Mechanical Engineer Student Resume

Are you a Mechanical Engineer Student by profession and looking for an exciting career? We have good news for you! use our professional Mechanical Engineer Student Resume Sample. You don’t have to start writing from scratch. Just click “Edit Resume” and modify it with your details. Update the template fonts and colors have the best chance of landing your dream job. Find more resume samples.

Mechanical Engineer Student Resume Sample

James Smiths
Mechanical Engineer


I am a fresh graduate Mechanical Engineer with a passion for solving and designing solutions for different engineering problems. Good at working and collaborating with team members to strive for the best possible results. I am constantly engaged with different projects ranging from engineering to product-related builds.  I am currently seeking jobs in engineering design and problem-solving environment.


Work Experience 

Personal Design Projects
Fully 3D Printed Electric Generator

  • Extensive use of CAD for part design
  • Extensive Use of rapid prototyping to produce components
  • Knowlege in the manufacturing of a 3 phase generator
  • Evaluation of the performance of the current design for future improvements.

Open-sourced Swiss Lever Escapement

  • Featured Design on Thingiverse with high popularity
  • Extensive use of CAD and rapid prototyping
  • Releasing exploded drawings to aid in assembly for users

Team Leader of Capstone Project for Master’s Degree

The project was to design a robot to compete in a Robot Search and Rescue competition.

  • Managing and assigning member’s tasks to meet with deadlines
  • Identifying and solving problems inherent with the robot
  • Extensive use of MATLAB for the analysis and optimization of design


MEng Masters of Engineering
University College London
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)


  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Chines

Career Expert Tips:

  • Always make sure you choose the perfect resume format to suit your professional experience.
  • Ensure that you know how to write a resume in a way that highlights your competencies.
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Mechanical Engineer Student Resume with Writing Guide

A well-written resume is key to a successful job search. Use this step-by-step guide for what to put in your Mechanical Engineer Student Resume. We will cover customizing the resume and what you need on it, as well as tips from industry professionals for how to write the perfect entry-level Mechanical Engineer Resume.

Whether you are looking for a job as a Web Developer, or you’ve already been hired and want to enhance your resume, this guide will help you craft a resume that is both professional and personal. We will cover tips for preparing the perfect Web Developer Resume, writing a part-time job history section, drafting an objective statement, and more.

Mechanical Engineer Student Resume Writing Guide:

Demonstrate Technical Skills

  • Start your resume with a header. This will include your name, address and phone number on separate lines, followed by an email address, if applicable.
  • List your educational background at the top of the resume.
  • List your skill set and awards earned with a professional summary. Explain how this experience will translate to future success in the field.
  • Include volunteer and community service positions on the resume.
  • Show an interest in the industry. If you are going to be a student, emphasise your participation in technical activities outside of school.
    Note: Do not include personal information, such as age, gender or marital status on the resume [unless there is a need for it]. This information can be included in an optional addendum – .

Select Skills for the Resume

  • Start with your skills. List the most relevant to the job you are applying for, then add in more general technical skills that you have.  The best resumes include several different sections that demonstrate your ability to do a variety of tasks and problems.  Use this as a guide [not binding].
  • Describe skills you have acquired through previous employment, education or technical courses. Begin with the most relevant skills and add in more general ones.
  • List how the job shows responsibility for making decisions, managing others and solving problems. Explain how these skills will translate to your career goals of working on projects and in teams.
  • Include an optional experience section at the bottom of the resume if you have significant work experience to supplement your education.
    Note: List skills with the most relevance to the job you are applying for. If your resume is too long, search and apply using the CareerBuilder LinkScanner to save time and allow you to focus on what counts.

Create a Professional Summary

  • Always include a professional summary at the top of your resume. Use this section to highlight projects completed, awards earned, or skills that will translate to future success in the field.

List of Typical Responsibilities For a Mechanical Engineer Student Resume:

  1. Producing Different Design Alternatives to Achieve the Best Performance from the Inputs
  2. Completely Understand the Requirements Provided By the Client
  3. Design and Construct Tests to Evaluate Each of Your Recommendations
  4. Produce and Report Test Results
  5. Identify and Predict Problems with an Agency’s Design and Resolve Them While Preserving All Important Elements of a Project
  6. Evaluate Developments in Technology as They May Affect a Company’s Product Development Direction
  7. Establish and Maintain Relationships with Government Agencies, Business Partners, or Other Organizations
  8. Produce and Report Results of Technology R&D
  9. Identify and Recommend Changes in Operational Procedures, Methods, or Materials as They May Affect a Company’s Product Development Direction
  10. Provide Technical Support for Project Staff and Other Stakeholders

Top 10 Must-have Mechanical Engineer Student Skills:

  1. CAD (Computer Aided Design)
  2. AutoCAD
  3. CATIA
  4. Solidworks Simulation
  5. Knowledge of different methodologies such as FEA, CFD, CST and ANSYS
  6. Drivers License (International Driving Licence is a plus)
  7. MS Office tools (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.)
  8. GSA or Pro-E experience with solid modeling techniques is a plus
  9. Experience working with a CAE or simulation software
  10. Physics, Math, and/or engineering class or degree in hand

Tips to write a Mechanical Engineer Student Resume Summary:

  • Write a resume summary (i.e., Objective Statement) that is specific to Mechanical Engineering using action verbs and quantifiable metrics, e.g. “Seeking a position as a Manufacturing Engineer with an emphasis on optimizing industrial processes. Adept at coordinating and evaluating plant operations while minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency.”
  • List specific accomplishments under each job title, e.g., “Led team of 3 engineers who designed, built, tested, and implemented a semi-autonomous linear motion system for XYZ Company.”
  • Include all the major skills needed for a job, e.g., “Computer Skills: Microsoft Office Suite, Matlab.”
  • Use action verbs to describe the tasks you perform, e.g., “Responsible for…”, “Coordinated with…”
  • Make sure your resume has no spelling or grammar errors!

How to write a Mechanical Engineer Student Resume with No experience:

  • Break down your career path into a step-by-step outline with steps 3, 4, and 5 underlined.
  • Pick the goal of getting a job in writing this resume. Think about what kind of positions you want to get into in the future, and what kind of companies or communities would hire you best (e.g., oil & gas companies, consultancies, state regulatory agencies).
  • Take your school experience and cross off anything that doesn’t have relation to your career path.
  • Add in extra-curricular activities that match your goals. (Keep in mind that you’ll only be able to list activities you’ve done within the past three years).
  • Put everything into a resume structure, with the most important information at the top left.

How to write a Mechanical Engineer Student Cover Letter:

  • Briefly introduce yourself and your job goals. (One or two sentences)
  • List your education and describe your degree. (Two to three sentences)
  • List research projects or special interests that are relevant to the position you are applying for, and explain how it relates to the position you applied for. (one or two paragraphs)
  • Use specific examples from school or research experience to highlight your accomplishments, skills, and abilities.(one or two paragraphs)
  • Include the name, title and contact information of someone who can provide a recommendation.(one or two sentences)
  • Close with a polite request for an interview. (One or two sentences)
  • Include a copy, if applicable, of the job posting that led to your resume. (One or two paragraphs)

Key Takeaways:

  • This article contains a line-by-line guide to constructing the ‘Perfect Mechanical Engineer Resume’. There are suggestions on what headings to use and general ways of structuring your information.
  • There is also a guide to creating the perfect cover letter that goes with it.
  • Finally, there is a list of mistakes to avoid when writing your resume.
  • Tips you should follow when writing your cover letter with the help of a template.