Physical Therapist Resume

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Victor Watson

Physical Therapist


Dedicated and adaptable licensed professional with 15 years of experience in outpatient hospital and clinical settings and in home health services. Honed to work with a wide variety of patients.


  • Computer-literate
  • Written and Verbal Communication
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Interpersonal
  • Mentoring

Work Experience

Physical Therapist

Sicron Physical Therapy


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  • Provides in-home eva”

    • Provides in-home evaluations and treatments for patients of a home health agency.
    • Implements and recommends adjustments and modifications to plan of care.
    • Performs up to three visits weekly and re-evaluates progress.

Rehab In-Charge

Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation

Dec 2017

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  • Provides physical th”

    • Provides physical therapy services prescribed by the physiatrist to patients of different musculoskeletal and orthopedic conditions.
    • Performs initial evaluation and provides progress notes/re-evaluation notes for all patients seen.
    • Notifies the physiatrist of patient consultations and follow-up checkups.
    • Coordinates with the physiatrist with regards to patient’s condition during therapy.
    • Provides proper documentation of patient’s records and treatment progress.
    • Provides necessary census/reports pertinent to the operation of the rehabilitation.

Medical Volunteer

University of Washington Medical Center

Dec 2005

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  • Assisted the rehabil”

    • Assisted the rehabilitation medicine doctor in assessing the injured athlete.
    • Coordinated with the medical team of the Southeast Asian Games committee and medical team of the injured athlete.

Private Physical Therapy Practitioner


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  • Assesses and evaluat”

    • Assesses and evaluates the patient prior to treatment.
    • Formulates appropriate and individualized treatment for patients.
    • Conducts patient’s treatment evaluation progress regularly and reports it to the referring physician.
    • Modifies patient’s physical therapy management based upon the result of the evaluation.

PT Staff

TIRR Memorial Hospital

Mar 2012

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  • Provides physical th”

    • Provides physical therapy services prescribed by the physiatrist to patients of different musculoskeletal and orthopedic conditions.
    • Performs initial evaluation and provides progress notes/re-evaluation notes for all patients seen.
    • Notifies the physiatrist of patient consultations and follow-up checkups.
    • Coordinates with the physiatrist with regards to patient’s condition during therapy.
    • Provides proper documentation of patient’s records and treatment progress.
    • Maintains the working equipments, availability of supplies and cleanliness and safety of the treatment area.
    • Assists the physiatrist during patient consultations and follow-up check ups.
    • Assists the patient in her/his PT consultation requirements.
    • Tends to patient’s HMO approval for the completion of billing documents

Volunteer Physical Therapist

Massachusetts Medical Center

Jun 2005

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  • Performed initial ev”

    • Performed initial evaluations, assessments and treatments accordingly under the supervision of licensed physical therapists and rehabilitation physician.
    • Handled various cases such as geriatric, musculoskeletal, neurological, orthopedic, and surgical conditions.
    • Provided proper documentation of patient’s records and treatment progress.


B.S. Physical Therapy

San Jose State University

Nov 2002

B.S. Physical Therapy

Northeastern University

Mar 2000

Pre PT Proper


  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

Career Expert Tips:

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  • Ensure that you know how to write a resume in a way that highlights your competencies.
  • Check the expert curated popular good CV and resume examples

Guide to Write Physical Therapist Resume

Many people are struggling with how to write the perfect physical therapist resume. It’s a job that requires plenty of experience and education, as well as the ability to deal with many different personalities that may have various disabilities. Luckily, there is no one-size-fits-all guide when it comes to resumes.

Physical Therapist Resume Writing Tips:

  • Resume content is the number one element that sets you apart from other applicants. This should be your main focus; your resume’s purpose is to get you an interview and a job.
  • Don’t be boring! For the most part, these are jobs with relatively low salaries, so don’t make it sound like you’re too good for them. Your goal is to sell yourself as someone who can fit in with their team (not compete with them) and provide excellent care for their patients in the way they need it.
  • Keep it simple. Make it easy to read and understand what you’re saying.
  • Be specific. Tailor your resume to the job you’re applying for.
  • Don’t use vague or general-sounding descriptions of experience that can be passed off like everyone else’s.
  • Use a clean design with bold text to make your resume more visually appealing.
  • Keep it brief (1 page or less). You don’t want to get cut off when they’re scrolled down on the computer screen and not give them enough time to read.
  • Leave off any irrelevant information like GPA or graduation date.
  • Don’t leave a gap of more than 1 year between jobs. People will wonder what you have been doing during your time off.
  • Include all relevant clinical experience and volunteer work.
  • Be honest! This is an industry that values trust and integrity, so don’t lie about your background, and be sure to work on being a good listener during the interview process!
  • Use bullet points to describe your skills and responsibilities instead of sentences.

Physical Therapist Job Description:

The physical Therapists job is related to medicine and interventions with patients suffering from pain and illness. Physical therapists work in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, or other locations throughout the world. This is an occupation that has grown tremendously over the last few years as many new treatments have been discovered that require more specialized specialists.
Creating a physical therapist resume can be challenging since it requires both relevant experience and education in order to get accepted into a physical therapist program.

Physical Therapist Job Responsibilities:

  • Perform physical assessments on patients
  • Communicate with other medical staff on the patient and possible treatments
  • Work with other specialists to coordinate care plans and get the most effective results
  • Perform exercises and rehabilitate patients so they can move around more easily
  • Manipulate joints to allow for proper range of motion
  • Restore functionality in limbs that have been injured or are suffering from long term ailments like arthritis
  • Make sure patients are receiving the right treatment and explain how it will help them improve or recover quickly.
  • Make sure that patients are safe and comfortable during treatments.

Top 12 Must-have Physical Therapist Skills:

  1. Positive attitude – you will need to have a positive outlook on the job even during long hours or difficult patients.
  2. Communication skills – you will be the one coordinating with other medical staff and talking to patients about their treatment plans.
  3. Time management – you will need to keep up with your schedule and also be aware of the patient’s progress when it comes to treatments.
  4. Efficient writing & computer skills – you will need to type up reports, update files and create treatment plans for patients.
  5. Adaptability – conditions change during the course of treatments, so you will need to be able to adjust and deal with new situations.
  6. Teamwork – you will be working in teams with other specialists, so you need to be a good “fit” for the group.
  7. Flexibility– this means working nights and weekends sometimes, depending on your position, so make sure you can manage your time accordingly.
  8. Research skills – you will be gathering information about the patient and other conditions, so you need to know how to find the correct information.
  9. Enthusiasm – This is a very important asset for a physical therapist because you will interact with many patients and their families.
  10. Passion for patients – this is what makes this occupation special. If it’s not in your heart, then you probably won’t enjoy what you’re doing every day.
  11. Empathy – this means you will be caring for patients who are suffering from pain and hardship, so it’s crucial that you understand what they’re going through.
  12. Support and trust – this is vital in your ability to have a helping hand for patients during consultation sessions with other medical staff.

Tip to Write a Physical Therapist Resume with No experience:

  1. Write a resume that shows your education level and certifications.
  2. Find a friend who is a physical therapist and get them to recommend you to potential employers.
  3. Make sure all your certifications are current and up to date.
  4. Make sure you include all relevant research in your resume.
  5. Include a writing portfolio that shows samples of your work from your school days and also your volunteer work at rehabilitation centers.
  6. Find volunteer experience involving physical therapy work.
  7. Work on your physical therapy resume to make it stand out from other applicants with the same qualifications.
  8. Don’t exaggerate what you have done.

Guide to Write a Physical Therapist Cover Letter:

For physical therapist cover letters, the first line of the letter should match the name of the applicant.

  • List your experience in working with patients at the rehabilitation centers.
  • List all certifications that you have obtained and your reasons for getting them.
  • Describe how you will complement the teamwork among other therapists and nurses in your work environment.
  • Describe why you should be selected as a member of this team (e.g., good communication skills, computer skills).
  • Give evidence that you are enthusiastic about physical therapy and have a passion to help patients.
  • Make sure you follow the instructions of the employer regarding the preferred format and length of your letter.
  • Give them a brief history about why you want to be a physical therapist, and why you are an ideal candidate for this job position.
  • You may include information like whether or not you have any dependents such as kids, etc.


Physical therapists are experts in their field, but there are many things to consider when applying for a job as a physical therapist. The above article will help you in getting a job as a physical therapist. You need the right qualifications, skills, and experience to apply for a job as a physical therapist.