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Andrew Scott

English Teacher


Seeking to bring my experience and undiminished enthusiasm to make language learning a pleasure as well as a productive experience.


  • Course and materials development.
  • Needs analysis for individuals and businesses.
  • Teacher Development.
  • Clean driving licence and car owner (can travel for work).

Work Experience

Self -Employed, In Company and Language School teaching

Polana Uslugi Jezykowe, Krakow


Continued working at the Stairway School until it closed in 2019. However, I gradually shifted the bulk of my work towards In-Company teaching. I have worked as the main contractor and as a sub-contractor in many companies in and around Krakow. My Clients have ranged from the largest multi-nationals to small start-ups

English Teacher

The Stairway School of English, Krakow

Jun 2006

Teaching at all levels. Beginner to Proficiency. Children, young adults and adults. Exam preparation – Cambridge, IELTS, Matura.

English Teacher

The Accent Language School, Krakow

Sep 2002

English Teacher

Al Rajhi, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Dec 2001

In Company and Language School teaching. Course design – with a particular emphasis on incorporating CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) into the courses.

English Teacher

Linguaviva, Milan, Italy

Jul 1999

In Company and Language School teaching. Some major corporations e.g. Bayer and Pirelli.

English Teacher and Senior Teacher

Target Professional English Consultants, Warsaw/Krakow

Jul 1998

In Company teaching. Primarily at Philip Morris in Krakow. Some teaching in smaller companies in and around Krakow. Course design. Teacher development.



San Jose State University

Feb 1996

Intensive course for teaching English as a foreign language.

B.A. History and Politics

Northeastern University

Jul 1994

History and Politics with a global perspective.


  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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What Should Be Included In A English Teacher Resume?

When it comes to writing a resume for an English teacher position, it is important to include all of the relevant information about your qualifications and experience. You want to make sure that your resume stands out from the competition and shows prospective employers why you are the best candidate for the job. English teachers should include the following sections on their resume:

Education: Include all of your degrees, certifications, and teaching licenses as well as any other relevant educational experience. Make sure to include the schools you attended and any honors or awards you received.

Experience: Include any teaching experience you have, such as student teaching, substitute teaching, or tutoring. If you have held any other relevant positions, such as educational coordinator or curriculum specialist, list those as well.

Skills: Include any skills that you possess that may be relevant to the position you are applying for. This includes proficiency in language instruction, technology, and communication.

In addition to the above sections, you may also include a section for volunteer work, awards and honors, or additional certifications. By including all of the necessary information in your English teacher resume, you will be able to show prospective employers that you are the ideal candidate for the job.

What Skills Should I Put On My Resume For English Teacher?

Having the right skills on your English teacher resume is essential to getting the job you want. English teachers need to have both a deep understanding of the subject matter and the ability to teach it to others. They also need to be organized and able to manage a classroom. When crafting your resume, it is important to include the following skills that are essential to success as an English teacher.

The first skill to highlight on your resume is your knowledge of English literature and writing. A successful English teacher must be familiar with classics such as Shakespeare, Chaucer, and Milton as well as contemporary literature. You should also be well-versed in grammar, punctuation, and composition. Be sure to include any relevant coursework or experience you have in this area on your resume.

Another important skill for an English teacher is the ability to teach and engage students. This includes being a good communicator, responding to student questions and concerns, and presenting material in a way that is interesting and effective. It also includes being able to assess student progress and adjust teaching methods to meet the needs of individual students.

Finally, English teachers must be organized and able to manage a classroom. This includes being able to plan lessons and track student progress, as well as discipline and enforce classroom rules. It also includes being able to work with other teachers, administrators, and parents to ensure that students are getting the best possible education.

By highlighting these essential skills on your English teacher resume, you will be sure to impress potential employers and stand out from the competition.

What Is The Job Description Of The English Teacher?

English teachers are responsible for teaching English language and literature to students in a variety of settings, including elementary, middle, and high schools. English teachers must be knowledgeable in the areas of literature, writing, and grammar, and they must be able to effectively communicate this knowledge to their students. English teachers must also be able to motivate and engage their students so that they can learn the material.

English teachers should also have a good understanding of the national, state, and local standards for English education. They need to be familiar with the expectations of the school district, state assessment requirements, and different teaching methods to help their students succeed. Additionally, English teachers must be able to differentiate instruction for students of all levels, from beginner to advanced.

English teachers must also be prepared to teach students about the different formats for writing, such as essays, poetry, and fiction. They must also be able to guide their students in the development of research papers, literary analyses, and other writing projects. English teachers should also have an understanding of the language arts, including grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Finally, English teachers should be able to use technology to enhance their instruction. They should be familiar with the different types of software and online resources that can help their students develop their writing, grammar, and critical-thinking skills. English teachers should also be prepared to use multimedia resources, such as videos, websites, and interactive whiteboards, to help their students learn.

What Is A Good Objective For A English Teacher Resume?

When you are crafting a resume for an English teacher position, it is important to include an objective statement that will show potential employers why you are the best fit for the job. An effective objective statement should highlight your experience, qualifications, and enthusiasm for teaching English.

Your objective statement should be concise and to the point, while also providing an overview of your education and experience. Make sure to mention any relevant certifications or specializations that you have. It is also a good idea to emphasize your dedication to helping students grow and develop their English and language skills.

When writing your objective statement, it is important to focus on what you can bring to the school and classroom environment. Incorporate language that demonstrates your commitment to providing a high quality education for your students. Additionally, emphasize your ability to create engaging lesson plans and incorporate innovative teaching methods into your lessons.

Conclude your objective statement by expressing your enthusiasm for teaching English and language. Express your interest in helping your students gain the skills and knowledge they need to become successful in their personal and professional lives. By including an objective statement that emphasizes your experience, qualifications, and commitment to teaching, you can make sure that your resume stands out from the crowd.

What Are 5 Responsibilities Of A English Teacher?

Being an English teacher is no small feat. Not only must you be responsible for teaching the subject matter, but you must also be responsible for creating an engaging learning environment for your students. There are five primary responsibilities that any English teacher must fulfill in order to be successful in their role.

  1. Plan and Implement Curriculum: An English teacher must be able to plan, develop, and implement the curriculum. This includes selecting appropriate texts, creating assignments, and assessing student performance.
  2. Encourage Critical Thinking: English teachers must encourage their students to think critically and to explore the texts they are reading. This includes leading discussion, facilitating debates, and engaging in activities that will help students to develop their critical thinking skills.
  3. Provide Support and Guidance: An English teacher must be available to provide support and guidance to students who are struggling. This includes offering extra help outside of class, providing resources and materials to help students, and ensuring that each student is receiving the support they need to succeed.
  4. Create Engaging Lessons: English teachers must create engaging and stimulating lessons that will interest their students. This includes incorporating different activities and materials, such as videos, games, and other interactive elements.
  5. Assess Student Performance: English teachers must assess student performance in the classroom, giving detailed feedback and providing constructive criticism. They must also monitor student progress and provide guidance on how to improve.
  6. Collaborate with Other Teachers: English teachers should collaborate with other teachers to better support their students. This could include working together to create lesson plans, set goals, and create engaging activities.

What Are The Career Prospects In The English Teacher?

The prospects for English teachers are varied and depend on the specific job and location. English teachers often work in schools, universities, and other educational institutions, providing instruction in reading, writing, literature, grammar, and other English-related subjects. Those with advanced education and experience may also teach specialized courses such as creative writing, technical writing, and linguistics.

Job opportunities for English teachers vary depending on the region and available funding. English is a common language and is widely taught in schools and universities around the world. As such, there are many opportunities for those interested in teaching English as a Second Language (ESL). ESL teachers typically teach English to non-native speakers and must be able to effectively communicate with their students. Most ESL teachers need to have a strong understanding of both the spoken and written language.

For those looking to work in higher education, teaching English at the college level can be a lucrative career option. College professors are generally required to have a Ph.D. and have extensive knowledge and experience in their specialized field. A college professor can also specialize in topics such as digital media, creative writing, and linguistics.

English teachers can also find employment in the corporate sector, where they will focus on helping employees develop their English language skills. Corporations often employ English teachers to teach English to their employees, and to help them understand important documents, contracts, and other written materials. English teachers in the corporate sector may also be called upon to create and update company English-language policies.

No matter the job, English teachers must be comfortable with teaching a wide range of students, from children to adults. They must also be able to adapt their teaching style to different levels of proficiency and be able to create engaging curricula that meet their students’ needs. English teachers must be able to assess the language abilities of their students and tailor their instruction accordingly. As English is a complex language, English teachers must be up to date on the latest teaching methodologies and materials. They must also be familiar with the nuances of the language, such as grammar, syntax, and vocabulary. English teachers should also be familiar with the culture and customs of the countries where English is spoken.