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Justin Tim

Operation Manager


Civil and Environmental Engineering major currently attending Notre Dame University of Louaize, with 2+ years of work experience. Aiming to leverage a proven knowledge of cross-functional team skills to successfully fill the role at your company.


  • AutoCAD.
  • Microsoft Office.
  • Good communication skills.

Work Experience

Operation Manager


Sep 2019

  • Inventory stock and reorder when inventory drops to a specified level.
  • Assign employees to specific duties.
  • Examine merchandise to ensure that it is correctly priced and displayed.
  • Examine products purchased for resale or received for storage to assess
  • the condition of each product or item.
  • Plan and prepare work schedules and keep records of employees’ work
  • schedules.

Site Engineer

Bureau D’etudes Rodolphe Mattar

Jun 2019

  • Confer with supervisory personnel, owners, contractors, or design
  • professionals to discuss and resolve matters, such as work procedures,
  • Complaints, or construction problems.
  • Inspect or review projects to monitor compliance with building and safety
  • codes, or other regulations.
  • Direct and supervise workers.

Operation Manager

Phone Care

Feb 2018

  • Establish and maintain relationships with individual or business
  • customers or provide assistance with problems these customers may encounter.
  • Provide customer service by greeting and assisting customers, and
  • responding to customer inquiries and complaints.
  • Authorize payments and merchandise returns.
  • Review inventory and sales records to prepare reports.
  • Keep records of purchases and sales.


• Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.), Civil and Environmental Engineering Student. (Expected graduation June 2020)

San Jose State University


Northeastern University


  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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Understanding the Crucial Role of an Operations Manager

In today’s dynamic business environment, the role of an Operations Manager holds immense significance in ensuring the smooth functioning of a company. This multifaceted position requires a blend of leadership skills, operational expertise, and strategic vision to streamline processes and drive organizational success. Let’s delve deeper into the pivotal role of an Operations Manager, understanding the nuances and responsibilities that define this critical position.

Key Responsibilities and Duties of an Operations Manager

An Operations Manager is entrusted with a diverse set of responsibilities, ranging from overseeing day-to-day operations to implementing long-term strategic plans. Here are some key duties that define the role:

  • Managing and optimizing daily operations, ensuring efficient use of resources and timely execution of tasks.
  • Developing and implementing strategies to enhance operational efficiency and productivity across various departments.
  • Monitoring and analyzing operational processes, identifying areas for improvement and implementing necessary changes.
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams to ensure seamless coordination and communication across different departments.
  • Creating and implementing operational policies and procedures to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.
  • Identifying and addressing operational challenges and bottlenecks to ensure uninterrupted business flow.
  • Leading and motivating teams to achieve operational goals and fostering a culture of teamwork and excellence.
  • Conducting regular performance evaluations and providing constructive feedback to enhance team performance and efficiency.

Each responsibility demands strong leadership skills, attention to detail, and a comprehensive understanding of the company’s operational landscape.

Qualifications and Skills Required for an Operations Manager

Becoming an effective Operations Manager necessitates a specific skill set and educational background. Here are the essential qualifications and skills required to excel in this role:

  • A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Business Administration, Management, or a related field, providing a strong foundation in business principles and operations management.
  • Demonstrated experience in managing operations, showcasing the ability to handle complex tasks and challenging situations effectively.
  • Excellent leadership and communication skills, enabling effective collaboration and team management.
  • Proficiency in data analysis and interpretation, facilitating informed decision-making and strategic planning.
  • Strong problem-solving abilities, enabling quick and effective resolution of operational challenges.
  • Familiarity with industry-specific tools and software for efficient management of operations and resources.
  • Adaptability and resilience to navigate through changing business environments and evolving market dynamics.
  • Proven track record of successful project management, highlighting the ability to lead complex projects to completion.

Acquiring these qualifications and skills is vital in preparing for the challenging yet rewarding role of an Operations Manager.

Crafting an Effective Operations Manager CV

Creating a compelling Operations Manager CV is crucial in showcasing your skills and experience effectively. Here are some tips to help you structure your CV for maximum impact:

  • Highlight your leadership experience, emphasizing instances where you led teams to achieve significant operational goals and milestones.
  • Quantify your achievements, using specific metrics to demonstrate the impact of your contributions to the company’s operations and overall success.
  • Showcase your proficiency in implementing operational strategies, detailing successful projects or initiatives you have led or contributed to.
  • Include relevant certifications or training programs, highlighting your commitment to continuous learning and professional development in the field of operations management.
  • Customize your CV for each application, aligning your skills and experience with the specific requirements of the role and the company.

Following these tips will help you create a CV that effectively communicates your capabilities and potential as an Operations Manager.

Key Traits for Success as an Operations Manager

Success as an Operations Manager relies on a combination of key traits that contribute to effective leadership and operational excellence. Here are some essential traits that define a successful Operations Manager:

  • Strategic thinking: The ability to envision long-term goals and develop effective strategies to achieve them.
  • Attention to detail: A meticulous approach to managing operations, ensuring that every aspect of the process is closely monitored and optimized.
  • Adaptability: The capacity to adapt to changing circumstances and navigate through evolving business environments with ease.
  • Problem-solving skills: A proactive approach to identifying and resolving operational challenges, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.
  • Effective communication: The skill to convey ideas and information clearly to different stakeholders, ensuring seamless coordination and collaboration across teams.

Developing and nurturing these traits is essential in excelling as an Operations Manager, driving the company towards sustainable growth and success.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Operations Management

While navigating the complex landscape of operations management, it is essential to steer clear of common pitfalls that can hinder your effectiveness in this role. Here are some common mistakes to avoid:

  • Overlooking the importance of effective communication, leading to misunderstandings and inefficiencies within the team.
  • Implementing changes without considering the impact on the existing processes, leading to disruptions and operational challenges.
  • Ignoring the importance of data analysis, resulting in uninformed decision-making and ineffective strategies.
  • Neglecting employee feedback and suggestions, hindering employee engagement and overall team performance.
  • Underestimating the significance of continuous learning and professional development, leading to stagnation and limited career growth.

Avoiding these mistakes will contribute to your effectiveness as an Operations Manager, fostering a culture of operational excellence and continuous improvement within the organization.

Conclusion: Embrace Your Role as an Effective Operations Manager

As you embark on the journey to excel as an Operations Manager, remember that your role is crucial in driving the company towards operational efficiency and sustainable growth. By leveraging your leadership skills, operational expertise, and strategic vision, you can steer the organization towards success and create a positive impact on the company’s overall performance. Embrace the challenges, nurture your skills, and strive for continuous improvement to excel as an effective Operations Manager.

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