Application Support Analyst Resume Example

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Ryan Harry

Application Support Analyst


Highly skilled Application Support Analyst with expertise in Unix and Linux-based systems to providing a pleasant experience for business application users. Vast experience in high-volume environments with strong analytical communication and organizational abilities. Dedicated team player with the ability to communicate and interact with technical and non-technical users throughout stages of system development.


  • Application Support
  • Oracle Database, SQL, MySQL
  • Python, HTML, CSS

Work Experience

Asst. Application Support Analyst

Tiger IT Bangladesh Ltd.


Key Responsibilities:
– Working with existing Business Application features, enterprise server architecture and database.
– Participate in problem analysis meetings with clients, receives and initiates ticket/task from application users/client, list product change requests.
– Execute first level investigation, troubleshoot and respond to existing ticket/task.
– Route the problem on to the relevant people if it is beyond scope and update and close ticket/task in a timely manner.
– Collaborates with NOC and other relevant teams to identify ways to troubleshoot and increase end user satisfaction.
– Establish new users, manage access levels and reset passwords.
– Assist post deployment application testing.

Asst. Tech Support Analyst

EVR Project (Tiger IT Bangladesh Ltd.)

Mar 2019

Key Responsibilities:
– Coordinate resolutions with development team and project managers.
– Complete root cause analysis of defects.
– Troubleshooted and resolved application issues escalated from end users.
– Worked with development team to assess issues and test for solutions.
– Integrated application software and hardware configuration changes.

IT Support Officer

Social Marketing Company

Jan 2012

Key Responsibilities:
– Provided every day administrative support including proofreading, distributing incoming mails, processing outgoing mails and operating printers & fax.
– Prepared data spreadsheets, charts, graphs, and other documents as required.
– Provided technical assistance to office staffs as needed.
– Perform routine PC maintenance and updates for performance efficiency.
– Assisted in maintaining Internet service, firewalls, and telephone systems.


Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology

San Jose State University



  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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What Should Be Included In A Application Support Analyst Resume?

When writing a resume for the position of an Application Support Analyst, it is important to include information about your technical qualifications, professional experience, and interpersonal skills. Your resume should demonstrate that you have the technical expertise and professional experience required to be an effective Application Support Analyst.

When describing your technical qualifications, be sure to include specifics about the platforms and software that you have used in the past. This may include listing out the specific versions of software that you have experience with, as well as the operating systems you are familiar with. It can also be helpful to provide details on any specialized skills that you have acquired in the past, such as knowledge of databases, programming languages, and networking concepts.

When considering your professional experience, it is important to highlight any experience that is related to the duties of an Application Support Analyst. This may include listing out any previous positions or projects that you have worked on, as well as any certifications that you have earned. If you have any experience in customer service or troubleshooting, this should also be included in your resume.

Finally, it is important to demonstrate your interpersonal skills on your resume. This may include listing out any leadership roles that you have held in the past, as well as any volunteer or teambuilding activities that you have participated in. Being able to effectively communicate and collaborate with others is a critical skill for an Application Support Analyst, and your resume should highlight how you are able to do so.

What Skills Should I Put On My Resume For Application Support Analyst?

When you are writing a resume for an Application Support Analyst position, it is important to showcase the right skills to demonstrate your qualifications for the job. Employers prefer to hire experienced candidates who have proven their skills and competencies in the field.

Having the right skills on your resume will make it easier for employers to quickly see what you have to offer. This will also demonstrate your understanding and knowledge of the industry, making you a more attractive candidate. The most important skills to include on your resume are the technical knowledge and experience related to the position. This includes experience with software applications, hardware, networking systems, databases and related hardware.

You should also highlight any experience with customer service and problem solving, as these skills are often sought after for this type of position. In addition, employers may look for applicants with experience in troubleshooting and providing technical support.

It is important to demonstrate strong communication skills, both written and verbal. As an Application Support Analyst, your job may involve communicating with colleagues, customers and vendors. You should also mention any experience with data analysis and reporting, as these are valuable skills for this type of role. Finally, demonstrating knowledge of related industry software and standards can also be beneficial.

By demonstrating these skills on your resume, you can make yourself an attractive candidate for an Application Support Analyst position. Showcasing your technical prowess, problem-solving capabilities, communication and reporting skills will give you an edge over other applicants. With the right skills highlighted on your resume, you can be sure you’re taking the right steps to stand out from the competition.

What Is The Job Description Of The Application Support Analyst?

.An Application Support Analyst is responsible for the support, maintenance, and troubleshooting of software applications for an organization. The role involves working with both internal and external customers to ensure the applications are working correctly, responding to requests promptly, and providing technical support when needed. The Application Support Analyst also helps develop, maintain, and update software application documentation. To be successful in this role, strong problem-solving skills, knowledge of IT service management principles, and the ability to troubleshoot application-related problems are essential. Additionally, the Application Support Analyst should possess the ability to work independently and be an organized, self-starter.

The Application Support Analyst is responsible for ensuring the software applications of an organization are running smoothly and responding to customer requests promptly. This may involve engaging in troubleshooting activities, developing detailed documentation, and creating workarounds. The Application Support Analyst may also be required to configure, deploy, and maintain applications, as well as provide training and instructions to users. Additionally, the Application Support Analyst is responsible for responding to customer requests for help or assistance, as well as providing technical support.

In order to succeed in this role, having strong problem-solving skills, knowledge of IT service management principles, and the ability to troubleshoot application-related problems are essential. Additionally, the Application Support Analyst should possess the ability to work independently and be an organized, self-starter. Additionally, having an understanding of the software development life cycle and experience with application and software support tools can be beneficial. Furthermore, the Application Support Analyst should be knowledgeable of the organization’s software applications, be comfortable working with customers, and have excellent customer service skills.

What Is A Good Objective For A Application Support AnalystResume?

When creating a resume for a position as an Application Support Analyst, it is important to craft an effective objective statement. An effective objective for an Application Support Analyst resume should clearly state what you bring to the position and what you are hoping to accomplish. It should also demonstrate that you possess the skills and qualifications necessary for the role.

When crafting your objective for an Application Support Analyst resume, you should emphasize your ability to troubleshoot and resolve technical issues quickly and efficiently. You should also demonstrate your knowledge of the tools, techniques, and systems that are used in the analyst role. Additionally, your objective should point out any relevant experience you have working with customer service representatives, IT professionals, and other stakeholders. Finally, emphasize your ability to communicate effectively with stakeholders and drive successful results.

By utilizing an objective that is clear and concise, you can quickly demonstrate to potential employers that you possess the necessary qualifications and experience to excel in the Application Support Analyst role. Furthermore, by demonstrating your technical expertise and ability to effectively collaborate with stakeholders, you can show potential employers that you are a great match for the job.

What Are The Career Prospects In The Application Support Analyst?

Application support analysts are in high demand. They are the professionals responsible for helping users navigate their applications and technology, and they possess a unique combination of technical and customer service skills. As technology continues to advance and the number of people using applications and software grows, the need for application support analysts is growing.

For those considering a career in this field, the outlook is very positive. There are a variety of roles in application support that range from basic user support to more advanced positions in software development, system implementation, and more. This means that there is ample opportunity to find a job that matches your skill set and experience.

In addition to the growth in the industry, the market for application support analyst roles is highly competitive. Employers are looking for candidates who can quickly troubleshoot issues, have strong customer service skills, and possess an understanding of the latest technologies. For those who meet these requirements, salaries are typically above average and career opportunities are abundant.

When applying for an application support analyst role, it is important to highlight your technical knowledge, customer service experience, and ability to learn quickly. A well-crafted resume that demonstrates these qualities can be an effective way to stand out from the competition. Additionally, networking and attending job fairs can be an excellent way to find job openings and build relationships with employers.

The application support analyst role is a great option for those looking for a career that involves working closely with customers, technology, and software. With the right skills and experience, a career in this field can be a rewarding and satisfying endeavor.

Key takeaways for an Application Support Analyst resume

  • When it comes to writing an Application Support Analyst resume, there are a few key takeaways that can help you stand out from the competition. Firstly, you should make sure that you include a “Technical Skills” section that highlights your expertise in the applications and technologies you are responsible for. These should include any relevant programming languages, databases, operating systems, and other relevant technologies. It is also important to list any troubleshooting or problem-solving experience you have, as this will demonstrate the depth of your technical knowledge.
  • It is also important to include a “Working Experience” section, where you can list any relevant experience you have in the role of an Application Support Analyst. This section should include a summary of your job duties and responsibilities, as well as any accomplishments you achieved while performing them. For example, you should include any successful projects or initiatives you implemented which increased efficiency or saved money.
  • Finally, an Application Support Analyst resume should include a “Summary of Qualifications” section. This section should summarize the core competencies you bring to the role, such as your ability to troubleshoot, multitask, and work with multiple applications and technologies. By including this information, you can demonstrate to potential employers that you possess the skills needed to be successful in the role.