Pharmacy Manager Resume

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Pharmacy Manager Resume Sample

Marsh James
Pharmacy Manager


Having 10 Years of experience in handling daily operations of a pharmaceutical point of sales. I work with attention and focus to deliver the best customer service. I manage and supervise daily work with ease. I wish to work in a manager position, using all my knowledge and experience to contribute to the growth of a business.


Work Experience 

Pharmacy Manager
Seventh Rainbow Hospital

  • Including the main duties of a pharmacist:
  • Preparing and dispensing medication on the basis of physicians’ requests.
  • Providing general health advice to patients.
  • Performs primary functions of the Registered Pharmacy manager for MOH.
  • Updates Doctors and other healthcare providers about SFDA Drug Recalls.
  • Assisted in Interviewing candidates recruitment.
  • Acting Pharmacy Director: Performed responsibilities as a temporary capacity (when Pharmacy Director is on leave).
  • Served as In-charge/Supervisor for the Out-patient Pharmacy until hiring of an Out-pt. Supervisor (2017 “Hospital opening’ – Ongoing).
  • Observed and supervised the work performance of Pharmacist to ensure adherence to efficient department flow.
  • Handled training and mentoring of new staff & Intern student orientation & training.
  • Supervised the inventory of pharmacy stock.
  • Determined medications and supplies needed.
  • Handling orders and maintaining stock levels.
  • Receiving medications – Addition on system.
  • On a daily basis, placed purchase requests with purchasing department as required and in adherence with monthly consumption.
  • Handled purchasing of medicines and regulation of stock inventory.
  • Participated in meetings with medical representatives.
  • Sustains the formulary by minimizing nonformulary procurements, utilizing therapeutic substitution protocols, and promoting rational drug therapy selection.
  • Supervised the inventory of pharmacy stock and determined supplies needed/ Assure that stock items are used prior to expiration dates.
  • Closely supervised and monitored the overall aspect of pharmacy operations, customer satisfaction evaluation, regular patient counseling, inventory maintenance, profit and payments reconciliation.
  • Executed day-to-day operations in the pharmacy as they pertain to the workflow.
  • Supervised the pharmacy production staff to ensure proper order dispensing and patient counseling.
  • Improved employee morale by scheduling monthly staff meetings to go over accomplishments and highlights.

Pharmacy Manager
Heart Touch Hospital

  • In-charge of Narcotics/Controlled (3 Months + cover whenever Narcotic Pharmacist is on leave)
  • Distribution of all Narcotic and Controlled drugs for all floors.
  • Documentation of Narcotic and Controlled prescription.
  • Handled record-keeping of controlled substances.
  • Handling incident reports.
  • Prescribing & Dispensing incidents.
  • Training of new Narcotic Pharmacist.
  • Quality Coordinator:  Represented the Pharmacy Department during CBAHI survey.  (ESR + Mock survey + /actual survey). The Hospital received CBAHI certificate.
  • Co-wrote Pharmacy Department Policies & Procedures.
  • Prepared needed Forms.
  • Collected data and finalized the Formulary.
  • Awarded with Certification on CBAHI presented from the Hospital.
  • Secretary of Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee (Prepared Agenda and Minutes of meeting).
  • Handling OVRs & patients’ complaints, & occurrence of Medication errors.
  • Fixing issues with the system.
  • Organizing staff continues education.


Faculty of Pharmacy
New York University – United States


  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Chines