Relationship Manager Resume Sample

Are you a relationship manager and looking for an exciting career? We have good news for you! use our professional relationship manager resume sample. You don’t have to start writing from scratch. Just click “Edit Resume” and modify it with your details. Update the template fonts and colors have the best chance of landing your dream job. Find more resume samples.

Relationship Manager Resume Sample

Grant Ferguson
Relationship Manager



Effective sales and business development manager with 3 years of experience in business development, area management, sales team training and marketing brand strategy. Consistently exceeded monthly sales targets, resulting in annual multi million­rupiah increases in profits in every company I have work with.


  • Business Development
  • Relationship Management
  • Account Development
  • Complex Negotiations
  • Insurance
  • Sales


Business Development Manager
VT OYO Rooms Singapore Aug 2019 ­ Present

  • Plan & oversee business development efforts for OYO Indonesia in assigned areas/clusters with a goal to onboard high­quality budget hotels on to OYO network.
  • Identify new hotels that meet OYO standards in terms of location, pricing, infrastructure quality, owner willingness, and pitch OYO’s partnership proposal.
  • Negotiate OYO’s commercial agreement with interested hotels Strengthen relationships with existing hotel partners & other relevant stakeholders.
  • Work closely with the revenue management team to drive top­line for the partner hotel Collaborate with other teams in OYO such as operations, marketing, pricing, customer support, and finance to ensure smooth functioning of hotels on a day­to­day basis.

Relationship Manager
BNT Equity Life Singapore Mar 2019 ­ Jul 2019

  • Build a productive relationship and positive synergy with Bank partner (Bank Jateng). Supervise and monitoring Bancassurance Relationship Officer.
  • Mentored and trained Bank staff on Life Insurance.
  • Held mini­events, gathering, and socialization with Bank’s partner in order to educate the potential customers on the importance of Life Insurance. Achieve monthly target of 500 million rupiah premium.

Professional Financial Consultant
Aviva Life Singapore
Jul 2016 ­ Aug 2018

  • Provided financial modeling, financial analysis, risk­tolerance assessments, and retirement illustrations to high net­worth clients for strategies today through retirement.
  • Coached, mentored and trained Bank Staff on the importance of Life Insurance and how they can create bigger revenue from cross­selling them with the other basic bank products.
  • Repeatedly recognized and honored for top sales/leads, customer service and leadership in the year 2016­2017.


  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish


  • Reading Books
  • Playing Tennis
  • Blogging
  • Exploring New Places


  • Good Communication Skills
  • Smart Working & Dedicated
  • Passion to learn new things & innovative

Career Expert Tips:

  • Always make sure you choose the perfect resume format to suit your professional experience.
  • Ensure that you know how to write a resume in a way that highlights your competencies.
  • Check the expert curated popular good CV and resume examples

Relationship Manager Resume with Writing Guide

Relationship Manger resume is a specialized and customized document which can be used to showcase the skills and experience of the candidate. This article will guide you to generating a Relationship Manager Resume, from professional templates, tips for writing a resume for a Relationship Manager and how to tailor it to your needs.

What should go in my Relationship Manager Resume?
Every employer wants their business objectives supported by high-quality staff. It is your responsibility as an applicant to outline your qualifications that suit this particular position best. You will be required to include your personal experience, skills, and abilities in a Relationship Manager resume. The length of the resume will depend on the nature of the job; shorter resumes are required for sales jobs and longer ones for management positions.

Keep in mind that all of the following examples are meant to act as guidelines and a starting point for your own customized Relationship Manager resume.

Relationship Manager Resume Writing Guide:

1. Contact details

At the top of a resume, you should put your name, e-mail address, and phone number.

2. Objective statement

The objective statement is a summary of what your past professional experience has taught you in respect to this position. You are telling a prospective employer what position you are applying for and how your past experiences have equipped you to handle it successfully. This portion should be about one sentence long, if possible.

3. Education

Education is the key to your getting a job in any business organization. It indicates your ability to learn new things and how determined you are to pursue knowledge by continuing your education. Your resume should include any pertinent details about your educational background: related school names, location, coursework, grades, dates attended, degrees earned and honors received. The more information you provide about your education, the greater the chance of finding a job.

4. Experience

The experience section is where you promote your skills and abilities by listing work history, from the start of your career to the present. It is best to list only the positions that you held for at least one year. For each position, document your responsibilities and accomplishments in bullet points, with a separate first line for each skill or activity. Use a numerical format for this section; it will appear more professional than a generic paragraph describing all of your past work experience.

5. Activities

Listing your participation in organizations, clubs and civic activities is a good way to show your interest in business or community affairs. The majority of employers review work history and school involvement before deciding whether to interview an applicant. It is also an opportunity for you to divulge leadership skills, which are very important for business positions.

6. Work Skills

A resume should emphasize your skills rather than simply listing jobs. You can organize this section in several ways, but most professionals recommend listing the skills and abilities in each job first, then follow them with a list of all of your previous work experience.

7. References

Listing references can be tricky because you do not want to give away your personal contacts or violate their privacy by adding them to a resume. Let potential employers know that you will furnish references upon request. If you do provide one or more references with the resume, note that they are available upon request for verification of your qualifications and character.

Relationship Manager Job Responsibilities:

1. Business Relationship Manager

As a business relationship manager, you will communicate with external organizations and business partners and turn them into customers or clients of your company. You will be responsible for securing new contracts and business opportunities, customer service, selling and drafting contracts and global projects. The role requires excellent communications skills; you need to be able to listen carefully to clients’ needs, identify opportunities for new business and work with clients in order to evaluate the feasibility of their proposals.

2. Marketing Relationship Manager

As a marketing relationship manager, you will specialize in the field of professional business services, including legal services, accounting services and consulting. You will use the company’s existing resources to identify new clients and interact with them to help them solve their problems. You will be responsible for conducting market research in order to identify the needs of potential clients and develop superior products or services that meet these needs.

3. Operations Relationship Manager

As an operations relationship manager, you will be responsible for managing the business development of the organization. You will handle all sales and service functions for a network of business partners. You will interface with clients, account executives, and professional service providers in order to design and implement solutions to meet clients’ needs. In this role, you will be working with individuals who specialize in technical consulting services or accounting services.

4. Training Relationship Manager

As a training relationship manager, you will be responsible for teaching individuals about the company’s services and products. In this role, you will have to teach people how to use the Internet or other tools that support them in their work. You will also have to train new employees who are hired by you and your company.

5. Development Relationship Manager

As a development relationship manager, you will be responsible for managing the company’s business development and marketing. You will also supervise new hires so that they can successfully perform their duties. You may have to regularly travel to different locations to keep your company’s sales efforts in place.

6. Sales Relationship Manager (B2B)

As a sales relationship manager, you will be responsible for selling products and services to corporate companies and government agencies. You will also be responsible for communicating company policies to your clients. In order to succeed in this position, you must be able to easily communicate with potential clients and persuade them to buy products or services from your company.

7. Distribution Relationship Manager (B2C)

As a distribution relationship manager, you will be responsible for working with global businesses and distributors in order to expand the company’s customer base. You will have to travel extensively and work closely with sales representatives around the world in order to meet your goals.

Top 15 Relationship Manager Skills:

  1. Customer Focus
  2. Communication and Presentation Skills
  3. Negotiation Skills
  4. Customer Acquisition and Retention
  5. Analytical and Research Skills
  6. Time Management Skills
  7. Team Building Skills
  8. Prospecting/Selling Skills
  9. Organizational/Prioritization Skills
  10. Problem Solving/Decision Making Skills
  11. Information Seeking/Information Using Skills
  12. Decision Making Skills
  13. Adaptability/Reaction Time
  14. Professional and Personal Development
  15. Teamwork Skills

The effectiveness of recruitment can be measured by the number of people whose experiences have been improved by using a business coach approach to the recruitment process, as well as the total amount of new business generated for the business. A growing number of companies are now hiring coaches to help with their recruitment processes, including Amazon, Facebook, Google, Linked In, and Netflix.

Relationship Manager Resume Objective:

A resume objective is a short statement that states who you want to work for and your skills and talents in relation to this target. The objective needs to be clear and concise, but not so much so that it distracts the recruiter from the content of your resume. Your objective should be relevant to the job you are applying for and is generally one sentence long.


  1. Develop an effective resume objective statement that is relevant to the position you are applying for.
  2. Review job descriptions for each position you are applying to and match your resume objective statement with the requirements of the company for which you are applying.
  3. Length of resume objective statements can vary from one or two sentences up to 4-5 sentences. A general guideline is that they should not exceed 2-3 sentences in length.
  4. Make your objective statement powerful, relevant and customized to each position you are applying for.
  5. Use action words such as: increased, accomplished, initiated, launched, implemented and managed.
  6. Avoid resume objective statements that are vague and generic or have to do with only your skills and abilities and not the company’s needs such as: seeking a challenging position in an organization that offers growth opportunities or one that offers me a chance to apply my abilities and skills to problems and issues of great significance.

Relationship Manager Cover Letter:

A cover letter is a brief document that accompanies your resume but is not directly attached to it. It is usually just one page in length and is used to give the reader an overview of your qualifications before reading your resume. Each cover letter should be unique, so be sure to format the letter in a way that best highlights the information you want the person reading it to know about you.


  1. Provide all background information in the cover letter that is not already contained in your resume.
  2. Use the cover letter as an opportunity to tell the reader why you are interested in the position, and what specific skills you have that are related to this position.
  3. Make sure you have a well-thought-out introduction and conclusion as these are your first and last impressions of yourself.
  4. Avoid using: flowery language, buzzwords or generalities, excessive length, messy formatting or grammatical errors.
  5. Use the subject line of your cover letter to match the position for which you are applying.
  6. Organize your letter so it follows a predictable pattern such as: respect, skills and abilities, why this position is a great fit for me, and how I can contribute to your organization’s success.
  7. Use strong, action-packed language in all sentences including keywords such as: job description, challenges, goals and opportunities.

Key Takeaways:

  • Relationship managers are responsible for managing relationships with several key stakeholders such as employees, clients, suppliers, and regulators.
  • By providing leadership for the areas of operations, project development and marketing relationships managers contribute to the long-term viability of their organization.
  • Effective relationship management requires the ability to motivate key employees through recognition and rewards and to develop productive working relationships with customers to meet their needs for product or service delivery
  • Relationship managers must have strong communication skills in order to successfully manage their stakeholders.
  • Relationship managers must be able to work as members of a team, understand the company’s strategy and develop a plan for the organization’s future based on this strategy.
  • Relationship Managers are responsible for developing relationships with other companies and industries within the local region or globally.
  • Most effective relationships managers strive to develop a trusting personal relationship with their various stakeholders and clients in order to build long term working together relationships.