IoT Engineer Resume Sample

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IoT Engineer Resume Sample

IoT Engineer


Having real enthusiasm, I want to build up my career in a prominent and progressive organization that can take full advantage of my comprehensive knowledge and skills and thus offers career growth opportunities through proven performance in my knowledge, skill, and effort in the effective field related to works.


Work Experience 

Senior Software Engineer
Deloitte Digital

Software Engineer
Accenture LLC

Ace Technologies


Automatic Street Light

Build an ‘automatic street light with LDR’. This circuit employed the output from an uncomplicated light/dark activated circuit and oblige a relay in its output which can be further attached to switch ON/OFF a street light and electrical application in a household also.

Digital Logic Design
Project Member

In this project, we have to design the combinational logic part which is the decoder to display each of the characters of the assigned string on a seven-segment display. Seven-segment displays are very convenient to use and simple to design. The specific application of using a seven-segment display as a method of showing a numerical output for a binary counter was discussed here. However, the basic framework provided here should yield other applications as well. The displays are highly versatile and with proper input can display a variety of numbers, letters, and figures.

12V to 220V Inverter

A power inverter is a device that converts DC power into AC power. The output AC could be any voltage and frequency which is processed by transformers, switching and control circuits. It converts the DC electricity from battery source, solar panels, and fuel cells to AC electricity. The AC equipment can be operated by this AC output power.

Make Your Home “Smart”
Project Member

The home of the future is a place where gadgets and appliances will be controlled remotely. From central heating to home lighting, more and more appliances can now be controlled using smartphones – a concept that is often called ‘The Internet of Things’.Rather than having to manually operate devices like your coffee maker and vacuum cleaner directly, you can now use them remotely from your phone or tablet, wherever you happen to be.

Anesthesia Control System
Project Member

For any operations patient need anesthetic. Anesthesia is a practice in medicine science. Anesthesia is done by an injection. When anesthesia is given Doctors measure the blood pressure, heart rate, age, weight, smoker or non-smoker, diabetes patient or not etc. The impact of the anesthesia depend on how long the operation operate and that specified time. It is not so easy to matter for old age people. In Bangladesh anesthesia is not done by modern tolls for that some of the patients died on the operation theater.

Realtime Image Processing based Robotic Arm Control
Project Member

Any robotic system mainly consists of a sensory system that senses the surroundings i.e. objects, obstacles etc. The proposed system will make use of a microcontroller, two servo motors, a voltage source, a camera and open CV for detection and recognition of the object, and a mechanical arm assembly to support those components. The assembly is fully custom made and hence much cost-effective. The arm will have 2 DOF.

Low Cost CNC Machine Laser Engraver
Project Member

CNC technology and revolutionary change in the world of digital electronics & Microcontroller, we are presenting here an idea of “Arduino Based CNC Machine Controller”.The idea behind this project is to make a small Two-Axis CNC router that can engrave 2D and Gray scaled images or pictures with help of high watt burning laser module on the surface which can be paper, wood, leather, plastic, foam etc.


Masters of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE)
San Jose State University

Bachelors of Electrical Engineering
University of Pennsylvania


  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Chines