Pharmacy Manager Resume

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Pharmacy Manager Resume Sample

Marsh James
Pharmacy Manager


Having 10 Years of experience in handling daily operations of a pharmaceutical point of sales. I work with attention and focus to deliver the best customer service. I manage and supervise daily work with ease. I wish to work in a manager position, using all my knowledge and experience to contribute to the growth of a business.


Work Experience 

Pharmacy Manager
Seventh Rainbow Hospital

  • Including the main duties of a pharmacist:
  • Preparing and dispensing medication on the basis of physicians’ requests.
  • Providing general health advice to patients.
  • Performs primary functions of the Registered Pharmacy manager for MOH.
  • Updates Doctors and other healthcare providers about SFDA Drug Recalls.
  • Assisted in Interviewing candidates recruitment.
  • Acting Pharmacy Director: Performed responsibilities as a temporary capacity (when Pharmacy Director is on leave).
  • Served as In-charge/Supervisor for the Out-patient Pharmacy until hiring of an Out-pt. Supervisor (2017 “Hospital opening’ – Ongoing).
  • Observed and supervised the work performance of Pharmacist to ensure adherence to efficient department flow.
  • Handled training and mentoring of new staff & Intern student orientation & training.
  • Supervised the inventory of pharmacy stock.
  • Determined medications and supplies needed.
  • Handling orders and maintaining stock levels.
  • Receiving medications – Addition on system.
  • On a daily basis, placed purchase requests with purchasing department as required and in adherence with monthly consumption.
  • Handled purchasing of medicines and regulation of stock inventory.
  • Participated in meetings with medical representatives.
  • Sustains the formulary by minimizing nonformulary procurements, utilizing therapeutic substitution protocols, and promoting rational drug therapy selection.
  • Supervised the inventory of pharmacy stock and determined supplies needed/ Assure that stock items are used prior to expiration dates.
  • Closely supervised and monitored the overall aspect of pharmacy operations, customer satisfaction evaluation, regular patient counseling, inventory maintenance, profit and payments reconciliation.
  • Executed day-to-day operations in the pharmacy as they pertain to the workflow.
  • Supervised the pharmacy production staff to ensure proper order dispensing and patient counseling.
  • Improved employee morale by scheduling monthly staff meetings to go over accomplishments and highlights.

Pharmacy Manager
Heart Touch Hospital

  • In-charge of Narcotics/Controlled (3 Months + cover whenever Narcotic Pharmacist is on leave)
  • Distribution of all Narcotic and Controlled drugs for all floors.
  • Documentation of Narcotic and Controlled prescription.
  • Handled record-keeping of controlled substances.
  • Handling incident reports.
  • Prescribing & Dispensing incidents.
  • Training of new Narcotic Pharmacist.
  • Quality Coordinator:  Represented the Pharmacy Department during CBAHI survey.  (ESR + Mock survey + /actual survey). The Hospital received CBAHI certificate.
  • Co-wrote Pharmacy Department Policies & Procedures.
  • Prepared needed Forms.
  • Collected data and finalized the Formulary.
  • Awarded with Certification on CBAHI presented from the Hospital.
  • Secretary of Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee (Prepared Agenda and Minutes of meeting).
  • Handling OVRs & patients’ complaints, & occurrence of Medication errors.
  • Fixing issues with the system.
  • Organizing staff continues education.


Faculty of Pharmacy
New York University – United States


  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Chines

Career Expert Tips:

  • Always make sure you choose the perfect resume format to suit your professional experience.
  • Ensure that you know how to write a resume in a way that highlights your competencies.
  • Check the expert curated popular good CV and resume examples

Pharmacy Manager Resume with Writing Guide

If you’re still looking for work after graduation, one of the fastest ways to catch the attention of employers is by creating a professional resume. Every job description will tell you that your resume should be formatted in a certain way; however, having an exceptional resume does not necessarily mean it has to come from scratch.

The Pharmacy Manager Resume Guide aims to provide a comprehensive aid for employers who aren’t sure how they should address resumes for their company’s jobs. Find out how to write a Pharmacy Manager Resume step-by-step by following the tips in this guide.

A Pharmacy Manager Resume isn’t more complicated than any other resume. It should contain all of the information about yourself that you would include on any other resume, including your work history, skills and education.

Pharmacy Manager Resume Writing Guide:

  • Edit the resume first to remove any information that’s irrelevant to the job. This should include any extra information like specific names, dates or addresses.
  • Make sure your qualifications and experience are relevant to the job you seek by checking out employer websites first – it might be worth using the skills survey template on this site to help you do this. (Jobs you don’t believe are for a Pharmacy Manager?)
  • Use the job description to help you write your resume – this will also help you tailor your resume to each specific job so it’s relevant to the role you seek. (How To Customize Your Resume?)
  • Use clear, plain English – avoid unusual jargon or industry specific language. This will make your CV more appealing to a wider audience of employers, and won’t put off recruiters who don’t share a background in healthcare or pharmacy. (Pharmacy Manager CV Writing Tips)
  • Focus on your leadership skills and achievements – employers are interested in your ability to solve problems and lead a team, so focus on these.
  • Use strong action verbs when describing your goals and accomplishments, like ‘initiated’ or ‘managed’. (Pharmacy Manager CV Tips)
  • Also use action verbs to describe your work experience – for example, if you say you were a ‘pharmacist’ then say exactly what this involved like ‘managed pharmacy and oversaw stock levels’.
  • Use ‘action verbs’ to describe your experience – instead of saying you worked with ‘cancer patients’, say you were a ‘cancer specialist’.
  • Focus on your profession as Pharmacy Manager and your work history – this will give the impression that you have a strong focus on patient care, and show the employer that you are highly skilled in this area.
  • Proofread and spell-check your resume before you send it out – this will make a good first impression!
  • Keep your resume to one side, so you can copy it over for other applications! (Pharmacy Manager Resume Template)
  • Update your CV every 6 months or so, if you have not moved on in your career or taken on any new responsibilities.

List of Typical Responsibilities For a Pharmacy Manager Resume:

  1. Communicate frequently with the chain’s pharmacist or pharmacists.
  2. Assist in determining quality of prescription items.
  3. Assist in determining the best and most effective way to set up pharmaceutical departments, as well as equipment for stocking and dispensing medication items.
  4. Carry out the instructions of the pharmacist and owner in regards to pharmaceutical methods.
  5. Create, establish and follow policies for pharmacy staff, customer service and pharmacy management.
    5.1 Ensure that all prescriptions are handled by staff members appropriately and accurately with confidentiality in mind.
  6. Establish guidelines for employee performance, including disciplinary action when necessary and issue employee appraisals as required.
  7. Ensure the safety and security of the pharmacy by complying with all state, local, or federal laws.
  8. Maintain all records of inventory in a safe and secure manner.
  9. Make regular reports to the chain’s pharmacist or pharmacist about any potential problems on the premises and ensure they are addressed and resolved quickly and effectively.
  10. Represents the pharmacy at community events such as health fairs, health care town hall meetings, community business meetings, sporting clubs etc.

Top 10 Must-have Pharmacy Manager Skills:

  1. A Personable – Pharmacy Manager Resume should be well-written and easy to read. A person with excellent communication skills can express their thoughts clearly with the use of a good vocabulary.
  2. Creative – An imaginative person can bring innovative ideas and solutions to a problem, making your resume stand out from the crowd.
  3. Competent – A highly skilled individual will have the ability to perform tasks at a high level, efficiently and with quality results.
  4. A patient person – A Pharmacy Manager Resume should focus on the positive qualities of the candidate.
  5. Patient – A Pharmacy Manager Resume should be respectful and honest to show a positive attitude towards previous employers, fellow employees or customers.
  6. Cautious – Tips from senior Pharmacy Managers can help you create a Pharmacy Manager Resume that will impress potential employers, strengthen your application and set you apart from other candidates.
  7. Decisive – Know what you want and what the Pharmacy Manager Resume needs to achieve.
  8. Organized – All information should be presented in an orderly fashion that is easy to understand.
  9. Professional – The Pharmacy Manager Resume should reflect a positive image of the job seeker in all areas, including their skills, duties and responsibilities, past experience and references.
  10. Friendly– A pharmacy is a very interactive environment with many different personalities.

Tips to write a Pharmacy Manager Resume Summary:

  • Start with a title page with your name, address, and preferred telephone numbers.
  • Use bullet points to highlight your specific skills, talents, and responsibilities.
  • Do not exceed two pages in length.
  • Include an abbreviated resume at the end of your cover letter.
  • Format the resume to be easily readable.
  • If you have a gap in employment, cover it up with volunteer work.

Of course, you could choose to go minimal and choose not to include any personal information, but consider that the consumer is very interested in your personal history and what makes you tick. You can be as creative as you wish, but do not go overboard, unless your job performance absolutely demands something radical like a mohawk or a tattoo on your face or hands.

How to write a Pharmacy Manager Resume with No experience:

  1. Find job openings on the web.
  2. Write an informative cover letter that states your name, contact information, and what you do for a living.
  3. Save all the job listings you find, they can be used to bring more attention to your resume once it’s written.
  4. Write a list of your qualifications in one bulleted statement followed by 5 or 6 research-based statements supporting those qualifications in numbers or details you can use to back up what you say with research about pharmacy management principles and techniques, record-keeping systems, etc..
  5. Once your list of qualifications is complete, you are going to write a brief summary or synopsis of exactly what you want the reader to get from the resume. It’s very important to include specific accomplishments from the experience and skills section so that they can see how it all fits together and not be confused when reading your resume.
  6. Check the job description for the job you want to apply for and what is required from the employer.
  7. Now that you have all this information, begin writing your resume with a bulleted list of accomplishments, skills, expertise, and experience.
  8. When you are finished putting it together, proofread it at least one more time to make sure every detail is included.
  9. Once it’s printed out give it a good look over to make sure all relevant items are in there before sending it off to prospective employers.

How to write a Pharmacy Manager Cover Letter:

  1. Know Your Target
    Your goal is to get the job you want. So you need to know exactly what it is. It’s best to make a list of all the different types of pharmaceutical sales jobs in your area. Then send them a cover letter that fits each type. “The cover letter,” says Jim Guinee, vice president of customer relations for PSC Healthcare Solutions, “can be customized for each job opening to fit the requirements. If you’re submitting 20 resumes and cover letters, customize them all differently.”
  2. “Do Your Homework”
    If you send a generic cover letter that has been sent to 50 other companies in your area, it’s not going to look very good to the employer. The job market is tight right now and employers are getting hundreds of applicants for every position. The employer will think, “Why do I have to read all these cover letters? They all look the same.”
  3. Be Clear
    It’s very important that you make it clear what kind of a job you want. The employer probably doesn’t know what you’re looking for either because they don’t get many applications from this part of the country or because they aren’t as familiar with the job market in your area.
  4. Get to the Point
    If your cover letter gets on a recruiter’s desk, he or she will probably read it in about 3 seconds. You need to make sure you have the right information in there in one or two sentences that clearly tell them what kind of job you’re applying for. If you don’t provide the employer with the right information at first, they’ll just throw it out. They won’t even read it, just throw it away.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Resume should list clearly your qualifications, skills, and knowledge so that it corresponds to your job description. It should include the following:
  • As the Pharmacy Manager, you will need to show leadership and experience managing a team of people and providing customer support. The resume must show how you have performed these tasks.
  • A Summary of Qualification section may be added on all or some resumes to highlight your strengths, accomplishments, and future goals for the position.
  • It is essential to use proper grammar and spelling while writing the Pharmacy Manager Resume. Typos may prove to be a major turn-off for many recruiters.
  • Resume objective statements can be used to attract attention towards your capabilities and highlight your skills that are required in the job description.
  • Ensure an easy-to-read and professional layout format so that your experience, skills, qualifications, etc., are highlighted properly in the resume.