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Prem Rananavare

Medical Advisor


Versatile and reliable with 10+ years of experience supporting clients and physicians in fast paced environments. Proven skills include client/patient relations, public outreach, research and problem solving with a background in office administration and organization.  Abilty to plan, prioritize, effectively communicate verbally and in writing while providing excellent customer service.


  • Organization
  • Customer Relations
  • Communication
  • Decision Making
  • Problem Resolution
  • Planning and Prioritizing
  • Research
  • Leadership
  • Community Engagement
  • Social Awareness and Outreach

Work Experience

Medical Technician

Premier Medical Group- Eye and Face Aesthetics Center


My current position requires me to work under an MD through direct patient contact via medical evaluation, diagnosis and assisting with treatment programs tailored to individual patient needs. My skills include charting of multiple different patient visits per day with a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail, while also keeping lines of communication with open in order to monitor the progress of a patient’s condition and to maintain customer satisfaction. This involves working within parameters set by health insurance companies to ensure that patient needs are met while expenses continue to be covered by their health plan.

Daily responsibilities require the ability to multitask in a fast paced and busy environment while utilizing efficient organizational and time management skills, working closely with teammates to resolve patient issues and staying informed of new therapies or treatments. I am also responsible for negotiating with product vendors to obtain the lowest possible cost on supplies in order to increase profit margins without increasing costs to the consumers.


Special Programs Coordinator

Rainbow Mobile


This is an unpaid volunteer position I currently hold with a registered non-profit 501(c)3 organization. As the Coordinator I am able to help create then execute community service programs and fundraisers which benefit the area I live in. I find great satisfaction in working with Rainbow Mobile through volunteering for outreach projects, organizing community dinners and the unique ability to connect not only with individuals who are in need, but also with others who are willing to donate time, money, goods and services.


My service allows me to use my extensive communication and organizational skills to help this non-profit reach and serve as many people in our community as possible. I feel lucky to have been hand picked and asked to take on this position with Rainbow Mobile by the Executive Director.


Office Manager

Thompson Inspection Services

Jan 2012

The Office Manager position required a strict attention to detail while maintaining accurate records and running the day to day activities of the business. Payment and issuance of invoices, office inventory, customer service skills and ability to multitask while continuing to provide top notch service to all contractors was the key to success. In addition to booking all travel and hotel arrangements for contractors I was also responsible for record keeping and correspondence with other professionals in the field to ensure that daily business activities were able to continue seamlessly.






Certified Ophthalmic Scribe

San Jose State University


Community Service Outreach and Leadership Development

Northeastern University


Business Administration

Arizona State University

Jul 2001

General Studies


Volunteer Advocacy Training

Course Developer/ Trainer


Ongoing development of personalized curriculum that will be used to teach multiple non-profit organization volunteers to effectively engage individuals within their communities in order to expand the reach of organizations they serve.


The Will Gentry Memorial Fund to Benefit Prism United Youth Group



A monetary fund that benefits underserved youth in the local community.  Funds are distributed to applicants on basis of need to relieve the financial stresses of college application fees, transprtation needs and co-pays for certified counsellors and therapists.


Allies of Rainbow Mobile

Founding Leader


Created a supporting branch to work in conjunction with non-profit organizations which provide support to friends, families and co-workers of individuals in need of resources.


Volunteer Service Projects



Includes service projects involving multiple organizations including the Mulherin Custodial Home, One Meal, LoDA Art Walk, The Mobile Public Library, Focus Women’s Conference, the Joe Jefferson Playhous and Earth Day Mobile Bay along with various social events.


  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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What Should Be Included In A Medical Advisor Resume?

A Medical Advisor resume should include more than just your professional history. It should demonstrate your expertise in the medical field, as well as display your leadership and communication skills. In addition, it should give employers a comprehensive overview of your educational background and any additional qualifications you may have.

When preparing your resume, it is essential that you highlight your accomplishments, such as successfully completing a project or leading a team. Additionally, include any publications, research, or other activities that you have taken part in to show your knowledge of the field.

Be sure to emphasize your strengths and include any awards or recognitions you have received. Furthermore, if you have any certifications or advanced degrees, this should also be included.

Finally, ensure that your resume is well-organized, easy to read, and uses appropriate language. You should also focus on avoiding any unnecessary information that may seem out of place. Ultimately, you want to make sure your resume stands out to employers and accurately reflects your experience and skills.

What Skills Should I Put On My Resume For Medical Advisor?

When writing your medical advisor resume, it is important to make sure that you include the skills necessary to be successful in this position. A medical advisor is responsible for providing advice and guidance to medical professionals, so they must have a broad range of knowledge and expertise. This includes understanding medical terminology, diagnosing medical problems, and interpreting medical reports. Additionally, they must be able to communicate effectively with both medical professionals and patients.

A comprehensive list of skills for a medical advisor should include:

  • Knowledge of medical terminology: A medical advisor should be familiar with the most common terms and abbreviations used in the medical field. They should also have a thorough understanding of the different types of treatments and medications used in the profession.
  • Diagnosing medical issues: Medical advisors should be able to diagnose medical issues and provide recommendations for treatment. They must be able to assess symptoms and be able to differentiate between a physical illness and a mental health issue.
  • Interpreting reports: Medical advisors must be able to interpret medical reports and draw conclusions from them. This includes understanding lab results, medical charts, and other records.
  • Communication: Medical advisors must be able to communicate effectively with both medical professionals and patients. This includes being able to explain medical terms and treatment plans in a clear and concise manner.
  • Problem-solving: Medical advisors should have excellent problem-solving skills in order to help their patients find the best solutions to their medical problems.

By including these skills on your medical advisor resume, you can demonstrate to potential employers that you possess the knowledge and expertise necessary to be successful in this position. Additionally, these skills can be used to showcase your ability to provide excellent guidance and advice to medical professionals and patients.

What Is The Job Description Of The Medical Advisor?

The job description of a Medical Advisor is a challenging one, as the person has to stay up-to-date on the latest medical advances and be able to advise on medical procedures. A Medical Advisor is a medical professional who can provide advice and assistance to medical staff and patients. Medical Advisors are responsible for providing clinical advice to medical staff, as well as providing assistance and guidance to patients. They must understand and be knowledgeable about the latest medical treatments and procedures, as well as have the ability to think critically and analyze medical information. Medical Advisors must also be able to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, to ensure that the patient’s needs are met in a timely, efficient manner.

Medical Advisors are usually employed by hospitals, medical clinics, and private practices. They work closely with physicians and other medical staff, as well as with patients and their families. Medical Advisors must have the knowledge and skills necessary to evaluate the patient’s condition, provide recommendations for treatment, and answer any questions that the patient or family may have. They must also be able to provide information on a variety of medical conditions and treatments. In addition, Medical Advisors must possess the ability to stay up-to-date on the latest medical advances and treatments, as well as be able to offer support and advice to physicians and other medical staff.

Furthermore, they must be able to provide guidance and support to the patient’s family or caregivers. They should also be able to recommend lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise, to improve the patient’s overall health and well-being. Finally, Medical Advisors must be able to research and analyze the latest medical advances and treatments, and advise physicians and other medical staff on the best course of action for each patient.

What Is A Good Objective For A Medical Advisor Resume?

When it comes to writing a resume for a medical advisor, the most important thing to consider is the objective. This is the statement that will make or break your resume, as it will be the first thing employers see when they read your resume.

A good objective for a medical advisor should be clear and concise. It should be tailored to the employer’s needs and the position you are applying for. It should also make it clear why you are the best person for the job. For example, if you have experience in the medical field, you may want to emphasize this in your objective. Additionally, you may want to highlight any unique skills or qualifications you have that make you well-suited for the job.

When writing your objectives, make sure to keep it simple and to the point. Avoid long-winded sentences and try to focus on what makes you the best candidate for the position. Also, make sure to use action verbs to help make your objective sound more impressive. For example, you may want to use words like “collaborate,” “consult,” and “improve” to demonstrate your ability to work well with others and to improve medical systems.

Remember, your objective is the first impression employers will get of you, so you want it to make a good one. By taking the time to craft a well-written objective, you can make sure employers take you seriously as a qualified candidate.

What Are The Career Prospects In The Medical Advisor?

The medical advisor is an important part of healthcare, providing advice and guidance to those in need of medical assistance. As the demand for medical services continues to increase, so too does the need for knowledgeable, experienced medical advisors. For those looking to pursue a rewarding career in the medical field, becoming a medical advisor is a great option.

Medical advisors can provide valuable advice on a wide range of health topics, from general health concerns to specific diseases and conditions. They can also provide support in navigating the complexities of the healthcare system, helping patients access the care they need. In addition, medical advisors often act as liaisons between patients and doctors, helping to ensure that treatments are appropriate and that the patient’s needs are being met.

A medical advisor plays an important role in the field of health care. This position requires strong interpersonal skills and an in-depth knowledge of the medical field. It also requires the ability to interact with a variety of people and comfortable discussing sensitive topics.

Those interested in becoming a medical advisor should have a background in healthcare, such as a degree in nursing or another medical field. Some states may also require special certifications or licensing. For those considering a medical advisor career, there are a variety of educational resources available to help you gain the knowledge you need to be successful.

The career prospects for medical advisors are strong and many medical advisors report high levels of job satisfaction. As the healthcare system continues to evolve, the demand for medical advisors is likely to increase. With the right education, experience, and dedication, a medical advisor can have a successful career in the medical field.

Key Takeaways for an Medical Advisor resume

Writing a successful Medical Advisor resume is essential for anyone looking to break into the field. As a Medical Advisor, you are responsible for providing advice and guidance to healthcare professionals regarding the use of medical products. This means having a resume that accurately reflects your experience, knowledge, and skills is essential.There are a few key takeaways to keep in mind when writing your Medical Advisor resume.

  • First, emphasize your medical qualifications. Your resume should showcase your medical expertise and demonstrate your ability to advise physicians and other healthcare professionals. Make sure to include any specialized training, certifications, and/or licensures you have obtained.
  • Second, highlight your communication skills. As a Medical Advisor, you need to be able to effectively communicate with both healthcare professionals and patients. Demonstrate your ability to listen carefully and explain complex medical information in an understandable way.
  • Third, show your problem-solving skills. As a Medical Advisor, you may find yourself in situations where you need to help diagnose and treat medical conditions. Demonstrate your ability to think critically and provide solutions to complex medical issues.
  • Finally, emphasize your knowledge of the latest medical advances. As a Medical Advisor, it’s important to be up-to-date on the latest medical research and technology. Showcase your ability to research and stay informed about the latest treatments and technologies in the medical field.

By following these key takeaways, you can create a resume that is sure to capture the attention of potential employers.