Coordinator Resume Sample

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Coordinator Resume Sample



My name is Martine, a happy, operational doer. I am good at planning and organizing and I constantly keep an overview. Furthermore, the enthusiasm of the people around me makes me happy. I am looking for an organization that has added social value for our society.

Work Experience 

Mytass Welfare

Mytass has a total of about 160 volunteers. I am responsible for more than 100 of them. This means that I ensure that these volunteers are in the right place within the organization and that they are happy to perform their tasks properly. Most volunteers carry a figurative backpack with them, but can still participate in society through the volunteer work.

At Mytass I am responsible for the proper management of the following parts of the organization:

  • Recruiting and selecting new volunteers
  • The reception – the business card of the company. The ladies at the desk ensure that all visitors and phone calls are answered expertly
  • The Plus Service – This is a service where vulnerable local residents can ask volunteers to, for example, run errands, play a game or hang a light
  • The dial-a-bus – We offer a means of transport for people who cannot use public transport within the municipality

Global Savage

I managed various projects and worked in varying combinations with colleagues and stakeholders. It was important that I quickly built up a good relationship with them. I achieved this by listening carefully and asking the right questions. But it was also important that I planned things well and set the right priorities in the hectic pace of many activities.

  • In other words, the analytical, operational and strategic running of projects by means of:
  • Translate the wishes of customers into practice
  • Continuous optimization and standardization of the daily processes
  • Maintain an excellent relationship with customers as well as with team members and other stakeholders by communicating clearly about progress, deadlines and successes

Vision Tech

  • Making social issues a topic of discussion among young people in secondary schools. The topics discussed are cultural taboo or politically sensitive. The aim is to actively link these subjects to the living environment of young people. This involves both confrontation and dialogue.
    Conduct investigations (for example on crime for the municipality of Amsterdam) by means of group discussions


Arizona State University

The University of Texas at Dallas


  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Chines