HSE Executive CV Template

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Andrew Frank

HSE Executive




I am a HSE Executive. I am interested in working for a stable company that will encourage my growth and development to be the most efficient and effective employee I can possibly be.



  • Microsoft Office Version 2013 (i.e.: Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Publisher
  • First Aider
  • Emergency Response
  • Teamwork
  • HSE Legislation
  • Documentation preparation


Work Experience


HSE Executive

Alam Dingin Air-Conditioning Engineering Sdn. Bhd.



  • Custodian for OSHMS Manual
  • Responsible to Plan, Do, Check and Act (PDCA) for the overall OSHMS implementation at all levels
  • Act as Deputy OSH Management Representative (DOSHMR) for ISO45001:2018
  • Act as Secretary for HSE Committee

EHS Trainee

Asian Composites Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.

Mar 2010


Work with Company EHS Team to support in EHS administrative part and join all related EHS Program i.e.: surveilance audit, inspection, meeting




Bachelor of Environmental Health and Safety (Accredited by CIEH)

San Jose State University



CGPA: 3.22 (8 semesters)

Dean’s List: semester 3 and 8

Pure Science

Northeastern University



SPM: 8A, 2B




Safety & Health Officer (SHO)

by NIOSH, 2015


Basic Occupational First Aid, CPR and AED Training

by Cert Academy, 2017


Loss Preventive System

for ExxonMobil




  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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What Should Be Included In A HSE Executive Resume?

Writing a resume for a HSE Executive position can be a daunting task. After all, the job requires a combination of technical and managerial skills, and it is essential that a resume accurately conveys the applicant’s abilities and experience.

When writing a resume for a HSE Executive position, it is important to include a comprehensive list of accomplishments, qualifications, and professional experience. For example, a potential employer will want to know about any relevant HSE qualifications or certifications that the applicant has obtained. The applicant should also list any awards or recognition that he or she has received in the field of HSE, as well as any relevant seminars or courses attended.

It is also important to list any relevant job experience that may be applicable to the job. Any HSE Executive position will require experience in problem-solving, project management, and team leadership. The applicant should include any experience in these areas, as well as any additional HSE-related jobs that he or she may have held in the past.

Finally, it is important to include a section about professional references. The applicant should list any individuals who are familiar with his or her work in the HSE field and who could speak positively about the applicant’s skills and past experiences. A well-crafted resume for a HSE Executive position can be highly beneficial for the applicant. Following these guidelines will ensure that the resume is clear and concise, and that it accurately conveys the applicant’s relevant experience and qualifications.

What Skills Should I Put On My Resume For HSE Executive?

Having a great resume is the key to landing a job as an HSE Executive. The resume needs to clearly show your qualifications, skills, and experience that make you the ideal candidate for the position. The most important skills for an HSE Executive to have are a solid understanding of safety regulations, a thorough knowledge of hazard identification and risk assessment, and excellent problem-solving skills.

When writing your resume, it’s important to include the top skills necessary for an HSE Executive. You should start by including a section that highlights your ability to develop, implement, and monitor safety programs. This will demonstrate your experience in the field and demonstrate your knowledge of the relevant regulations and rules. Additionally, you should include your experience in identifying and mitigating health and safety risks. This is an important skill for an HSE Executive, as it requires a comprehensive understanding of safety regulations and protocols.

In order to stand out from other applicants, it’s important to also demonstrate your problem-solving skills. This will demonstrate your ability to think critically and come up with creative solutions to safety issues. You should also include any certifications or qualifications related to safety and health that you may hold. Finally, make sure to include any other relevant skills that you may have, such as oil and gas safety, risk management, or environmental sciences.

By including all of these skills, you can demonstrate that you have the necessary qualifications and experience to be the ideal HSE Executive. This will give you a greater chance of landing the job and being successful in the role.

What Is The Job Description Of The HSE Executive?

The job of an HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) executive is to ensure that safety regulations, procedures, and standards are met and adhered to in the workplace. This role requires a high level of technical knowledge, as well as strong leadership and communication skills. The HSE executive is responsible for creating and implementing safety policies, training staff on safety protocols, and monitoring compliance. In addition, they may be tasked with overseeing the investigation of accidents or incidents, conducting audits, and implementing corrective actions.

The HSE executive must be able to analyze data and develop strategies for preventing future safety issues. They must be able to identify hazards and take decisive action to mitigate risks. The HSE executive must also be able to maintain good relationships with stakeholders, including other executives, supervisors, and employees. It is also important that they have strong interpersonal skills and be able to communicate effectively in order to ensure that all safety standards are properly enforced.

The HSE executive must be knowledgeable of relevant safety regulations and protocols, as well as local and national laws pertaining to safety. They must be able to develop plans to ensure that safety standards are met and that workers are informed of any changes in regulations. It is also important that they are able to recognize potential safety issues before they become a serious issue.

Overall, the role of the HSE executive is an important one that requires a great deal of responsibility, as safety is of paramount importance in any workplace. It is essential that the individual in this role is a highly experienced and well informed professional who is able to take decisive action to protect the safety of everyone in the workplace.

What Is A Good Objective For A HSE Executive Resume?

When crafting an HSE Executive Resume, it’s important to distinguish yourself from other applicants. This can be achieved by having a well-crafted resume objective. A resume objective should be concise, focused and tailored to the specific role. It should include the applicant’s experience, qualifications and top skills, as well as the type of job they’re looking for.

For an HSE Executive, a good objective should include a summary of their background in health, safety and environmental management. This should include qualifications such as an HSE certification and relevant experience in the field. The objective should also emphasize key skills like strong communication, problem-solving and attention to detail. It should also include a mention of the applicant’s desire to provide a safe working environment for their team and customers.

In addition, the objective should express the applicant’s commitment to adhering to industry standards. As an HSE Executive, it’s important to demonstrate dedication to working within all relevant regulations and laws. For example, a good objective might include a statement about the applicant’s knowledge of OSHA standards and their commitment to working within them.

Finally, the objective should demonstrate a passion for the role. An HSE Executive should be enthusiastic about their position, and this should be reflected in the objective. The statement should demonstrate a commitment to a career in HSE and an eagerness to contribute to the business’s overall success.

What Are The Career Prospects In The HSE Executive?

As an HSE Executive, you have the potential to enjoy a wide range of rewarding career opportunities. You may find yourself working in a variety of industries, from manufacturing, to construction, to environmental consulting. Your work will involve ensuring that the organization is compliant with relevant laws and health and safety regulations and advocating for the safety of employees, customers, and the community in general.

HSE Executives have the potential to work in a variety of leadership roles, including Health and Safety Manager, Risk Manager, or Environmental Manager, or even on a project-by-project basis. To excel in this role, you must have an eye for detail, as well as strong analytical and problem-solving skills. You should also have a deep understanding of the relevant regulations, health and safety protocols, and industry best practices.

The job outlook for HSE Executives is excellent. As more organizations become aware of their obligations to provide safe and secure working environments, the demand for HSE professionals is expected to increase. With the right credentials, experience, and qualifications, you could find yourself in a very rewarding and satisfying career.

With the right resume, an HSE Executive can demonstrate the value they can bring to an organization. Crafting a resume tailored to the job you’re applying for is key. A good HSE Executive resume should highlight your experience in the field, as well as your technical skills, knowledge of regulations, and commitment to safety. With the right resume, you’ll be in a great position to land the job of your dreams.

Key Takeaways for an HSE Executive resume

Writing a resume for a high-level position such as a Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Executive role is no small feat. It takes time and careful thought to ensure that your resume paints the best possible picture of your qualifications, experience, and achievements. Knowing the key takeaways when writing an HSE Executive resume can make the process a lot easier and ensure that you’re able to present yourself in the best light possible.

When writing an HSE Executive resume, the most important thing to remember is to highlight your experience and successes in the field of HSE. Make sure to include any relevant HSE qualifications and certifications that you hold, as well as any experience you have in the area. Detail information about the roles you have held and explain why your qualifications and experience make you the best candidate for the role.

In addition, it’s important to include any relevant information about the HSE initiatives you have implemented. This may include any innovative methods you have used to make the workplace safer, or any training programs you have implemented to increase awareness of safety protocols. Showcase your ability to lead large projects and produce results – for example, if you have been responsible for reducing workplace accidents, make sure to include that statistic on your resume.

Finally, if you have any leadership skills, make sure to highlight those as well. An HSE Executive is responsible for leading a team, so showing that you have the necessary skills to do so will help to set you apart from other candidates. Include any leadership positions you have held, as well as any awards or recognition you have received for your leadership skills.

Writing an HSE Executive resume takes time, but knowing the key takeaways can make the process easier . Showcase your knowledge of industry regulations and standards, any safety programs you have implemented, any leadership positions you have held, and any awards or recognition you have received. By highlighting these areas on your resume, you can demonstrate to potential employers that you have the skills necessary to be a successful HSE Executive.