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Steven Watson

Video Journalist




Highly motivated and enthusastic Media student. Always eager to gain new skills and experience the Media Industry in all of its facettes. Excited to make more international connections.



  • Video Editing
  • Camera work
  • Audio Editing
  • Graphic Design


Work Experience


Video Editor

Thomas Sport



  • Edit videos for an online learning course
  • Plan and shoot said videos

Video Journalist (Intern)

TNT News

Aug 2019


  • Shoot press events & local news stories e.g. accidents and edit video material
  • Prepare and conduct interviews

Audio Engineer (Intern)

Red 95 FM Radio

Mar 2018


  • Supervise studio transmissions/recordings
  • Plan and prepare broadcast schedules
  • Shoot and edit audiovisual productions

Graphic Desginer / Journalist (Intern)

MTN Hotel Management

Oct 2017


  • Plan and write articles for several magazines
  • Design ads for magazines




Media Design (BA)

San Jose State University



Completed the following courses at time of application:

  • Fundamentals of Media Design, Fundamentals of Media Conception, General Business Administration, Media Technology, Developement of Interactive Applications, Computer Graphics / Mathematics, Media Industry, User Experience Design, AV-Production, Internship Semester

Taking the following courses at time of application:

  • Developement of Interactive Applications II, Project Management and Soft Skills, Scientific Work and Writing, E-Learning and Online Learning, Creative Conception (Developement of Ideas + Conception), Text Conception (Creative Writing + Storytelling), Study Project I

Plus 2 School

Northeastern University

Jul 2017


  • Completion of the “international course”
  • Participated in exchange with a class in Grootebroek, the Netherlands
  • Scored high grades in English, Spanish and Theater



  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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Video Journalist Resume Writing Guide

If you’re looking for a job as a video journalist and are having trouble figuring out how to write your own resume, this post is for you. It’ll give you a step-by-step guide explaining everything you need to know about how to create the perfect video journalist resume tailored just for you!

You can also find tips from other expert journalists and industry professionals who have shared their thoughts on writing resumes in general. Follow this guide carefully, and it will help set your application apart from the crowd.

I hope this helps you with resumes and cover letters tailored just for you!

Video Journalist Job Description:

A video journalist gathers visual information through a lens, and then delivers it in a way that is clear, concise and attractive to the consumer. The video journalist’s job requires them to go out on location, and research their subjects. They use a number of different tools to gather information, from using written notes; to using electronic equipment such as video cameras, audio recorders or computers; or even visual aids like maps or diagrams.

Video Journalist Key Responsibilities:

  • Ability to think on their feet and solve problems
  • Ability to articulate ideas clearly and concisely (both in writing and speaking)
  • Communicating effectively with all types of people, at all levels of the organization
  • Creating videos for websites, news websites, TV shows, and more.
  • Managing their own workflow with time management skills
  • As well as other duties as assigned by the project or editorial director.
  • Edit, compile and publish journalistic videos on the Internet and in media outlets worldwide. Produce graphical data sets for use by others in web pages, presentations, databases, and print documents. Create news reports for broadcast or distribution by television or radio. Make video recordings of news events and studio/field interviews to be included in broadcast or cablecast news programs.

Video Journalist Education Requirements:

  • Video production courses with hands-on training (2-3 years) – from interactive tutoring to off-site learning.
  • Some previous experience would be beneficial, starting from a college-level course.
  • Degree in photography/video production or related field.
  • Minimum 2 years of video production experience, with on-the-job training.

Video Journalist Summary Objective:

To obtain a position in the video journalism industry at a media outlet, public relations department or other company, which will allow me to use my skills in gathering and reporting on story ideas. With these skills, I can contribute to the success of a company by gathering information, facts and statistics that will benefit them.

Interviewing people is central to the job of any reporter. In both print media and broadcast news a reporter’s job is to ask questions and learn new things. The great thing about being a journalist is that you also have the opportunity to ask questions of yourself. You’re always working to discover new information, and by asking questions of yourself, you’re helping yourself do your job better and get closer to the truth.

Journalists can be mistaken for someone who is in search of the truth.
Reality television shows are now broadcast in many countries around the world. These types of shows tend to garner a lot of media attention, and many are still watched through the Internet.

Top 15 Must-have Video Journalist Skills:

  1. Creativity.
  2. Writing.
  3. Research skills.
  4. Photography skills/eye for detail/precision/timeliness.
  5. Languages (unless you’re in the U.S.).
  6. Ability to interview and conduct an engaging script with a variety of personalities, ages, and backgrounds (age 10-90).
  7. Editorial skills.
  8. Growth mindset and self-advocacy skills.
  9. Social media and adeptness at “making it happen.”
  10. Awareness of issues in the industry (i.e., understanding causes and effects of censorship, copyright, news classification, etc.).
  11. Experience being resourceful/taking initiative (i.e., making a living on the road).
  12. Initiative (i.e., to research, find, and report the story).
  13. Leverage your connections.
  14. Connection to a “brand” or “network” of some kind (i.e., a website, YouTube Channel, Twitter/Instagram).
  15. English proficiency (unless you’re in the U.S.).

Tips to write a Video Journalist Cover Letter:

A written cover letter is required with every job application. It’s an opportunity to tell the employer why you’re a good match for the position and what you can offer that other candidates can’t. While the overall tone of your letter should be businesslike, it’s also an opportunity to show your personality and individuality. While you don’t want to write a cover letter that’s too informal, you also don’t want to be overly formal.

Keep your cover letter brief and to the point. Limit it to one page [as I did here], including the contact information of your references. If the job posting specifies a certain form or style for writing a cover letter, follow those guidelines. Otherwise, keep it brief, professional and upbeat. Focus on your skills, experience, education and anything else that shows why you would be a good match for the position.

(a) What did you like most about the work you did in the video production field?

(b) What trends do you predict for this field in five years? Ten years?

(c) Describe what makes you a good match for this particular job. For example, if the job posting requires that the candidate have a certain amount of experience, say so.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the subtle differences between your resume for work and your resume for freelance/freelance writing
  • The great thing about writing a video journalist resume is that it can be customized to fit your unique story and skills
  • Don’t be terrified of adding creative additions to the resume you write out of fear of it not being impressive
  • All that is needed in order to write a video journalist resume is practice!