Technical Support Respresentative CV Template

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Richard Edward

Technical Support Representative




To a secure a challenging career in a reputed organization and gain a performance oriented role in the field of IT. The expertise and experience gained in this field will no doubt be used to develop multifaceted solutions executed with efficiency and also to further the growth of the Company.



  • MSQL
  • CMS
  • HTML


Work Experience


Technical Support Representative

Xerox Company

Sep 2013


  • Troubleshooting Asus Desktops, Laptops and Tablets with software or hardware problems.
  • Create shipping labels for the units to be sent in for servicing.
  • Assist Overseas clients in troubleshooting there Asus units before sending them in for servicing.

Technical Support Representative

Accent Marketing Company

Nov 2013


  • Troubleshooting Asus Desktops, Laptops and Tablets with software or hardware problems. Create shipping labels for the units to be sent in for servicing.
  • Assist Overseas clients in troubleshooting there Asus units before sending them in for servicing

International Gaming Technology/ GTECH

Control room and Computer Operator\Technical Support Representative

Jul 2018


  • Assist with the daily national Cash Pot draw.
  • Provide technical support to auditors from Supreme Ventures and KPMG.
  • Creating Phone card request and decrypting them so they can be sold.
  • Monitoring and backing up the system throughout the day.
  • Providing helpdesk support throughout the company.
  • Managing computer logs and also assigning or recovering equipment that was distributed
  • Logging tapes and ensuring all data is secured and stored accordingly.
  • Assisting agents with troubleshooting steps to rectify any technical difficulty they have.
  • Assist with taking customer calls while providing excellent and professional services.
  • Working alongside with Supreme Ventures Limited managing agents accounts re-installation, removal or reinstallation and relocations.
  • Assisting technology manager with technical projects.
  • Providing technical support for flex board.
  • Updating and creating fresh content for in-office announcements for the flex board.
  • Editing video content for research purposes.

Technical Assistant

Jamaica Stock Exchange



  • Respond to requests for technical assistance in person, via phone, chat or email
  • Diagnose and resolve technical hardware and software issues
  • Research questions using available information resources
  • Advise user on appropriate action
  • Follow standard help desk procedures
  • Log all help desk interactions
  • Administer help desk software
  • Follow up with customers and users to ensure complete resolution of issues
  • Redirect problems to correct resource
  • Identify and escalate situations requiring urgent attention
  • Track and route problems and requests and document resolutions
  • Resolve technical problems with Local Area Networks and Wide Area networks
  • Prepare activity reports
  • Inform management of recurring problems
  • Stay current with system information, changes and updates
  • Help update training manuals for new and revised software and hardware
  • Train computer users as necessary
  • Clean up computers





San Jose State University

May 2009



Northeastern University

Jun 2012





  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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What Should Be Included In A Technical Support Representative Resume?

When writing a Technical Support Representative resume, it’s important to consider what information should be included. This role requires a person to provide technical assistance to customers and troubleshoot technical issues. A successful resume should showcase the applicant’s aptitude for problem-solving, technical and customer service skills, and attention to detail.

A Technical Support Representative resume should include a summary of your qualifications, such as your relevant experience and education. This should be followed by a list of your relevant skills, such as troubleshooting, customer service, and communication. Consider including any certifications or training related to technical support.

Your resume should also include details of your experience in the field. You should list any related experience you have, such as customer service, technical support, or technical troubleshooting. Include any software or hardware support experience you may have. Make sure to highlight any troubleshooting successes or customer service accolades.

Finally, a Technical Support Representative resume should include any relevant education and certifications. This may include a degree in computer science or a related field, as well as any technical support certifications you have.

By including all of these elements in your Technical Support Representative resume, you can show potential employers that you have the skills and experience necessary to troubleshoot and provide excellent customer service.

What Skills Should I Put On My Resume For Technical Support Representative?

When writing a resume for a Technical Support Representative role, it is critical to highlight relevant skills that demonstrate your ability to troubleshoot and problem solve complex issues. This includes technical knowledge, communication abilities, customer service capabilities, and analytical thinking.

When highlighting your technical skills, be sure to list specific technologies or systems on which you have experience. This could include hardware, software, operating systems, or programming languages. Additionally, include any troubleshooting or problem-solving tools or processes you are familiar with.

Strong customer service skills are also vital for a Technical Support Representative, so make sure to include examples of how you have provided excellent customer service in past roles. Demonstrate that you understand how to prioritize customer needs, provide customer-centric solutions, and build rapport with customers.

It is fundamental to have strong communication skills to be an effective Technical Support Representative. This includes being able to articulate complex solutions in layman’s terms, as well as understanding how to listen to customer’s needs in order to effectively diagnose and resolve issues.

Analytical thinking is essential to this role, as well. When writing your resume, be sure to list examples of how you have used critical thinking, troubleshooting, and problem-solving techniques to resolve customer issues. Additionally, include any experience you have with data analysis, diagnostics, and customer feedback.

With the right combination of technical, customer service, communication, and analytical skills, a well-written resume for a Technical Support Representative role can help you stand out from the competition.

What Is The Job Description Of The Technical Support Representative?

A Technical Support Representative is responsible for providing technical customer service support to end users. The primary role of this position is to help customers with technical problems and to provide troubleshooting assistance. The Technical Support Representative will work with customers to answer questions, solve problems, and help them get the most out of their products. They will also provide education on how to use their products, as well as troubleshoot issues that may arise. They must possess strong problem solving, communication, and customer service skills.

Technical Support Representatives must be able to work in a fast-paced environment and manage multiple tasks at once. They must stay up to date on new product releases, customer service best practices, and industry trends. They must be able to provide accurate and timely answers to customer inquiries and be able to take ownership of customer problems until they are resolved. They must have a deep understanding of the products they are supporting and be able to provide technical advice and troubleshooting instructions. They must be able to provide technical support through phone, chat, email, and other mediums.

What Is A Good Objective For A Technical Support Representative Resume?

A good objective for a Technical Support Representative resume should be concise and to-the-point, highlighting your relevant experience and desired position. The objective should include any relevant qualifications and certifications, as well as any relevant technical skills you possess. Additionally, it’s important to include any specialized knowledge related to the technical support field that you might have, such as software programs or specific hardware configurations.

When crafting an objective for a Technical Support Representative resume, it’s important to also emphasize your customer service qualities. Technical Support Representatives act as a bridge between customers and technical teams, so it’s critical that you demonstrate excellent communication skills and the ability to troubleshoot customer problems quickly and effectively. Highlighting these skills in your resume objective will help potential employers better understand what you can bring to the table.

Finally, don’t forget to include information about the type of position you’re seeking. Are you looking for a full-time or part-time position? Are you interested in a long-term role or a short-term position? Being clear and concise in your objective will help ensure that you’re applying for the right kind of job.

Ultimately, a good objective for a Technical Support Representative resume should emphasize your technical expertise, customer service skills, and desired position. This will help employers better understand the value you bring to the table and ultimately help you secure the job you’re looking for.

What Are The Career Prospects In The Technical Support Representative?

As a Technical Support Representative, you will have many career prospects available to you in the IT industry. You will be responsible for providing technical support to customers, troubleshooting technical issues, and helping customers with product or service inquiries. You will also be tasked with maintaining customer satisfaction, as well as staying up to date on the latest technologies.

The job outlook for Technical Support Representatives is very positive. With the increasing demand for IT specialists, there is an expected growth rate of 8% through 2028. This growth is driven by the increasing need for computer support, hardware and software installation, and network maintenance in the workplace.

Technical Support Representatives are in high demand, and the pay is competitive. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for Technical Support Representatives was $95,570 in May 2019. The highest 10% earned more than $155,730, while the lowest 10% earned less than $131,350.

To become a Technical Support Representative, you will need to have a good understanding of computers, software, hardware, and networking. You should also have good communication and customer service skills. If you have experience in the IT industry, this will be a great asset when applying for the job.

Overall, the job outlook and prospects for Technical Support Representatives are very positive. There is a steady demand for technical support in the workplace, and the pay is competitive. If you have the right qualifications and skills, the opportunities are there for you to pursue this career path.

Key Takeaways for an Technical Support Representative resume

A Technical Support Representative resume should focus on showcasing the applicant’s technical skills, ability to troubleshoot problems, and customer service experience. Having a comprehensive resume is essential for those looking to land a job in this field.

In order to craft an effective Technical Support Representative resume, applicants should include key skills that demonstrate their technical proficiency. Examples of skills a Technical Support Representative should list include troubleshooting, problem solving, knowledge of hardware and software, and customer service experience. Additionally, applicants should detail any certifications or special trainings they have received.

Applicants should also highlight any relevant education and professional experience that demonstrate the ability to handle the responsibilities of the position. This includes descriptions of job duties, accomplishments, and any awards or accolades received.

Finally, applicants should include contact information and any other relevant details that will help them stand out from other candidates. This includes references, volunteer work, or other experiences that show their commitment to the industry.

By highlighting their key technical abilities, education, and professional experience, applicants can create an effective Technical Support Representative resume that will help them land the job.