Software Quality Assurance Engineer Resume

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Ryan Watson

Quality Assurance Engineer




Results oriented software quality engineer with 7+years of expertise in a fast-paced agile environment application development life cycle. Expertised in Manual, functional and automation testing for SIT, PERF and UAT test phases.



  • Java, SQL, Selenium, TestNG, JUNIT, Cucumber, HP ALM, JIRA, SOAP UI, Rest Client, JMeter, Unix Shell Scripting, Oracle, DB2, My SQL, CRM, GIT, Bitbucket, SVN
  • Manual Testing, API testing
  • Regression Testing Automation
  • SIT, PERF & UAT testing
  • Internal Auditing


Work Experience


Software Quality Assurance Engineer




Roles & Responsibilities

  • Identified test scenarios, estimated test effort, and created test plans
  • Developed and maintained regression automation test suite using TestNG, Selenium, JUNIT technologies
  • Created key metrics and audit process to ensure established goals were met
  • Validated results against database by running SQLs directly.
  • Involved in analyzing performance issues and provided key information related to database development team
  • Defect tracking using HP QC Application Life Cycle Management (ALM) tool and JIRA tool to track development and testing tasks status
  • Involved in all test phases of the application.

Webservices API Tester


Nov 2018


Roles & Responsibilities

  • Involved in requirements analysis for AT&T and Direct TV systems integration APIs SOAP and REST web services.
  • Involved in testing microservices using AT&T API 360 tool.
  • Involved in testing automation using Selenium Webdriver, TestNG and JUNIT frameworks
  • Executed test cases for SOAP and REST web services using SOAP UI and Rest Client tools.

Software Quality Assurance Engineer

JP Morgan

Jul 2015


Roles & Responsibilities

  • Involved in requirements analysis for Data aggregation SOAP and REST web services, which provides aggregated view of the customer accounts bank, mortgage, credit card and loan.

Software Quality Tester

McAfee, US

Feb 2008


Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Involved in the Siebel Globalization and Localization project.




Masters in Computer Science

San Jose State University

Apr 2004


Bachelors in Computer Science

Northeastern University

Apr 2002





  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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How to Write Quality Assurance Engineers Resume

Quality assurance engineers are responsible for assessing the quality of the product by using specifications and technical design documents. The goal is to ensure that their content is accurate and timely enough so that it stays relevant. They are involved in planning and implementing strategies for quality management and testing.

Who is Quality Assurance Engineers?

Quality assurance engineers are required to ensure that the quality of software or any other product is reliable and up to industry standard. They are involved in the preparation, implementation and maintenance of quality management system. They perform technical analysis, compile statistical data on quality-related problems for investigation and devise effective means of addressing them.

Quality Assurance Engineers Job Description:

Quality assurance engineers ensure that the software is free from bugs. They perform an in-depth analysis before the software is released to a customer and make sure there are no flaws in it. They also design methods for identifying, measuring, analyzing, and improving the reliability of software products.

In addition to this, they also ensure that corrections and adjustments are made to any aspect of the product that is considered deficient. Quality Assurance Engineers aims at achieving maximum customer satisfaction which requires continuous support during the production phase as well as after-sales services.

Quality Assurance Engineers Roles & Responsibilities:

Every product has some defects, but these can be avoided by designing a quality assurance system that focuses on finding them early so they can be fixed before they affect the final product.

The following list displays the responsibilities of a Quality Assurance Engineer:

1. Prepare and upkeep the quality management system.
2. Inspect products to make sure they meet specifications and requirements.
3. Plan, implement and manage testing activities, processes and tools.
4. Review test results to verify that they are accurate and reliable enough to meet specifications.
5. Suggest changes in the specifications, design or manufacturing process if it is needed to correct any problems or find out why a product does not work as expected.

Tips to Write Quality Assurance Engineers Summary on Resume:

The Summary is the first thing that the employer will read when going through your resume. It should be no more than two short paragraphs and must be superior to other applicants’ summaries.

Keep in mind that you need to be clear and specify what you want to do in this job while providing enough information so that they can know whether or not they want to meet you.

Your summary statement is your first impression. Do not use negative statements or clutter it with too much information about yourself.

Quality Assurance Engineers Summary Examples:

“Conforming to international quality standards, I am experienced in quality assurance and control techniques such as statistical process control and management of quality in the design, manufacture, testing, and delivery of products.”

“Experienced and versatile professional with a proven track record in problem identification, analysis, prioritization, and resolution. Able to work independently with minimal support under tight deadlines.”

Top 10 Quality Assurance Engineers Skills to put on Resume:

Quality assurance engineers’ skills are always in demand and are a must-have for those who want to make a career in this field. You can put them on your resume in whichever format of your choice.

We have divided these skills into categories, but feel free to use whichever one is appropriate.

  1. Research skills: This skill goes hand in hand with the first skill on our list; it is the ability to find information that will be useful and relevant while writing.
  2. Analytical/Problem-solving skills: This skill is necessary for a quality engineer because it involves identifying the cause of problems or malfunctions and finding solutions to the same.
  3. Collaborate with other professionals: Quality assurance engineers need to collaborate with other professionals for the purpose of getting a job done optimally and working efficiently as a team.
  4. Managing time: Managing time is essential in having the right information and details on hand to assist you in getting work done.
  5. Knowledge of [software]: Quality assurance engineers are required to use or at least have a basic knowledge of various software tools and applications such as SAS, Excel, SPSS, etc. to complete their tasks.
  6. Interpersonal skills: This skill basically involves social skills that are necessary for a quality assurance engineer to effectively interact with other professionals at work and customers as well as subordinates or juniors.
  7. Problem-solving: This skill is basically a combination of analytical and problem-solving skills. A quality assurance engineer who possesses this skill will be able to identify various problems, analyze them, and solve them effectively.
  8. Quality system knowledge: This skill enables a quality assurance engineer to have the ability to communicate his/her knowledge of quality systems, understand various programs that are available in the industry, etc. at work.
  9. Teamwork: A quality assurance engineer is required to work in a team and thus will need to possess this skill.
  10. Quality practices: Knowledge of such practices as ISO standards and quality procedures and policies will be needed by a quality assurance engineer in order to get his work done.

Guide to Write a Quality Assurance Resume for No-experience:

If you are just out of college and have little to no work experience, then you do not need to write a separate resume for quality assurance engineers. Include all your skills and knowledge in a resume that best suits your needs.

Note: You can use our resume builder to make your own resume based on examples in this article and it is absolutely free!

  1. Make your resume objective clear:
    You can make your objective statement as follows: “I am a student of (college or university) and I have good knowledge in (insert skill). I want to apply for a job in quality assurance.”
  2. Add some skills:
    Mention that you are confident about the use of software such as Microsoft Office, Google Docs, etc. You can add other skills such as teamwork skills and even foreign language skills.
  3. Address the problem:
    You can address the problem as shown below:
    “My approach for this job is based on the following problems and solutions. I am good at identifying and solving them.”
  4. Solve some problems:
    You can include sample tasks that you have solved in order to demonstrate your skills.
  5. Work for a volunteer or hobby project:
    If you have done some volunteer work, make sure that you mention the same in your resume. Or if you have worked on some hobby projects, that will be even better because you can use it as an example to demonstrate your skills to employers.


This article described everything readers need to know about writing quality assurance engineers’ resumes. Use our resume builder to make your resume according to the information provided in this article and you will be on the way to a great career.