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James Edward

Financial Analyst


Financial analyst professional with 9+ years of success in financial planning, reporting, cost analysis, and reconciliation. Highly skilled at analysis techniques. Strong in variance analysis and analytical skills.


  • Financial Accounting
  • Proactive worker
  • Reconciliation
  • Strong Analytical skills
  • Time Management
  • Adaptability

Work Experience

Financial Analyst



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  • Supporting and sourc”

    • Supporting and sourcing businesses in preparing various reports on Daily, weekly and monthly basis while co- working with region stakeholders.
    • Setting up the cost in SAP for HP products, calculating the cost as per given by the planners, uploading the cost in SAP monthly following up with the planners for the right costs
    • Validating that all the costs have been uploaded and reflected  in system
    • Analysing the cost roll up from the child parts to Parent parts
    • Posting Accruals and Follows ups for the open items on daily basis
    • Process improvement and simplification
    • Balance sheet accounts reconciliation


    • Purchase Price Variance Analysis for Supply chain P&L Account
    • Enterprise Standard Cost Analysis and Cost Monitoring for the HP parts
    • Standard Revision Analysis which impact on the Cost change
    • Scrap Analysis and Reporting on monthly basis
    • Analysis on the Cost for the product which is set in the system (old vs new)
    • Monthly Flash vs Actuals analysis

Senior Team Lead


Oct 2016

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  • General ledger Recon”

    • General ledger Reconciliation and review .
    • Preparation & verification of Journal Vouchers along with maintenance & Posting of Recurring Journal Entries and ensure proper supporting & approvals are available (for Audit) before posting.
    • Successfully completed HP split activities between HP Inc and HPE.
    • Manage the Intercompany close process for Month and Quarter end reporting efficiently.
    • Quality check of reconciliation and Journal entry which are prepared by team.
    • Work towards resolving the open line items that are shown in reconciliations as aged items by following up with concerned parties.
    • Process improvement and stabilization.
    • Ensured proper accounting of general ledger transactions and prepared monthly general ledger reconciliations.
    • Accountable for initiating Root Cause Analysis at the time of resolving any escalation received
    • Maintains documentation & identifies opportunities for process improvements
    • Responsible of handling the 15 members team.
    • Conduct the Knowledge sharing sessions (Cross skilling) across the team and update the process knowledge.
    • Ensure both internal and External audit are green.
    • Team Monitoring, Meetings with controllership, buyer and supplier regarding process loop holes and on the improvement areas.
    • Handle accruals posting in Ledgers on a timely basis
    • Conducting the one and one with team members.
    • Balance sheet review with controllership and Finance on quarterly/yearly

Process Associate


Jan 2013

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  • Performed month-end ”

    • Performed month-end close which includes reviewing and posting all inventory related automated journal entries
    • Recon preparation and review for APJ Country
    • Work towards resolving the open line items that are shown in reconciliations as aged items by following up with concerned parties.
    • Ensure all the intercompany invoices are recorded before end of the month close
    • Posting Journal entry and posting invoices
    • Clearing of GR/IR and create accrual for missing Invoices.
    • Maintains documentation & identifies opportunities for process improvements.


Master of Business Administration (Finance)

San Jose State University

Jul 2019

Specialization in Accounting & Finance

Bachelor in Commerce

Northeastern University

Apr 2007


Entrepreneurship and Research Project

Group Leader

Mar 2017

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  • Entrepreneurship dev”

    • Entrepreneurship development project on Financial inclusion in the US. Where data was collected from the RBI bulletin to check the progress of banking in the US and their initiatives about financial inclusion.
    • Research project on the effectiveness of consumption and advertisement of soft drinks.


  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

Career Expert Tips:

  • Always make sure you choose the perfect resume format to suit your professional experience.
  • Ensure that you know how to write a resume in a way that highlights your competencies.
  • Check the expert curated popular good CV and resume examples

How to Write Financial Analyst Resume

If you’re looking for a job in the financial industry, your resume can make or break your application. And with so many different positions and employers out there, it’s important that you tailor and optimize your resume to highlight the skills, experience, and qualifications that are most relevant to each position.

But how do you know which are the most important skills to include? And how do you write a resume that will not only highlight those skills but also convince hiring managers that you are the ideal candidate for the position?

This article will guide you through all of those questions, and more. We’ll also show you how to customize your resume so that it will stand out from the crowd.

Steps to Write an Effective Financial Analyst Resume:

  1. Choose the appropriate industry – Not all financial analyst resume examples are created equal. A banking resume is going to look completely different than an engineering resume, and even an entry-level analyst job may require specialized skills that no other position requires.

    Consider what type of industry you are applying to for a few moments before you begin writing your resume. Choose the type of background that fits best with your skills and experience, and then tailor your resume accordingly.

    If you are applying to a large corporation, for example, it’s probably not worth highlighting your accomplishments as a sports team captain. Focus instead on the skills that are most relevant to the position.

  2. Choose your resume format – Next, you will need to choose what type of resume format will fit best with your background and goals. Selecting the proper format for your financial analyst resume is a very important step when writing resumes. Not all formats are designed for all types of positions, and choosing the wrong one could cost you a job.
  3. Build your resume to highlight skills and experience – This step is the most important. Just like every other job, a resume is a sales document, and your goal is to make it very convincing that you are the best candidate for the position. In order to make that happen, you are going to have to take some time here to analyze and consider all of your skills and experiences related to that industry.
  4. Choose the right fonts, colors, and layout – Now that you know what you want to put on your resume, it’s time to create a professional-looking document. For your resume format, we recommend an A4 or US Letter size. The best fonts for information resumes include Times New Roman (Times), Arial (Arial), and Calibri (Calibri).
  5. Cover letter – Always include a cover letter when corresponding with a potential employer. In addition, it’s also important to include a resume cover letter in your online job applications. This simple addition will help you to stand out from your competitors and show that you are genuinely interested in the position.

Financial Analyst Job Description:

The financial analyst is a combination of the finance manager and accountant, with an emphasis on financial management. They analyze data on a variety of subjects such as sales trends for customers, product performance, and market research. They are also involved in developing and maintaining the company’s accounting software, which is used throughout the organization. They contribute to the overall success of the company, work closely with upper management, and are responsible for preparing the company’s financial statement.

It’s important for you to be aware of what kind of resume format will fit best with your background and goals. For instance, a banking resume will look completely different than an engineering resume. As you write your resume to highlight your skills and experience that is relevant to each job position, try not to emphasize any single accomplishment more than others.

Financial Analyst Job Responsibilities:

  • Developing and maintaining the company’s accounting software.
  • Controlling cost of products
  • Ensuring accuracy and reliability of financial statements
  • Analyzing sales trends in line with company strategy; reporting on this data to upper management
  • Researching new technologies in the field of integrated communications and systems to make sure that the investment on this project is worth it
  • Coordinating all financial activities between departments
  • Controlling finances and liaising with other departments for financial information
  • Developing operational plans in respect to a new business that may be introduced into the company’s services
  • Formulating strategies to optimize the company’s operating costs
  • Preparing reports for upper management in line with company goals and objectives as well as departmental performance

Top 10 Must-have Financial Analyst Skills:

Here are the top 10 must-have skills for a financial analyst.

  1. Financial analysis skills: A financial analyst must have excellent financial analysis skills to establish trends in the market, perform cash flow analysis and generate spreadsheets for reports.
  2. Accounting skills: Financial analysts must have a clear understanding of all financial aspects, including the balance sheet, income statements, and the cash-flow statements.
  3. Analytical skills: Financial analysts must be able to absorb information and use it on an analytical level. They must be able to quickly analyze financial reports and data to determine trends in the markets
  4. Communication skills: A financial analyst must be able to effectively communicate with upper management and key stakeholders to discuss strategy and performance.
  5. Decision-making skills: The financial analyst must be able to make difficult decisions based on the information that they collect.
  6. Teamwork skills: Financial analysts must be able to work as a team player and contribute in a positive way.
  7. IT skills: Financial analysts must have the necessary IT and computer software skills to effectively use spreadsheets, reports, databases, etc.
  8. Logical reasoning and mathematical aptitude: A financial analyst must have excellent analytical skills to identify problems and reach solutions.
  9. Product knowledge: They must have a good understanding of the products in their field and how they are perceived by potential customers.
  10. Problem-solving skills: A financial analyst must be able to work under pressure and solve problems when they arise.

Tips to Write a Financial Analyst Experience on Resume:

  • Make sure your resume is targeted to the job at hand. Make sure it expresses your interest in the company, not just a general career interest.
  • Make sure you highlight the most relevant information in your work experience section, perhaps using bullets or other techniques to emphasize key points of your experience or education.
  • Organize your resume so that the most important information is displayed first and is easy for others to find and read easily without difficulty.
  • Make sure that your resume is easy to read and looks attractive. Use layout, fonts, and other components of design to make it look as professional and attractive as possible.
  • Arrange your resume so that it is easy for others to spot the important sections and to keep in mind the order in which you would want them to read your work history.
  • Ask someone who knows you well to review your resume before it’s sent out or posted online. This will help ensure that it is written correctly and reflects your interest.

Tips to Write a Financial Analyst Resume with No experience:

There are some cases when you may have worked in a similar field for a while and want to convert that experience to a financial analyst resume. In such a case, you would have certain skills like analytical and research skills which can be easily converted to a financial analyst resume.

To start with, if you have been using a career transition service, then you will be asked by your career counselor to work on two things:

  • Demonstrate your ability to apply analytical and research skills.
  • Demonstrate that you have a strong work ethic and that you can work on projects independently.

For the first, all you have to do is find a job or create a presentation that involved analytical and research skills. To confirm that you have the skills, the task should be graded. If there is no grading system in place, then ask about it. Demonstrating your ability to apply analytical and research skills can be challenging if you have never worked as a financial analyst at any point in time.


Hope the above article is able to help you in writing your financial analyst resume. We have tried to cover all the basics and advanced concepts that you need to know in order to get your resume approved.

Check our resume example and make sure you use the builder to create your resume.