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Quality Control Manager Resume Sample

Victor Trevor


Highly skilled Quality Assurance and Control professional with more than 15 years of experience in Quality Assurance functions, Analytical Chemistry functions, supervision in the battery manufacturing industry am currently engaged. I am a resourceful specialist in the manufacturing industry with vast knowledge in the automotive and solar batteries manufacture. Monitoring safety in busy and potentially hazardous environment is of high priority.


Work Experience 

Factory Supervisor
Samsung Electronics Inc

  • Kept accurate and detailed records of personnel progres and productivity.
  • Located and resolved problems with team production and perfomance to maintain consistent product quality levels.
  • Managed company operations, including staff hiring, training, development, production schedulling, and supervion of supervisors of all production sections.
  • Oversaw inventory and production stock to develop and maintain inventory controls resulting in cost servingsand reduced overages.
  • Collaborated with other leaders to direct workflow and support operations.
  • Enhanced processes by pinpointing bottlenecks and working with the engineering foreman to resolve issues which might be causing rejects and delays in the production process.
  • Evaluated employees streangth and assigned tasks based upon experience and training.
  • Conducted routine inspections of incoming rawmaterials to check for quality and complience with established product specifications.
  • Evaluated employee skills and knowledge regularly, providing hands on training and mentoring to individuals with lugging skills.

Quality Controller/ Laboratory Technician
Samsung Electronics Inc

  • Sampling and chemical analysis of raw materials destined for production.
  • Use of Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (Thermo Scientific iCE 3000 Series)
  • Cirtification of raw materials and products tested.
  • Production process tests of demineralized water, acid, lead oxide, lead paste and grids, water loss in plates, water analysis, and many more.
  • Doing computations on production processes were calculations for chemicals to be added or adjusted is required.
  • Distillation of water for Laboratory use.
  • Preparations of bench chemical solutions.
  • Provision of direction to various laboratory clients,eg. adjustments of product parameters to meet set specifications at furnace, oxide mill, formation and other production departments.
  • Trouble shooting and dowing breakdown reports of laboratory instruments faults.
  • Making sure that ISO9001:2015 is complied with by all sections( varifications of procedures and works instructions).
  • Executed corrective action when test controls were outside specified limits.
  • Kept laboratory in complience with all applicable guidlines and laws.
  • Set and oversaw Quality Assurance guidelines for laboratory work.
  • Oversaw items in inventory of lab chemicals and reordered before supplies deminished.
  • Analized experiment and test results to validate adherance to set standards and specifications.
  • Quality inspections and process control of battery manufacture as well as the cases and covers manufacturing process.
  • Monitoring the water treatment plant. (Reverse Osmosis process).
  • Process monitoring and control of the battery charging process.
  • Capacity rating of newly developed batteries.
  • Ensuring Occupationa Health and Safety among fellow workers.

Quality Control Manager(Acting)
Samsung Electronics Inc

  • Implimenting quality control procedures and making sure that there are observed at all times.
  • Ensuring that all sections of production are operating at and below the maximum reject rate of 0,25%
  • Ensuring that all recommended corective actions to reduce production rejects, loses, and claims are implimented timeously
  • Making sure that all machinery are in a 100% working order and enforcing a 20 minute rule in case of breakdowns.
  • Making sure that all data partaining to rejects and claims are captured and correctly processed and reports generated for the attention of all stackholders.
  • Supervising the day to day operations of the laboratory ensuring that proper lab functions are being observed at all times.
  • Coordinating all quality functions between all departments.
  • Ensuring that all laid down quality and production procedures are being followed as to produce a product of high quality in correct quantities.
  • Documented meeting minutes and distributed to staff to facilitate follow up and permanent record keeping.
  • Liaised with the engineering department on defining product features, and managing trade-offs involving features and life cycle of batteries.
  • Evaluated quality problems and the battery claims adjudication process to identify and resolve issues arising.
  • Monitored social media and online sources for trends in the battery industry.
  • Followed quality standards and proceduresto minimize errors and maximize costomer satisfication.

Quality Control Supervisor
Samsung Electronics Inc

  • Monitored staff organization in the quality department and sugested improvements to daily functionality.
  • Scheduled and chaired quality review meetings.
  • Specified quality requirements of raw materials with the buying department.
  • Recorded, analyzed and distributed statistical information on daily, weekly and monthly plant rejects and customer claims.
  • Reported all mulfunctions of machinery to production and engineering executives to ensure immediate action to avoid lose of materials through rejects.
  • Tracked quality issues with external customers, suppliers and internal plant operations.
  • Generating reports on experiments and exercises being carried out.
  • Displining of surbodinates in a firm and fair manner in a case were the code of conduct has been violated.
  • Training of newly recruited staff.

Quality Control Supervisor
LG Electronics Inc

  • Monitored staff organization in the quality department and suggested improvements to daily functionality.
  • Scheduled and chaired quality review meetings.
  • Specified quality requirements of raw materials with the buying department.
  • Recorded, analyzed, and distributed statistical information on daily, weekly, and monthly plant rejects and customer claims.
  • Reported all malfunctions of machinery to production and engineering executives to ensure immediate action to avoid loss of materials through rejects.
  • Tracked quality issues with external customers, suppliers, and internal plant operations.
  • Generating reports on experiments and exercises being carried out.
  • Disciplining of subordinates in a firm and fair manner in a case where the code of conduct has been violated.
  • Training of newly recruited staff.

Laboratory Assistant
Panasonic Electronics Inc

  • Sampling and chemical analysis of raw materials destined for production and routine production samples including but not limited to Lead.
  • Use of the Automic Absorption Spectrometer (Savant AA GBC)
  • Certification of products and raw materials tested by a laboratory.
  • pH control of furnace ponds.
  • Preparation of bench chemical solutions.
  • Distillation of water for laboratory use.
  • Laboratory housekeeping, raising requisitions for consumables and changing gas cylinders for the AA machine.

Quality Inspector
Philips Electronics Inc

  • Created and developed best practices to improve efficiency and reduce defects.
  • Evaluated final products (batteries) against quality standards and manufacturing specifications.
  • performed visual inspections and destructive as well as non-destructive tests during the battery manufacturing process.
  • Used the test meter to to inspect the quality of batteries during the charging process as well as the smart tester when the batteries are fully charged taking note of functionality, appearance and other specifications which are required to satify the battery as fit for purpose.
  • Noted trends in product quality and functionality to determine problem areas.
  • Reported repeat issues to supervisors of other departments.
  • Communicated with production team members about specific quality issues.
  • Monitored the production process to gain an understanding of the problematic areas.
  • Completed supporting documentation for testing procedures, including data capture forms, equipment logbooks, and inventory forms.
  • Inspected raw materials before production starts to guarantee quality.
  • Recorded and organized test data for report generation and analysis.


Post Graduate Diploma: Quality Assurance and Control
Northeastern University

Masters in Computer Science
The University of Texas at Dallas


  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Chines

Career Expert Tips:

  • Always make sure you choose the perfect resume format to suit your professional experience.
  • Ensure that you know how to write a resume in a way that highlights your competencies.
  • Check the expert curated popular good CV and resume examples

Quality Control Manager Resume Writing Guide & Tips

If you’re trying to land that dream Quality Control Manager (QCM) job, you know that having the right resume template is an important part of your application. That’s why we compiled a guide in order to teach you how to write the perfect resume for QCM jobs. Check out this special guide to writing a QCM resume today and discover the kinds of tips and tricks that will help you land the job you want!

Quality Control Manager Resume Writing Tip:

#1: Choose the right resume template:

There are two main factors to consider when choosing your professional resume template: industry standards and your own goals. Your industry is always an important factor, as most employers have clear expectations of what kind of experience they’re looking for in their employees. To find the best professional resume template for QCM jobs, choose a template that matches your industry and the kind of role you’re applying for.

#2: Customize your resume for each job:

Your resume should include details about your experience, but that’s not the only part you need to customize. In addition to the information contained within your resume, it’s also important to customize your job history and education sections. The first thing to do is update your employment information, as well as any relevant educational milestones.

#3: Add professional details:

There are certain details about your resume that you need to highlight in order to make it stand out. These details include the experience that got you where you are today, as well as any professional achievements and awards you’ve received. Not only will these things show the employer that they really want to hire you, but they’ll also help make your resume look more impressive and meaningful.

#4: Add action verbs and skills:

One way to show employers that you’re proficient at what you do is to include action verbs and skills in the positioning section of your resume. Action words tell employers what kind of work you’ve actually done, and which of your qualities make you the best fit for a particular position.

#5: Add personal details:

If possible, try to include additional personal details in your resume. This doesn’t have to be an extensive section, but one or two bullet points can go a long way when it comes to showing the employer that you’re a hard worker. If you don’t have a lot of experience at this point, just focus on listing the skills you want to use as you’re trying to find your first job. This will make you look very appealing to potential employers.

#6: Proofread your resume:

Once you’ve finished writing everything that you want to put in your resume, the next step is proofreading it. This is essential for making sure that there are no spelling errors or mistakes in general. This will help you find any mistakes that can potentially cause employers to disqualify you.

List of Typical Responsibilities For a Quality Control Manager Resume:

  1. Uses knowledge of quality control principles and processes to identify items in the process, design, setup, or packaging that may cause product defects or product failure.
  2. Monitors and investigates product batches during production.
  3. Reviews test data to detect problems in products and process equipment.
  4. Designates a manufacturing or quality control representative to gather samples from vendors or subcontractors for laboratory testing of defects found during the inspection of incoming products or materials by the QM inspector staff.
  5. Reviews test data to determine whether product or process specifications have been met.
  6. Analyzes production documents and test results to determine problems and causes of defects, such as a faulty heating element, misaligned molding machine, or contaminated raw materials.
  7. Works with production engineers and manufacturing operations representatives to develop solutions for quality control changes that need to be made in the manufacturing process for new products or new components.
  8. Monitors and investigates product deficiencies from a customer service perspective to obtain information about customer complaints.
  9. Maintains and updates quality control equipment, such as microscopes, testing equipment, or contamination-detection devices.
  10. Maintains records of inspection activities, including dates of inspections and the names of inspectors who perform them.

Top 10 Must-have Quality Control Manager Skills:

  1. Technical Production Skills – a Quality Control Manager should have previously been involved in the actual production process. Many have technical degrees and certifications involved in production.
  2. Leadership Skills – this role often requires influencing others to take action, as well as managing conflict among various departments or teams.
  3. Communications/Negotiation Skills – dealing with people directly, communicating with a team, and skillfully resolving disagreements or conflicts are key qualities for success in this position.
  4. Dedication to Quality – improvement of quality is the goal in this role, and quality control staff need to take a hard stance on meeting targets for metrics.
  5. Leadership/Supervisory Skills – management experience is essential to this position, as they are often leading or supervising teams of other individuals.
  6. Creativity – identifying issues with manufacturing processes and coming up with solutions is a key part of the job for many Quality Control Managers.
  7. Consultation – Quality Control Managers often work alongside different departments to come up with solutions, so a good working knowledge of other departments’ processes is a must.
  8. Teamwork – being able to work on a team to get the job done is often required for success.
  9. Problem Solving/Creativity – identifying issues related to manufacturing processes and developing solutions are key skills for all Quality Control Managers, but especially those in this role.
  10. Critical Thinking Skills – analyzing information and making decisions based on that information are important parts of the job for Quality Control Managers.

Tips to write a Quality Control Manager Resume Summary:

  • Write a new summary for each resume, and don’t be afraid to cut and paste from your old resume or a previous job’s summary.
    * The key is to highlight the things you’ve changed since your last job, whereas a generic summary would help nobody.
  • Name your Summary section after what you’ve done during your last role to make it more easily identifiable
  • You could use this job’s name as your heading for the summary or just your own name.
  • Create a period at the end of your summary (as in: “Summary: I was responsible for …”).
  • Include any special skills, job experience, or education that you’ve had since your last job, as well as any training you received and certification you have obtained.
  • Use formatting guidelines to keep it organized and easy to read.

How to write a Quality Control Manager Resume with No experience:

  • Highlight relevant qualities in resume
  • Highlight past experience as Quality Control Manager
  • Personalize the resume to make it more interesting
  • Use action verbs and experience in objective sections of the resume
  • Avoid generic, bland typefaces and fonts
  • Avoid using numbers and formulas
  • Avoid using bulleted lists
  • Use a professional resume generator
  • Think about the similarities between a quality control manager’s job and your job [article break]

How to write a Quality Control Manager Cover Letter:

  1. Your cover letter is your best selling point. It is your one and only chance for an interviewer to get to know you and see why he should hire you.
  2. Your cover letter doesn’t have to belong or flowery, but it should catch the attention of the person reading it, with a simple statement of who you are and why you want this job.
  3. In your cover letter, you need to talk about any experience you have that is pertinent to the job, and how you are the best person for the position.
  4. Keep your cover letter clean and private by making sure it doesn’t contain any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or gossipy stories. It should be direct, succinct and business-like.
  5. Don’t make it look like you’ve spent a lot of time looking for a job. Your cover letter doesn’t have to mention your previous jobs or positions, but make sure you imagine yourself in the position that you are applying for, and use “I” and “we” instead of “us” and “our”.
  6. Try to stay away from clichés when writing your cover letter – avoid saying things like “my heart sings for this position”, or “I know I have what it takes to excel in this role”.

Key Takeaways:

  • Employers want to see a well-written resume that can clearly communicate their experience and skills.
  • There are many ways to customize a resume for maximum impact on potential employers.
  • Resumes should be easy to read, with section headings and bullet points clearly marked.
  • Choosing the right resume format can help you get noticed.
  • There are numerous examples of resumes online, which can provide a valuable resource for examples.