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Rachel Marsh

Scrum Master




  • Project and Process Management Professional with 10 years of experience in the area, working in structuring process offices and PMO in support, managerial and agile models.
  • Participation in the implementation of digital transformation and adaptable agile methodologies for software development projects, new businesses, sales channels, backoffice and hospitals in large companies.
  • Current Head of Technology Projects PMO of one of the largest parking management companies in Brazil. Quode instructor in training courses for Scrum Master and Product Owner.



  • Agile Project Management
  • Gestão de Projetos Tradicionais
  • Gestão de Processos
  • Gestão de Time
  • Aplicação de Treinamentos
  • Scrum
  • Design Thinking


Work Experience


Head PMO Technology

HCL Technologies



  • Responsible for structuring the organization’s Technology PMO.
  • Project management in the traditional and agile model.
  • Review and Report of the projects to the Executive Board.
  • Ensure the correct prioritization of the organization’s resources in the projects.
  • Monitoring the post-implementation of projects.
  • Budget management of the Technology Directorate.
  • Leadership of the organization’s Innovation Committee.
  • Application of training in agile methodology.
  • Speaker of the organization in technology and agility forums.
  • Management and monitoring of the organization’s project goals.
  • Management of the organization’s project portfolio.

Scrum Master Instructor and Product Owner

Acrobat Solutions



  • Scrum Master course that aims to prepare the student to take the Scrum Master certification exam from ScrumStudy and Exin, covering all topics recommended by SBOK.
  • Product Owner course in order to prepare the student to take the PO certification exam from Exin.

Hospital Operations Manager

Darren Hospital

Feb 2019


  • Management responsible for creating methods, planning activities and organizing the functioning of care-related centers: Bed Management, Patient Mobility Center (external and internal transport) and Regulation.
  • Direct articulation of the assistance areas with the support areas, pointing out priorities, risks and action plans.
  • Promote the alignment of communication between assistance and other areas, monitor unnecessary spending or other problems that generate waste, inefficiency, loss of production, budget deficit.
  • Responsible for planning, organizing and controlling the hospital’s assistance activities, as well as outlining strategies and working methods to manage crisis situations, according to the core business areas.
  • Establishment of processes, protocols, policies, and procedures for assistance.
  • Promote the monitoring of KPIs for hospital management and application of intervention measures and quality audit.
  • Operations management of approximately 100 people.

Scrum Master

Wiz Soluções

Jan 2018


  • Develop and implement a Scrum methodology proposal adjusted to the organization.
  • Support teams in adopting and adapting the model; and Mentoring of Scrum Master, Product Owners and Development Teams on Lean-Agile principles and practices. Drive continuous improvement through Inspection and Adaptation workshops.
  • Support project teams in defining the practices to be implemented in each project considering their nature and characteristics.
  • Management of priorities (product backlog) and guarantee of good methodological functioning.
  • Ensure that all functions of planning and executing activities are aligned with the strategic planning of projects and in terms of scope, deadlines, costs, resources and quality.
  • Portfolio management of projects of different sizes and characteristics within Marketing. Report the status of activities in your functional area to management, as well as the status of projects to stakeholders.




MBA – Software Engineering

San Jose State University



Program that encompasses all aspects of the software (Business, Development, Integration, Data and Cloud), through the most updated concepts and standards in the market: Togaf, Design Thinking, JS, Python, Java, Kafka, Microservices, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence and others.


Northeastern University

Jul 2012


Graduation in Administration, with academic performance while monitoring the disciplines of Organization Systems and Methods (OSM), Entrepreneurship and Research Methodology.




  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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Scrum Master Resume Writing Guide & Tips

A Scrum Master is a person who manages the scrum team to successfully deliver quality software products. Scrum Master Resume Writing Guide has everything you need for your resume, including tips, how to answer interview questions on your resume, cover letter tips and sample resumes.

Who is Scrum Master?

Scrum Master is a product owner who manages the activities of a Scrum team and helps the team reach its goals. The Scrum Master assumes this role to help achieve enterprise agility.

Scrum Master Job Description:

The Scrum Master is responsible for helping the Scrum Team achieve the objectives of maximizing and sustaining productivity in a short, yet carefully managed time frame.

The Scrum Master should be able to understand and contribute to the team’s vision, mission capabilities, goals, development strategies, core process requirements, and technology base. He must also possess outstanding technical skills and demonstrate superior knowledge of the team’s industry best practices.

The Scrum Master also must be able to plan, organize and execute Scrum events such as sprint planning, daily scrum meetings, sprint reviews, sprint retrospective reviews, and various other activities. He is also in charge of ensuring that everyone on the team understands Scrum concepts and practices, as well as keeping the team focused to deliver validated product increments within a set schedule.

Before you start writing, make sure you know how to write a resume in a way that gives the recruiter the most information about you

Scrum Master Responsibilities:

The Scrum Master is responsible for assisting in creating and maintaining an environment that supports the regular and effective performance of the daily activities of the Scrum Team.

Here is the list of Scrum Master Roles & Responsibilities:

  1. The Scrum Master is responsible for defining the Scrum Team, building a safe and effective environment for the team to work.
  2. The Scrum Master must ensure that the “Scrum values”, which are courage, openness, commitment, respect and focus are adhered to by everyone in the organization.
  3. The Scrum Master issues reminders or warnings to individual members of the team if they show any lapse in behavior or conduct that is not in sync with the “Scrum Values”.
  4. The Scrum Master is responsible to act as a mentor and guide for the Scrum Team members to help them achieve their vision, mission capabilities, goals and deliver products required by the business.
  5. The Scrum Master ensures that the “Scrum roles” are understood by all team members and support them in performing the “Scaled Values”.
  6. The Scrum Master also works with team members to help them understand how their work impacts the other team members and to get others on board with their work.
  7. The Scrum Master assists the team to ensure that all features are incorporated in the software application resulting in proper testing and deployment.
  8. The Scrum Master should ensure that the team is able to build and ship high-quality products every time. Therefore, he must also plan, organize and execute Scrum events such as sprint planning, daily scrum meetings, sprint reviews, sprint retrospective reviews, etc.
  9. The Scrum Master ensures that the team remains productive by removing obstacles for team members at appropriate times.

How to Write Scrum Master Resume:

List of sections that should be included in a Scrum Master resume:

  1. Contact Details: These are the details that are given on an introductory page of the resume and once located at top of the resume.
  2. Summary: This section includes a brief description of the candidate’s work history, education, and personal details.
  3. Objective: The objective section should be very precise and should clearly state the position the candidate is applying for. It should also briefly describe what value or benefit the candidate will bring to this position if hired by the potential employer.
  4. Work Experience: This section should provide details of the various roles the candidate has performed in previous jobs. It should also include a list of all the projects in which the candidate has been involved as well as a brief discussion of what value and impact each project had on the organization.
  5. Relevant Skills: This section focuses on skills that are relevant to this particular role, such as communication, technical expertise, management, etc.
  6. Education: The education section should include a list of the educational qualifications that are relevant to the interest of the potential employer.
  7. Certifications and Licenses: This section should include details about any professional certifications or licenses held by the candidate as well as any relevant qualification or certification available to him or her in the future.

Tips to Write Scrum Master Resume Summary:

The Scrum Master’s resume summary should be succinct and clear. It should not include a full job description of the candidate.

General information about the candidate such as contact details, previous work experience, and educational qualifications should be included in the summary.

The specifics of the job description can then be given in the body of the resume.

Information to include in the “How to Write a Scrum Master Resume Summary” section:

  1. The role played by the candidate.
  2. The major accomplishments of the candidate and how they contributed to the organization.
  3. The major projects in which the candidate was involved and a detail of what they did on each project.
  4. Experience, skills, and qualifications required to perform this job successfully are listed in bullet points separated by commas or periods at the end of a previous job title


“Certified Scrum Master offering 8 years of experience in implementing Scrum methodologies in organizations in different industries, helping teams increase productivity and profitability by delivering high-quality products within set schedules.”

“A Professional Scrum Master with more than 8 years of experience in implementing Scrum methodologies and ensuring that developed software products are well-built, testable, manageable, and maintainable. Demonstrated expertise to coordinate with multiple teams to deliver business value solutions. Proficient in developing Agile project management strategies to ensure the success of the projects.”

“A highly skilled professional with more than 7 years of experience in Agile software development. Demonstrated expertise to develop and implement the Scrum methodology in complex projects and help teams increase productivity and profitability by delivering high-quality products within set schedules. Expertise in coordinating multiple teams to deliver business value solutions.”

“An experienced professional with more than 3 years of experience in implementing Scrum methodologies in software development projects. Demonstrated expertise to coordinate with multiple teams to deliver business value solutions.”

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Tips to Write Scrum Master Skills:

The skills section should be as brief as possible.
Information should be given in bulleted points while keeping the bullet points short and concise.

Top 10 Scrum Master Skills:

1. Coaching Agile practices
2. Conflict resolutions
3. Implementing Agile practices
4. Requirements gathering
5. Developing requirements
6. Coding practices
7. Gantt charting
8. Time management
9. Project planning, tracking, and estimation
10. Process improvement

Scrum Master Skills in Detail:

  1. Analyzing and Estimating work — The Scrum Master should be able to identify time-consuming tasks as well as complex tasks that need to be handled with care. He or she should also analyze the deliverables, dependencies, estimates, and requirements for the same.
  2. Appropriate Communication — It is necessary for a Scrum Master to communicate well with both the team members and other stakeholders involved in the project. He or she should also be good at understanding different communication styles and he or she should be able to effectively manage the time and resources of the team.
  3. Motivating team members — A Scrum Master should motivate his or her team members by listening to their problems and identifying ways through which they can work together in order to complete their assigned tasks. He or she should also encourage team members to trust each other because they need to work together efficiently.
  4. Facilitating decision-making — A Scrum Master should facilitate the decision-making process of the team by providing them with a safe environment in which they can discuss their ideas and suggestions openly, informally, and without any sort of fear and pressure. He or she should also create an environment that motivates team members to take decisions quickly.
  5. Managing dependencies — A Scrum Master needs to know the different types of dependencies that could occur while working on a project, such as a sequence, integration, or implementation dependencies.

Check our list of important resume skills you need to have in your resume.

List of Scrum Master Certification:

Here is the list of certification which you can pursue to become a successful scrum master.

It recently has been renamed Scrum Product Owner to reflect the growing understanding that the term “product owner” has more than one meaning.

The Scrum Alliance offers the “Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO)”. The PSPO credential is a competency-based program that “provides a pathway for knowledge, skill and attitude mastery in addition to educational training.”

The following are organizations recognized within the scrum community as having rigorous certification programs. These certifications require the passing of a written test, project audit and demonstration of competency in person. The scrum community generally believes that these certifications are broadly applicable across all agile environments.

Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) – This is the most common certification in the scrum community. Successful completion of this certification is usually accompanied by receiving formal permission to use the “ScrumMaster” title and logo associated with it. Note that the Scrum Alliance and use slightly different definitions of what it means to be a CSM.

Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) – Certified Scrum Trainers meet the requirements of the Professional Scrum Trainer (PSST) program. The PSST program provides a framework for people who facilitate agile knowledge transfer and learning. Successful completion of this certification is usually accompanied by receiving formal permission to use the “Professional Scrum Trainer” title and logo associated with it.

Professional Scrum Trainer (PSST) – The PSST certification provides a framework for people who facilitate agile knowledge transfer and learning. Successful completion of this certification is usually accompanied by receiving formal permission to use the “Professional Scrum Trainer” title and logo associated with it.

How do I become a scrum master with no experience?

First, you need experience as a developer. Here is an article on how to get that experience.

Scrum Masters around the world are in huge demand. However, there is also a dearth of scrum masters in the market. You can start your journey by learning the fundamentals of scrum and other agile values and practices. The Scrum Alliance provides a free introductory video course called “Scrum for Beginners”. The Alliance also provides a free scrubbing tool called “ScrumForum”.

Once you are confident with the fundamentals, it is important to undertake professional certification and accreditation.

After achieving professional certification, it is important to acquire personal skills like communication, listening and facilitation. Acquiring such skills requires a lot of practice and effort. Practice makes the master!

Most you would have heard of folks becoming a scrum master with “little experience”. This article aims to help scrum masters with less than 10 years of experience enter the scrum world.

There are many benefits to being a scrum master — this article aims to highlight some of them.

During an assessment interview, a hiring manager will ask about your experiences as a scrum master. This article aims to help you answer those questions with confidence. In fact, you can use the answers given in this article for an interview in any industry without changing the content.

The process of grooming candidates who are fit to become scrum masters is quite lengthy and can be challenging. This article tries to help scrum masters by providing them with tips and tricks to recruit and retain new talent. During an assessment interview, hiring managers will ask about your recruitment processes in detail.


It is good to know the basics of scrum and agile before becoming a scrum master as it will help you to have a better understanding of the work at hand and work towards improving your skills in other areas. After gaining understanding, you will need time to hone those skills. During this period, some people become more agile than others by learning quickly and improve their skills at a faster rate. That’s when they become better than others and found themselves ahead in an organization or industry.

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