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Rachel Edward

Support Customer Service


Highly experienced and dedicated Support Customer Service professional with a track record of delivering excellent service and exceeding customer expectations. Exceptional communication skills, both verbal and written, with a strong ability to empathize and understand customer needs. Proven problem-solving and conflict resolution skills. Motivated and proactive team player with a strong attention to detail and a commitment to providing exceptional support to ensure customer satisfaction.


  • Excellent Communication skill
  • Able to work independently under minimum supervision
  • Computer proficiency
  • Matured and possess high sense of diplomacy
  • Ability to multi-task in a multi-cultural environment

Work Experience


Human Resources & Administration Department


ADNH – seconded to Royal Jet, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Senior Secretary

Executive Office

Dec 2017

ADNH – seconded to Royal Jet, Abu Dhabi

Project Secretary

ADMA-OPCO Umm Lulu Project – Pkg 2 Project

Jun 2015

Technip France Middle East, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Project Administrator

ALDAR / Injazat Data Systems Complex Project

Dec 2011

MAB Facilities Management, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Personal Assistant to Senior Area Executive

Temporary post

Jul 2009

Kanoo Group, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Administrative Assistant

Real Estate Department

Jan 2009

First Gulf Bank, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Executive Secretary

to the CEO

Jan 2009

Global Business Enterprises. Abu Dhabi, UAE

Front Desk Agent / Business Center Secretary

Front Office Department

Apr 2003

Le Meridien Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Telephone Operator

Front Office Department

Sep 1999

Abu Bustan Rotalan Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE


Secretarial / Office Fundamentals Certification

San Jose State University

Las Piñas City, Metro Manila, Philippines


BasicPlus CPR/AED and First Aid for Adults

Aspire Middle East Training Institute, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Organized by: Royal Jet

Fire Warden and Basic First Aid

Gulf Technical & Safety Training, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Organized by: Technip France Middle East

Advanced First Aid

Emirates Technical & Safety Development Center, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Organized by: Technip France Middle East

Pulse for Office


Organized by: Technip France Middle East

Cross Exposure at the Business Center, Guest Care Training, Telephone Manners

Front Office Department

Organized by: Al Bustan Rotana Hotel


  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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Understanding the Role of a Support Customer Service Professional

Within the dynamic realm of customer-centric industries, the role of a Support Customer Service professional plays a pivotal part in ensuring customer satisfaction and fostering lasting relationships. This position demands a blend of empathetic communication, technical know-how, and problem-solving skills, aimed at providing timely resolutions and a seamless customer experience. Let’s delve deeper into the multifaceted responsibilities and competencies that define the role of a Support Customer Service professional, highlighting the essence of customer-centricity and effective communication.

Job Requirements for a Support Customer Service Professional

Embarking on the journey of a Support Customer Service professional requires fulfilling specific prerequisites that lay the foundation for success in this role. The path involves a combination of interpersonal skills, technical proficiency, and a deep understanding of customer needs. Here’s an overview of the essential job requirements for aspiring Support Customer Service professionals:

  • A high school diploma or equivalent educational qualification, demonstrating basic academic proficiency and communication skills.
  • Proficiency in communication, both verbal and written, enabling effective interaction with customers and team members.
  • Familiarity with customer service tools and software, facilitating efficient handling of customer inquiries and concerns.
  • Empathy and patience, crucial attributes that enable the effective resolution of customer issues and concerns.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, juggling multiple tasks while maintaining a focus on delivering excellent customer service.
  • Basic technical skills to troubleshoot common customer issues and provide necessary guidance or solutions.

Supplementing your profile with additional certifications in customer service can significantly enhance your credibility and marketability in this competitive field.

Key Responsibilities of a Support Customer Service Professional

The role of a Support Customer Service professional is built upon the foundation of understanding and addressing customer needs, ensuring a seamless and satisfactory experience at every touchpoint. Let’s explore the key responsibilities that define this role, each reflecting the commitment to customer satisfaction and efficient issue resolution:

  • Responding to customer inquiries and concerns promptly, demonstrating attentiveness and empathy throughout the interaction.
  • Providing product or service information to customers, enabling them to make informed decisions and maximize their experience.
  • Troubleshooting and resolving customer issues, utilizing available resources and technical knowledge to offer effective solutions.
  • Documenting customer interactions and issues, maintaining comprehensive records for future reference and analysis.
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams to address complex customer issues and provide comprehensive solutions.
  • Identifying opportunities for process improvement based on customer feedback and interaction trends, contributing to the enhancement of overall customer satisfaction.
  • Following up with customers to ensure that their issues have been resolved satisfactorily and in a timely manner.

Each responsibility serves as a stepping stone in building lasting customer relationships and fostering brand loyalty.

Writing an Effective CV for a Support Customer Service Role

Crafting a CV that effectively showcases your capabilities and aligns with the requirements of a Support Customer Service role can significantly elevate your chances of securing a desirable position. Consider the following tips to ensure that your CV stands out among the rest:

  • Highlight your strong communication skills, emphasizing instances where your communication has led to successful customer resolutions and satisfaction.
  • Showcase your ability to handle challenging situations, narrating instances where you successfully turned a dissatisfied customer into a loyal advocate of the brand.
  • Include specific metrics or examples of customer satisfaction rates or feedback, illustrating your impact on customer retention and loyalty.
  • List any relevant certifications or training courses related to customer service, demonstrating your commitment to continuous learning and professional development.
  • Personalize your CV for the specific job application, emphasizing skills and experiences that directly align with the requirements outlined in the job description.

Each tip serves as a guide in crafting a CV that effectively communicates your unique value as a Support Customer Service professional.

Summary Examples for a Support Customer Service CV

The summary section of your CV is your opportunity to make a strong first impression, encapsulating your skills, experiences, and value proposition in a concise and impactful manner. Here are some examples to inspire you:

  • “Dedicated Support Customer Service professional with a passion for resolving customer issues, adept at building rapport and ensuring customer satisfaction through effective communication and problem-solving.”
  • “Experienced Support Customer Service specialist with a proven track record of delivering exceptional customer experiences, skilled at navigating complex customer inquiries and providing timely and effective solutions.”
  • “Results-driven Support Customer Service expert with a focus on building strong customer relationships, demonstrating a commitment to ensuring customer delight through efficient issue resolution and empathetic communication.”

Each summary offers a glimpse into your professional journey and the unique value you bring to the role of a Support Customer Service professional.

Building a Strong Experience Section for Your Support Customer Service CV

Your experience section serves as a testament to your journey and growth as a Support Customer Service professional, highlighting the milestones and achievements that have shaped your career. Consider the following examples as you craft this section:

  • “Managed customer inquiries and complaints for a leading e-commerce platform, consistently maintaining a customer satisfaction rate of 95% through effective communication and timely issue resolution.”
  • “Led a team of customer service representatives, implementing a comprehensive training program that resulted in a 30% reduction in customer complaint resolution time and a 20% increase in customer retention rates.”
  • “Implemented a customer feedback analysis system, identifying key areas for improvement and streamlining the resolution process, resulting in a 25% decrease in overall customer issues and an increase in positive customer feedback by 40%.”

Each experience highlights your contributions and impact as a Support Customer Service professional, showcasing your ability to drive positive change and foster customer satisfaction.

Education Section for Your Support Customer Service CV

Your educational background serves as a strong foundation for your career in customer service. Here’s how you can effectively present your educational qualifications in your CV:

  • High School Diploma, XYZ High School, demonstrating a solid academic foundation and communication skills, 20XX.
  • Certification in Customer Service Excellence, ABC Training Institute, showcasing specialized training in effective customer service practices, 20XX.
  • Advanced Communication Skills Workshop, DEF Institute, highlighting the development of effective communication strategies, 20XX.

Each educational milestone represents a commitment to personal and professional growth in the field of customer service.

Essential Skills for a Support Customer Service Professional

Your skill set is a crucial asset that defines your effectiveness in delivering exceptional customer service. Let’s explore the essential skills that a Support Customer Service professional should possess:

Soft Skills:

  1. Effective communication and active listening, crucial in understanding and addressing customer needs.
  2. Empathy and patience, essential attributes in handling challenging customer situations with understanding and care.
  3. Problem-solving abilities, enabling the efficient resolution of complex customer inquiries and concerns.
  4. Time management skills, vital in juggling multiple customer interactions while maintaining a focus on quality and efficiency.
  5. Adaptability and resilience, enabling the effective management of evolving customer needs and expectations.

Hard Skills:

  1. Familiarity with customer relationship management (CRM) software, facilitating efficient tracking and management of customer interactions and feedback.
  2. Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite, enabling effective documentation and communication with customers and team members.
  3. Basic technical troubleshooting skills, essential in addressing common customer issues and providing necessary guidance or solutions.
  4. Knowledge of product or service offerings, empowering effective communication and guidance to customers based on their specific needs and preferences.
  5. Data entry and management skills, ensuring accurate and comprehensive documentation of customer interactions and issue resolution processes.

Each skill serves as a pillar in delivering exceptional customer service and fostering lasting customer relationships.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Support Customer Service CV

As you craft your CV for a Support Customer Service role, it’s crucial to steer clear of common pitfalls that can hinder your chances of securing the desired position. Here are some mistakes to avoid:

  • Using generic or cliché language, which can diminish the uniqueness of your profile and fail to grab the recruiter’s attention.
  • Neglecting to highlight specific instances of successful customer issue resolution or positive customer feedback, which can reduce the impact of your CV.
  • Overlooking the importance of tailoring your CV to the specific job description, missing the opportunity to showcase your direct alignment with the requirements of the role.
  • Failing to proofread your CV, which can result in typographical errors or inconsistencies that reflect poorly on your attention to detail and professionalism.
  • Omitting the cover letter, which serves as an opportunity to provide additional context and personalized insights into your passion for the role and the company.

Avoiding these mistakes can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your CV and increase your chances of securing an interview for a Support Customer Service position.

Key Takeaways for Your Success as a Support Customer Service Professional

As you navigate the realm of customer service, it’s crucial to remember some key points that can contribute to your success and growth in this dynamic field:

  • Prioritize effective communication and empathy, as they form the foundation for building strong and lasting customer relationships.
  • Continuously seek opportunities for learning and development, ensuring that you stay updated with the latest industry trends and customer service best practices.
  • Emphasize your problem-solving skills, demonstrating your ability to navigate complex customer inquiries and provide effective solutions.
  • Personalize your interactions with customers, aiming to create memorable experiences that foster brand loyalty and advocacy.

By incorporating these key takeaways into your approach as a Support Customer Service professional, you can enhance your impact and contribute to the success of both your customers and your organization.

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