Service Delivery Manager Resume Example

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Kevin Edward

Service Delivery Manager


Results-oriented professional with proven analytical and technical skills. Aiming to leverage my abilities to successfully fill the Technical Account Manager role at your company. Frequently praised as diligent by my peers, i can be relied upon to help your company achieve its goals.


  • Strong and proven experience in the tools implementation and support
  • Expert issue management skills; analytical, technical and problem solving skills to identify and facilitate problem resolution in a timely manner
  • Strong leadership and interpersonal skills with a solid track record for developing internal and external relationships
  • Superb influencing, negotiation and communication skills with strong commercial acumen
  • Liaised between IT supplier and business users to ensure escalations were addressed and resolved within agreed service levels

Work Experience

Cloud Operations Engineering Manager

Accenture, Bangalore

  • Build, lead and coach a high-performance tools and automation team
  • Manage multiple and interdependent deliverables aligned with the technology roadmap and strategy
  • Develop plans and lead implementation, testing, analytics, training and operational transition
  • Manage risks by proactively identifying, mitigating, and appropriately escalating such risks
  • Engage internal, cross-functional, and external resources through the delivery life-cycle through to operational transition

Senior Service Delivery Manager

ATOS IT Services, Bangalore

Jul 2017
  • Managed development and oversight of enterprise-wide monitoring tools for enterprise service delivery.
  • Boosted customer satisfaction metrics by nearly 40% as a result of implementing monitoring standards.
  • Improved IT service availability from 67% to 99% by establishing technology service improvement plans.
  • Delivered 15% in operational budget savings by consolidating tools and re-evaluating budgets.
  • Managed relationship with Development and Infrastructure teams, and partnered closely with internal LOBs


Genisys Informations Systems India Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore

Mar 2007
  • Managing application and infrastructure support of Mission Critical Web Publishing applications.
  • Ensuring the applications and supported infrastructure are available at the agreed service level.
  • Acted as a SPOC between Development team, Stakeholders and Support team.


System Administrator

KALS Information Systems Ltd, Bangalore

Apr 2005
  • Managing infrastructure support for about 100+ servers running mission-critical application of Banking/Insurance customers of the organization.
  • Ensuring the supporting infrastructure is available at the agreed service level.


Software Engineer

Bonsai Infomark Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

Aug 2003
  • Managing Webhosting infrastructure of the organization.
  • Ensuring the supporting infrastructure is available at the agreed service level.
  • Acting as a single point of contact between Clients and Support team.


Diploma in Electronics & Communication

San Jose State University

Aug 1999


  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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What Should Be Included In A Service Delivery Manager Resume?

A service delivery manager resume should include all the key qualifications and experience that a service delivery manager needs to have. This may include experience leading teams, communication skills, interpersonal skills, problem-solving abilities, and knowledge of service delivery processes. It should also include any relevant soft skills that could make the resume stand out.

A service delivery manager resume should also include any certifications or degrees that are pertinent to the role. For example, if the candidate has a degree in business or IT, it should be mentioned, as it will demonstrate a certain level of expertise and knowledge. In addition, any relevant professional training should be included in the resume, as this will help to demonstrate the candidate’s commitment to their role . Finally, it should highlight any achievements or awards that the candidate has earned in the course of their service delivery management career.

Finally, it is important to include any relevant job experience in the service delivery manager resume. This may include previous roles in which the candidate was responsible for managing service delivery operations. It is also important to include any special projects or initiatives that the candidate has been involved in. This will demonstrate their knowledge and experience in the field, and may help to give the resume a competitive edge.

What Skills Should I Put On My Resume For Service Delivery Manager?

When you write your resume for a Service Delivery Manager position, you want to ensure that it is an accurate and strategic representation of your skills and experience. Before you start writing, it is important to take some time to review the job description and identify the skills that are required for the role.

If you are experienced in the field, you likely already possess several of the key skills necessary to succeed in the role. These skills may include customer service, project management, problem-solving, organizational, written and verbal communication, and team management. Additionally, employers will usually look for a Service Delivery Manager with a strong background in IT processes and systems.

In addition to the skills and experience required for the role, you should also consider the specific needs of the employer when creating your resume. If the employer has a particular emphasis on customer service, include relevant qualifications such as customer service certifications or awards. If the position requires knowledge of a specific software or system, include any experience in that software or system on your resume.

When you include these skills, be sure to include relevant examples that showcase your capabilities. Additionally, be sure to use clear and concise language when describing your experience and skills .

As a Service Delivery Manager, you will be responsible for overseeing the delivery of IT services to customers. This involves working with teams to ensure that services are provided in a timely and efficient manner. You will also be responsible for managing customer relationships, handling customer inquiries, and providing feedback on customer satisfaction. Additionally, you should have a strong understanding

What Is The Job Description Of The Service Delivery Manager?

.The Service Delivery Manager’s job involves managing the team and resources to ensure the successful delivery of the products and services. This role requires a high degree of technical and project management skills.

The Service Delivery Manager is responsible for establishing, overseeing and controlling the service delivery process. They must ensure that services are delivered on time, within budget and to the highest standards. They must also monitor the performance of service delivery teams and manage the flow of requests, resources and operations.

The Service Delivery Manager is involved in all aspects of the client’s service delivery. This includes developing service delivery plans, ensuring compliance with customer requirements, managing teams, resolving conflicts and risks, coordinating the delivery of services, and reporting on service delivery performance.

The Service Delivery Manager must have excellent people, technical, and project management skills. They must be able to communicate effectively with customers and stakeholders, and negotiate with service providers. They must also be able to plan, organize, and manage resources. Additionally, the Service Delivery Manager must be able to use data analytics to identify areas of improvement and to create strategies to improve service delivery performance.

The Service Delivery Manager is also responsible for developing and delivering training to the service delivery teams, and monitoring and reporting on the performance of the teams. They must also ensure that services are delivered within budget and within the agreed timeframe . Additionally, they must ensure that the service delivery teams adhere to the customer’s standards and requirements. Furthermore, they must ensure that customer requirements are met and that customer service is of the highest quality. Finally, they must ensure that all service delivery activities are in compliance with relevant regulations and legislation.

What Is A Good Objective For A Service Delivery Manager Resume?

When writing a resume for a service delivery manager position, it is important to use an objective that emphasizes your strengths and skills. A good objective should be concise and focused on your qualifications. Here are some examples of good objectives for a service delivery manager resume:

  1. To obtain a service delivery manager position utilizing my experience in customer service, project management, and process improvement.
  2. To obtain a service delivery manager role where I can use my experience in customer service, IT infrastructure, and team management to generate tangible results.
  3. Experienced service delivery manager seeking a position to leverage my skills in customer service, problem-solving, and process improvement.
  4. Service delivery manager experienced in customer service, IT operations, and project management striving for a position to help drive results.
  5. Seeking a service delivery manager role to utilize my expertise in customer service, process optimization, and IT operations.
  6. Looking for a service delivery manager position to employ my knowledge of customer service, IT infrastructure, and project management.

No matter which objective you choose, be sure to emphasize the skills you can offer in your role as a service delivery manager

What Are The Career Prospects In The Service Delivery Manager?

A career as a Service Delivery Manager offers a variety of unique and exciting opportunities. With the right experience and training, Service Delivery Managers can lead organizations in a constantly evolving digital landscape. In this role, you will be responsible for managing customer service initiatives, including developing strategies, setting objectives, and overseeing processes. You will also be responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with customers, partners, and vendors. Additionally, you will lead teams and ensure they are following established processes and procedures. With the right qualifications and experience, Service Delivery Managers can look forward to excellent career opportunities with competitive salaries.

The job outlook for Service Delivery Managers is very promising. As businesses continue to rely more heavily on their customer service representatives, demand for Service Delivery Managers will continue to grow. Companies are also looking for Service Delivery Managers who can adapt quickly to changing technologies and strategies.

In addition to managing customer service initiatives, Service Delivery Managers are also responsible for streamlining service processes, managing budgets, and working with teams of customer service professionals. Successful Service Delivery Managers have strong organizational and communication skills, and the ability to think strategically.

With the right qualifications and experience, Service Delivery Managers can look forward to excellent career prospects. Those with the most sought-after skills can even expect to command higher salaries and opportunities for advancement. With the right skillset and dedication, a career as a Service Delivery Manager can offer a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Key Takeaways for an Service Delivery Manager resume

When writing a Service Delivery Manager resume, it is important to keep in mind key takeaways that will ensure you are presenting yourself in the best light possible. These include:

First, focus on the relevant experiences and qualifications that make you a great candidate. This includes highlighting any roles you have held in the service delivery field, as well as any certifications or certifications you may have. You should also showcase any technical skills or industry knowledge you have acquired in your previous roles. Additionally, demonstrate your ability to lead and manage a team, as well as your capacity to work collaboratively and effectively with clients. Showcasing your commitment to customer service and problem-solving abilities will also be key in your resume. Finally, make sure to highlight the most sought-after skills in the service delivery field, such

You should also include any soft skills you possess that will make you a great Service Delivery Manager. These may include communication, problem-solving, project management, and customer service. Additionally, make sure to emphasize any managerial experience you have, such as previous positions that required you to lead a team.

Finally, make sure to showcase any awards or accomplishments you have achieved in the service delivery field. This will help to demonstrate your commitment to the industry, as well as your desire to be the best in your chosen field.

By following these key takeaways, you can be sure that your Service Delivery Manager resume is properly highlighting your skills and experiences in the most effective way possible.