Application Development Analyst Resume Sample

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Application Development Analyst Resume Sample

Allan Edward


Started my career as Application Development Associate with Accenture Solutions Pvt Ltd in the year 2015 and having 4.3 years of IT Experience at present elevated as Application Development Analyst in software development involving Application development and enhancements and good knowledge on (Unix Shell Scripting, Control-M and basic Functional Testing and ORACLE PL/SQL).

  • Strong communication skills with the ability to grasp new things quickly.
  • Good team player with strong interpersonal skills.
  • Flexible to work within constantly changing priorities with enthusiasm.
  • Ability to effectively function in a fast-paced environment.


Work Experience 

Barndo GROUP

Brando Bank is one of the consumer division of financial services multinational Citigroup.

.Roles and responsibilities :  

  • Involved in providing application demos for the CLIENTS.
  • Involved in team management and leading a team.
  • Coordinating tasks and communication across distributed teams
  • Worked in Agile Methodology
  • Attend daily scrums and related grooming and planning sessions
  • Properly communicate estimates, tasks, and status, both to team, and to management
  • Logging the expected failure of script against defect
  • Involved in the enhancement, bug fixing and manual testing


BCBS-NY is one of the largest Health Insurance companies in the UNITED STATES – Provides a full range of healthcare solutions for people who live, work, and travel internationally.

IKASystem provides an end-to-end enterprise US Healthcare suite that covers all aspects of operations and management of hospitals.

Roles and responsibilities :

  • Worked as a functional tester for one of the leading Large integrated delivery network
  • Worked in Agile methodology..
  • Involved in analyzing production incidents and baselining the defect in non-prod environment with very minimal information
  • Addressed many production defects and owned the testing for these defects in both sprint and QA testing phases.
  • Analyse, Design & Deploy batch jobs based for any Module/Functionality.
  • Have played a key role in fixing defects for Maintenance releases in Mobility team.
  • Fixed various real-time production issues.
  • Managed multiple end to end testing initiatives in the project
  • Well experienced in day to day client interactions.
  • Well experienced in Issue/Incident/Change Management process.
  • Possess strong ability to drive the team as a single unit.

Teslan Work

Teslan is one of the leading Telecom Giant in AUSTRALIA – a provider of mobile phones, mobile devices, home phones, broadband internet, and many other services.

Roles and responsibilities :

  • Designed and developed IR’s as per Business requirements for Retail Invoice formatting distribution and Integration. (RIFDI).
  • Have played a key role in fixing defects for Maintenance releases in PSM team.
  • Have done Automations to Application using Unix shell scripting.
  • Fixed various real-time production issues.
  • Worked in RIFDI TSD, responsible for troubleshooting Issues related to Middleware Application/Server/Database.
  • This has helped a lot to learn in and out of server configurations towards the Application and to possess knowledge on Unix and Middleware Application
  • Analyse, Design & Deploy batch jobs based for any Module/Functionality.
  • Create and Schedule different types of CTRL-M Batch jobs like Command line jobs to trigger PL-SQL Stored procedures, Shell Scripts, SFTP File.
  • Create UNIX shell scripts involved in the development of CTRL-M Batch jobs.
  • Well experienced in day to day client interactions.
  • Well experienced in Issue/Incident/Change Management process.
  • Possess strong ability to drive the team as a single unit.
  • Worked in Agile methodology.
  • Played a key role in Installation, testing to deployment of Software Upgrades in Production environment “End to End”.


Master of Electrical & Electornics Engineering
University of Texas
Bachelor Of Electronics Engineering
Boston University


  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Chines

Career Expert Tips:

  • Always make sure you choose the perfect resume format to suit your professional experience.
  • Ensure that you know how to write a resume in a way that highlights your competencies.
  • Check the expert curated popular good CV and resume examples

Application Development Analyst Resume Writing Guide & Tips

An application development analyst is skilled at balancing technical skills with business knowledge and interpersonal skills. They are typically involved in the entire process of developing and launching an application, from pre-development to post-launch support. A resume for this position will need to outline the applicant’s experience in communication with other developers, project managers, designers and user interface designers as well as their programming proficiency.

This article will provide insight on how to create a successful resume tailored specifically for an application development analyst position.

Step 1 – Review the job description

Read the job description thoroughly. You will find the key skills and responsibilities listed out for you to highlight in your resume. Stating computer programming and software development knowledge is a must, so be sure to include that in your experience. The position you are applying for might also require other skills like project management, technical writing or even outside sales experience. Look for keywords that are emphasized throughout the job posting and include those in your resume’s summary section. For example, if the job posting states that candidates should have “excellent communication skills”, include those in your summary.

Step 2 – Select a template

Don’t spend a lot of time creating an original resume! Most job postings will provide you with a pre-formatted resume template. You don’t need to completely fill it out with your own information; simply copy and paste all of the relevant data into it.

Step 3 – List your skills

List the different skills you possess and where they are relevant in the job posting. This section will be quite long, so don’t worry about being overly detailed. As always, use accurate figures and inform your readers of the dates when you were proficient with certain skills. If you have experience working with graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop, include that as well as a short summary on how much you like to use it.

Step 4 – List programming languages and environments

Applicants for this position will be expected to have computer programming experience in multiple environments. If you have experience with two different kinds of programming languages, that is sufficient enough to list both of them in your resume. List those languages first as they were most recent.

Step 5 – Choose the right formatting for your summary section

Include a description of your responsibilities and highlight your responsibilities within each task listed. Provide a brief summary of what you were responsible for and how long you were responsible for it. Avoid just listing off tasks like “prepare the design document” or “launch the product” without providing your reader with more information about what that actually entails.

Step 6 – Use an appropriate, professional tone in your resume

Do not use a casual tone in your resume unless that is specifically requested by the employer. Your resume should be written in a professional narrative style. Be sure to leave out any slang words, abbreviations or “text talk” that’s commonly used by younger generations.

Step 7 – Provide an example of your work, if possible

Most job postings will provide a few examples of work you might be asked to do. If it is at all applicable for you, include these examples in your resume. This is a great way for employers to see what you can do in your day-to-day activities.

Step 8 – Include your own contacts with the resume

If you have an email address or phone number that you regularly use, include that in your resume. It will help the employer contact you if they need any more information. Make sure to include any other contact information like a mailing addresses or social media profiles as well.

Step 9 – Format the document correctly

Throw away your old resume and make sure when you are writing your application development analyst resume, it is formatted correctly. Use a professional font like Times New Roman or Arial for the body of your document. Use bold or italics to emphasize important sections of the resume. Include a section at the end with all of your contact information. This information should include your name, email address, phone number and social media profiles (if available).

List of Typical Responsibilities For an Engineer Resume:

  • Perform and document pre-sales internal and external requirements gathering, analysis, definition, design and feasibility studies for new or enhanced software products.
  • Review customer site demographics and business processes to develop systems specifications.
  • Participate in pre-sales technical planning activities performed with customers, including the development of solution proposals.
  • Develop project proposals and cost estimates based on detailed designs to meet the needs of customers.
  • Coordinate with development teams to define project specifications based on system requirements gathered from customers.
  • Evaluate alternative approaches to meeting system requirements, and recommend improvements in design.
  • Develop and document requirements traceability diagrams from customer requirements to the logical design of the solution and its interfaces.
  • Design and modify application user interface components, prototyping interfaces for client review prior to development.
  • Write applications software descriptions, specifications documents and/or test scripts.
  • Review customer proposals for system functional specifications based on detailed user requirements gathered from customers for new or enhanced software products.

Top 15 Must-have Application Development Analyst Skills:

  1. Troubleshoots application issues with users, support personnel, management, and other developers.
  2. Uses software testing tools to help identify and eliminate defects in complex applications.
  3. Uses technical knowledge of Java and .NET languages to resolve common problems in software systems and solutions.
  4. Helps translate user requirements into clear, concise, well-structured production level code that allows other developers to implement the end-user’s needs (meeting original business objectives).
  5. Works with other developers to write production code that meets user needs and meets business objectives.
  6. Develops new systems or enhancements to existing systems by designing, developing, implementing, testing (both in development and release environments), and documenting the resulting software solution or enhancement.
  7. Works with the business stakeholders in evaluating business requirements for the application.
  8. Coordinates requirements gathering and analysis.
  9. Documents the requirements and design.
  10. Coordinates the implementation of user acceptance testing (UAT) plan, test cases, and procedures with client/servers and end users to ensure that all functional and non-functional requirements have been met.
  11. Conducts formal testing sessions including functional, regression, performance, integration, and user acceptance testing.
  12. Creates and maintains technical documentation for application systems and solutions.
  13. Analyzes, documents, and presents system requirements to management/sponsor in order to develop a software solution that meets functional and non-function requirements.
  14. Resolves complex issues with users, end-users, other developers, contractors/consultants or other staff relating to the overarching application project or process (e.g., business unit requirements).
  15. Supervises and mentors junior developers.

Tips to write an Application Development Analyst Resume Summary:

Create a resume Summary that is clear, simple and ensure you highlight the right keywords

A summary for a consulting career professional could read as “Consulting professional with solid project management experience, familiar with agile methodology, and focused on customer success. Self-motivated team leader with proven ability to successfully manage client requirements.”

Keywords include: consulting professional, project management experience, client success focus, customer success focus and self-motivated team leader.

How to write an Application Development Analyst Resume with No experience:

  1. When you submit an application you must complete a resume section. Your goal is to make this as brief and concise as possible. You don’t want to confuse the hiring manager with extensive information. Keep it simple, where possible cut 100 words or less.
  2. Write out the summary in one sentence. It must include your name, contact details, job title and company name or division name/sponsor in that order with your contact details placed after the job title/company name.
  3. The summary must be the last part of your resume. It should be placed after all your details as a heading.
  4. The summary must not have any names, no “John Doe” or similar, but it can have job titles and company names in it.

How to write an Application Development Analyst Cover Letter:

  1. Scan the job description to find the key qualifications they are looking for. Use this information to help you customize your letter.
  2. Customize your resume by highlighting the qualifications that are listed in the job description.
  3. Remember to include action verbs, numbers and quantify how you helped solve a problem or added value to a process or system that will grab the attention of an employer.
  4. Complete your cover letter with an invitation for further conversations with a hiring manager who can discuss how my experience meets their need for an Application Development Analyst.

Key Takeaways:

  • A professional resume is a powerful tool for job seekers and candidates.
  • A resume should be tailored to fit your career objective and work history.
  • There are many resume templates available that can help you as you build your own.
  • Recruiters, HR professionals, and hiring managers will scan resumes for important details in seconds.