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Sales Executive Resume Sample

Nicholas Powell
S A L E S  E X E C U T I V E


Highly motivated and confident Sales Executive over 5 years of professional experience in corporate sales, in-store merchandising, customer servicing cash handling and dealing with stock and deliveries as well as sending out orders.

I have expert knowledge of the selling process and I fully recognize the human and emotional aspects of buying and selling. Responsible for interacting with the clients and solving their queries Maintaining the records of customer interactions and follow up with the clients.

Provided feedback of the clients to the concerned departments and authorities so as to improve the services.


  1. Managing Skills
  2. Good team player
  3. Willingness to learn
  4. Good Written and Verbal Skills
  5. Excellent interpersonal skills


Retail Sales Executive
One Mobile Solution – New York Aug 2015 – Mar 2017
In my role in retail, I serve my customers and deal with stock and
merchandising as well as providing good customer service.

My responsibilities include:
serving and assisting my customers
dealing with stock and deliveries, ensuring the stock in the right location
keeping the store clean and presentable at all times
Merchandising and point of sale
providing excellent customer services
coming up with ideas for promotions and offering these to our

Sales Executive
The Clean World – Florida Sep 2017 – Mar 2018
Performs daily routine of field service work orders using established
workforce management system
Provides coordination of schedules and directs work of Dispatchers in
absence of Manager; works closely with Manager to administer the
Dispatch function
Manages technician routes using established workforce management
system to ensure customer commitments are met (i.e. install and
service calls)
Interprets data from the established workforce management system
to identify current and potential scheduling problems
Tracks network trouble and repair. Provides telephone assistance and
support to Technicians during troubleshooting and repair
Makes suggestions and recommendations to Supervisors and
Manager in an effort to continually improve customer service
Maintain and manage a positive work environment by interacting in a
the professional and polite manner with guests, team members, and park

Computer Skills

  • Microsoft Office
  • Customer Service
  • Account Management
  • Data Entry
  • Excel
  • Powerpoint


Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing)
University of Cincinnati – Cincinnati, Ohio
Jun 2010 – May 2013

Career Expert Tips:

  • Always make sure you choose the perfect resume format to suit your professional experience.
  • Ensure that you know how to write a resume in a way that highlights your competencies.
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Sales Executive Resume with Writing Guide

Picking up the right career is a daunting process, and sometimes it seems like the perfect job just doesn’t seem to be in your near future. But with these tips, you can transform your experience into a winning resume that will make it easier for you to find your dream position!

We recommend you to go through our article “how to write a resume“. We assure you will get the best of your knowledge to build a job-winning Sales Executive Resume or curriculum vitae. In case if you want to know about the types of resume formats used in the current job market. We are happy to give you the full details about the “resume formats” for your next job.

If you’re ready to start building a professional resume today, check out this guide! It’s surprisingly easy and produces impressive results.

Sales Executive Resume Writing Guide:

  1. Tailor your resume to the company that you are applying for.
  2. Take note of the job description and highlight factors that match what they want.
  3. Look through past work history and identify projects you were part of, or task skills that could be used in a similar position.
  4. Make sure everything is necessary, because excess content will be overlooked by many recruiters/recruitment companies.
  5. Be confident! If you can’t sell yourself, who can? Remember how awesome you are!
  6. If you are applying for a job as a sales executive, highlight all sales-related activities.
  7. Make sure your resume is well formatted and error free.
  8. Get someone you know to proofread it for any mistakes you might have missed!
  9. Send your resume to a professional who can help build your career.
    A list of things you need to include:
    Personal information – names, contact details, personal and work experience.
    Education – school, scholarship awards, degrees, and awards.
    Work history – all jobs you have ever had, including the dates and titles for any positions that existed before the current job.
    Industry experience – following up on leads, attending seminars to build your network and understand customer needs.

Sales Executive Responsibilities:

  1. Meet quotas assigned by the Manager and Sales Director.
  2. Attend regular meetings with Sales Director and Managers to discuss sales trends and devise strategies for improvement.
  3. Work closely with the Company’s clients, working out solutions to their problems through selling the company’s products and services or providing professional advice based on experience as a professional counselor or consultant.
  4. Maintain a good professional appearance and maintain a positive attitude towards all who come in contact with the company and its customers.
  5. Complete all necessary paperwork in a timely manner, often working many hours beyond normal business hours to ensure that the company meets its deadlines for the various services it provides.
  6. Travel to customer locations in order to meet with clients or service companies on projects that may be necessary or desirable and report results of such travel back to the Sales Director and Managers.
  7. Develop a knowledge of the company’s products and services and utilize this knowledge to sell those products and services to clients.
  8. Attempt to identify the needs of a potential customer or client, develop solutions based on the company’s products and services, and attempt to close a sale through strong verbal or written communication skills.
  9. Perform any other job-related duties as required by the Manager or Sales Director
  10. Maintain good relations with clients in order to ensure future business for the company

Top 10 Must-have Sales Executive Skills:

  1. Demonstrating ability to take initiative and work independently.
  2. Speed of thinking and problem-solving.
  3. Ability to handle stress and multitasking while keeping up on multiple tasks at once.
  4. Trustworthiness, integrity, honesty and ethical behavior – a must for any business relationship
  5. Demonstrating ability to adapt to change, respond well under pressure, have an upbeat personality, be positive in attitude and outgoing in communication style (both verbal and written).
  6. Demonstrating strong communication skills in both written and verbal form.
  7. Ability to attend seminars and network events to keep up on current trends and developments.
  8. Knowledge of computer software (including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  9. Ability to quickly learn new skills and adapt them to new situations and environments.
  10. Being able to work independently without being micro-managed by immediate supervisors or high-level management (must be able to make important decisions under own initiative).

Tips to write a Sales Executive Resume Summary:

A summary is a key component in the format of a resume. Many employers will ask you to summarize your experience in their job description, so by writing a concise and clear summary section, you will be making yourself stand out from the crowd. Formatting your summary section can be trickier than it sounds. Here are some tips to make this section as easy as possible:


  1. Use short bullet points to summarize your skills and experience.
  2. Make each point relevant to the job posting you are applying for.
  3. Each of your skills should be developed in their own sentences; do not just list them out word-for-word in a single paragraph, this will make it tedious to read and it will be harder to follow what you have included in your resume.

How to write a Sales Executive Resume with No experience:

  1. You must have a clear purpose in mind. What are you trying to accomplish? In this case, it’s the job of a Sales Executive to make sales.
  2. When making your profile, think about things that can make you stand out and create an impression on the reader. These could include:
    a. Position (i.e., an executive position vs., for example, a production line employee)
    b. Responsibility (i.e., supervising others vs. being the one who earns the money)
    c. Job description (i.e., project manager vs., for example, a warehouse worker)
    d. Industry (i.e., banking vs. home improvement stores)
    e. Experience with particular company products or industries to differentiate yourself from other candidates
    f. Achievements to showcase your achievements and skills (“I managed a budget of $100 million” or “Best-selling author”)
    g. Experience with certain types of sales people, customers, marketing techniques, etc.
    h. Special achievements (i.e., being promoted from within, saving money by getting a cheaper essential product, etc.)
  3. When writing a resume for a job that you have no experience in, it is important to create the impression of having the skills necessary to accomplish your goals. This can be done by:
    a. Using strong action verbs (“increased”, “improved”, “developed”, “revitalized”, etc.)
    b. Using statements to show what you can do (“I have the tools and experience to succeed in sales” or “I have built effective marketing campaigns”)
    c. Using results (“completed” or “supervised”)
    d. Using activities (“analyzed”, “developed”, “produced” or “managed”) e. Examples of activities (i.e., writing the annual report, being responsible for all sales staff training, etc.)
    f. Examples of accomplishments

How to write a Sales Executive Cover Letter:

A Cover Letter is basically the first chance you have to impress a potential employer. Your cover letter is the first impression that your resume gives, so it’s no wonder that there are so many misconceptions about this highly-competitive and pressure-filled document – such as, “cover letters must be short! they shouldn’t give any additional information at all!”

But our guide to writing a Sales Executive Cover Letter will show you how to create your own unique approach, tailored exactly for each applicant.


  1. Use a dynamic, professional tone in your cover letter. Refrain from using any overly-friendly language (“Hi there! I just want to send a quick email to say thanks for the opportunity to apply for the blah blah blah Sales Executive job.”).
  2. When you are writing your Cover Letter, it is always good practice to write the cover letter as if you are speaking directly with each potential employer that you are applying for.
  3. Include a personal note (even if you don’t know the name of the person you are writing to), and personalize your message. Include details that make you stand out (e.g., a funny detail about yourself, or an achievement)
  4. Always include your full contact information.

Key Takeaways:

  • Keep your focus on accomplishments and achievements. Think of common questions asked by a recruiter and answer them on the resume.
  • The objective statement is one of the most important parts of your resume, so make it concise but powerful.
  • If you lack experience or technical skills, include specific references from previous jobs or volunteer work.
  • Keep sidebars to a minimum and get back to the main point of your resume.

I hope you are ready to create the Sales Executive Resume that helps you to land your dream job?

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