Pharmacy Student Resume

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Eric Watson

Pharmacy Student




I am a 2nd Year pharmacy student with a passion for scientific development. Highly motivated to contribute with my organizational and teamwork skills, as well as being open to learning new skills.



  • Problem resolution
  • Teamwork
  • Flexible and Adaptable
  • Organizational Efficiency
  • Marketing Media
  • Work ethic
  • Domain of the Office package
  • Thinking Skills


Work Experience


Volunteer Monitor

Modern High School

Apr 2020


  • Guided students in Anatomy by reviewing students´ materials and also helping them in practical classes.

Volunteer in the laboratory

Modern High School

Mar 2020


  • I helped the chemistry professor set up the laboratory before and after classes.




High School

San Jose State University

Nov 2017


  • Participated in study groups.
  • For while I played on the women´s handball team at school

Undergraduation: Pharmacy

Northeastern University



  • GPA: 3,32
  • I did a study group with other students and we helped our class.




  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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How to write a Pharmacy Intern Resume

If you’re interested in a pharmacy internship, but don’t know where to start, this article will be essential for you. It’s a step-by-step guide to writing the perfect resume, with tips from industry professionals and examples from resumes of other successful applications. In addition to giving advice on what type of formatting and content makes for an effective application, this post also covers what types of institutions hire interns as well as practical tips for responding promptly once the internship is offered.

1: Identify the right internships for you

Before you can start writing your resume, you need to determine your goals for the internship and choose your target institution. It may be tempting to send out resumes to every pharmacy organization in your area, but this isn’t usually a good idea – it is much better to focus on one or two specific placements that are a good fit for you.You will need to find out:

Which departments are hiring, and what their requirements are? (e.g. clinical as opposed to operations)

What skills are most needed and which areas of pharmacy are they looking for?

Which schools or departments have the best reputation for taking interns, and offering the best internship experience (e.g. hospitals, pharmaceutical companies such as Abbott Labs, community pharmacies, etc.)Once you’ve identified where you want to work, list your top choices in no more than three places on your resume. If your application is successful, then the next step is to see if they’re hiring at that time.

2: Tailor your resume to the job you want

In order to be a competitive candidate, you need to match the internship requirements as much as possible, and demonstrate that you have the skills and knowledge required. The best way to achieve this, is by customizing your resume for each internship opportunity that you’re applying for.

This can include adding more detail on relevant skills or experience, as well as tailoring it to the institution in question.

The key is to show that you can do the job, by having the right skills and experience. As a general rule, for every year of internship experience you have, you should aim to spend at least 1-2 hours writing and editing your resume. The more experience you have and the higher level position you’re applying for, then the longer it will take.

3: Tailor your cover letter to the job you want for the internship

Your cover letter is a really important part of your application. It will show an employer why you’re the best person for the position, and help them decide if it’s a good fit for them. Even if they don’t place you in the internship, it shows that you’re determined and professional. However, make sure that your goal with this is not only to get placed in the internship but also to get accepted to start it.

4: Be sure to show that you are motivated

If you want to excel in a pharmacy internship, then it’s essential that you show a real commitment to it. This means sending your resume and cover letter as soon as you’re allowed by the application deadline, and following up with the employer by phone if required. It will also help if you show in your application that this is something for which you have a genuine interest, rather than something to do just for the sake of having more experience on your resume.

5: Show that you are mature enough to be an intern

In addition to being a motivated candidate, it’s essential not to be immature about the position. This means that you should be mature enough to be able to keep your cool if an employer makes a comment that you don’t agree with. It also means being able to keep your work out of the office and still do well at it.

6: Show that you’re organized

The pharmacy industry is busy, so this means that it’s essential to be able to meet deadlines. It also means being responsible for your own time management and staying on top of extra work. This can mean doing a test of your organizational skills by creating a detailed schedule for yourself, and filling in how much time you’re going to spend on each piece of work. In addition, make sure you include breaks for social activities.

Top 10 Pharmacy Intern Skills:

1. Excellent communication skills
2. Accuracy and attention to detail
3. Oral and written communication skills
4. Adaptability to change, and the ability to meet deadlines
5. Responsibility for own time management
6. Strong organizational skills, including a routine for working at your computer
7. Proficiency in Microsoft Office programs
8. A strong interest in pharmacy, from both an educational and professional perspective
9. Ability to work well under pressure
10. Commitment and motivation to succeed in a pharmacy internship program

If you’re still in school, then it may be difficult to prove that you have all these skills. However, the best thing is to just get started on trying to develop them as soon as possible. As soon as you are able, then demonstrate your skills through examples that show how you’ve met the criteria for each point outlined above.


In order to be successful on the pharmacy internship search, you must create a resume that makes you stand out among other candidates. By following the above guide, you can write the perfect Pharmacy Intern Resume.