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Rachel Michael

Document Handling Clerk


My Mission for life to be a reputed professional in an organization, where I would be able to utilize my Professional qualifications and experience for the betterment for the organization and my society. An extremely hard working and friendly individual who enjoys communicating with others from
different cultures and backgrounds. I want to succeed in a stimulating and challenging environment, building the Success of the company while I experience advancement opportunities.


  • Successfully Completed Certificate Course in ICT level 04 (NVQ) at the Vocational Training Authority – Veyangoda
  • Successfully Completed a spoken English Course at the American College and Higher Education – Negombo

Work Experience

Documentation Clerk

Richard Pieris Finance Company

Jul 2019

  • Gather and organize all necessary documents and records for various company projects and procedures.
  • Create and maintain an efficient and organized filing system for easy retrieval of documents. 
  • Review and verify the accuracy and completeness of all documents before filing.
  • Scan and digitize paper documents to ensure electronic storage and easy access.
  • Assist in the preparation and dissemination of important company communications and announcements.
  • Collaborate with other departments to obtain and compile necessary documentation for audits and regulatory compliance.
  • Assist in training employees on proper document handling procedures and best practices.

Call Center Executive

Diesel & Motor Engineering PLC

May 2018

Worked as a Call Center Executive at Diesel & Motor Engineering PLC and have Two years and 06 Month experience

Material Inspection Associate

Brandiex Inspired Solutions


Currently working as a Material Inspection Associate Brandiex Inspired Solutions.


G.C.E Advanced Level Examination – 2014

San Jose State University

Aug 2014

G.C.E Ordinary Level Examination – 2011

Northeastern University

Dec 2011


  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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What is the Role of a Document Handling Clerk?

In every organization, the efficient management of documents is crucial for maintaining smooth operations. The role of a Document Handling Clerk is pivotal in ensuring that all documents are organized, processed, and stored effectively. This position requires a keen eye for detail, strong organizational skills, and the ability to work efficiently within a fast-paced environment. Let’s delve deeper into the multifaceted role of a Document Handling Clerk, a position that plays a crucial role in the seamless functioning of various departments within an organization.

What are the Document Handling Clerk Job Requirements?

Embarking on a career as a Document Handling Clerk demands fulfilling certain fundamental requirements, which contribute to your success in this role. The journey involves developing specific skills and gaining a comprehensive understanding of document management processes. Here’s an overview of the prerequisites one needs to meet to excel as a Document Handling Clerk:

  • A high school diploma or equivalent, showcasing a strong educational foundation and basic proficiency in document management.
  • Familiarity with document management software, displaying competence in handling digital documents and files effectively.
  • Attention to detail and strong organizational skills, ensuring that all documents are accurately processed and stored.
  • Effective communication skills, facilitating smooth interaction with team members and other departments for efficient document handling.
  • Ability to prioritize tasks, enabling the timely completion of document-related assignments and projects.
  • Understanding of confidentiality protocols, emphasizing the importance of maintaining data privacy and security.

Acquiring additional certifications in document management can add value to your profile and enhance your credibility in the competitive job market.

What are the Responsibilities of a Document Handling Clerk?

The role of a Document Handling Clerk involves a range of responsibilities, all geared toward ensuring the effective organization and processing of various types of documents. Let’s explore the core responsibilities that define this role, each one contributing to the smooth functioning of the organization:

  • Organizing and maintaining physical and digital documents, ensuring easy retrieval and accessibility for authorized personnel.
  • Processing incoming and outgoing documents, verifying their accuracy and completeness before filing or dispatch.
  • Implementing document retention policies, ensuring that documents are stored and disposed of in line with organizational guidelines and legal regulations.
  • Collaborating with different departments to ensure seamless document flow, facilitating efficient communication and workflow across the organization.
  • Managing document databases and systems, ensuring that information is accurately input and updated for easy tracking and retrieval.
  • Conducting regular audits to ensure compliance with document handling procedures and identifying areas for improvement in the document management process.

Each responsibility demands attention to detail and a commitment to maintaining accurate and organized documentation.

Document Handling Clerk CV Writing Tips

When crafting your CV for the role of a Document Handling Clerk, it’s essential to present your skills and experience in a manner that highlights your proficiency in document management. Here are some tips to help you structure your CV effectively:

  • Emphasize your organizational skills, showcasing instances where your ability to manage documents effectively contributed to the smooth functioning of operations.
  • Detail your experience with document management software, highlighting your competence in handling various digital documents and files.
  • Include specific examples of how your attention to detail has led to accurate and efficient document processing.
  • Highlight your communication skills, demonstrating instances where effective communication facilitated seamless document flow across different departments.
  • Personalize your CV for the specific role, aligning your experiences and skills with the requirements outlined in the job description.

Each tip aims to showcase your expertise in document management and highlight your suitability for the position of a Document Handling Clerk.

Document Handling Clerk CV Summary Examples

Your CV summary serves as a snapshot of your expertise and experiences in document management. It should effectively convey your skills and the value you bring to the role. Here are some examples to inspire you:

  • “Diligent Document Handling Clerk with a strong track record of maintaining accurate and well-organized documents, contributing to the efficient functioning of the organization.”
  • “Detail-oriented Document Handling Clerk with expertise in managing complex document databases, ensuring easy access and retrieval of critical information for various departments.”
  • “Experienced Document Handling Clerk proficient in implementing efficient document retention policies, contributing to enhanced workflow and streamlined document management processes.”

Each summary should reflect your skills and experiences, emphasizing your contribution to efficient document management within an organization.

Create a Strong Experience Section for Your Document Handling Clerk CV

Your experience section should provide insights into your past roles and responsibilities, showcasing how you have contributed to the effective management of documents. Here are some examples to guide you:

  • “Maintained a comprehensive document filing system, reducing retrieval time by 15% and improving overall office efficiency.”
  • “Ensured compliance with document retention policies, leading to a 20% reduction in document storage costs and improved adherence to regulatory standards.”
  • “Collaborated with cross-functional teams to implement a new document management software, resulting in a 30% increase in document processing efficiency and improved inter-departmental communication.”

Each experience should highlight your contributions and achievements in streamlining document management processes within the organization.

Sample Education Section for Your Document Handling Clerk CV

Your educational background provides a foundation for your career as a Document Handling Clerk. Here’s how you can effectively present your educational qualifications:

  • High School Diploma, XYZ High School, demonstrating a strong educational foundation in document management, 2012.
  • Document Management Certification, ABC Certification Institute, showcasing specialized training in document handling and organizational skills, 2014.
  • Additional Coursework in Information Management, highlighting your commitment to continuous learning and professional development, 2016.

Each educational qualification serves as a testament to your expertise and commitment to maintaining organized and efficient document management processes.

Document Handling Clerk Skills for Your CV

Your skill set is a crucial aspect of your CV, highlighting your proficiency in managing documents and ensuring smooth workflow within the organization. Let’s list down the essential skills that a Document Handling Clerk should possess:

Soft Skills:

  1. Organizational skills, the ability to maintain an efficient and well-structured document management system.
  2. Attention to detail, ensuring the accuracy and completeness of all documents processed and stored.
  3. Communication skills, facilitating effective interaction with team members and other departments for streamlined document flow.
  4. Time management, enabling the prioritization and timely completion of document-related tasks and projects.
  5. Adaptability, the ability to handle and process various types of documents efficiently and effectively.

Hard Skills:

  1. Proficiency in document management software, showcasing your ability to handle digital documents and files effectively.
  2. Knowledge of document retention policies and regulations, emphasizing your understanding of legal requirements and compliance standards.
  3. Data entry skills, ensuring accurate and timely input of information into document databases and systems.
  4. Record-keeping abilities, enabling the efficient organization and maintenance of physical and digital documents.
  5. File management proficiency, facilitating easy access and retrieval of documents for authorized personnel.

Each skill is a testament to your ability to maintain accurate and well-organized document management processes within the organization.

Most Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Document Handling Clerk CV

While creating your CV, it’s crucial to steer clear of common mistakes that can hinder your chances of securing the desired role. Here we list down the errors often seen in CVs and how to avoid them:

  • Avoid using generic language and instead use specific examples to showcase your document management skills and experiences.
  • Avoid exaggerating your skills or experiences, as it can lead to unrealistic expectations from potential employers.
  • Include a cover letter to provide a personalized introduction and express your interest in the role, demonstrating your enthusiasm and dedication.
  • Keep industry-specific jargon to a minimum to ensure your CV is easily understandable and accessible to a broader audience.
  • Always proofread your CV thoroughly to avoid any spelling or grammatical errors, presenting a professional and polished document to potential employers.

Avoiding these mistakes will help you create a compelling and effective CV that highlights your skills and experiences in document management effectively.

Key Takeaways for Your Document Handling Clerk CV

As we reach the end of this comprehensive guide, let’s recap the key points to keep in mind while crafting your Document Handling Clerk CV:

  • Showcase your organizational skills and attention to detail, highlighting your ability to manage and maintain accurate documents effectively.
  • Highlight your proficiency in document management software and your understanding of document retention policies and regulations.
  • Detail instances where effective communication and collaboration facilitated seamless document flow and improved workflow within the organization.
  • Include a section on continuous learning, demonstrating your commitment to staying updated with the latest advancements in document management technology and practices.

Finally, feel free to utilize resources like AI CV Builder, CV Design, CV Samples, CV Examples, CV Skills, CV Help, CV Synonyms, and Job Responsibilities to create a standout application and prepare for the Document Handling Clerk job interview.