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Java Developer Resume Example


Andrew Keith



Seeking a challenging job in an esteem organization has the following technologies ﴾Java SE, Java EE, Spring, ADF﴿ where my technical skills and interpersonal skills can be demonstrated to the success of the organization and further developed.



  • Java SE
  • Java EE ﴾Servlets ‐ JSP, ‐ JSF ‐ Prime faces ‐ web services﴿ ORM﴾Hibernate ‐ JPA﴿
  • Database ﴾MySql ‐ Oracle DB ‐ PL‐Sql
  • Framework﴾Spring core ‐ Spring MVC ‐ Spring Security ‐ Spring restful﴿ ADF﴾Business component ‐ Binding ‐ View layer ‐ MAF﴿
  • Web technologies ﴾HTML5 ‐ CSS3 ‐ JavaScript ‐ jQuery ‐ Ajax ‐ JSON﴿ Other﴾Maven ‐ Basic Oracle BI ‐ Jasper report XML schema﴿
  • Mobile basic Ios 12 & Swift



Java / ADF Developer – Feb 2018 ‐ Present
Wells Fargo, New York

Java Developer – May 2015 ‐ Feb 2018
Neucon Technologies



Air Defense
Java / ADF developer Oct 2019 ‐ Present
Participate in an Air Defense Forces location to migrate and develop pages from oracle forms to ADF technology and develop new screens from scratch to Air Defense Forces in Neurol.

Online Store App
Java / Spring Apr 2019 ‐ Present
Develop and build Online Store APP project using ﴾Java, JSF, Spring core, Spring security, OracleDB﴿

Reports of Gen Application
Java / Report builder 2018 2019
Build a report generator application using the Jasper report.

HR Module
Java / ADF developer 2018 2019
Build a module Attendance % Absence of employees from scratch via ADF technology

Financial App
Java / ADF developer
Updated few adjustments on a Finacial web application



Masters in Computer Application
University of California, Los Angeles Mar 2012 ‐ Jun 2015

B.Sc. In information System
Arizona State University Sep 2012 ‐ Jul 2016
Tools: Java, ADF, JS, Oracle DB, and Jasper report



  • Comupting
  • Walking and Exercising



Java SE / Java EE diploma
NIIT Solution Aug 2016 ‐ Jan 2017

ADF diploma ﴾ADF 1, ADF2, MAF﴿
Ace Technologies Feb 2017 ‐ Oct 2017

Spring ﴾core, MVC, Security, webService﴿
MoveIn Software Mar 2018 ‐ Aug 2018



  • Net beans
  • Eclipse
  • Jdeveloper
  • Jasper report
  • Toad for oracle / Mysql
  • MySql ﴾workbench﴿



  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish



  • Work under pressure
  • Good communication skills
  • Solution analysis and problem-solving
  • Ability to work individually and as a co‐operative team member

Career Expert Tips:

  • Always make sure you choose the perfect resume format to suit your professional experience.
  • Ensure that you know how to write a resume in a way that highlights your competencies.
  • Check the expert curated popular good CV and resume examples

Java Developer Resume with Writing Guide

When you are looking for a new job in the Java Developer field, your resume is the most important piece of your application. You want to make sure that hiring managers recognize your skills and experience quickly. However, it can be difficult to look like a pro if you don’t know how to write one. This article will teach you how to put together an outstanding Java Developer Resume, from crafting your introduction paragraph all the way through designing your layout and formatting.

Java is open-source software that includes everything needed to run programs from small, simple applications to very large ones. Originally developed by Sun Microsystems (now part of Oracle), it is now developed by Oracle Corporation.

We recommend you to go through our article “how to write a resume“. We assure you will get the best of knowledge to build a job-winning Java Developer Resume or curriculum vitae. In case if you want to know about the types of resume formats used in the current job market. We are happy to give you the full details about the “resume formats” for your next job.

Java Developer Resume Writing Guide:

Your Introduction

This is the first impression your resume will make and it needs to be a memorable one!The first sentence should summarize your whole career in as few words as possible. Not only does this save valuable writing space, but it also gives hiring managers an overview of your experience. Try to keep this sentence under 10 words and above all, make sure you are using action verbs that show initiative and responsibility. When writing about previous positions, always list the company name first. Here is an example:

“Lead, design, code and test software solutions using Java programming language and software development processes (Agile Project Management, Scrum) for the Outsourced Technical Support department of the ABC Company.”

Just including your job title or previous company’s name makes your resume seem generic. Instead, put emphasis on your responsibility by writing out the whole company name. This shows hiring managers that you are familiar with a big organization and can work well within one.

Your Qualifications

This is the chance to showcase your experience. List all job-related achievements and responsibilities you have had and the details of each one. Examples include: “led development team on project X for 5 years”; “implemented Middleware and Web Application Development solution for the Pharmaceutical company Y using Java and J2EE technologies” etc. Don’t make this a long paragraph, just list out your work history clearly so hiring managers can read through easily. Here is an example:

“Led development team on project X for 5 years, transforming a traditional approach into agile practices. Implemented Middleware and Web Application Development solution for the Pharmaceutical company Y using Java and J2EE technologies, saving more than $500K in two years. Trained other developers to create new software systems in 3 month period. Eliminated the need for 15 external consultants by making them productive within 3 months.”

In this paragraph, you are explaining what the position entails. Your goal is to convince the hiring manager that you are responsible and work efficiently. A hiring manager that can see this will be more likely to offer a job to you and you will be able to produce quality work. What do you think?

Your Achievements/Responsibilities

This is the chance to show your skills. List your projects in chronological order, either by date or milestones too. Don’t worry about making spelling mistakes, as hiring managers are unlikely to notice. Most importantly, don’t forget to include all the dates and names of your team members. They will remember what you did when they meet you in person for the interview. If you are asked a question that requires some number crunching, don’t forget to include the resources used and any specific detail such as time spent on each project etc.

Java Developer Responsibilities:

  1. Take control of a team and implement the desired software architecture to meet requirements in an interactive environment with little or no supervision.
  2. Develop functional, performance, and reliable software that meets the needs of a business partner by designing databases, implementing data structures, creating test methods, and debugging defects.
  3. Modify, maintain, or create programs that perform a variety of functions.
  4. Create and improve software and systems using standard development practices.
  5. Review the work of other programmers to verify that it is correct and complies with specifications.
  6. Reconcile discrepancies in reports from users and developers regarding program defects to determine the cause of problems and recommend corrective action where required.
  7. Recommend improvements to existing programs, monitor the results of changes, and document the process for other developers and users.
  8. Solve problems related to software development.
  9. Analyze requirements, develop solutions for software development, and implement solutions using standard programming practices on a variety of platforms
  10. Design, develop, and maintain database programs that provide access methods to data stored in various databases such as Oracle or SQL Server.

Top 10 Must-have Java Developer Skills:

  1. JavaandJ2EE Tools
  2. Java and JDBC Tools
  3. Swing/AWT/Swing Application Development Toolkit
  4. JavaBeans (JFC/GUI) Development Toolkit
  5. CVS
  6. Testing Tools
  7. Ant
  8. Proficiency in Tasks/Projects Planning and Management
  9. Proficiency with Object-Oriented Design Methodology, Design Patterns, Design Principles, and Frameworks
  10. Communication Skills

Top 9 Must-have Java Developer Soft Skills:

  1. Professional and Personal Strengths and Weaknesses
  2. Communication Skills (written, verbal)
  3. Interpersonal skills (written, verbal)
  4. Effective Time Management
  5. Self-Confidence
  6. Encouraging Communication with your Boss and Team Members
  7. Independence and Stress Tolerance
  8. Differentiation of Skills from Other Tech Kanban
  9. Effective Time Management

Tips to write a Java Developer Resume Summary:

Java Developer’s resume summary should be short and highlight your most relevant skills.

This is often the only part of your resume a Human Resources (HR) professional will read, so this part of your resume needs to pack a punch. Your Java Developer resume summary should focus on what makes you the right candidate for the job and what makes you stand out from other candidates. Keywords: Java Developers can use common keywords to help in their search for jobs, but it is important to not overdo it.


  1. Highlight your skills and abilities, not your experience.
  2. Avoid the ‘job title’ as much as possible, as these types of resumes often get filtered out anyway.
  3. Highlight the results you are proud of rather than what you managed to accomplish
  4. Make sure to include contact information if at all possible; lets you easily be reached in case of an emergency or job change
  5. Use a bullet list format (vs. a paragraph for each bullet)
  6. Keep it short
  7. Use ample keywords Link the skills to the job description (while also linking your resume to the position)

How to write a Java Developer Resume with No experience:

  1. Make a list of everything you have done in the past few years
  2. Review job advertisements to find ones related to your interests and skills
  3. Develop the format for your resume based on the tasks you listed in Step 1 of this article above
  4. Increase your chances of getting a good technical job by customizing your resume to what employers are asking for
  5. Get more practice and feedback on your resume from this application form
  6. Preview your resume and ask for feedback immediately! *(show people what you’ve done)
  7. Revise your resume several times before sending it out to employers *(ask for feedback)
  8. Get feedback from other people, including people experienced in resume writing, whenever possible
  9. Don’t let friends and family distract you from your goal of getting a good tech job
  10. Send your resume to as many companies as you can *(be persistent)

How to write a Java Developer Cover Letter:

The Java Developer cover letter should be concise but full of bullet points.

Make use of THE HEADLINES above. These are the most important things you will need to cover during the interview, so make sure you cover them all in your letter.

This is a Q/A format, so start with clear and straightforward questions that will help you gauge if this person should be contacted for an interview (or not).

Address the position you are applying for. Are you responding to a job description? Does it specifically mention the skills and experience you have?

Make sure you have thoroughly read the job description before writing your cover letter. State how your experience and skills match those listed. If there are contradicting requirements, make a note of that!

Include bullet points throughout the letter, especially in the final paragraph where you can reiterate what they should expect from an interview with you.

Key Takeaways:

  • This is a resume for a Java Developer who’s looking to get into a team of the same software technologies
  • It is aimed at junior developers looking to start or move into senior roles in a 1-2 years
  • Includes a summary of experience which helps the employer get a full picture of the candidates qualifications
  • Has contact details and links to references at the end, so the employer can learn more