Account Representative Resume

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Account Representative Resume Sample

Key Account Representative


Highly motivated Sales Associate with extensive customer service and sales experience. Outgoing sales professional with track record of driving increased sales, improving buying experience and elevating company profile with the target market.


Work Experience 

Junior Lecture
University of Southern California

  • Identified student strengths and weaknesses to create tailored learning activities, including presentation and group discussion activities.
  • Conducted engaging in-class discussions to facilitate learning and encourage participation.
  • Applied innovative teaching methods to encourage student learning objectives.
  • Created a positive and safe learning environment for students by setting and enforcing classroom code of conduct.

Key Account Representative
Yale Informatica

  • Propose new products to clients using entire data sources to prepare and conduct optimum presentations.
  • Handling LKA Such as institution cooperation, café, individual modern trade, supermarket
  • Promote price point integrity and involve with retail level -parity at Headquarter.
  • Contribute in proper product quantity enabling client to retail profitably
  • Develop new and fresh strategies to respond to high-volume client concerns and meet budget guidelines.
  • Analyze market needs, develop account strategies and convey to chief responsible personnel.
  • Maintain client relations to build excellent reputation for service and produce repeat business.
  • Develop relations between company and client following details to ensure quick response to identified problems.
  • Maintain steady in-store visitation frequency to ensure implementation of brand presence, door volume, visual roll-out and driving turn.

Retail Engagement Executive
Boston Super Mart

  • Calling on established general trade retail outlets,
  • Selling and executing national/local brand building marketing programs and initiatives within these accounts
  • Consistently demonstrating the application of company values in all business interactions in territory
  • Managed the product distribution in territory then ensured the product availability & visibility in territory
  • Create a trade program
  • Analyze competitor activity
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of any marketing campaigns.
  • Keeping up to date with market trend and competitor activity.
  • Identifying short and long term growth opportunities.
  • Collecting and communicating customer requirements to all necessary departments.

American Bank

  • Balance currency, coin, and checks in cash drawers at ends of shifts, and calculate daily transactions using computers, calculators, or adding machines.
  • Cash checks and pay out money after verifying that signatures are correct, that written and numerical amounts agree, and that accounts have sufficient funds.
  • Examine checks for endorsements and to verify other information such as dates, bank names, identification of the persons receiving payments and the legality of the documents.

Supervisor Modern Trade
New Tech Trading

  • Supervision & assessment of subordinate
  • Made strategic plan to achieve targets
  • Create a trade program for regular & seasonal event
  • Fully understand market / competitor intelligence and identify customer opportunities
  • Strengthen relationship with the customer, both at HQ and store level  to ensure full customer plan implementation
  • Develop detailed plan based on strategy (brand & category strategy): assortment, pricing, promotion, visibility and merchandising to maximize the growth potential within the assigned budget
  • Networking with business partners and customers.
  • Conducting regular Business Reviews with customers and suppliers.
  • Providing technical customer support as necessary.
  • Keeping up to date with market trend and competitor activity.
  • Dealing with buyers, store managers and regional managers of major retail chains.
  • Identifying and assessing a client’s critical needs & identifying short and long term growth opportunities.
  • Presenting business proposals to prospective clients.


Post Grade Applied Management
San Jose State University

Bachelor Accounting
Boston University


  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Chines

Career Expert Tips:

  • Always make sure you choose the perfect resume format to suit your professional experience.
  • Ensure that you know how to write a resume in a way that highlights your competencies.
  • Check the expert curated popular good CV and resume examples

Account Representative Resume with Writing Guide

If you’re looking for a change in career, then try your hand at being an Account Representative! Here’s everything you need to know to write the best account representative resume:

What is an Account Representative?

An account representative is responsible for establishing, maintaining, and expanding relationships between clients and their customers’ needs. They spend a lot of their time on the phone with clients to ensure they understand how they can help them grow their business. They build relationships by tailoring unique solutions that will set the company apart from other companies. They have different roles; some are experts in their field and others work with clients to determine the highest level of service.

Account Representative Resume with Writing Guide:


While it’s perfectly acceptable to use the title “account representative,” it’s always best to call out your position on your resume. Include information about how long you’ve been in the job and what you do on each of these:

Roles and Responsibilities: Provide a detailed description of all different roles you’ve held in the account-representative field. This can include titles, years, and responsibilities. For instance, “associate account manager” or “account director.

Personal Profile

On LinkedIn, your personal profile is a great place to write about your skills. This is the same idea on a resume- include the following information about how you will be a valuable asset to the company:

Abilities and Competencies: Here you can list any technical skills you’ve learned in this field or in others. For instance, if you’ve learned Excel on the job, it’s important to include that on your resume. Keep this list more focused on work-related skills and abilities.

Achievements: List out any specific achievements you’ve earned. Did you write a successful proposal? Do you have a certain number of clients or revenue under your belt? These are all skills that help in writing an effective account-representative resume.


When writing an account-representative resume, it’s important to include education in order to show potential employers that you are qualified for the job. Consider listing this information in the following order:

Date graduated from college and degree obtained. If this information is not in your LinkedIn profile, use the following format:

Degree and major received:

School where degree was received:

Username/nickname/email of school where degree was received. If you don’t have this information, call the school to ask for it, or use your school’s website to see if they can provide it for you. Include both undergraduate and graduate-level info here.

Contact Details: Include your contact information alongside your education on the resume. Your contact information might be your email address or a phone number. If it’s a company’s email address, include the @ symbol after the domain name.


Once you’ve included all of the relevant information about yourself on your resume, it’s time to start writing your professional profile and personal essay. Keep it simple and professional by following these principles:

Use a plain font with bolding for emphasis. Use bullet points instead of paragraphs to break up long sentences.

List of Typical Responsibilities For a Account Representative Resume:

  1. Ensure that internet account has been set up correctly.
  2. Ensure Response and Access logs are complete and accurate.
  3. Reconcile monthly renewal fees with credit card company using online banking system.
  4. Process accounts that have declined due to expiration of service contracts, billing inaccuracies, etc.
  5. Review and process incoming messages from customers to ensure proper formatting and delivery (pre-populated message templates are available).
  6. Establish, maintain, and provide documentation for “repeat customer” accounts.
  7. Troubleshoot customer service issues which may include but are not limited to: incorrect addresses, insufficient payment credits, insufficient service contracts/warranties, etc.
  8. Research, collect, and input all pertinent customer information into system to include but not limited to: contact information, correct addresses, service information, etc.
  9. Maintain customer satisfaction through the use of various interactive media.
  10. Provide support for internet accounts during extended periods of high activity throughout all shifts by performing other duties within a team environment or as assigned by supervisor/manager.

Top 10 Must-have Account Representative Skills:

  1. Sharp communication skills
  2. Strong keyboarding and writing skills
  3. Great attention to detail
  4. Organization and communication skills
  5. Strong analytical skills
  6. Willingness to learn new systems/software/tools/technologies
  7. Able to adapt to changes in the work environment, clients, and markets quickly and readily
  8. Ability to juggle multiple tasks at once (while staying on task)
  9. Ability to work under pressure
  10. Willingness to work extended hours and extra time as necessary

Tips to write a Account Representative Resume Summary:

  1. Be brief and to the point.
  2. Be professional and ensure that it is not written in first person perspective.
  3. Provide details of your education, skills and past achievements.
  4. Do not write about your personality traits or perceptions by you of the employer’s organization or industry.
  5. Make sure it contains information relating to your career change if required.
  6. Ensure that you list the most important information in your resume.
  7. Ensure that it has an overview of your career path and the way up to present position, if appropriate.
  8. Your Account Representative Resume Summary should not be longer than two sentences.
  9. It should be able to sell your value to employer, and it is a key component of a well-crafted Account Representative Resume.
  10. It should be able to impress employer, and it is a key component of a well-crafted Account Representative Resume.

Tips to write an Account Representative Resume Objective:

  1. Be brief and to the point.
  2. Be professional and ensure that it is not written in first person perspective.
  3. Provide details of your education, skills and past achievements related to position applied for in the resume header followed by your career objectives as covered above in the previous resume section.
  4. Never ever use irrelevant hobbies, activities or personal information in your resume as its highly likely to be missing when the recruiter or hiring manager sifts through a large number of applications.
  5. Do not make the resume longer than one page. Remember that recruiters have very little time to go through all your documents so ensure that it is concise and to the point without a lot of fluff, fancy graphics and frills.
  6. Put the appropriate keywords in the resume header about your job objective, skills, and past achievements. You can add a short descriptive paragraph on why you would be an ideal choice hiring managers but do not overdo it because too much information about yourself can make you look like an arrogant braggart.
  7. Your resume should be written in proper English grammar so that it is easy for the recruiter reading through all your documents to understand and follow without confusion. Do not use abbreviations, slang or jargon that will leave the reader confused.

How to write a Account Representative Resume with No experience:

  • Select the perfect resume template to fit your job search.
  • Fill in all of your information and in the right sections for the job you are applying for.
  • Customize! Proofread, edit and personalize your experience, training and education section as you need.
  • As an Account Representative, you will need a real-life experience in writing professional resumes to find a job or get a promotion or a raise with no skills or work experience (like yourself). So enjoy our unique Account Representative professional resume writing guide and examples of resumes for job seekers just like yourself!
  • Get a few friends to read over your resume before you submit it. Have them tell you what they think. Is it missing anything? Do they get confused about where to find the information they need? Do they have any suggestions for how to make a better impression?
  • Be specific, honest, and careful when answering questions about your education, work history, and skills.

How to write a Account Representative Cover Letter:

  • Write a quick and simple cover letter for each position. This is to show that you have interest.
    2.Always ask questions on how you may help or contribute to the company’s success and upcoming goals. Be sure to mention what will give you the edge in your case so they are willing to call you for the interview.
  • In your cover letter, be sure to explain why you believe you are the best person for that particular job. Tell them how excited you are to be considered and how much of a benefit it will be. This helps to emphasize your ability and eagerness to get the position. You want to show that you are someone who is worthy of consideration, so give detailed reasons.
  • With any field of work, always show that you are interested in learning more about the company. This is why you asked for a cover letter in the first place. If you were not interested, why would you ask for one?
  • Always make sure that all of the information you provide on your resume is accurate. You want to show that you will be a good employee and representative, so be sure to include all relevant information.
  • Explain what experience or training would be helpful to the company.

Key Takeaways:

  • Make sure you are following a specific format for your resume.
  • Avoid making generalizations about your skills/resume.
  • If you are airing on the side of over-qualifying, it is better than under-qualifying yourself.
  • Outfit the tone of your resume with words that match the kind of business/position you are applying for.