Accounting Student Resume

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Richard Brandon





Enthusiastic and hardworking freshly graduated accounting student with proven organisational and communication skills, who is able to take on any required task and adapt to changing conditions with a resourceful and hard working mindset. My professionalism and accuracy are proven in numerous assignments and group projects throughout undergraduate courses and activities.



  • Strong knowledge of MYOB, Xero and other accounting software
  • Solid background on bank reconciliation, account payable and account receivable
  • Strong sense of integrity, confidentiality, and transparency
  • Strong organizational and planning skills achieve through multiple projects and assignments.
  • Fluent in accounting, spreadsheet and database software such as MS Office, Excel and OneNote
  • Excellent math skills, with a focus on detail and accuracy
  • Exceptional email writing and communication skills
  • Retail merchandising experience
  • Strong interpersonal skills


Work Experience


Team Member

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

Dec 2019


  • Communicated clear expectations and goals to each team member.
  • Ensured superior customer experience by addressing customer concerns, demonstrating empathy and resolving problems swiftly.
  • Experience with daily store KPI and sale assessments
  • Shared best practices for sales and customer service with other team members to help improve the store’s efficiency.


Oliver Brown

Nov 2018


  • Conducted successful cash audits at the end of each shift.
  • Assisted the Manager in the management of daily operations of the coffee shop (placing orders, stocktake, check proof of delivery)
  • Educated staff by sharing knowledge and expertise of coffees, teas, and merchandise.
  • Maintained regular and consistent attendance and punctuality.




Bachelor of Commerce

San Jose State University

Sep 2019


Majored in accounting with a Strong knowledge of MYOB, Xero and other accounting software and Solid background on bank reconciliation, account payable and account receivable




  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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What Should Be Included In A Accounting Student Resume?

Writing a resume as an accounting student is an important part of any job search. A well-crafted resume can help you stand out from the competition and land a job in the accounting field. It should highlight your skills, experience, and accomplishments and showcase your best qualities.

When writing a resume as an accounting student, it is important to include certain elements to ensure that you present yourself as a professional and qualified candidate. Your resume should include a summary of your qualifications, education, and professional experience, as well as any relevant skills and certifications you possess. Be sure to also include any relevant volunteer or extracurricular activities that demonstrate your interest in the accounting field.

In addition, you should include the contact information for each of your references, as well as any awards or recognitions you have received for your academic or professional achievements. Your resume should also be tailored to the specific job you are applying for by highlighting the skills, experiences, and qualifications that make you an ideal candidate for the position. This can help you stand out from the competition and demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in the field.

Finally, make sure that your resume is free of errors and is easy to read. Use a professional font and keep the formatting consistent throughout. Remember that a well-crafted resume can be the difference between getting the job and missing out on the opportunity. Follow these tips and create a resume that will make a strong impression on potential employers.

What Skills Should I Put On My Resume For Accounting Student?

As an accounting student, it is important to include the right skills on your resume to stand out to potential employers. When crafting a resume tailored to the accounting field, it is important to showcase the right skills to show employers that you are a reliable and knowledgeable candidate.

The first skill to include on your resume is a knowledge of accounting principles. Employers will want to hire someone familiar with the basics of accounting, such as double-entry bookkeeping, financial statement analysis, and budgeting. Your resume should also include any accounting-related certifications you may have obtained, such as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Certified Management Accountant (CMA).

In addition to accounting principles, employers also want to see that you have the necessary technical skills. These skills include knowledge of computer software programs such as Microsoft Excel, QuickBooks, and other relevant accounting programs. Knowing how to use spreadsheets to analyze data and create financial models is also important.

Organizational and communication skills are also key for accounting students. Employers want to know that you can keep up with deadlines, juggle multiple tasks, and utilize problem-solving skills. On your resume, you should emphasize any experiences that demonstrate your ability to work with others by highlighting any group projects or internships you have completed.

Finally, it is important to demonstrate any knowledge and experience you have with business strategy. Employers want to know that you understand how a business works and can utilize accounting knowledge to help a business succeed. Any experience you have with developing and implementing business strategies should also be included on your resume.

By including these skills on your resume, you will show employers that you are a qualified and knowledgeable accounting student . You will also demonstrate that you have the necessary skills to be successful in their organization. Additionally, you can use industry-specific keywords to show that you understand the accounting profession and its terminology. With these tips, you can create a resume that will impress employers and help you stand out from the competition.

What Is The Job Description Of The Accounting Student?

As an accounting student, you are responsible for assisting with the financial records of an organization. Your job duties may include analyzing and computing financial data, preparing financial reports, and ensuring accuracy of data. You may also be responsible for helping to implement financial and accounting policies and procedures. Additionally, you may need to provide support to management in the areas of budgeting, cost control, and financial analysis.

To be successful as an accounting student, you should have good analytical and problem-solving skills and be able to pay attention to detail. You should also be able to accurately interpret financial documents and use financial software to analyze data. Strong communication and interpersonal skills are essential for working with colleagues, customers, and clients. Additionally, knowledge of accounting principles and procedures is essential.

As an accounting student, you should have a thorough understanding of the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). You should also be familiar with financial software, such as Microsoft Excel and QuickBooks, in order to effectively analyze and report data.

Additionally, you should have excellent organizational and time management skills to ensure that all accounting tasks are completed accurately and on time. You should be able to work independently and as part of a team, as well as be able to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines. Moreover, you s ould have excellent problem solving, critical thinking, and decision making skills in order to identify and resolve financial issues. Lastly, it is important for accounting students to have strong communication skills, both verbal and written, in order to effectively communicate with clients, colleagues, and customers.

What Is A Good Objective For A Accounting Student Resume?

When you’re writing a resume as an accounting student, having a clear and concise objective statement is essential. A good objective statement should clearly state your goals as a job candidate and demonstrate your qualifications for the accounting job you’re applying to.

When writing your objective statement, be sure to include your specific career goals and a few of the qualifications, such as educational background, technical skills, and any accounting-related experience you have. You should also indicate your interest in the job and mention the attributes that make you the perfect candidate for the position.

It’s important to keep your objective statement short and to the point. Avoid filler words and phrases and keep it to one or two sentences. Be sure to proofread your statement for errors and typos before sending it out with your resume.

A good objective statement can be a great asset when you’re applying to an accounting job. It’s a great way to show potential employers that you’re serious about the position and have the qualifications and skills needed to succeed.

What Are The Career Prospects In The Accounting Student?

The accounting profession is one of the most sought-after jobs in the world. With the right education and experience, you can make a great career in this field. Many accounting students have gone on to lead successful careers as accountants, financial advisors, and business consultants. Accounting students have a wide range of career prospects available to them.

For accounting students, the first step to a successful career is to gain the necessary skills and knowledge. This includes having a strong understanding of financial statements, accounting theory, and auditing principles. Accountants must be well-versed in their field and have a good understanding of the business environment. They must also be able to communicate effectively with clients and other stakeholders.

Accounting students can also take advantage of a variety of job opportunities. They can become auditors, financial analysts, or even certified public accountants (CPA). There are many accounting firms that are looking for new graduates who can help them with their operations. Additionally, various government agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are always looking for new accountants.

Another great career prospect for accounting students is to become an accounting instructor. Teaching accounting is a great way to stay connected to the profession and help others learn the fundamentals. As an accounting instructor, you’ll be able to share your knowledge and experience with future generations.

Overall, there are a variety of career prospects available for accounting students. From becoming an accountant or financial analyst to becoming an instructor, there is something for everyone. With the right education, experience, and dedication, you can make a successful career in the accounting field.

Key Takeaways for an Accounting Student resume

Achieving success as an accounting student requires that you craft an effective resume. A resume is an important tool for highlighting your qualifications, background, and skills to potential employers. Knowing what to include and how to present it can be a challenge. Here are some key takeaways for an accounting student resume:

Start with a strong summary statement that outlines your experience and skills in accounting. Use words like ‘motivated,’ ‘diligent,’ and ‘detail-oriented’ to capture the attention of the reader. Highlight any awards or honors you have received, as well as any professional certifications or designations.

Make sure to list your educational qualifications prominently. Start with your most recent degree, followed by other accounting-related degrees, such as a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Master of Accounting. Include relevant coursework, as well as any relevant course projects or research papers.

Include any relevant internships or external work placements in the accounting field. This will help the reader gain an understanding of your work experience, as well as your ability to work independently. Include specific responsibilities, accomplishments, and any special projects that you took part in.

Finally, make sure to include any relevant volunteer work or extracurricular activities. This will show the reader that you are well-rounded and have a passion for the field of accounting.

By following these key takeaways, you can create an effective resume that will help you stand out from the competition. Your resume should clearly demonstrate your qualifications, experience, and skills, and show the reader that you are the perfect candidate for the job.