Dental Hygienist CV Example

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Eric Harry

Dental Hygienist


Dedicated and passionate Dental Hygienist with 1 year experience and a proven track record of extraordinary client satisfaction with provided services, offering professional oral care to treat & prevent oral disease by applying dental hygiene, skills like, oral assessment, radiograph interptation, scaling and root planning, oral hygiene education, expertly of oral care instruction depends on individual needs.


  • Oral hygiene education
  • Patient assessment
  • Dental cleaning techniques
  • Radiography skills
  • Periodontal care
  • Dental charting
  • Infection control
  • Fluoride application
  • Dental equipment maintenance
  • Oral health counseling

Work Experience

Dental hygienist

North Jeddah Speciality Dental Center

Jan 2021

  • Conducting dental hygiene assessments and examinations to determine the oral health status of patients 
  • Taking comprehensive dental hygiene and medical histories from patients
  • Cleaning and scaling patients teeth to remove plaque, tartar, and stains
  • Applying preventative materials such as fluoride and sealants to teeth
  • Administering local anesthesia and nitrous oxide sedation to patients, when necessary
  • Educating patients on proper oral hygiene techniques and providing guidance on maintaining good oral health
  • Taking and developing dental xrays
  • Assisting dentists during dental procedures, such as providing instruments and materials
  • Performing periodontal charting and assessing the condition of patients gum tissues
  • Identifying and documenting any dental abnormalities or diseases for further review by dentists or specialists
  • Referring patients to dentists or specialists for further dental treatment, when necessary
  • Documenting treatment plans, procedures performed, and patient progress in dental records

Hygienist Assistant

North Jeddah Speciality Dental Center

Oct 2020

During COVID-19


Bachelor Dental Hygienist

San Jose State University

Jan 2021


  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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Exploring the Role of a Dental Hygienist

As the healthcare field continues to evolve, the role of a Dental Hygienist remains a cornerstone in ensuring optimal oral health for patients. This position requires a unique blend of technical expertise and compassionate care, making Dental Hygienists essential members of the dental care team. Let’s dive into the multifaceted role of a Dental Hygienist, exploring the skills and qualifications needed to excel in this critical healthcare profession.

Key Responsibilities of a Dental Hygienist

A Dental Hygienist plays a crucial role in preventive dental care, working alongside dentists to help patients maintain healthy smiles. The responsibilities of a Dental Hygienist include:

  • Conducting thorough dental cleanings to remove plaque and tartar buildup.
  • Educating patients on proper oral hygiene practices tailored to their individual needs.
  • Performing dental examinations to identify signs of gum disease, cavities, or other oral health issues.
  • Administering dental X-rays to aid in diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Applying fluoride treatments and sealants to prevent tooth decay.
  • Assessing patients’ oral health and collaborating with dentists to create personalized treatment plans.
  • Providing guidance on nutrition and lifestyle habits that impact oral health.

Each responsibility requires a combination of technical proficiency and effective communication skills, as Dental Hygienists often serve as educators and advocates for their patients.

Dental Hygienist Job Requirements

Becoming a Dental Hygienist is a rewarding journey that demands a specific set of qualifications and skills. To step into this role, consider the following prerequisites:

  • Associate degree in Dental Hygiene from an accredited program.
  • Licensure as a Dental Hygienist in the state of practice.
  • Proficiency in using dental tools and equipment for cleanings and examinations.
  • Strong interpersonal skills for effective communication with patients and dental team members.
  • Attention to detail and thoroughness in conducting dental procedures and assessments.
  • Continued education to stay updated on advancements in dental hygiene practices.
  • Knowledge of infection control protocols to maintain a safe dental environment.

While education provides the foundation, practical skills and a commitment to ongoing learning are key to success as a Dental Hygienist.

Crafting Your Dental Hygienist CV

Your Dental Hygienist CV is more than a document; it’s a representation of your commitment to oral health and patient care. Here are tips to ensure your CV stands out:

  • Highlight your educational achievements, emphasizing your degree and any relevant coursework or honors.
  • Showcase your clinical skills, detailing your experience with dental tools, X-rays, and preventive treatments.
  • Include any certifications or licenses, making it clear that you meet state requirements for practice.
  • Describe your interpersonal skills, emphasizing your ability to educate and communicate effectively with patients.
  • Quantify your impact, if possible, by mentioning the number of patients served or successful preventive interventions.

Your CV is a tool to demonstrate not just what you know, but how well you apply your knowledge to improve patients’ oral health.

Dental Hygienist CV Summary Examples

Your CV summary is the opening statement of your career narrative. Craft a compelling summary that reflects your dedication and expertise:

  • “Dedicated Dental Hygienist with an Associate degree and a passion for preventive oral care. Proven ability to educate patients on proper hygiene practices, resulting in improved oral health outcomes.”
  • “Licensed Dental Hygienist with a commitment to staying abreast of the latest advancements in dental hygiene. Skilled in conducting thorough cleanings and collaborating with dentists for comprehensive patient care.”
  • “Experienced Dental Hygienist focused on delivering personalized preventive care. Adept at using cutting-edge dental tools to ensure optimal oral health for patients.”

Your CV summary sets the tone for the reader, providing a snapshot of your skills and commitment to excellence in dental hygiene.

Building a Robust Experience Section for Your Dental Hygienist CV

Your experience section is the heart of your CV, showcasing your journey in dental hygiene. Here are examples to guide you:

  • “Conducted dental cleanings and assessments for a diverse patient population in a busy dental practice, contributing to a 15% reduction in oral health issues.”
  • “Collaborated with dentists in creating and implementing individualized treatment plans, resulting in improved patient compliance and satisfaction.”
  • “Led oral health education sessions for community outreach programs, demonstrating a commitment to preventive care beyond the dental office.”

Each experience you share adds depth to your narrative, illustrating your contributions and impact in the field of dental hygiene.

Educational Milestones for Your Dental Hygienist CV

Your educational journey is a testament to your dedication to the field. List your educational milestones with pride:

  • Associate Degree in Dental Hygiene, XYZ College, a comprehensive program providing a solid foundation in preventive dental care, 2018.
  • Dental Hygiene Licensure, State Board of Dental Examiners, showcasing compliance with state requirements for practice, 2019.
  • Continuing Education in Advanced Dental Hygiene Techniques, demonstrating a commitment to staying current in the field, 2021.

Your education section reinforces your qualifications and commitment to ongoing professional development.

Dental Hygienist Skills for Your CV

Your skill set is a toolbox equipped with a range of abilities crucial to effective dental hygiene practice. Highlight the following skills in your CV:

Soft Skills:

  1. Effective communication, fostering positive patient relationships and collaboration with dental colleagues.
  2. Empathy and compassion, creating a supportive and comfortable environment for patients.
  3. Attention to detail, ensuring thorough assessments and precise dental procedures.
  4. Time management, balancing multiple tasks while providing quality care.
  5. Adaptability, adjusting to the evolving needs of patients and the dental practice.

Hard Skills:

  1. Proficiency in using dental tools, ensuring accurate and efficient dental cleanings and examinations.
  2. Knowledge of preventive treatments, including fluoride applications and sealants.
  3. Competence in taking and analyzing dental X-rays for diagnostic purposes.
  4. Understanding of infection control protocols, maintaining a safe and hygienic dental environment.
  5. Collaboration with dental software for patient records and treatment planning.

Your skills showcase your ability to provide exceptional dental care while contributing positively to the dental team.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Dental Hygienist CV

Avoiding common pitfalls is essential in creating a standout Dental Hygienist CV. Be mindful of the following mistakes:

  • Using generic language, personalize your CV to highlight your unique qualities as a Dental Hygienist.
  • Focusing solely on duties, emphasize your achievements and the positive outcomes of your contributions.
  • Neglecting the importance of a cover letter, take the opportunity to express your passion for dental hygiene and patient care.
  • Overloading your CV with technical jargon, ensure clarity and readability for a broad audience.
  • Skip the proofreading process, as errors can impact the professionalism of your CV.

Avoiding these mistakes ensures your Dental Hygienist CV is a compelling and authentic representation of your skills and experience.

Key Takeaways for Your Dental Hygienist CV

As you craft your Dental Hygienist CV, keep these key points in mind to make it stand out:

  • Emphasize your commitment to preventive oral care and patient education.
  • Showcase your clinical skills and impact through quantifiable achievements.
  • Highlight your dedication to ongoing learning and staying current in the field.
  • Personalize your CV for each application, aligning it with the specific job requirements.

Remember, your CV is a reflection of your passion for dental hygiene and your dedication to enhancing oral health. Best of luck!

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