English Teacher Resume Sample

Are you an English Teacher by profession and looking for an exciting career? We have good news for you! use our professional English Teacher Resume Sample. You don’t have to start writing from scratch. Just click “Edit Resume” and modify it with your details. Update the template fonts and colors have the best chance of landing your dream job. Find more resume samples.

English Teacher Resume Sample

Fiona Gabrielle
English Teacher


TEFL certified native English speaking teacher with almost 4 years of experience in educating children and young adults. Proficient at communicating complex information in a simple and entertaining manner. Passionate about motivating students to develop skills and produce significant academic achievements.


Work Experience 

English Teacher
Wood Land School, NewYork

  • Taught English to 30 – 50 novice monks age 7 – 18.
  • Used a variety of instructional techniques including audio-visual aids.
  • Focused on teaching students basic vocabulary and grammar skills.

Volunteer English Teacher
English House, NY

  • Taught English to 15 – 20 university students age 18 and up.
  • Prepared engaging classroom discussion topics to improve students’ conversational skills.
  • Focused on enhancing students’ grammar, writing, and speaking skills.

Science Teaching Assistant
Window Public School, Canada

  • Taught basic science to 20 – 30 elementary students age 5 – 10.
  • Designed simple experiments to demonstrate key scientific concepts.
  • Focused on providing a first-time science class experience to young learners.

Medical College Admission Tutor
Part-time Freelance, Canada

  • Privately tutored university students and recent graduates in preparation for the standarized Medical College Admission Test (MCAT).
  • Created personalized learning plans based on each individual student’s proficiency to maximize their test scores.


Masters in Science
University of Southern California

Bachelor of Science – Biomedical Science
Northeastern University


  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Chines

Career Expert Tips:

  • Always make sure you choose the perfect resume format to suit your professional experience.
  • Ensure that you know how to write a resume in a way that highlights your competencies.
  • Check the expert curated popular good CV and resume examples

English Teacher Resume with Writing Guide

If you’re looking for a job as an English teacher, it is important to get your resume noticed. With all the candidates out there competing for jobs, you need to make sure that your resume stands-out from the crowd. (Here is a guide to writing the perfect resume: How to write the perfect English Teacher Resume )

To help you with your job search, here are some tips for writing your resume. These tips will also work for other jobs such as writing and editing. This guide is written for those with at least one year of experience in teaching English abroad, although some can be applied to other jobs as well.

English Teacher Resume Writing Guide:

This is a guide for writing English Teacher Resume. Not all of the tips will apply to every job, but some may be applicable to your field. Remember that you may have to tailor your resume according to the specific field from which you are seeking employment. Additionally, this guide is written for those who teach English abroad. However, some tips can be applied to other jobs in writing as well as editing and journalism fields.

1. Name and Contact Information:

Traditionally, resumes are written with the applicant’s full name and contact information to the top of the resume. In contrast, you can save space by placing your contact information at the bottom of your resume. This is a standard format for many fields, including editing, journalism and writing. Additionally, it will help show prospective employers that you are professional and organized–a great asset for teachers.

2. Objective:

Your objective statement should show that you are an enthusiastic and dedicated teacher who will work hard for your students. This means that you should word your objective in such a way as to support those qualities. While it may seem obvious, it is important to remember that you are not writing a bucket list; rather, this should be a concise statement on why you are great at what you do. You can also mention how many classes or students you have taught in the past. (This is a guide to writing the perfect English Teacher Resume Objective.)

3. Skills:

You should include information about your skills. These can be in the form of a list under your work experience or listed as a separate section. Here, you can emphasize your ability to communicate, organize and lead others–all valuable skills for teachers. In general you should highlight anything that makes you a great candidate for the position, such as computer skills, educational skills and language ability.

4. Qualifications:

Your qualifications can be seen in several different ways. The first is to highlight your relevant experience . This may include numbers of students you have taught, classes you have led, and content you have created. If the position is related to your major, it would also be acceptable to list the name of your major and minor or any relevant coursework.

A second way to highlight your qualifications is with a list of accomplishments . You can emphasize your strengths by listing past achievements or specific skills and experiences that will be useful in the workplace. This can be done not only at the top of your resume, but throughout the entire document.

A third way to show off your qualifications is through a summary . Here, you summarize key points from previous sections such as your education and work history. This type of resume should also include any additional information that supports the previous sections. This may include references or letters of recommendation. In this section, you can also summarize why you are qualified for the job.

5. Education:

The education section is one of the most important parts of your resume. Remember that those reading this section need to see how your past studies have prepared you for the position you are applying for. So, while this section is not necessary in every job, it will be looked at by most.

The education section is also a great place to mention your extracurricular activities . These can include sports, clubs and activities as well as hobbies. You can also mention films or other forms of art you have participated in or participated in competitions for. In addition to listing other experiences you have had, make sure to list the level and name of each school where you received training on these previous accomplishments.

6. Work Experience:

You should list your work experience from past jobs. A full list of the positions you will be applying for would not be necessary. However, if the position requires expertise in a particular subject, you can include that here as well. If you are applying for several positions, it is acceptable to include a separate section for each listing. Also make sure to include your dates of employment along with the title and employer name of each position.

7. References:

As you may remember from previous sections, a resume is a great place to show off your skills and abilities. Therefore, it is important that you make the first impression by giving references . These can be anyone that knows you well, including former employers or classmates. You can also provide feedback on their character and work ethics. Therefore, it is important to give as many references as possible.

English Teacher Responsibilities:

  • Oversee classroom activities including lesson planning, preparation, and organization.
  • Supervise students during lunch and other school events.
  • Prepare, grade, and record students’ progress in a variety of standardized tests.
  • Maintain student records in accordance with state and district requirements.
  • Maintain current awareness of technology as it relates to education standards, curriculum development plans, and instructional materials so that they can help students in the most up-to-date ways possible.
  • Supervise field trip activities.
  • Meet with parents, students, and colleagues to discuss educational issues and provide feedback on students’ progress.
  • Plan interdisciplinary units that integrate the humanities with other subjects and involve students in hands-on activities and interactive learning to ensure that concepts are being correctly learned.

Top 10 Must-have English Teacher Skills:

  1. Fluency in English – You may be a native English speaker, but that doesn’t mean you have the know-how to teach English abroad. In your resume, it’s important to show that you can speak, read and write fluently in English. And by fluently, we mean fluent.
  2. Patient and Friendly Personality – You will be dealing with dozens of students every day, each with their own learning style and speaking level. Be ready to stretch your patience as a teacher as you work with people from all over the world. [NOTE: If you are not a big talker or like to be left alone, it’s highly likely you will not enjoy teaching English abroad. German teacher ‘Maryanne’ found this out the hard way! She could not bear to continue teaching English in Germany and gave up on her dream of returning to the US.]
  3. Effective Teaching Skills – These include things like flexibility, preparation, good presentation skills and group work strategies.
  4. Confidence and Communication Skills – You’ll be communicating in English most often with kids. Your communication skills will play a big part in your ability to teach overseas, especially for students who don’t speak English on their first day of school.
  5. Research Skills – Like most teachers, you’ll want to be able to research information about how best to teach different age groups and subjects.
  6. Cultural Sensitivity – Most of your students will be from another country, so you’ll want to be sensitive to their culture and customs.
  7. Computer Skills – You’ll need basic computer skills, particularly if you’re looking for teaching jobs in Asia or Europe. This may include using programs like Skype and Powerpoint at least once a week with your students.
  8. Teaching Materials – You’ll use a combination of books to get started, but other materials can be used as well like posters and powerpoints.
  9. Teaching Certification – Your experience teaching English will play a big role in your new job search overseas. If you have certification, you’ll have an advantage over those who don’t. For more information on teaching English certification requirements, check out this article: Teaching Profile: How to Get Certified
  10. Communication Skills – You’ll be communicating with colleagues, students and parents on a regular basis. The ability to speak fluently in English is the key to teaching abroad.

Tips to write a English Teacher Resume Summary:

  1. Keep the summary short and include just a sentence or two about what your experience as an English teacher is all about.
  2. The job description can be found on the job posting, so don’t repeat it in your summary, but do include what you can bring to the company.

  • List teaching qualifications, seminars attended and courses taken
  • List any special skills that you have relevant to the position (e.g. a higher level of fluency, TESOL certification, etc.)

  1. Write a detailed job description:

  • List all your experience with teaching English. Be specific and include the grade level and length of time you have been teaching, any experience you have tutoring students or giving private lessons.
  • Always include your credentials in your resume if they are relevant to the job you are applying for.
  • If you have any extra skills that would be useful to the company (e.g. a higher level of fluency, or TESOL certification), include them.
  • If you have any qualifications from previous jobs that might be useful to the company and which are relevant, include them in the description.

Tips to write a English Teacher Resume Education:

  1. List all your degrees with the name of the university and year you graduated, if you are a recent graduate or have a degree from another country you will want to list it in this section as well.
  2. List all the classes you have taken at university or any other colleges that will help you determine how to apply the skills, knowledge and experience for the job.

  • List all your courses from high school, college and university that are relevant to the position (e.g. English composition, oral communication skills, etc.)

How to write a English Teacher Resume with No experience:

  1. Your resume is an opportunity to highlight your skills and accomplishments. Think back over the past few years. What are the skills you have developed that will be most helpful for a possible employer? Are those skills highlighted on your resume? If not, how can you incorporate them into your resume?
  2. While it is important to be honest on your resume, don’t be too candid in regard to your weaknesses. Emphasize your strengths.
  3. Completing the English Teacher Resume is part of the job search process. The list of positions you wish to pursue will not be complete without your resume in hand! Many employers have an “open-door policy” and will welcome you at any time during business hours to discuss your resume and take additional questions.
  4. You may also wish to allow for the addition of a photo with your resume. A photograph can help express your personality and allow you to stand out from other applicants.
  5. Keep in mind the size of the font and how it looks with the amount of content on your resume.
  6. Outline the qualifications that make up the best resume. The number one complaint about resumes is that they lack a clear structure. Make your resume clear and professional by outlining your key accomplishments from education, work experience, volunteer activities, etc.
  7. If you have not done so already, give yourself some time to fine-tune your resume prior to completion: print it out; circle your favorite words; edit and review until you are satisfied with the quality of your resume.

How to write a English Teacher Cover Letter:

  1. Write a cover letter to be used with your resume. (Yes, it’s pretty simple).
  2. Use a specific font for all the text in your resume and cover letter (more on this later)
  3. Use specific instructions that will show you are a qualified candidate for the position (e.g. Do not use “To Whom It May Concern” as it is not informative enough).
  4. If you are a recent graduate use your degree and years of experience to sell yourself.
  5. Do not include personal information such as marital and family status.
  6. Do not use fancy formatting such as underlining, italics, bold words or font size changes.
  7. Keep your cover letter to one page or less.
  8. Use small paragraphs for easy reading (it is easier on an employer and will make you look good).
  9. Don’t lie, but do use keywords found in the job posting to show that you are a good fit for the position at hand (e.g. if you really aren’t a “team player”, don’t say you are).
  10. Do not attach your resume to the cover letter unless it is required (if it is not, provide a link to your resume as an attachment or on your own web page).

Key Takeaways:

  • Be professional. Answer the question that the employer is asking.
  • Describe your job responsibilities without overloading on the details. The employer wants to know if you can do what he or she wants.
  • Print your resume on a professional scale or typewriter paper and be careful with margins, as they often factor in when a resume is submitted to an employer for consideration.