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Marketing Communications Expert Resume Sample

Marketing & Communications Expert


MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS EXPERT with 10< years of international experience in building industry-leading brands. Proven track record in the sports, beauty, and fashion industry. Passionate about building a strong team and client relationships.


  • Profound marketing and communication skills.
  • Robust sales expertise and a deep understanding of customer needs.
  • Strong leadership and interpersonal skills.
  • Open-minded strategist with strong analytical skills.
  • The international mindset with an entrepreneurial spirit and can-do personality.

Work Experience 

Founder & Managing Director
Goodly Health
Establish and lead the first groupfitness boutique gym in Vienna with no contract or membership. Define the companies roadmap and budget. Formulate strategies to control costs and manage risks. Create a successful and cost-effective marketing strategy. Develope and execute a comprehensive communications strategy including PR management, media requests, blogger relations, social media and web content. Define the strategic and operational development of the portfolio. Identify growth potentials and new trends. Sales management: expansion and optimization of the private and corporate customer business (company health care programms and industry partners). Creative direction of all visual material. Manage and motivate a team of 15.

Communications Manager
JIN Technology Services
Establish the press department and agency management. Develop the local communication strategy. Head the PR planning and budgeting of “Tier 3” countries (Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Portugal & Austria). Manage the strategic repositioning of Colt. Brand ambassador: embody and communicate mission, identity and core values. Responsible for journalist support, media work, advertisement and event planning, case studies, intranet and email newsletter content. Brief and liase with agencies and partners. Internal communication. Responsible for the local CSR activities.

Product Manager
Yours Beauty
Marketing, sales and press responsible for 8 cosmetic brands of YSL Beauté (Yves Saint Laurent, Boucheron, Van Cleef, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Ermenegildo Zegna, Oscar de la Renta and Roger & Gallet).

Plan, execute and control the marketing calendar. Responsible for the budget management. Plan all trade marketing and distribution policies. Forecast sales and guarantee on time delivery. Supervise sell-in and sell-out via promotions. Train and motivate brand sales team of 2. Key account management. Lead country for Zegna Parfums (best sales performance). Organize and execute press conferences. Develop and maintain constant media relations. Internal & external brand trainings. Market analysis.

PR & Sales Coordinator
Markin, New York
Plan and execute sales and public relations activities. Present collections to buyers and press, organise road shows. Manage contacts to stylists and celebrities. Generate extensive media coverage in print, TV, movies and radio. Bridge communication to factories and buyers to ensure accurate deliveries. Coordinate advertising, special events, charities and personal appearances.


Design Marketing
VM School of Design, New York

Business Administration
New York University of Economic and Business Administration

  • Master in Business Administration, Top 5% (Center of Excellence)
  • Major: Marketing, Minor: Finance & Banking
  • Thesis: Product Placement in Hollywood Productions, Los Angeles, Summer 1997

Previous Jobs & Internships

  • Marketing Coordinator, Jim Carry, New York, 4/2000 – 7 / 2000
  • Accessories Editorial Intern, Brand Bazaar, New York, 2/2000 – 4/2000
  • Public Relations Assistant, Marcuin New York, 5/1999 – 2/2000
  • Commercial Production Assistant, Krillon, Los Angeles, Summer 1997
  • Admin & Finance Intern, VM Austria, New York, Summer 1994


  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Chines

Career Expert Tips:

  • Always make sure you choose the perfect resume format to suit your professional experience.
  • Ensure that you know how to write a resume in a way that highlights your competencies.
  • Check the expert curated popular good CV and resume examples

Marketing Communications Expert Resume with Writing Guide

In today’s business world, a resume is no longer just a document that summarizes your education and work history. Rather, it is an all-out marketing statement that sells you to a prospective employer. As such, you should spend just as much time on the wording of your resume as on the content. Your cover letter and resume should, in essence, be one long sales letter designed to persuade the reader of your value as a potential employee for their company.

This is because the employer is going to use a lot of your resume when deciding whether or not to make you an offer. After all, a single page or two will not be enough for the employer to determine whether you are an appropriate candidate for their company. The employer will most likely skim your resume and/or cover letter, but if either one leaves them confused, they will stop reading and move on to the next uninteresting resume.

Marketing Communications Expert Resume with Writing Guide:

  1. First and foremost, you must have experience. Don’t just say you are great at marketing communications. Prove it by explaining what types of projects you’ve worked on and what types of marketing campaigns you’ve managed.
  2. Put your education on the back burner. Most companies don’t care about your college coursework unless they see an ability to apply the skills learned in school to their business environment. So instead of emphasizing your college degree, focus on your experience.
  3. Be prepared to talk about why you’re qualified to work with a company. Highlight the positive attributes that make you a valuable addition to the team.
  4. Show everyone how motivated you are and that you’re ready to roll with a company for at least two years and maybe more if they have a position available. Forget the job objective and think about a time when you had to work extra hard under trying circumstances to get the job done.
  5. Make sure to address your strengths in detail, providing specific reasons why you’re an ideal fit for a company. If you’re too weak or too strong with your skills, this will come across as hype and not truth.
  6. Don’t say that you know how to write a great resume because all resumes are crap. Just be positive and say you know how to make a great resume.
  7. Don’t be afraid to self-promote. Most people have a hard time making the leap from employee to employer, so let your boss know that you’d like to stay with the company if the opportunity arises.
  8. Demonstrate perseverance by saying that you can perform at levels higher than any other person on your team when it comes to juggling tasks, working overtime and making sure all deadlines were met.
  9. Give a recent example of when you worked on a team and how you made sure the project was completed successfully. This is good to back up any claims about your ability to work as part of a diverse team.
  10. Put any soft skills at the top of your resume. Soft skills are important because they are characteristics that a company values highly (things like communication, teamwork, customer service and reliability). Even if you have no hard skills, focus on your soft skills.

List of Typical Responsibilities For a Marketing Communications Expert Resume:

  1. Prepared and created all hi-res files of marketing collateral (print and online)
  2. Created online ads, banners, and landing pages
  3. Booked advertisements for the company with local newspapers, magazines, and on the radio
  4. Handled all email requests from customers–responding in a timely manner
  5. Created all email newsletters and mass emailers for the company
  6. Handled all calls from customers, booking appointments and solving their problems
  7. Created written customer feedback forms and sent to clients asking for feedback on the service
  8. Created printed letters to clients highlighting client’s satisfaction with product or service
  9. Prepared monthly marketing reports for management summarizing sales, marketing expenses, etc.

Top 15 Must-have Marketing Communications Expert Skills:

  1. Strong Communication Skills
  2. Creativity & Innovation
  3. Problem-solving skills
  4. Excellent Interpersonal skills and Teamwork
  5. Knowledge of Marketing Tools and Techniques
  6. Leadership & Management skills
  7. Strategic Planning and Budgeting skills
  8. Analytical & Logical thinking & Decision making abilities
  9. Effective verbal and written communication skills
  10. Critical thinking skills
  11. Problem solving abilities
  12. Analytical and evaluative thinking skills
  13. Effective communication & Presentation skills
  14. Efficient time management and Scheduling skills
  15. Effective time management and prioritizing skills

Tips to write a Marketing Communications Expert Resume Summary:

  1. Don’t bother with a resume Summary. If you’re a Marketing Communications Expert, your resume is probably already full of titles and accomplishments.
  2. Use short sentences and one-sentence paragraphs to keep the content of your resume to a minimum.
  3. Use bullets for lists if you have several items to say – otherwise, only include the most important details about yourself in bullet points.
  4. Use a font that’s easy to read and that holds up well in print.
  5. Use headings, subheadings and bold type to highlight key points.
  6. Add facts about yourself as directly about you as possible – i.e., job descriptions, accomplishments, awards – so that they’re the most compelling piece of the resume Summary when the hiring manager folds it open (yes, fold it open a few times).
  7. Don’t waste space by making up wishful titles for your jobs.
  8. Don’t use a lot of fancy formatting or graphics in your resume Summary – just modest needs, please.
  9. Be thorough and accurate when including information on how you accomplished tasks while in each job role.

How to write a Marketing Communications Expert Resume with No experience:

  1. First, you need to find out what is the general job requirements:
  2. Then you need to see which skills is needed:
  3. Ask yourself if you have some of those skills.  If yes, then start writing your resume and marketing communications cover letter .
  4. Go for it!  You can write an amazing Marketing Communications Expert Resume with No experience.
  5. Use this guide as a reference if you have any more questions.
  6. Then make sure it is ready for employers to read and check it for errors.
  7. You’re done!  Now, find some job opportunities or connect with us if you need help finding a job fast!
  8. Remember – You need to get some skills to prove yourself before start applying for jobs.

How to write a Marketing Communications Expert Cover Letter:

  • Begin with a greeting
  • Identify yourself and any other person you are writing on behalf of
  • State the purpose of the letter and include any information that relates to it (i.e.: from whom you heard about this job, what steps you are taking to apply, etc.)
  • Have a short introductory paragraph that grabs the reader’s attention by linking in some way to the job posting or what you know about the company (see below for more detailed examples).
  • Thank the reader for taking the time to read and respond to your letter.
  • Tell why you are writing (i.e.: “I was interested in learning more about this career path and had been looking at your job posting in my professional social network.”).
  • Include a short paragraph describing yourself – summarize your experience, education, skills, and accomplishments that describe who you are as an individual (see below for more detail).
  • Provide a relevant fact or statistic (i.e.

Key Takeaways:

  • An effective resume will help you stand out.
  • Your resume should communicate your relevant skills and experience and should be tailored to the job you want.
  • Make sure your resume is clean, well-formatted, easy to read, and visually appealing.