Customer Care Representative Resume Sample

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Elena Talitiga-Felise

Customer Care Consultant


I have over 15 years experience in working with customers and look forward to many more years.

Work Experience

Senior Customer Care Consultant

National Pacific Insurance


Started off with NPI as Customer Service Officer, then Team Leader and now I am Senior Customer Care Consultant;

Underwriting – process adjustment, cancellation, reinstatement or write up client’s policy: prepare/postage client final notice letter for overdue account and notify finance institute or car dealerships: verify daily cashier and accompany the cashier to do the night deposit; meet with customers to upsell/cross sell the insurance; running company’s errands and collected customers insurance payment

Claims –  Receive claims and handle on regular claim procedures: Team work with other co-workers sharing ideas and open discussion for complex claims.

Sales Clerk

GHC Reid & Company

Apr 2004

Input daily customer’s order and prepare invoices for deliver crew: received/verify deliver’s cash and responsible for sales report, monthly collection report, yearly sales report, yearly sales volume report: transfer the container locations and update the invetory into the system; involved with physical inventory count daily


Front Desk Cashier/Night auditor

Rainmaker Hotel

Apr 2002

Checked in/out hotel quest: Answering incoming calls and transfer to quest rooms: Responsible for night audit report and daily cash report

Accountant Technician

ASCC – Finance Department

Apr 2000

Received funds and disburse receipts: assist/calculate students class enrollmnt forms: verifies and enters details of transactions such as cash journals, sale slip, invoices, checks, stub requisitions, inventory records, prepare daily cash receipts reports: prepare bank deposit


AS-Accounting Degree

American Samoa Community College

Dec 1999

Computer courses

Micropac Computer Learning Institute

Sep 1996

Certiificate for Introduction to Business Use of Computers:          Beginner, MS-DOS/Format, Speadsheets, Database, Desktop Publishing and Usage of Mouse.


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What Should Be Included In A Customer Care Representative Resume?

A customer care representative resume should include a summary of qualifications, a list of relevant experience, and a list of relevant qualifications. Your summary should showcase your knowledge of customer service and your ability to work well in a team environment. Additionally, it should highlight any successful initiatives you have implemented or experiences you have had in customer service.

When listing experience and qualifications, it is important to include any customer service or customer care related roles you have held or any certifications you may have obtained. You should also include any awards or recognition you have received for outstanding performance. Additionally, you should include any training courses or seminars you have attended that are related to customer service.

When writing your summary, it is important to emphasize both your soft and hard skills, as well as any successful customer service initiatives you have been involved in. Additionally, you should highlight any areas of expertise you may have, such as problem solving, conflict resolution, and customer communication.

Finally, it is important to include any additional information, such as computer literacy, knowledge of company software, or even language fluency. This information can make your resume stand out and show employers that you are the right person for the job.

What Skills Should I Put On My Resume For Customer Care Representative?

If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a Customer Care Representative, it’s important to ensure that your resume reflects the skills you need to be successful in the role. It’s essential to highlight your ability to provide excellent customer service, show empathy and build strong relationships. Additionally, you should demonstrate your technical knowledge, communication skills, and problem-solving abilities.

Customer service skills are a must-have for any Customer Care Representative. Your resume should reflect your ability to effectively listen to customers, understand their needs, and provide satisfactory solutions. Additionally, you should also demonstrate your expertise in responding to customer inquiries, complaints and suggestions.

Having strong communication skills is also important for a Customer Care Representative. You should be able to effectively communicate with customers to ensure that their needs are met. You should also be able to provide clear and concise information in both verbal and written forms.

In addition to customer service and communication skills, it’s important to showcase your problem-solving skills. As a Customer Care Representative, you should be able to quickly and accurately identify customer issues and provide solutions. Your resume should also reflect your ability to anticipate customer needs and offer appropriate solutions.

Finally, you should also demonstrate your technical knowledge and computer skills. As a Customer Care Representative, you will be required to use various computer programs and applications to provide customer support. It’s important to include any relevant technical skills, such as knowledge of customer service software, in your resume.

By effectively highlighting your customer service, communication, problem-solving and technical skills, you can be sure that your resume is ready to impress potential employers. Your resume should showcase your ability to provide excellent customer service and demonstrate your knowledge of customer service software and other relevant technology. Additionally, it should include your ability to troubleshoot customer issues, handle customer inquiries and provide prompt resolution of customer problems. It’s also important to include any certifications or trainings that you’ve completed, as well as any customer service awards or recognition you’ve earned. By including all of these elements in your resume, you can be sure that you’re ready to showcase your skills and land the job you’re looking for.

What Is The Job Description Of The Customer Care Representative?

A Customer Care Representative is a customer service professional who provides support to customers in a variety of ways. They are responsible for addressing customer inquiries, resolving customer complaints, and educating customers on the features and benefits of products and services. Customer Care Representatives must be friendly and understand how to effectively communicate with customers. In addition, they must be knowledgeable about the products and services they are offering, and they must be able to provide helpful solutions to customer queries.

Customer Care Representatives must be able to effectively manage their time and prioritize tasks. They must be organized and capable of multitasking. They are also responsible for providing accurate information to customers on products and services. Additionally, they must be proficient in using customer management tools and databases to keep track of customer information.

Customer Care Representatives should have excellent problem-solving skills and be able to think on their feet. They should be able to use resources effectively and efficiently to provide the best possible customer service. They must also be able to handle customer concerns and complaints calmly and professionally.

Finally, Customer Care Representatives must have excellent communication skills. They must be able to provide accurate and helpful information to customers in a timely manner. Additionally, they need to be able to effectively listen to customer complaints and concerns and provide solutions in an appropriate time frame.

What Is A Good Objective For A Customer Care Representative Resume?

When writing a resume for a customer care representative position, having an effective objective statement can be the difference between getting an employer’s attention and being ignored. A well-crafted objective statement should showcase your communication, interpersonal, and customer service skills, as well as demonstrate your ability to quickly learn new processes and procedures.

When writing a customer care representative objective, your goal is to make it clear to employers that you have the experience they are looking for and that you understand the job requirements. Additionally, you want to show employers that you are passionate about helping customers and that you can handle a fast-paced work environment.

In your objective statement, you should highlight your experience working with customers, your ability to stay organized and multitask, and your enthusiasm for customer service. Be sure to include any customer service certifications or awards that you have received, as well as any relevant industry experience.

The most important aspect of a customer care representative objective is that it is specific and tailored to the role you are applying for. You should be clear and concise about what you are looking for in a position and what value you can bring to the organization.

What Are 6 Responsibilities Of A Customer Care Representative?

A Customer Care Representative serves as a liaison between a company and its customers. They are responsible for addressing customer inquiries, resolving customer issues, and providing information about products and services. As a Customer Care Representative, you must possess a strong knowledge of customer service principles and practices. Here are five essential responsibilities of a Customer Care Representative:

1. Respond to customer inquiries in a timely manner: Customer Care Representatives must respond to customer inquiries, complaints, and requests in a timely manner, providing accurate and thorough information.

2. Resolve customer issues: Customer Care Representatives must be able to quickly and effectively address customer issues and provide solutions that are satisfactory to the customer.

3. Follow up with customers: It is important for Customer Care Representatives to follow up with customers to ensure that their inquiries, complaints, and requests have been addressed and resolved.

4. Maintain customer records: Customer Care Representatives must maintain accurate customer records in order to provide better service in the future and to follow up on customer inquiries and complaints.

5. Provide customer feedback: Customer Care Representatives should provide customers with feedback on their inquiries and complaints to ensure the customers are satisfied with the solutions provided and that their experience was positive.

6. Follow up with other departments: Customer Care Representatives must be able to communicate with other departments in order to quickly address customer issues and provide solutions.

What Are The Career Prospects In The Customer Care Representative?

The career prospects for customer care representatives are quite promising. The demand for customer care representatives is growing rapidly, due to the increasing number of companies offering customer service. In many cases, customer care representatives are the first point of contact a customer has with a company, so they must be able to provide efficient customer service. As such, customer service is an important part of any customer-facing organization, and it is vital that customer care representatives are well-trained and have the knowledge and skills to provide excellent service.

Customer care representatives must have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, as well as the ability to effectively resolve customer issues. They must also be organized and detail-oriented, able to multitask and possess strong problem-solving abilities. Customer care representatives must also be able to use various customer service technology, such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems and other software.

The job outlook for customer care representatives is positive, as more companies move their customer service operations online and focus on providing superior customer service. In addition, customer care representatives can find jobs in a variety of industries, including retail, hospitality, health care, telecommunications and finance.

Because customer care representatives are essential to a business’s success, they can earn competitive salaries and often receive benefits such as health insurance, vacation time and bonuses. Customer care representatives who have experience in the field may also be able to move up the career ladder to become customer service supervisors or even managers.

Overall, customer care representatives have excellent career prospects in the customer service industry. With the right skills and experience, customer care representatives can find a rewarding and fulfilling career.