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Christa Watson

Special Education Specialist


  • Excellent command of Internet and Microsoft office
  • Proficiency in software such as Welligent, Illuminate, Invision
  • Spreadsheets
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Team oriented
  • Excellent organizational and multitasking abilities
  • Persistence, resilience, self-motivation
  • Sensitivity to diverse cultures

Work Experience

MYP Learning Support Specialist

International School of Denver



  •  Design and implement instructional strategies
  • Support and observe teachers on how to implement diverse accommodations and align curriculum to individual student’s needs
  • Monitor and evaluate the progress of LS and CE students
  • Implement appropriate interventions following the RTI model
  • Use key data points to identify areas for improvement and support
  • Modify curriculum to meet students’ needs and align to state standards
  • Work closely and collaboratively with internal leadership and school instructional leadership
  • Use diverse software to support effective learning (formative, IXL, F&P management system, MAPS, etc..)
  • Foster 21st century learning skills

Special Education Specialist/Case Manager

Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts; Los Angeles, California

Dec 2019


Caseload Management and Direct Instructions


  • Management and Coordination of Caseload of 30+ Students (pre-K to 6th grade)
  • Full IEP Development 
  • Formal Test Assessment (WJIV Woodcock Johnson, Brigance, etc.)
  • Direct Instructions (push in and pull out academic instructions and behavioral support)
  • Tracking of Student Progress (via diverse software to monitor student progress and the use of data to develop new instructional strategies)
  • Success Rate and Performances (successfully exited more than 20% students on caseload from SPED; increase in reading score by 30%) 
  • State Testing (administration and coordination of state testing)
  • Software Implementation and Coordination (adaptive reading and language program-Fast ForWord Software)


Collaboration and Working Relationship 


  • Collaborative work with gen. ed. teachers and paraprofessionals to ensure instructions and accommodations consistent with each student’s IEP’s
  • Coordination of services; expansion of program activities; and establishment of individualized learning opportunities for students
  • Instruction of teachers about diverse instructional strategies; supervision of paraprofessionals and supporting staff 
  • Ongoing communication with parents, gen. ed. teachers, school staff and support providers regarding student progress 
  • Resources and instructions for in home environment   
  • Pre and Post IEP meetings with parents and other team members

Program Manager/Educational Specialist

Non Profit Educational Platform/Start up/Remote


  • Coordination and management of the team of independent contractors 
  • Establishment of development milestones, team goals, and strategies
  • Market research to establish the implementation of the newest educational trends and match user experience with the highest standards
  • Cultivation of partnership and teamwork      
  • Establishment of client relationships.  
  • Ability to handle sensitive clients and assist in formulating and implementing resolution in an urgent manner

Special Education Consultant/Behavioral Therapist

Private Special Ed Practice (New York & Los Angeles)

Oct 2017


Direct Instruction Implementation and Development


  • Applied attachment therapy principles
  • Behavior instruction plan 
  • Prevention of self-harming and aggressive conduct 
  • Student adoption of arithmetic concepts, sentence morphology, and spatial relations 
  • Targeting, recognition, and expression of emotions relevant to various situations  
  • Functional skills; social/emotional strategies; cognitive processing strategies; increased independence
  • IEP programs for students in collaboration with the school district    


  Management and Coordination


  • Supervision and support in the classroom and extracurricular activities 
  • Consultation to parents and teachers on implementation of behavioral and learning strategies in various settings

Special Education and Inclusion Specialist

Bosko Buha Development Group; Belgrade, Serbia

Jun 2013


Direct Instruction Implementation and Development


  • Programs on all aspects of social/emotional and cognitive development  
  • Practice of fine and gross motor skills 
  • Academic instructions                                 
  • Full IEP and log files 
  • Various diagnostic tests  


Management and Coordination


  • Served as a member on the board for inclusion    
  • Consultation to parents and other team members to stimulate the progress of children   
  • Support of children, teachers and paraprofessionals through programs designed to aid the inclusion process                                                                        

     Categories of Children under My Care:

  • Autism                                                   
  • Intellectual Disability (Mild, Moderate, Severe)
  • ADHD                                                       
  • Freeman-Sheldon Syndrome 
  • Down Sy                                      
  • Jacobsen Syndrome                          
  • Cerebral Palsy                                
  • Various Speech Disorders
  • Angelman Syndrome                                              


Managing Director

Sens Plus Educational Service Agency; International

Jun 2013


  • Development of agency’s organizational structure as well as educational protocols 

  • Mediation of job placement between parents/schools and special educators      

  • Coordination of full recruiting cycle both domestic and international (Austria, Switzerland, Italy)                                   

  • Management of agency’s contracts as well as marketing and advertising strategies 

  • Generation of market research to identify business trends and potential areas of improvement 



Master’s degree in Special Education and Rehabilitation

San Jose State University

Sep 2012

Thesis: “Working Memory in Children with Mild Intellectual Disability & Autism” 

Bachelor’s degree in Special Education and Rehabilitation

Northeastern University

Sep 2010

Department of Intellectual Disability                                                                       

Pediatric Nurse Technician

Arizona State University

Jun 2003


  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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