IT Asset Manager Resume Sample

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IT Asset Manager Resume Sample

Ricky William
Global IT Asset Manager


I have had a great opportunity to work in several sectors of the labor market. ITIL V4 accredited, proven leader and manager for multiple global teams. Recognized SAM hero with proven cost savings in 7 figures.

Some Key points and deliverables in my career are as follows:

  • Rolled out two MDM solutions (Airwatch & Intune on iOS and Android devices)
  • 2 independent releases of O365 and related infrastructure including MS Teams, S4B
  • Apple-certified technician and admin user of JAMF
  • Active directory management
  • SCCM management – utilizing the software center as a software store for end-users
  • Snow certified advanced user, a Gartner and Snow sponsored interview carried out and being recognized as a SAM Hero
  • Proven cost savings of over £1.2m on single-vendor software audits
  • ISO27001 aligned, PCI-DSS audit standards, SOX and GDPR compliance assessments and audits conducted with 100% rate
  • Rolled out Surface hubs globally and also related hardware, including a surface Pro & Laptop rollout in Dyson
  • Cost avoidances of over £50,000 PA on mobile phone tariff consolidation and inactivity assessments
  • Managed the roll-out of ServiceNow and created a functional CMDB
  • Performed 2 companywide rollouts of Snow License Manager
  • Rolled out collaboration tools across Dyson including SurfaceHubs


Work Experience 

IT Change & Technology Asset Manager
Info Tech Solutions – NY

I am currently managing IT change and the Asset Management technology roadmap for Carnival UK. Since joining, I have created new policies and service management framework to allow Carnival to support its staff on shore as well as onboard the ships. I have created an asset management system using Snow License Manager and this provides hardware and software inventory information for the fleet and shore to manage risk and deployment of applications and hardware. Some of the key pieces of implementation and management that I have carried out is as follows:

  • Daily change management and running CAB / Emergency / Expedited CAB meetings
  • Creating a service architecture presence in line with industry requirements
  • Creation of CMDB to manage assets on ship and shore ranging from phones to POS (around 20,000 devices)
  • Regular contact with vendors and suppliers to ensure value and operational support is met
  • Creating close relationships with the business stakeholders to ensure everyone is involved or consulted around technology changes and enhancements
  • Create strategy meetings to understand where we want to be in the future, and how our guest experience is enhanced while at sea
  • Management of all hardware in the business that is supported by IT
  • Performing ELPs on tier one software products such as Oracle, Microsoft, Autodesk and Adobe – saving over £600k
  • Working with suppliers on trial equipment to understand the greater value and benefit to the employees
  • Service delivery, transition and design into the acceptance processes for the creation of new services

I decided to step down from Carnival due to outsourcing.

Global IT Asset Manager
Hutson Technologies

I managed to implement ITIL aligned governance across the globe and bring their practices in line with the industry standards.

I lead the work on the modern office project with a global team of 17 EUC analysts to implement office 365, Win 10, and underlying services as well as the hardware requirement to support a global user base of over ten thousand staff. I managed assets ranging from mobile devices through to endpoints and license servers (26,000 assets).

Some key changes that I had made at Dyson to date are as follows:

  • EA alignment, value added analysis and co-term a lot of old out of date agreements to a single renewal schedule and cost base – saving Dyson £1,200,000+ in one year alone (a white paper has since been written about me by Snow Software)
  • Windows 10 pilot and hardware testing in line with the customer’s needs (engineering, CAD, VR for the RDD teams)
  • Brought Dyson into the VR age and allowed them to understand the benefits of VR in design as well as retail manufacturing by creating a certified VR lab with videowall at H86
  • Software rationalization and standardization – an exercise of understanding the business requirement and needs, remove software and co-manage a team of application packagers to deploy apps through SCCM and Software Center
  • Manage JAMF inventory – an enterprise solution for Mac deployment and inventory
  • Service level architecture – aligning services to stakeholders, service owners, creating RACI Matrix for service relationships, problem, change and incident management
  • Hardware strategy and roadmap for the global estate, in line with territorial requirements (examples such as China restricting device hardware level encryption)
  • Global software license management in line with territorial policies and legislation
  • HSE regulations and alignment to ensure all employees are empowered and have equipment to aid any barrier to work
  • Draw up new agreements with new suppliers, using various practices to ensure value is provided to Dyson (using the quality triangle!)
  • Snow License management – I am the sole owner of Snow and manage the database daily and have configured the data to accurately collect usage metrics
  • Working directly with James Dyson on several projects including the automotive team and creation of the Hullavington offices as well as working with local schools and donating entire IT suites to aid the children into an engineering career

Service Asset & Configuration Manager
Accenture Technologies

My day-to-day duties involved maintaining and managing the IT estate across the UK and abroad. The devices that I managed and implemented varied from mobile phones using AirWatch MDM and BES to servers for business units, this can be as simple as issuing a mobile device, to providing a specification on a server, ordering the server and arranging the relevant teams to install the equipment and assign the correct server licensing and software – I will then provide the service relationships and maintain the reporting data for the devices on the Atrium CMDB.

In my time with Arqiva I had implemented smart phones across various business units using Airwatch MDM (replacing Blackberry), updated the IT estate to provide over 95% trackable assets to meet ISO 27001-1 standards for security due to our customers such as the BBC and ITV. I was also the point of contact for architecture advice on what equipment is beneficial to the company whether this is for smart metering (M2M & Thames water) or whether we need to run a server spec for mobile device management / VM / VDI. I had also built a great rapport with various suppliers in the company and have a proven track record of savings over £700,000 by sourcing better suppliers and re-harvesting IT equipment on a yearly basis as well as software audits to make sure we are using the most cost-effective app for the business.

I had also implemented a WEEE policy (27000-1), which ensures that the company meets its environmental obligations and building PR by donating equipment to UNICEF that would otherwise end up in a landfill. The processes that I have put in place not only mean that we can track an asset through its lifecycle but we can see what impact that has by creating a relationship framework which provides us with proactive information on what impact a server decommission would have on the business and also the customer via tested and secure change management process – this also means I am a key member of the architecture and problem board to ensure that the IT budget and 3 year plans are always met in terms of updates, security, cost savings and to keep ahead in the industry with cutting edge equipment and a route cause analysis framework for problem management as well as governing processes and procedures.

The role was such that I was an important key in the change management & problem management process to ensure that the service linkages provide key detail into any potential errors or for route cause analysis of a problem so that it can be corrected as appropriate. As well as managing the hardware, I also manage SAM, I use a variety of tools including SNOW, SCCM, Atrium CMDB and the occasional spreadsheet to ensure that Arqiva is compliant from a licensing perspective – this includes software standardization as well as hardware to ensure that the business is aware of the impact and also for housekeeping. In my time, I have created the Software Approval Forum, and the Hardware Forum, which involves key stakeholders in each resolver group to ensure that we are all on the same page on what the business requires and how we can facilitate that need. Due to the role being slightly hybrid, I co-managed a team of 8 IT service desk analysts and 6 desktop support analysts which cover the entire UK infrastructure.

Customer Services and Banking Hall Manager
American City Group

My position was a customer service manager and banking hall manager, this busy role involved dealing with all customer’s requests, transactions, problems and bank management. I managed a team of five advisors reporting under myself and as a line manager, this involved performance planning & reviews, HR queries and action plans. The role involved loan & debt consultation, consolidation, mortgage advice and assessments to help customers.


Masters in Computer Science
The University of Texas at Dallas

Snow Certified Professional SAM (SLM, INV, SMACC, SIM)
Snow Software

Snow License Manager Advanced User
Snow Software

Snow Implementation Certification
Snow Software

ITIL V3 Foundation

APM Project Manager Foundation Certification


  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Chines

Career Expert Tips:

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  • Ensure that you know how to write a resume in a way that highlights your competencies.
  • Check the expert curated popular good CV and resume examples

IT Asset Manager Resume with Writing Guide

There are many different steps that an IT Asset Manager must take in order to get their job done. Many of these tasks are long-term or have a great deal of detail, so it is important for an ITAM to submit a resume focused on the company’s needs and requirements. Based on my own experiences and those of other industry professionals, there are several key points that should be followed when creating your resume and cover letter.

IT Asset Manager Resume with Writing Guide:

A guide on how to customize an IT Asset Manager Resume. With a guide to customizing your resume and tips from industry professionals, you can showcase your skills and experience in a way that will get you noticed.

  1. Your Name
    The first thing that your resume must do is use your name. Don’t use nicknames or initials and never use the full first and last name as it will be one of the things that your employer will search for. If you do not have a middle name, ignore this step.
  2. Contact Information
    This is where you should put your current phone number and address.
  3. Professional Experience
    This is where you should explain the projects you were involved in and what your responsibilities were for each project.
  4. Education
    This is where you will include your degree or if you do not have one, you can include a reference of someone who has been to school and can vouch for your abilities, or just leave it blank.
  5. Licensure and certifications
    This is where you would put all of your IT certifications.
  6. Skills
    This is where you will list all of your skills that are in the job description, or anything else that an employer would want to know about you and how you can help the company.
  7. Additional Experiences
    This is where you can include any extra skills that you have picked up while not in school.
  8. Employment History
    This is where you will include the dates that you worked for your previous employers and how long you were there for.
  9. Education Credentials
    This is where you will put anything else that has to do with your education, from certifications to certificates of achievement, or anything else related to your education.

List of Typical Responsibilities For an IT Asset Manager Resume:

  • Manage IT equipment with the objective of maximizing net present value and ensuring compliance with organizational goals in a cost-effective manner.
  • Manage inventory on an ongoing basis to ensure that IT has the correct amount of purchased equipment available to accomplish business goals while remaining within budget.
  • Determine which hardware needs to be replaced, upgraded, or removed due to obsolescence, damage, or failure and either manage the disposal process or implement replacements based on IT’s strategic planning goals.
  • Effectively evaluate options and make recommendations for purchasing new equipment based on net present value considerations, ensuring that the cost of purchase is less than the projected life of the equipment.
  • Proactively take corrective action when necessary to ensure that IT maintains a stable and efficient infrastructure at all times.
  • Develop and implement policies and procedures for the appropriate asset management process. That include procedures addressing what hardware can be removed, how long items should be kept in storage before they are disposed of, etc.
  • Prepare budget-based work breakdown structures (WBS) for projects/tasks that will consume equipment that is under consideration for disposal.
  • Develop a detailed planning document including budget, purchasing orders, deployment windows, and other details to ensure successful integration into operational planning processes.
  • Provide system users with training regarding asset management and the asset inventory process.
  • Provide critical assistance when necessary for junior staff in understanding asset management, the process of purchasing hardware/services, and how to identify and manage equipment that is in or approaching end of life.
  • Provide a resolution document in the event of issues that are managed by the IT department. make recommendations on hardware for purchase or other action items to improve security and prevent unauthorized access to information assets or interfere with production activities.

Top 10 Must-have IT Asset Manager Skills:

  1. Hands-on IT management experience in configuration and deployment, asset management, network management, and systems administration
  2. Body of knowledge with insurance company-specific applications
  3. Experience with Linux incident response and security events
  4. Hands-on experience managing existing relationships with vendors in support of technology initiatives
  5. Proficiency in managing vendor relations as a liaison for the enterprise application management organization driven by business needs
  6. Ability to manage projects including planning, executing, measuring performance, completion tracking, and reporting on project progress
  7. Ability to resolve implementation issues and identify root causes for asset, security, and system management processes
  8. Ability to devise clear technical documentation that is easy-to-follow and anticipates user questions
  9. Ability to develop a plan to successfully manage the IT environment for any business transformation initiative
  10. A proven track record of success in delivering exceptional customer service skills

Tips to write an IT Asset Manager Resume Summary:

  1. It is the first thing an employer sees and the key to getting the resume read.
  2. State your skills and accomplishments to show a potential employer why they should hire you.
  3. It should be a short yet detailed summary of your skills, expertise, experience and education in IT Asset Manager job field.
  4. The goal of writing an effective summary statement is to get employers’ attention with a brief overview of the most significant points you want them to know about you.
  5. You want your summary to highlight the most important points you have to talk about and to explain why you are perfect for the job you are applying for.
  6. Learn all of the capabilities, skills and responsibilities listed in the job description so that you can start from here and build a list of the key elements that should be in your resume.
  7. Hire a professional resume writer to help with the process and format your summary statement.
  8. An effective summary statement is packed with powerful keywords and phrases that will impress employers and make them want to learn more about you.
  9. Highlight what is most important about you; do not try to be everything to everyone.
  10. You should have an eye for details; focus on just the skills and accomplishments relevant for this position ersus job field, industry, organization, company culture, etc…

How to write an IT Asset Manager Resume with No experience:

  1. To start writing your IT Asset Manager Resume, begin with a good template. Use Microsoft Word and save it as a PDF (to avoid formatting errors). From there, you can add your information.
  2. Next, make sure it is clear and clean. Use the correct heading styles to organize your information in the best way possible.
  3. Make sure to include keywords or terminology that either is specific to IT Asset Management or you think a hiring agent would use for this position title (as well as other terms that are applicable). And if it is not too specific, search for related terms to find a less specific term that would still be applicable.
  4. Avoid the use of abbreviations or acronyms as much as possible.
  5. Also, do not copy and paste information from a website – you will be more likely to receive an error message if you do this (and your resume will have formatting issues).

How to write an IT Asset Manager Cover Letter:

  1. The first step is to get a cover letter template, this one is from ‘workbloom’ and you can customize it with your information:
  2. You can use the template as a guide for your IT Asset Manager Resume, filling in the details of course:
  3. You can also add details about CV writing if you haven’t used it before:
  4. When using CV writing for the first time, it is wise to read books or articles to get advise on where to put what and why:
  5. To get an idea of what the perfect IT Asset Manager CV page should look like, click here for a template from Piesa:
  6. Add details about your skills and experience that are relevant to the role you are applying for:
  7. Make sure you use action verbs, fill in the gaps in your experience and be succinct:
    8.Make sure to highlight relevant skills, even if they are not directly related to the role:
  8. Make sure to include all qualifications on your resume:

Key Takeaways:

  1. Write a resume that is specific to the position and employer.
  2. Make sure your resume is relevant to the job and worth reading.
  3. Ensure that the potential employer will see your work experience as an asset.
  4. Make sure you are consistent when using headings for the different sections of your resume.
  5. Avoid using distracting fonts and colors on your resume.
  6. Be consistent with the way you use dates and numbers; e.g., whether you use months or dates, write it the same way for each position.