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Christa Watson

Education Specialist




Over 3 years of experience in full cycle recruiting and managing diverse start-up projects, including educational service platform. High ability to establish effective professional relationships and to utilize innovative and diverse marketing strategies



  • Excellent command of Internet and Microsoft office
  • Proficiency in diverse software’s such as Welligent, Illuminate, Invision
  • Spreadsheets
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Excellent management, organizational and multitasking abilities
  • Persistence, resiliance, self-motivation when faced with difficulties and challenging situations
  • Team oriented
  • Sensitivity to diverse cultures


Work Experience


Special Education Specialist/ Case Manager

Brooklyn Technical High School

Dec 2019


Caseload Management and Direct Instructions 

  • Managed and coordinated caseload of 30+ students
  • IEP Development
  • Test Assessment
  • Direct Instructions
  • Tracking student progress
  • Success rate and performances (successfully exited over than 20% students on caseload from special education program; increased by an average of 30% reading scores
  • State Testing
  • Software Implementation

Collaboration and Working Relationship 

  • Coordination of services; expansion of program activities; and establishment of individualized learning opportunities for students
  • Instruction of teachers about diverse instructional strategies; supervision of paraprofessionals and supporting staff
  • Ongoing communication with parents, gen. ed. teachers, school staff and support providers regarding student progress
  • Resources and instructions for in-home environment


Program Manager

Online Support Platform, United States/Europe



  • Coordination and management of the team of independent contractors
  • Establishment of development milestones, team goals, and strategies.
  • Market research to establish the implementation of the newest trends and match user experience with the highest standards.
  • Effective use of email marketing, inbound/outbound sales to attract clients prior to platform launching.
  • Cultivation of partnership and teamwork
  • Establishment of client relationships.
  • Ability to handle sensitive clients and assist in formulating and implementing resolution in an urgent manner.

Managing Director

Edufinn Educational Services

Jun 2013


  • Development of agency’s organizational structure as well as educational protocols
  • Mediation of job placement between parents/schools and special educators
  • Coordination of full recruiting cycle both domestic and international (Austria, Switzerland, Italy)
  • Management of agency’s contracts as well as marketing and advertising strategies
  • Generation of market research to identify business trends and potential areas of improvement

Senior Sales Representative

International Book Fair

Dec 2010


  • Promotion of the most established publishing house in Serbia and overseas in a fast-paced multicultural environment
  • Effective communication with diverse clients including the renowned international writers and journalists
  • Contribution to increased sales by 60% in philosophy and classical literature department
  • Recognition by the company management as the best bookseller during the book fair




Master Degree

San Jose State University

Jun 2012


Bachelor Degree

Northeastern University

Oct 2010





  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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How to write an Education Specialist Resume:

As an education specialist, your job is to draw connections between academic educational programs and professions. You help students identify the right course of action by preparing them for the application process, informing them of industry standards, and developing a resume that will be appealing to potential employers. Your work brings your students one step closer to realizing their lifelong dreams of becoming veterinarians or engineers!

Who is Education Specialist?

Education specialists work in academic institutions, high schools, and community colleges to help students develop the skills needed to pursue a rewarding career operating within a specific field. Education specialists can work with students pursuing careers in health and medical care, computer technology, engineering, and any other number of fields.

Education Specialist Job Description:

Education specialists are responsible for managing and coordinating the school’s or district’s educational programs. Education specialists are often teachers who have been promoted to oversee a team of teachers or instructors. The education specialist ensures that all students in the program are achieving their academic goals and objectives, and coordinate with teachers on curriculum and educational requirements for the school.

Education specialists often oversee the overall budget of the school or district, ensuring that money is used wisely. They also manage assessment programs to identify students’ progress and implement initiatives to help struggling students catch up with their peers.

Education Specialist Responsibilities:

Education specialists mainly perform administrative management functions and supervise personnel. Some typical administrative tasks for the education specialist include:

  1. School administration
  2. Curriculum development
  3. Staffing and development
  4. School budget
  5. Information technology management or assistance
  6. Assessment and data analysis
  7. Testing and evaluation

Education Specialist Education Requirements:

Education specialists generally need a bachelor’s degree in education, a master’s degree in education, a teacher’s background (must be certified), or a relevant professional or doctoral degree such as an EdD, MTA, EdD, PsyD or PhD in education (must be certified). The certification requirements for different schools differ greatly.

Establishes student success criteria and oversees student progress toward these criteria in order to improve educational standards; assesses student progress toward these criteria; surveys students for feedback regarding their experience with the program; may assist in designing and implementing new curriculum initiatives, including the creation of lesson plans or workbooks.

Tips to write an Education Specialist Resume:

To write an Education Specialist Resume, the first thing to be done is a selection of a topic. The basic objective is to let the applicant put good thought into the content of his/her resume. A resume should be written in an interesting and interesting manner. If you do not like your education specialist resume, see some examples before writing your own one. which is exactly how the applicant finds himself looking for a new job.

If you are really excited about your work, you have to show it through your resume. If you are really excited about your work, you have to show it through your resume. The employer should be able to feel how much passion and energy an applicant has for his/her purpose of work. This will help a lot in making him stand out from other applicants for the position.

Make sure you represent yourself in a good way. This is not always easy, especially when lack of experience forces you into overemphasizing tutorial territory, but this is actually quite important if you want a good education specialist resume.

Tip to write an Education Specialist Resume Summary:

The summary is very important because it is the first thing an employer will see in your resume. Make sure you include career objectives, skills, and experience in this section. It would be wise to mention what you are looking for in a position as well as what you will bring to the company.

“Over 5 years of experience as Education Specialist in the field of education. I have published several papers, and have a proven track record of continued personal development and growth. I am hardworking and dependable, as well as easy to get along with.”

“Highly expertise in education specialist, I have published papers in the field of education and worked for several non-profit educational organizations for over 5 years. My writing skills are excellent, and I have experience with a wide range of educational software. I am a quick learner, friendly, dedicated, and hard-working.”

” An entry-level position as an Education Specialist where I can utilize my skills and experience to make a difference and grow personally.”

Top 10 Education Specialist Skills:

Here is the list of top 10 education skills to help you in writing an Education Specialist Resume.

  1. Teaching: These skills will connect with your education and experience, which you have got in this field.
  2. Supervising and leading the staff: This is an important technology of providing good training to staff.
  3. Assessing and managing the staff: This is an important job of a manager.
  4. Research: This work will be very helpful to find significant information about your future field like the syllabus, exams, examination programs.
  5. Writing and communicating: Writing skills are very important to write professional articles and make a recommendation letter for management in your career.
  6. Accomplished and effective: This is an important technique in a task like writing a review, writing a recommendation letter for someone to get more secure; and can be used in some situations like a job interview or even resume.
  7. Communicating and interacting: This is an important skill to deal with different people at the same time.
  8. Time management: This work will be helpful when you have to manage the time for education, research, and other work.
  9. Collaborating: This work will help you to communicate with different people and make a solution for your work.
  10. Monitoring and evaluation: This work can be an important technical skill for your work.


Now you know about the Education Specialist Skills, and tips to write an Education Specialist Resume. We have covered all the required information about education specialist Skills and Tips to write an Education Specialist Resume. Hope by now you have no problem in writing an Education Specialist Resume, and it will be more helpful for your future.

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