Junior Sales Assistant Resume

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Jessica Watson

Sales Assistant




I am fresh graduate from Insitiute of New York Business Managment with extensive working experience. To seek challenging assignment and responsibilty. with an opportunity for growth and career advancement as sucessful achievements.



  • MS Word
  • MS Power Point
  • MS Excell
  • Research
  • Marketing


Work Experience


Sales Assistant

GM Motors



  • Functioned as backup in areas of sales, support, and services.
  • Refunded payments for returned items, processed exchanges and offered store credit to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Provided pricing information to customers regarding specific products.
  • Delivered high level of assistance by locating products and checking store system for merchandise at other sites.
  • Completed efficient store resets to prepare store for special promotions and seasonal updates.
  • Served customers with knowledgeable, friendly support at every stage of shopping and purchasing.

Clerk Operation

KLM Training Consulting

Nov 2018


  • Intership
  • Do the documentation of company
  • Do the marketing
  • Renew license contractor
  • Key in grade contractor
  • Help supervisior do the quotation

Part Time Promoter


Dec 2015


  • Increased brand awareness through event marketing, demonstrations, sales and brand promotion.
  • Planned and submitted budgets for marketing department worth over .
  • Worked with marketing department to create targeted advertising strategies for key customer demographics.




Bachelors in Business

San Jose State University

Jan 2014


Diploma in Business

Northeastern University






  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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  • Ensure that you know how to write a resume in a way that highlights your competencies.
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How to Write Junior Sales Assistant Resume

When applying to be a junior sales assistant, you need a resume that emphasizes your skills. You will need experience and education for the role, but it is also important to have some customer service skills.

Junior Sales Assistant Job Description:

Junior sales assistants work in a variety of different industries. Their role is to be able to get customers interested in their business or product. This means that they can’t just focus on selling the product, but on selling themselves as well. They will be responsible for building their own customer base and managing it. The job will require good time management skills and multitasking skills, which are needed when taking care of multiple customers at once.

Junior Sales Assistant is responsible for assisting customers with requests for information, orders, and payments. Must be able to use basic computer skills such as; word processing or spreadsheet applications (Microsoft Office). Full-time or part-time position available

Salary will be determined on skills related to the job & experience.

Roles & Responsibilities:

The job of junior sales assistants requires them to be able to work on a team as well as on their own. They will be responsible for the following tasks:

  1. Enthusiastic and professional attitude toward the product, company, and other employees.
  2. Customer services skills-help with various forms of contact to customers including in person, phone call, email etc.
  3. Follow company policies and procedures-ability to follow directions without question is good in this position.
  4. Oversee inventory for the company in case it is lost or damaged.
  5. Answer phones, greet customers and speak to customers about other products/services that could be of interest to them based on their needs.
  6. Cleanliness and organization of the workplace –
  7. Sales-generating skills-ability to manage customer’s first impression of the business/product via telephone by being able to listen, ask questions, and respond appropriately at all times.
  8. Provide exceptional customer service by listening carefully to customers and responding appropriately.
  9. Work with other employees to meet or exceed sales goals and keep customers satisfied.
  10. Organize products and materials for the next day’s visit ensuring all necessary supplies are on hand for the salesperson including brochures, samples, etc.
  11. Maintain radio contact with all assigned vehicles to coordinate the timing of purchase by customers anytime and anywhere a sale is made.

Tips to write Junior Sales Assistant Resume Summary:

  1. Make sure to include your education and work experience as well as your customer service skills and any other job-related skills you have on your resume when applying for this position.
  2. You can even start a blog that publicizes your passion for a particular topic or product in which you are considering working with or selling.
  3. When writing your resume, use short and concise sentences so that the employer can easily understand what you are saying.
  4. If you are applying to be a junior sales assistant and you do not have any experience, make sure to include your education and any work experience on your resume.
  5. Cover all parts of the resume-not just the education section. This is what brings focus to your job-related skills.
  6. Make sure that your cover letter reflects how much you will benefit the company and what you’re willing to do in order for them to get the most out of you as either a junior sales assistant or customer service representative.

Top 10 Junior Sales Assistant Skill:

  1. Work under pressure and meet strict deadlines.
  2. Take responsibility for actions and demonstrate initiative.
  3. Excellent communication skills; language, written, and verbal presentation skills.
  4. Problem-solving skills, Strong analytical ability, and attention to detail.
  5. Presentation skills; including the ability to conduct a meeting or present at an event, training, or workshop environment in a professional manner that positively represents the company’s image.
  6. Marketing/Business Development experience.
  7. The ability to manage and meet the needs of customers.
  8. Attention to detail and excellent organizational skills.
  9. Ability to work well in a team environment, under pressure and strict deadlines, and have superior follow-up skills.
  10. Maintain professionalism while dealing with difficult situations without losing your composure or demeanor.

Junior sales assistants can get a job at a number of different places, even if they don’t have any experience in the field.

How to Write Junior Sales Assistant Experience on Resume?

When writing for a junior sales assistant, the most important thing to highlight is your experience. Make sure to include all of your customer service, work, and education experience. Highlighting your skills is also a good idea because it will help emphasize why you are a perfect candidate for the position.

  • Use bullet points when highlighting your job-related experience. This will make your experience section look more organized and professional.
  • Use numbers when writing out your job-related experience. This is good because it will show how many different jobs you have had in the past.
  • Make sure to include all job-related knowledge and skills that you have learned while working in the position. This will make it easier for the employer to understand why you are a perfect candidate for the position.

How to Write a Sales Assistant Fresher Resume:

A sales assistant fresher resume is written the same way as a junior sales assistant resume. A lot of job seekers tend to overdo it when writing their resumes and this can actually hurt them in the long run. For example, some candidates may include irrelevant information that does not connect with the position they are applying for, which results in a lower chance of being hired.

The best way to present yourself as a suitable candidate for the position of the junior sales assistant is to highlight your skills which include:

  • Highlight your skills as well as your motivation for joining the company.
  • Highlight your skills to showcase why you are a good candidate for the job and how talented you are.
  • Enter information about all aspects of your life so that it is easy to read.
  • Keep aside any information that does not apply for the job you are applying for.

If you can offer the above skills, then you will be a good candidate for a junior sales assistant. Also, ensure that you possess other necessary qualifications that require such as computer knowledge and experience in using Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

Final Conclusion: Sales assistant job is one of the easiest jobs to get. Sales assistants are required in large numbers in every kind of industry. In a sales assistant vacancy, you have to work with customers, handle their queries and queries on the product. A sales assistant job is not only a good option for those who want to pursue graduation, but also for those who have recently completed their graduation courses and wish to start an independent career.

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