Digital Marketing Manager Resume?

A Digital Marketing Manager Resume should include a variety of skills, including knowledge of current digital marketing trends and strategies, a strong understanding of digital platforms and analytics tools, and the ability to develop and execute successful campaigns. It should also include a solid background in traditional marketing, as well as an understanding of the different channels and mediums used to reach customers. The resume should demonstrate an ability to create content that resonates with customers, as well as the ability to implement strategies and campaigns quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the resume should demonstrate an ability to manage budgets and resources. Finally, it should include a listing of any applicable certifications or awards, such as those related to digital marketing, as well as a history of successful projects and campaigns.

How do you list Digital Marketing Manager skills on a resume?

When writing a Digital Marketing Manager resume, it is important to include relevant skills. Digital marketing managers must have a variety of skills to succeed in the role, including technical, communication, and problem solving. It is essential to convey these skills in the resume in order to make a good impression.

One way to list Digital Marketing Manager skills on a resume is to include a list of technical and communication skills in a “Skills” section. This section should be positioned towards the top of the resume and should include a list of specific digital marketing skills. Examples of technical skills that can be included are SEO/SEM, Google Analytics, web analytics, content marketing, and web design. Communication skills that can be included are copywriting, content editing, and public speaking.

Another way to list Digital Marketing Manager skills on a resume is to include them in the “Experience” section. This section should include details about the relevant job and should also include a brief description of the skills that were used in the role. For example, if the job involved managing a team, the resume should state that the individual has experience in managing multiple projects and teams. Similarly, if the job revolved around content creation, the resume should describe the individual’s experience in creating content for the web.

Finally, the Digital Marketing Manager resume should also include a section detailing any awards or accomplishments. Awards and accomplishments are key to showcasing the individual’s success in digital marketing, and should be included in the resume. Examples of awards or accomplishments that can be listed are awards won, events hosted, or campaigns created or managed.

What are the top 5 Digital Marketing Manager skills?

As a Digital Marketing Manager, there are a few essential skills that you should possess in order to be successful. Here are the top five digital marketing manager skills that employers look for:

  1. Strategic Thinking: As a digital marketing manager, you need to be able to think strategically and develop marketing plans that will produce the desired results. This includes being able to identify target audiences, create and roll out effective campaigns, and track progress in order to measure success.
  2. Creativity: Digital marketing requires creativity and problem-solving skills. You need to come up with creative solutions to challenges, design compelling visuals, and produce engaging content that will draw in potential customers.
  3. Project Management: Digital marketing managers must be able to manage multiple projects at the same time and stay organized and on top of deadlines. This requires strong project management skills, such as the ability to prioritize and delegate tasks, keep track of progress, and communicate with team members.
  4. Technical Knowledge: Digital marketing managers must have a solid understanding of digital marketing tools and platforms, such as search engine optimization (SEO) and Google Analytics. You should also have a working knowledge of web development, content management systems, and coding.
  5. Communication: A successful digital marketing manager will be an excellent communicator, both in writing and verbally. You need to be able to effectively communicate the goals and objectives of your campaigns to other members of the team. You should also be able to maintain relationships with both internal and external stakeholders.

What is the job description of the Digital Marketing Manager?

The job of a digital marketing manager is to create and implement digital marketing strategies for an organization. They will typically work closely with senior management and other departments to develop and execute campaigns that are tailored to their needs. A successful digital marketing manager will have a strong knowledge of the changing digital landscape and be able to adjust strategies as needed.

Digital marketing managers also need to have a solid understanding of digital marketing and advertising tools such as SEO, PPC, social media, and email marketing. They need to understand the importance of digital analytics and be able to use these tools to measure the success of their campaigns. Additionally, they must have excellent organizational and communication skills, as they will be responsible for managing multiple campaigns simultaneously.

In addition to developing and executing campaigns, digital marketing managers are responsible for monitoring and analyzing the results of their efforts. This includes tracking the performance of campaigns and analyzing customer feedback. They will often use this data to adjust their campaigns to better meet the needs of their organization and customers.

Most digital marketing managers will also be responsible for creating content for campaigns, such as blog posts, website copy, and emails. They need to ensure that the content is engaging and meets the needs of the target audience. Lastly, digital marketing managers will often be responsible for managing budgets and staying on top of industry trends and best practices.

What is a good objective for a Digital Marketing Manager resume?

Having an effective objective on your resume for a Digital Marketing Manager is key to highlighting your qualifications and experience in the field. The objective should clearly communicate to the employer what type of position you are seeking and what qualities and skills you bring to the table. It should also demonstrate a clear understanding of the job you are applying for and how you can use your skills and experience to contribute to the success of the organization.

When writing an objective for a Digital Marketing Manager resume, the goal is to provide a succinct yet informative statement that shows potential employers why you are the right candidate for the job. In order to do this, it is best to focus on the qualities and skills that you can bring to the position as opposed to simply listing your qualifications. Utilize key phrases such as “seeking a Digital Marketing Manager position” or “utilizing my skills and experience to bring success to the organization” to convey your value proposition.

When crafting your objective, be sure to incorporate the type of marketing activities you can lead and manage, such as SEO, SEM, content creation, email marketing, or social media. Additionally, it may be beneficial to include a brief statement about your leadership style and how you can bring a unique point of view to the organization.

By creating an effective objective for a Digital Marketing Manager resume, you will be able to easily demonstrate to employers why you are the best candidate for the position. This will enable you to effectively stand out from other applicants and increase your chances of landing an interview.

What are 5 responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Manager?

A Digital Marketing Manager is responsible for managing and executing a company’s digital marketing strategies. They develop, implement, and manage campaigns that drive website traffic, increase brand recognition, and increase customer acquisition. They also work with other marketing departments to ensure that all campaigns are consistent with the overall objectives and strategies of the organization. The following are five key responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Manager:

  1. Developing a Digital Marketing Strategy: A key responsibility of a Digital Marketing Manager is to create and execute a digital marketing strategy that is tailored to the goals of the organization. This strategy should be comprehensive and include elements such as email campaigns, pay-per-click advertising, social media campaigns, search engine optimization, and other digital marketing tactics.
  2. Creating and Analyzing Performance Metrics: Digital Marketing Managers need to create and analyze various performance metrics to understand how well their digital marketing strategies are performing. These metrics should include website visits, conversions, cost per acquisition, customer satisfaction, and other performance indicators. The Digital Marketing Manager will then use this data to optimize and adjust their digital marketing campaigns.
  3. Developing Content Strategies: Content is an essential element of any digital marketing campaign. Digital Marketing Managers should be able to develop content strategies that will help to engage potential customers and build brand recognition. They should also be able to develop content that is optimized for search engine rankings and that is tailored to the target audience.
  4. Managing Social Media: Digital Marketing Managers should have a strong understanding of social media platforms and should be able to develop tactics to effectively reach and engage potential customers. They should also be able to create campaigns and content that is tailored to the company’s target audience and that will help to increase brand visibility. Additionally, Digital Marketing Managers should be able to evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns and make adjustments accordingly.
  5. Running Ads: Digital Marketing Managers should have a solid understanding of various marketing platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc. and be able to run effective campaigns. They should also know how to optimize campaigns in order to maximize the reach and engagement of potential customers.

What are the career prospects in the Digital Marketing Manager?

Digital marketing managers play an essential role in the marketing of businesses in today’s increasingly digital world. This position requires a creative, analytical, and highly organized individual who can effectively lead and manage digital marketing initiatives. With the right skills and the right attitude, a digital marketing manager can be highly successful in the digital marketing industry.

Digital marketing managers must have a strong understanding of current digital marketing trends and technologies to ensure successful campaigns. They must also be able to lead their teams in creating strategies and tactics that will generate engagement and ROI from their campaigns. In addition to this, they must also be able to analyze data and performance metrics to measure and adjust campaigns as needed.

A digital marketing manager must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills in order to effectively collaborate with other departments. They must also have a good grasp of SEO, web design, copywriting, and other digital marketing skills. Having a deep understanding of analytics and data will also be beneficial for this position, as it is important to be able to measure and adjust campaigns accordingly.

The career prospects for digital marketing managers are very promising. With the rise of digital marketing, more businesses are turning to this form of marketing to help promote and grow their businesses. This creates a huge demand for digital marketing managers who are knowledgeable and able to manage digital marketing campaigns effectively. Furthermore, digital marketing managers can expect to earn competitive salaries and have the potential to move up within the company.

Overall, digital marketing managers are in high demand and have a great career outlook. With the right skills and the right attitude, digital marketing managers can be highly successful in this field.