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Victor Edward

Content Analyst




An adaptable, well organized and enthusiastic content analyst who is motivated to hard work. Gaining main professional experiences, at various levels. Possessive “can do” attitude. Due to experience in few different professions taught multitasking, not afraid of new challenges. Confident, eager to learn. Having strong negotiation skills acquired during the period of self-employment. Would like to use and enhance his knowledge and talent for the development of both the organization and himself.



  • MS Office
  • Google Spreadsheets
  • Google slides
  • Adobe Photoshop cc
  • Adobe light-room
  • Adobe in-design
  • AutoCAD
  • Cnc programming


Work Experience


Content Analyst

Delta Technology Solutions



  • Reviewing and analysing the content following the instructed steps.
  • Evaluating the content and applying the violative policy according to the Community Guideline policies.
  • Coopating with QAs & trainers incase of any doubt / explanation of the updates which helps the team to take the right decisions.
  • Checking the knowledge base persistently to be fully aware of any changes/ recent updates.
  • As a policy expert , Providing a Constantly support to other agents whenever needed.
  • Interducing new ideas which could help the team and the work environment.
  • Continuously Upgrading my skills by the company learning platform to boost & develop my career path

Content Analyst

Jade Software Solutions

Mar 2018


  • Maintain friendly and professional customers interactions.
  • Recomend and help customers select merchandise based of their needs.
  • Prepare product offer for Middle East market.
  • Ensure that the clients updates and quality match their requirements
  • Constantly work with product manager on developing products to ensure highest and competitive quality of the company services and products




Masters in Science

San Jose State University



Bachelors in Science

Northeastern University



PG Diploma in Management

Arizona State University






  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

Career Expert Tips:

  • Always make sure you choose the perfect resume format to suit your professional experience.
  • Ensure that you know how to write a resume in a way that highlights your competencies.
  • Check the expert curated popular good CV and resume examples

The Essential Guide to writing a Content Analyst Resume

Looking for a new job in your field is tough. Everything you know about finding jobs remains the same – send out resumes, apply to lots of places, hope something sticks. What if we told you that there is a better way? The Content Analyst Resume.

Whether you are looking to break into a new field or just want to stand out from the crowd, learn what the best practices for creating your own Content Analyst resume. Get tips on how to tailor your resume and cover letter so they will be in line with the requirements of employers, and gain some insight about what it takes to lead as an expert in your industry.

A content analyst resume should highlight the technical, analytical, and communication skills you have developed on the job. Content Analyst or Content Strategist job seekers will want to tell their story in a way that makes it clear they’re on top of trends and understand the needs of their audience.

Here are six tips to help you showcase your skills and experience:

  1. Tailor your resume specifically to an individual company as opposed to pasting it into every cover letter.
  2. Keep the tone conversational and use bullet points to highlight your experience.
  3. Include concrete numbers, such as “generated over 100K in sales” and “reduced cost per lead by 25%” if you have them. Numbers give hiring managers a better sense of what you can bring to the table than simply saying “I was successful.”
  4. Highlight the number of projects you worked on and your level of mastery over all skills related to that project. For example, if you have a customer success management experience, highlight your capabilities in the following areas: listening to customers, nurturing leads, and helping a company improve its customer experience.
  5. Place all the most relevant content from your resume into bullet points at the top of your resume and keep the details for later. This allows hiring managers to quickly get a sense of who you are as an individual as opposed to paging through several pages of text to find what they need.
  6. Always lead with your most relevant skills, experience, and accomplishments so readers know what they’re looking for when they read your resume.

Content Analyst Key Responsibilities:

  • Review existing content to identify words, phrases, and ideas that aren’t resonating with customers.
  • Conduct research in order to identify trends and current market needs for content creation.
  • Send out surveys and use different methods of data collection in order to gain first-hand customer feedback.
  • Create a strategy based on the insights gathered from research that will form the foundation for creating new content for your target audience.
  • Create and maintain a content strategy that aligns with the company’s goals while communicating to target customers.
  • Collaborate with everyone in the organization, from editorial staff to marketing, promoting your initiative.
  • Provide input on strategy and writing for new content development projects, proactively contributing thoughts and ideas to all conversations surrounding content creation.

Tips to Write a Content Analyst Summary:

  • Think about a high-level summary of your experiences that would encapsulate the skills you want to highlight.
  • Use bullet points to highlight your experiences that demonstrate your expertise in particular areas. For example, if you’ve worked on social media campaigns, provide details about the specific types of campaigns you’ve been involved with (e.g., SEO) and how they were successful (e.g., number of new clients acquired).
  • Make sure to include a statistic about the impact you’ve had on your organization. For example, if you’re a content marketer and your SEO campaign increased the traffic of an e-commerce website by 100%, include that. Even better, quantify it so it appears bold and impressive (e.g., 125% increase vs 1,000,000 new customers).
  • Keep your education section brief as most employers are looking for relevant work experience over academic experiences.

Example summary:
“A highly effective marketing and communications professional with experience in creating content for diverse audiences. Top-notch copywriter with a knack for knowing what resonates with consumers. Proven ability to drive strategic marketing initiatives through social media, SEO, and content marketing campaigns.”

Top 10 Effective Content Analyst Skills to have:

  1. Analytical skills: In order to measure your performance, it’s important to analyze data and draw conclusions from it.
  2. SEO skills: Successful content marketing campaigns are built by having a thorough understanding of how search engines work.
  3. Storytelling skills: With today’s shorter attention spans, your content must engage consumers in a quick and compelling manner.
  4. Marketing & social media skills: A content marketing plan is the best way to engage a prospective client in the first place. After the client has engaged with your content, it’s important to cultivate a relationship to help them grow their business.
  5. Data analysis skills: If you aren’t able to analyze data and draw conclusions from it, you won’t be a good fit for this type of role.
  6. Communication skills: You will interact with other people on a daily basis, including clients, colleagues, and managers, so it’s important to be able to communicate well.
  7. Entrepreneurialism: Content marketing is a form of business management that requires a certain level of entrepreneurialism. You should also be able to create content on the fly in order to meet client deadlines.
  8. Creative thinking skills: Your ideas must be original and compelling in order to attract new clients and increase the reach of your employer’s business.
  9. Storyboarding skills: You must be able to visually map out your story in precise detail in order to get it just right.
  10. Tech-savviness: It’s important to keep up with new technologies and make sure that your content is mobile-friendly and accessible on all devices.

How to Write a Content Analyst Cover Letter:

  • Keep the tone conversational and write about yourself in the third person. Use bullet points to highlight related skills and accomplishments.”
  • Demonstrate your interest in the role by referencing specific attributes about the job description. For example, if you’re applying for a content strategist position and they mention the Orlando Magic as a client, you could reference that as it’s relevant to you.
  • Tell them why you’re a good fit for their company and why you want to work there. Provide examples of how your skills are directly related to their organization.
  • Proofread and make sure everything is correct.

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am excited to learn that TechWorld is making an effort to expand their content marketing initiatives. Building compelling content is a critical component of any successful digital marketing strategy and I am confident that I am the best candidate for the position.
As a creative writer, I have experience in building and implementing content marketing strategies for companies of various sizes. I’ve devised effective social media campaigns to attract new clients and improve the reach of my employer’s business. I have also developed blogs that are informative and visually appealing. Additionally, I understand the power of SEO and am eager to apply my skills in this important area.

I hope to be accepted for an interview. Thank you for your consideration.

James Dow


We hope the above resume writing guide is helpful for your job application. It may not be the most epic resume ever, but it is a great resume to build off of for making your own resume.
We will update this guide as new information becomes available and will be using this as an example moving forward.