Software Engineering Internship Resume

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Rachel Edward

Software Engineer (Intern)




A New Graduate with a Software Engineering Possessing a sound background in Software design, data communications, software development and digital signaling with a highly-motivated, productive and customer-focused team player with strong communication, interpersonal, organizational, time management, analytical and solution-oriented skills.



  • Php (Hypertext Preprocessor)
  • Java (JavaFX, JSP)
  • Android
  • Bootstrap
  • WordPress
  • MySQL
  • HTML | CSS | JS
  • Networking


Work Experience



Inter at Vin-soft Solution Inc

Sep 2019


I work on Web design, software design with requirement gathering, Identifying and resolving network problem, Network installation, Installation on virtual desktop interface(VDI) and Coordination on data Centre infrastructure and several other data visualization.




Masters in Computers

Northeastern University

Feb 2022


Software Engineering

San Jose State University

Jan 2021





Online Advertising System For Ethiopian Poetical Party

Graduated Project

Dec 2020


Online Advertising System For Ethiopian Poetical Party is web Based System for Ethiopian political party advertising. It works for national election board Ethiopian and also add poetical party with debating each other. Main consideration of free advertising system.

Virtual Laboratory System For Ethiopian Student

Internship Project

Sep 2019


Virtual Laboratory System works For Ethiopian Student. It Works for Grade 9 and Grade 10 student. This System work by documenting under document i assign software requirement and Software design for each requirement. This system work under internship time for addis ababa education center



  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

Career Expert Tips:

  • Always make sure you choose the perfect resume format to suit your professional experience.
  • Ensure that you know how to write a resume in a way that highlights your competencies.
  • Check the expert curated popular good CV and resume examples

Tips to write a Software Engineering Internship Resume

What makes a Software Engineering Internship Resume different from other resumes?

Internships are typically shorter than full-time jobs, so it’s important to keep your resume brief and focused on the skills that you gained. When applying for an internship, include your work experience from the past few years in addition to any relevant skills or competencies that will help you do well at the company. Your main objective is to show potential employers that you have proficiency in what they are looking for.

Software Engineering Internship Job Responsibilities:

  • Analyse specifications, reports, and other input to identify problems in design or logic and verify the accuracy of data
  • Develop software or applications for databases, networks, and operating systems according to user or system requirements
  • Analyse user requirements, write program code, and conduct tests to ensure that programs meet specifications
  • Modify existing programs to improve performance or resolve issues
  • Modify existing code to fix errors, ensure compatibility with new hardware or software components, or resolve security issues
  • Debug programs to remove errors and ensure that software runs properly
  • Ensure that applications are compatible with the hardware and operating systems on which they run by conducting tests and ensuring compatibility.
  • Investigate issues in the design of an application or system and recommend solutions to correct or prevent errors
  • Manage projects from start to finish.
  • Plan, monitor, and report on project progress, especially those that require attention from multiple departments
  • Analyse specifications to identify problems in design or logic and verify the accuracy of data
  • Verify the accuracy of data using appropriate software tools.
  • Design databases and organize tables to meet user requirements
  • Write software code for databases or other programs by using language appropriate to the problem.
  • Meet user requirements for tasks such as database design.
  • Design, develop, test, debug and maintain application software systems according to user requirements.

Tips to Write a Software Engineering Internship Resume Summary:

Show your value by summarizing your academic and professional experience. Understand the company’s industry and select skills that are relevant to them, even if they don’t seem directly related to the position. Recruiters look at an average of 6 seconds on a resume, so make sure that you have all the important information to show in your first glance.

Include only relevant skills, and use specific examples from work and school to back up your claims. Don’t list every program that you know how to use. Pick the ones that are most relevant to the position you’re applying for. If you have multiple degrees, make sure they’re in order of relevance (unless it’s obvious from the job description).

If you have technical experience, consider applying for specialization such as Web Developer, Software Engineer or Computer Programmer.
Don’t forget to include a summary section to show your skills in a few short paragraphs of plain language.

Make sure that you can draw attention to your skills with numbers (such as the number of hours you coded in a week), dates and percentages.
Each section should begin with a bulleted list and end with a paragraph.

Understand that the career objective is important to the recruiter and that they will skim your resume quickly to get the information they need.

Top 10 Must-have Software Engineering Internship Skills:

  1. Software Development: Delve into the use of software and computer programs to digitally manipulate data in order to manage, organize, secure or store information. A Computer Programmer designs programming code for new applications and updates older ones.
  2. Software Testing: Check for software defects in order to ensure that a program or application has been tested for quality to meet its requirements and reduce risks associated with it going live. A Quality Assurance Engineer may also look at issues in the design of an application or system and recommend solutions to correct or prevent errors.
  3. Software Development Project Management: Execute projects from start to finish and ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget. A Project Manager must coordinate employees from different departments to ensure schedules are met and resources used efficiently.
  4. Database Design: Work with databases containing information about people, contact records, organizations, products, or other valuable data sources for use by software applications. A Database Designer develops programs that allow users to access the data in an easy and efficient way.
  5. Web Development: Create websites or web applications such as online stores, online catalogs, social networking sites, and other online resources for the information of users. A Web Developer designs develops and tests applications using a combination of standard code languages and their own programming skills to ensure they meet the needs of the users.
  6. Networking: Oversee the functioning of a network by ensuring that all network components work together to provide maximum performance and security for all devices connected to it. A Network Engineer oversees the installation of networking hardware and software to ensure that they are operating optimally before assisting with troubleshooting if any issues arise.
  7. Software Testing: Check for software defects in order to ensure that a program or application has been tested for quality to meet its requirements and reduce risks associated with it going live. A Quality Assurance Engineer may also look at issues in the design of an application or system and recommend solutions to correct or prevent errors.
  8. Quality Assurance: Promote quality in all facets of production, including design, manufacturing, testing, and customer support. A Quality Assurance Engineer ensures that all products come together in a consistent way (comply with specifications and don’t contain defects), check that they are manufactured properly, and check that they are tested thoroughly (using tools such as Object-Oriented Testing).
  9. Communications: Communicate with fellow workers, clients or supervisors regarding work-related issues. A Network Administrator acts as the intermediary between a company’s internal departments and external contacts (such as clients and contractors) to ensure effective communication is established.
  10. Software QA: Ensure quality in all facets of production, including design, manufacturing, testing, and customer support.

Tips to Write a Software Engineering Internship Cover Letter:

  • Identify what you are looking for in accordance to what the hiring manager is offering.
  • Provide examples of how you have demonstrated those skills in your previous work experience.
  • Show the hiring manager that you are capable of writing an effective cover letter by following all of the guidelines listed above..
  • Always include your resume because it sells your program with your skills.
  • Keep it short, but make sure you include a professional tone to show you are looking for a career change
  • Make sure the cover letter presents everything in an easy to read format and uses proper grammar and punctuation
  • In the cover letter, make sure that every aspect of your internship is reflected well so the hiring manager can get a clear picture of what the expected outcome will be if they decide to hire you for this position
  • If you are in between internships, try to have at least one month of intern experience if only a few months then consider doing some part-time work where you can gain some experience and fund your education.
  • Always include an accomplishment chart on your cover that will help the manager see your positive attributes.

Tips to Write a Software Engineering Internship Resume with no experience:

  • Make sure you have more experience than the internship you are applying for.
  • Check the jobs website to see if there are any entry requirements for the internship in terms of education requirements and experience unless otherwise stated on the website (if so, make sure to mention it in your resume).
  • Be honest about your work experience, but at the same time make a good first impression with a clean resume that is easy to read and understand
  • Include your personal information. This can be the title, name, address, phone number, email and other basic details to give the interviewer a clear idea about who you are
  • Use an objective that describes what you expect from the internship.
  • List your skills and experience that will help you with the job
  • Include an objective of why you want this internship and what will you do during it
  • List all the skills that you have acquired during your previous work experience
  • Write down your education including the dates and also your GPA
  • List all the courses that you are taking currently or have taken in a degree program and their respective GPA


Before submitting your resume, be sure to check it for typos and formatting errors. Taking all the tips into consideration, go ahead and create an outstanding Software Engineering Internship Resume and land your dream job!