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Richard Michael

University Graduates


I have majored Culture, Society and Media, and  experienced frequent communication with students from around 80 countries during my university life, which deepened the understanding of variety of cultures. My goal is to be the significant part of the company by proving myself with my ability and global perspective.



  • Microsoft Words
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Microsoft Excel

Work Experience

Part-time job

Joyfull family restaurant

May 2019

I did part-time job in the family restaurant called Joyfull  for about a year while studying in Japan. The work I had to do include taking orders, serving dishes, cleaning. This experience allowed me to communicate more with customers, figure out what the most important thing is, and improve on dealing with mistakes as well.

Field Study

Television, Film, Photography and Theater of Slovakia.

Jan 2019

This field study’s main goal is to explore culture and history of Central Europe(Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Austria) through museums, art gallery, theaters, and so on. Moreover, I had an opportunity to communicate with college students from Slovakia and create a photo essay with a topic based on Slovakia by making a group with them. 


Bachelor of Social Science Culture, Society and Media

San Jose State University

Mar 2020


  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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Unlocking Success: The Journey of University Graduates

Embarking on the post-graduate journey is a transformative experience for university graduates. As the academic chapter closes, a new one unfolds, marked by the pursuit of career opportunities and personal growth. In this exploration, we will delve into the roles, requirements, and responsibilities that define the landscape for university graduates, offering valuable insights to navigate this exciting phase of life.

The Role of a University Graduate

Stepping into the professional realm, a university graduate undergoes a metamorphosis, transitioning from a student to a potential asset in the workforce. The role is dynamic, influenced by the field of study, personal aspirations, and the job market. Let’s explore the multifaceted role of a university graduate:

  • Applying theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, bridging the gap between academia and practicality.
  • Adapting to new challenges and learning curves, showcasing resilience and a thirst for continuous improvement.
  • Contributing fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the workplace, fostering a culture of creativity.
  • Navigating the initial stages of a career, building a foundation for future professional growth.
  • Embracing opportunities for skill development and specialization, enhancing expertise in chosen fields.

As university graduates embark on this journey, they become architects of their own success, shaping their roles through a combination of education, ambition, and adaptability.

Requirements for University Graduates

Securing a foothold in the professional world requires more than a degree. Employers seek a blend of academic achievements and personal attributes that contribute to a candidate’s potential for success. Here are key requirements for university graduates:

  • A bachelor’s or master’s degree in a relevant field of study, demonstrating a foundational knowledge base.
  • Effective communication skills, both written and verbal, essential for collaboration and conveying ideas.
  • Adaptability and a willingness to learn, as the professional landscape evolves rapidly.
  • Problem-solving abilities, showcasing the capacity to tackle challenges with a strategic mindset.
  • Relevant internships, co-op experiences, or extracurricular activities that demonstrate practical application of skills.
  • Proficiency in industry-specific tools and technologies, acquired through coursework or personal projects.

By fulfilling these requirements, university graduates enhance their marketability and stand out in a competitive job market.

Responsibilities of University Graduates

Upon entering the workforce, university graduates shoulder a set of responsibilities that contribute to both personal and organizational success. These responsibilities vary across industries, but common themes include:

  • Executing tasks with diligence and attention to detail, showcasing a commitment to excellence.
  • Collaborating with team members, contributing ideas, and fostering a positive work environment.
  • Continuously updating skills and knowledge to stay relevant in a rapidly evolving professional landscape.
  • Seeking mentorship and guidance, leveraging the experience of senior colleagues to accelerate professional growth.
  • Adhering to ethical standards and company policies, maintaining integrity in all professional endeavors.

As university graduates navigate their roles, these responsibilities become stepping stones to long-term success and career advancement.

University Graduate CV Writing Tips

Crafting an impactful CV is a crucial step for university graduates to secure desired opportunities. A well-crafted CV not only highlights academic achievements but also showcases the candidate’s potential and aspirations. Here are some tips for writing an effective university graduate CV:

  • Highlight academic achievements, including honors, awards, and relevant coursework.
  • Emphasize transferable skills gained through academic projects, internships, or part-time jobs.
  • Showcase extracurricular activities and leadership roles to demonstrate a well-rounded personality.
  • Include a concise but compelling personal statement that outlines career goals and aspirations.
  • Tailor the CV for each application, aligning qualifications and experiences with job requirements.

By following these tips, university graduates can create a CV that not only reflects their academic prowess but also resonates with potential employers, setting the stage for success in the competitive job market.

University Graduate CV Summary Examples

Your CV summary serves as the introduction to your professional story. Crafting a compelling summary can capture the attention of employers and set a positive tone for the rest of the document. Here are some examples to inspire you:

  • “Dedicated university graduate with a degree in Business Administration, equipped with strong analytical and communication skills. Eager to contribute fresh perspectives and learn from seasoned professionals in a dynamic work environment.”
  • “Recent graduate in Computer Science with a passion for coding and problem-solving. Academic excellence combined with hands-on project experience in software development. Ready to bring innovation to a tech-driven workplace.”
  • “Aspiring marketing professional and recent graduate in Marketing and Communications. Proven ability to create compelling content and execute successful marketing campaigns. Seeking an opportunity to apply creativity and strategic thinking in a dynamic marketing role.”

Each CV summary is a glimpse into the candidate’s potential, setting the stage for a more detailed exploration of their qualifications and experiences.

Create a Strong Experience Section for Your University Graduate CV

The experience section of a CV is a platform to showcase practical applications of academic knowledge and skills. Here are examples of how university graduates can structure this section:

  • “Completed a hands-on research project on sustainable energy solutions, demonstrating the ability to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world challenges.”
  • “Interned at XYZ Company, where I collaborated with cross-functional teams to implement a new customer relationship management (CRM) system, improving overall efficiency by 15%.”
  • “Led a student organization as president, organizing events and managing a team, showcasing leadership and organizational skills.”

Each experience highlighted in the CV becomes a testament to the candidate’s capabilities, providing evidence of their potential impact in a professional setting.

Sample Education Section for Your University Graduate CV

Your education section is a cornerstone of your CV, emphasizing the academic foundation upon which your professional journey is built. Here’s how you can present your educational achievements:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, XYZ University, graduating with honors, 2022.
  • Master of Science in Computer Science, ABC University, specializing in artificial intelligence, 2023.
  • Relevant coursework: Data Analysis, Marketing Strategies, Software Development Principles.

Each educational milestone becomes a building block, contributing to the comprehensive profile of a university graduate.

University Graduate Skills for Your CV

Your skill set is a toolkit that showcases your abilities and potential contributions to an organization. Let’s categorize essential skills for university graduates:

Soft Skills:

  1. Communication and interpersonal skills, vital for effective collaboration in a professional setting.
  2. Adaptability and resilience, demonstrating the ability to navigate challenges and embrace change.
  3. Problem-solving abilities, a critical skill for addressing complex issues in the workplace.
  4. Time management and organization, ensuring efficient handling of tasks and responsibilities.
  5. Teamwork and collaboration, fostering positive working relationships with colleagues.

Hard Skills:

  1. Technical proficiency in relevant software or tools, acquired through coursework or personal projects.
  2. Analytical skills, essential for interpreting data and making informed decisions.
  3. Project management, showcasing the ability to plan, execute, and oversee tasks successfully.
  4. Research skills, honed through academic projects and experiences.
  5. Language proficiency or coding skills, depending on the field of study and career aspirations.

Each skill is a valuable asset, contributing to the overall competency of a university graduate in a professional setting.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a University Graduate CV

While crafting a CV, university graduates should be mindful of common mistakes that can hinder their chances of securing desired opportunities. Here are pitfalls to avoid:

  • Avoid using a generic template; tailor your CV for each application to showcase relevance.
  • Focus on achievements, not just job duties, to provide a deeper understanding of your capabilities.
  • Include a well-crafted personal statement; skipping this opportunity can result in a lack of personalization.
  • Balance technical jargon; while showcasing expertise, ensure your CV remains accessible to a broader audience.
  • Proofread thoroughly; errors in spelling or grammar can create a negative impression on potential employers.

Avoiding these mistakes ensures that a university graduate’s CV is not only comprehensive but also presents a polished and professional image.

Key Takeaways for Your University Graduate CV

As we conclude this in-depth guide, let’s recap essential points for university graduates to consider when crafting their CVs:

  • Emphasize academic achievements, transferable skills, and extracurricular activities in your CV.
  • Craft a compelling CV summary that captures your potential and aspirations effectively.
  • Showcase practical applications of knowledge and skills in the experience section to provide evidence of your capabilities.
  • Present your education section clearly, highlighting relevant coursework and achievements.

Remember, your CV is not just a document; it is your professional story. By following these key takeaways, university graduates can create a CV that stands out, paving the way for success in their chosen careers.

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