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Richard Marsh

Technical Designer




Ready to bring over 4 years of experience in fashion industry to a challenging new role with growth potential. Talented Technical Designer specializing in pattern correction, 3D rendering and knowledge of bulk-production. Skilled in managing technical packages, including measurements, design sketch and sewing construction. Specialized expert in Women’s wear, including Missy, Plus and Maternity. Excellent in analyzing design concepts and offering a critical eye for correcting problems with fit and construction. Full of passion for the best!



  • Pattern Correction
  • Prototype Development
  • Fitting Assessments
  • PLM usage
  • Communication Skills
  • Complex problem solving
  • 3D virtual fit rendering
  • Knowledge of production machinery


Work Experience


Technical Designer

J&J Trading Co.



Women’s (missy, maternity, plus) Knit & Active wear, Men’s, Kid’s

Old Navy, GAP, Banana Republic, Victoria’s Secret, PINK, AEO

  • Participated in Old Navy Women’s Block Fit Project as a lead-vendor and set up over 20 block fit styles for Knit Tops & Dresses.
  • Rendered 3D virtual fitting more than 300 styles per year to evaluate the exact fit before physical samples; contributed to decrease fit rounds by 35% to the final fit approval.
  • Worked as a resident employee in Vietnam for a year to set up a VN technical design team and trained local members from basic to advanced skills.
  • Created technical packages of Old Navy prototypes based on design briefs and inspiring market samples in development stage as co-creation process.
  • Managed average 30 co-creation styles and over 50 styles of in-house design per season.
  • Attended develop trips for Banana Republic and Old Navy in HK and conducted fittings on live models and mannequins.
  • Created specifications of Petite & Tall sizes, and WRD Maternity & Plus styles based on design concept and fit balance of Core size accordingly.
  • Suggested bulk-friendly constructions for the high productivity with the better efficiency.
  • Conducted final fittings before production and reviewed every full graded nest to confirm the final balance.
  • Visited bulk factories in Vietnam to trouleshoot, educate local QA team and check production status.
  • Checked 100% of posted reviews from consumers on Old Navy’s web site and checked their preferences, styles and ideas to improve the fit and quality for next season.
  • Established and maintained professional working relationships with Brand Technical Designers and Production Managers.
  • Organized ‘Style Library’ which includes specifications, design sketch and fabrication details of every adopted style to maintain fit consistency of each brand; over 5,000 kinds of styles are recorded.
  • Trained new members of technical team as a mentor and led 4 of junior members to be educated constantly.
  • Worked closely with 6 of patternmakers and discussed the adjustment of patterns and how to improve fit issues.

Sales/Production Assistant Intern

Wills Marvick & Co.

Jun 2016


TARGET – Cat & Jack (Kid’s wear)

  • Controlled every fit stage from prototypes to final approval of both ongoing and new products.
  • Managed every fit samples, checked 100% of Pre-Production, TOP and handled AD samples.
  • Ordered and managed fabric, thread, and subsidiary materials according to BOM.
  • Communicated with fabric mills, graphic/artwork companies and bulk factories.




Bachelor of Art

San Jose State University

Aug 2016


  • Majored in Apparel Design
  • Graduated magna cum laude, 4.0 GPA
  • Coursework in Pattern-making, Fashion Design and CAD; Adobe photoshop, illustrator and 3D Clo

Exchange Student Program

Northeastern University

May 2014


  • Coursework in costume design, fashion history and art class

Continuing & Professional Studies

Arizona State University

May 2014


  • Coursework in fashion design




  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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How to write a Technical Designer Resume [Guide & Tips]

Are you a Technical designer by profession and looking for a new job? If you are, you need to make the right impression on the employer. This is where your resume comes in handy. Give your employers a glimpse into your skills and abilities as well as what motivates you to work in this field.

Another essential aspect of your resume is being able to advertise yourself for the job that is suited to your skills. A good technical designer’s resume should help him stand out from the crowd in order to get noticed for a potential job opening.

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Guide to Write an Associate Technical Designer Resume:

  • Come up with a list of skills and areas of expertise that you have. 
  • Carefully choose the words and phrases that you use when describing what you are good at. Make sure they are relevant to the position for which you are applying.
  • Search for jobs in your field or get on LinkedIn and find people who might know about openings in your desired industry or company. You can also try looking on job sites like Indeed, Monster, Career Builder, Glassdoor, etc. 
  • Do not neglect the “skills” section! This might seem an obvious point but a lot of people miss it out inadvertently! It is important to mention your qualifications as well as anything else you want them to know about yourself here.

Tips to write a Technical Designer Job Summary on Resume: 

A well-written Technical Designer resume objective statement clearly conveys that you are a talented person who is capable of doing a good job for a potential employer in the graphic design field. The very fact that you took the time to write such a statement suggests that you are detail-oriented and have high personal standards. The hiring manager of graphic design may use your resume objective to decide whether or not to interview you.

The next step to creating a resume for Technical Designer is to create a summary of your professional skills, work history, and educational background. This summary section of your resume should be limited to one or two sentences that provide a snapshot view of the professional you. It is important that this section be well-written and easy to read. Your resume summary section should allow a potential employer to quickly review your most important skills and competencies.

Guide To Write Technical Designer Resume Objective:  

To be a Technical Designer, you must have an objective in your resume that clearly reveals what you want to accomplish as Technical Designer. It should be clear which departments would you like to go for as Technical Designer and what technical roles will you like to perform. This is where your experience comes into the picture, i.e., you should list down the working experience that you got, along with a good sample of your work done. 

Your objective should meet the following criteria:

  • Focused: The objective should be narrow and specific to a single department or company. For example, your objective may be ‘To become a Technical Designer at Pune’ or your objective may be ‘To become a Technical Designer in the Chemical Industry.
  • Specific: You should mention what kind of role you want to take up as a Technical Designer, e.g., hardware design, software development for system testing, or software testing & maintenance.
  • Confident: You should have a lot of confidence in your skills, as well as confidence that the position would be suited to you.
  • Measurable: Your objective should have a definite timeline, indicating when you would like to complete your objective. This will prepare you for the timeframe in which certain events need to be accomplished and will also help in keeping track of your progress. 

I am seeking a position as Technical Designer with a company that utilizes my creative and strategic skills, my detailed attention to detail, and my research abilities. I have been working in the graphic design industry for 3 years and have worked toward improving all areas of communication from print to web-based applications.

Tips to write a Technical Designer Skills on Resume: 

There are lots of skills needed when it comes to Technical Designers. The most important technical designer skills are:

  • 3d modeling: A technical designer who wants to be approachable needs to be able to model. You can always outsource modeling and this is often done, but having a basic ability is vital. Creating models is more than just being able to create 3D objects; it requires the ability to get these objects into a game engine without too much fuss. This is a vital way for your employers to gauge your skills.
  • Rigging: The process of rigging is typically used in the gaming world to give models skin or clothing so they can be animated. This technique is a key element in physical animation, which includes the movement of clothing on human models. Technical designers are normally required to have some rigging skills as they are required to use this process in games or movies that need motion capture.
  • Animation: The ability to animate using 3D tools is vital for a technical designer. This includes using motion capture, keyframing and the creation of animations from scratch. This process can be a little tricky to learn in some programs, but it is something you will have to master early on in your career.
  • Graphic design: Almost every business needs some form of graphic design work done. Technical designers are usually required to create promotional materials as well as other documents that help build or maintain a brand. This is something that is rarely advertised because a technical designer does not need to be a graphic designer. The best way to gauge an employer’s needs in this area is to look at their previous work before applying for the job.
  • Game design: It is a fairly simple fact that the majority of gaming companies require some form of design ability from their technical designer. They need someone who has a good idea of how games are designed and can build them out from scratch. This skill will often come from experience or have come up with a lot of ideas for games.
  • Game programming: A programming background is definitely required to work as a technical designer at any company. This should come from experience or a university degree; however, employers will expect some skills from the technical designer.
  • Systems design: Many jobs require systems design. This skill is very important as it focuses on how things work rather than what they look like. It involves the creation of a system that uses the most efficient and effective programming when it comes to game engines that are run by computers in game development studios. 

Technical designers are the creative minds who join their love for art and technology to create effective and innovative designs. They define the next generation of products and services that are interactive, entertaining and useful. As a technical designer, your job is to design an entire product or a component part of it. You can be employed by large companies or in-house teams.

Final Conclusion: 

If you have been wondering how to write a Technical Designer Resume then this article should help you.

Write an “A” plan for each of the above skills on your resume which will help your potential employer realizing your potential and becoming relevant to the position they need. The information contained in this article can help you get started. 

Use our resume builder and sample resume templates to help you create a resume that will get you hired. It is a long and competitive process.  You have to be at the top of your game when competing for the job.  So, make this job hunt as easy as possible by being prepared.

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