PE Teacher Resume Sample

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Justin Harry

PE Teacher




Highly enthusiastic teaching professional who is eager to provide all students with a solid education. Talent for bringing the classroom to life with real-world examples and innovative technology. Proven ability for discovering students’ varying learning styles, ensuring each student’s unique academic needs are met. Encouraging educator who offers plenty of positive reinforcement to maintain a calm and controlled classroom. Well-rounded with exceptional communication, interpersonal, organizational, and innovation skills



  • Computers
  • Tennis
  • swimming


Work Experience


PE Teacher

St. Mary Convent School – NY

Aug 2012


Organize games and challenges that promote physical activity among children and young adults at  school. my goal is to develop motor skills and physical development among younger children and proper exercise  among older children.

Football Trainer

YMCA Football Federation

Sep 2011


My role is to Instruct, motivate and organize football teams. Depending on experience, qualifications, and interests, they may work with children, adults, non-professionals or professional players. Football Coaches train, determine game plans and tactics, and inspire players.

PE Teacher

Mark International School

Jul 2014


  • To plan, develop and deliver high quality lessons using a variety of approaches, to continually enhance teaching and learning.
  • To monitor student progress, keeping student records that include assessment outcomes and targets set at regular intervals in line with Academy policy, to enable all students to achieve their full potential.  Contribute to the safeguarding and promotion of the welfare and personal care of children and young people with regard to the Every Child Matters agenda and Area Child Protection Procedures.
  •   To be a member of the PE Department .
  •  Any other reasonable tasks requested by the Principal

Physical Training Instructor

J&M College of Science – NY



  • Play a key role in developing and maintaining the health, fitness and well-being of our soldiers. To check physical fitness is absolutely essential in maintaining good health.
  • As a PTI you are responsible for ensuring that personnel are physically capable to conduct their operational duties, and continue to be ‘Fit to Fight’ throughout their careers.
  • PTI’s also contribute to our soldier’s mental health and resilience, and support well-being and leadership development through team based activities.




Bachelor Degree in Physical Education

San Jose State University

Jun 2004


Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education: Program Overview. Physical education bachelor’s degree programs allow students to explore exercise and physical activities that can improve the well-being of the human body. These programs may cover kinesiology, exercise psychology, and motor skills development.


Northeastern University

Mar 2013





  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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Guide to write a Professional PE Teacher Resume

If you’re looking for a job as a physical education teacher, preparing your resume with the goal of getting your foot in the door can be an arduous process. But with some careful consideration and a bit of time spent on this step, it’ll be worth it. Here are some tips to help you write a resume that will get noticed―as well as how to tailor your resume for different purposes (or employers).

Consider your school district or state requirements about what must be included in a teaching resume. You may need to include additional information, like your name, address, and specific information about your degree and its requirements. Include your education—name the college or university where you received your degree; specify that it was a bachelor’s degree in physical education. Include any relevant coursework, certifications or special training you have that are related to physical education. List your work experience as a teacher in physical education so far.

PE Teacher Job Description:

Physical education teachers lead and facilitate physical activities and sports that promote physical fitness and health. They organize the sports program for junior high or elementary school students, supervise the players in a game or activity, evaluate performance, and motivate students to participate in activities. They may be called athletic directors if they are also responsible for the organization of sporting events at a high school or college.

PE Teacher Responsibilities:

PE teacher duties vary depending on their job responsibilities, position, academic program, level of experience, and the age group they instruct.

  • Provide students with an introduction to a variety of sports and outdoor activities.
  • Suggest ways of staying physically active in their leisure time.
  • Provide, maintain and supervise recreational facilities for students.
  • Maintain accurate records regarding the sports program and physical education curriculum.
  • Develop lesson plans and teach physical education classes.
  • Plan and schedule the sports programs for their schools.
  • Teach classes such as gymnastics and dance.
  • Work with students who have special needs.
  • Coordinate field trips or sports camps for students.

Guide to Write a PE Teacher Resume Summary:

A summary of a physical education teacher’s resume needs to highlight the most relevant experience.

  • Don’t include high school athletes playing experiences. Though it highlights your enthusiasm for physical fitness, this information isn’t relevant to a PE teacher job.
  • Don’t include exercise-related hobbies and sports you play outside of work. This section is for professional experience, not your pastime activities.
  • Include any certifications or special training you have that are related to physical education teaching.

Summary example:

“Having 5 years of experience as a physical education teacher at a public high school in the state of Illinois. I have taught at all levels of my school district, from kindergarten to eighth grade PE classes. I have been recognized by my district for my outstanding teaching style and record of success with student learning outcomes.”

Top 10 Must-have PE Teacher Skills:

  1. Excellent communication skills
  2. Excellent organizational and professional skills
  3. An abundance of energy and enthusiasm for teaching physical education to children
  4. Thorough knowledge of PAWS curriculum
  5. Ability to identify strengths and weaknesses in student-athletes at all levels of achievement and work with coaches to maximize potential
  6. Active team worker who is dependable, responsible, punctual, honest, and trustworthy
  7. Positive attitude throughout the season and ready for a new challenge after retirement or after a short break
  8. Highly motivated, creative, and self-motivated teacher who can inspire young people to reach their potential
  9. Ability to communicate effectively with parents and student-athletes
  10. Great interpersonal skills, especially with students in the school setting

PE Teacher Qualification:

To teach in the public school system, you must:

  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent certificate. You may be eligible for certification by the National Education Association and/or the American Physical Therapy Association if this is your first teaching position.
  • Pass a criminal background check and complete a fingerprint check if you are applying for federal employment
  • Have obtained your teacher’s license from your state or local jurisdiction.

PE Teacher Experience:

Teaching experience is necessary to become a physical education teacher. Typically, you will work your way up from a part-time or substitute position to a full-time teaching position.
– Most entry-level positions require a master’s degree in education

Guide to Write a PE Teacher Resume with no experience:

The following steps will give you a sample resume with no teaching experience.

  • Write a detailed description of your academic background. Include information about your GPA, how long you taught and why you chose to teach physical education.
  • List your athletic experiences, especially as a PE teacher in grades K-12, high school or college. Include information about any physical fitness certifications you have earned and the awards they have received.
  • Provide details about the sports teams you coached as a student-athlete (if relevant). Include any tournament wins you earned and the honors you received.
  • Show your work toward becoming certified to teach physical education. Include any certifications or advanced degrees you have earned that will help you become a certified PE teacher.
  • List your volunteer experience as a physical education teacher in a local school district. Include information about the ages of your students, the number of years and grades taught and what grades they achieved.
  • Detail any coaching experience or related activities (such as sports medicine) that led to becoming an accomplished teacher.

Guide to Write a PE Teacher Cover Letter:

The following steps will give you a sample cover letter for your resume.

  • Mention in your cover letter that you already have a teaching certificate.
  • Provide information about your employment history.
  • Mention that you are “an excellent teacher,” “highly enthusiastic about students, sports, and being a part of the school.”
  • Mention that you are familiar with the PE syllabus in grades K-12.
  • Describe how well you worked with athletes in grades K-12 as a student.
  • Describe your activities in a physical education class, how you helped students improve, and explain how you led by example.
  • Briefly describe what you enjoyed most about your teaching experience.
  • Give a detailed description of your work history in the field of physical education.
  • Mention that you have completed PE teacher training and have administered physical fitness programs for students.

Key takeaways:

To be a PE teacher you will need to have a clear understanding of the physical development of children as well as the required academic standards.

  • You need to be prepared to teach basic life skills that are integrated with the PE curriculum.
  • You need to be passionate about learning as you will be exposed to new and unique content every day.
  • You will need to have patience and a high sense of urgency when working with children in the classroom.
  • You will need to have exceptional communication skills as you may be required to communicate with parents, students, teachers, and administration members.