Public Health Officer Resume Template

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Jessica Kevin

Public Health Officer




Management professional successful in developing, implementing and managing youth education and support programs. Strong yet flexible leadership style adaptable to changing demands of social services agencies.



  • Kitchen Organisation
  • Detail oriented
  • Outpatient care
  • Chemicals handling
  • Food running
  • Stockroom organization
  • Hazard analysis and risk control
  • Medication and IV administration


Work Experience


Environmental Health Specialist

Kenyatta National Hospital

Oct 2014


  • Drove continues improvement initiates within environmental health,safety and sanitation areas.
  • Attend court cases and provided evidence in court.
  • Investigated complaints and expediently resolved concerns.
  • Investigated incidents affecting health, including water borne diseases and Ebola incidents.
  • Prepared summaries and charts by testing and gathering samples and summarizing findings.
  • Collected water samples from semi-processed, processed and raw water.
  • Determined chemical compositions and nature of land pollutants by analyzing and collecting soil.
  • Gathered and analyzed data for studies and reports and made recommendations based on findings.
  • Screened incoming employees, personal belongings and shipments for security concerns.
  • Increased recreational program offerings for community members of all ages.

Environmental Health Specialist

Kiambu Hospital Level 5

Feb 2015


  • Drove continuous improvement initiatives within environmental health, safety and sanitation areas.
  • Attend court cases and provided evidence in court.
  • Collected water samples from semi-processed,processed and raw water.
  • Determined chemical compositions and nature of land pollutants by analyzing and collecting soil.

Housekeeping Room Attendant

BOMA Hotels

Aug 2019


  • Serviced bathrooms, including cleaning, sanitizing and supply replenishment.
  • Engaged with guests on room requirements and amenities to promote overall satisfaction.
  • Removed bed sheets and towels from rooms and pre-treated stains to maintain and restored linen condition.
  • Completed pre-cleaning duties by setting up cleaning carts with fresh linens, cleaning supplies and requested guest supplies.
  • Replaced used towels and other bathroom amenities such as shampoo, toilet paper and soap.
  • Maintained public and guest room floors by mopping, sweeping and vacuuming.
  • Provided laundry services for guests by washing drying and hanging laundry.
  • Cleaned bathrooms and kitchens with the sanitizing products to provent spread of germs and reduce likelyhood of illness.
  • Moved furniture and cleaned all baseboards prior to vacuuming carpeted rooms.
  • Swept, mopped, and vacuumed floors in 10 rooms.
  • Kept building entryway glass clean and polished for professional presentation.
  • Cleaned guest room kitchens by cleaning and sanitizing sinks, dishes, cupboards, store-tops and refrigrators.
  • Disposed of trash and recyclables each day to waste build up.
  • Stocked bathroomsand toilet paper, towels and toiletries.
  • Restocked room supply such as facial tissues for personal touch with every job

Voluntary Worker

Kenya Red Cross

Jan 2020


  • Monitored employee actions for adherence to safety procedures
  • Prepared reports and technical documentation of day-to-day production processes.
  • Oversaw logistics and inventory management for store room.
  • Inspected products and machines to ensure quality and efficiency.
  • Reviewed production schedules and streamlined processes.
  • Used hand trucks, forklifts and scissors lifts to tasks and transport items.




Diploma In Public Health

San Jose State University

Dec 2014


High School Diploma

Northeastern University

Nov 2010


Kenya Certificate Of Primary Education

Arizona State University

Nov 2006





  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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What Should Be Included In A Public Health Officer Resume?

A Public Health Officer resume should reflect a wide range of skills and knowledge, as well as the ability to interact with different people and address their needs. It should include education, experience, and certifications, as well as any special qualifications. The resume should demonstrate a commitment to public health and a dedication to making a difference in the lives of others.

The education section of a Public Health Officer resume should include any degrees, certificates, or related experience that the applicant has. It should be clear and concise, and should provide a detailed description of the courses taken and the skills and knowledge gained. The experience section should highlight any professional experience in the field of public health, such as working in a health department or a health agency. It should list any internships, volunteer work, or other activities that demonstrate a commitment to public health.

Any certifications and special qualifications should also be included in the resume. This may include certifications in public health, epidemiology, health policy, or any other area of expertise. Any special awards or recognitions should also be included, as well as any notable research or publications.

Finally, the resume should include any relevant personal information, such as language skills, special interests, or volunteer work. This will demonstrate an understanding of the public health field and a commitment to making a difference. It should also demonstrate a commitment to working with different people and addressing their needs. With these elements, a Public Health Officer resume should demonstrate the skills needed to make a difference in the public health field.

What Skills Should I Put On My Resume For Public Health Officer?

When writing a resume for a Public Health Officer position, it’s important to include the right skill set to demonstrate your value and qualifications. A Public Health Officer is responsible for creating and implementing health policies, monitoring the health and safety of the public, and researching and analyzing data related to public health. Therefore, it’s important to have a well-crafted resume that highlights your experience and skill set.

When it comes to skills, there are a variety of skills that should be included on a Public Health Officer resume. Leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills are all important for the role. Additionally, you should include your experience with public health information systems, policy evaluation, and health promotion. Your resume should also highlight your ability to collaborate with various stakeholders, including local and state health departments, community organizations, and other government agencies. Lastly, it’s important to showcase your ability to work with budgets and funding sources.

All of these skills demonstrate that you have the knowledge and experience to be an effective Public Health Officer. As such, it’s important to include these skills on your resume to show potential employers that you have what it takes to succeed in the role.

What Is The Job Description Of The Public Health Officer?

The job description of a Public Health Officer is a very important role in society. A Public Health Officer is responsible for providing public health guidance and support to communities. They work closely with local and state health departments to identify, monitor, and respond to public health issues. They also provide assistance for health promotion and disease prevention, as well as education about healthy lifestyles.

Public Health Officers are required to have advanced knowledge of public health topics such as epidemiology, biostatistics, and health policy. They must also have a deep understanding of emerging and existing public health threats and risks. They must be able to analyze data collected from research and assess the impact of a health issue on a particular population. Public Health Officers must also be able to effectively communicate their research findings and provide recommendations to health officials.

In addition to their research and assessment duties, Public Health Officers are often responsible for developing and implementing public health policies and programs. They must also be able to collaborate with other health professionals and public health advocates to ensure the best possible public health outcomes.

Public Health Officers must also stay up-to-date on the latest public health trends and news. They must be able to assess the impact of current events on public health and offer alternative solutions and approaches. Furthermore, they must be able to provide guidance and support to community health partners, such as hospitals and clinics.

Public Health Officers are essential to maintaining the health and safety of our communities. They are responsible for providing public health guidance and support, and for developing and implementing effective public health policies and programs. They must also be able to analyze data and assess the impact of health issues on a particular population. Furthermore, they must be able to communicate their findings and provide recommendations to health officials.

What Is A Good Objective For A Public Health Officer Resume?

When it comes to writing a public health officer resume, it is important to have a clear objective for the position. Your objective should be tailored to the job you are applying for and should be designed to demonstrate your skills, qualifications, and experience relating to public health. An effective objective should clearly articulate what you bring to the table and why an employer should take notice of your application.

When crafting your objective statement, be sure to highlight your skills, qualifications, and experience that are directly applicable to the job you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for a public health officer position, be sure to emphasize your experience in public health, any related certifications you may have, and your knowledge of relevant laws and regulations. You should also highlight any leadership roles you have held and any accomplishments that demonstrate your qualifications for the position.

Your objective should be concise and should be written in an active voice. Use keywords related to the job you are applying for and ensure that the sentence is completed with a goal that you are striving for. Avoid general statements such as “seeking a position” and instead aim for a specific goal such as “seeking a position as a public health officer.”

It is important to keep your objective statement concise and focused on the job you are applying for. Make sure to proofread your resume and make sure that the objective statement you have written is clear and direct. A well-written objective statement can make a significant difference in your public health officer resume and can help you stand out from the competition.

What Are The Career Prospects In The Public Health Officer?

Public health officers play a vital role in improving the overall health of local and global communities. They help to ensure that everyone has access to the necessary resources to be healthy and well. As a public health officer, you will be responsible for ensuring that the public’s health is being maintained and that public health initiatives are being implemented. You will also be responsible for evaluating and developing public health policies and programs, as well as serving as a liaison between the public and public health institutions.

These professionals have an excellent career outlook due to the increasing need for public health officers from various organizations, including local, state and federal health departments. Public health officers are involved in many areas, ranging from monitoring and researching health issues to policy development and program implementation.

The median salary for public health officers is currently around $85,000 per year. This is significantly higher than many other professions and gives public health officers an excellent chance to earn a high salary. Public health officers can also benefit from a wide range of benefits and bonuses, as well as from various career-development opportunities. In addition, public health officers typically receive ample training and certification to ensure that they are up-to-date on the latest trends in public health.

Overall, the job prospects for public health officers are quite positive. With the increasing demand for their services, the salaries are expected to remain competitive and the benefits are likely to continue to be attractive. If you have the right qualifications, a career as a public health officer could be a great fit.

Key Takeaways for an Public Health Officer resume

Writing a resume for a Public Health Officer role can be a daunting task. It requires showcasing your professional experience, technical expertise, and other core competencies in a concise and effective way. To help you in this task, here are some key takeaways on what to include in a Public Health Officer resume:

The most important section to include in your resume is a summary of your professional experience and qualifications. This should highlight your knowledge, skills, and abilities related to the position. It should also highlight any relevant certifications you possess and your expertise in public health. Additionally, make sure to include any specialized training or research you have conducted in the field.

In addition to your professional qualifications, you should also provide a brief overview of your professional background. Include a few sentences outlining any past job roles and responsibilities, as well as any notable accomplishments. This will give employers a better idea of your capabilities and potential fit for the position.

Finally, don’t forget to include your contact information. Make sure to include an up-to-date email address, phone number, and mailing address. This will allow employers to follow up with you quickly if they are interested in learning more about your experience and qualifications.

By following these key takeaways, you can create an effective Public Health Officer resume that will help you stand out from the competition. Showcasing your qualifications and professional background in a clear and concise way will give employers an understanding of why you are the perfect candidate for the role.