Radio Access Network Engineer Resume

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Eric Marsh

Radio Access Network Engineer




Radio Network proffesional with 20 years of experience in 2G,3G,4G & 5G network planning, design, deployment, automation, optimization and development.



  • 5G planning
  • LTE planning,deployment, optimization
  • LTE+ design, verification & deployment
  • SON & Automation deployment and development
  • VoLTE introduction and optimization
  • Nb-IoT
  • LoRa WAN PoC
  • Python data analysis, visualization & ML
  • Matlab


Work Experience


Radio Access Network development manager/Principal

Telco Infra



  • Responsible for introducing new features and technologies
    • Lab testing of 4×4 MIMO and 3 CA as an evolution path towards 5G achieving ~700Mbps
    • Site design for 4×4 MIMO introduction based on current network HW usage and configurations
  • Re-farming as a prerequisite of National Roaming+ introduction
    • Working with qBooster tool which was handled without prior training and providing a GSM plan within 3 weeks for both National roaming layer and xONE GSM island
    • Re-work 3G neighboring relationships after 3G spectrum loss & national roaming introduction
  • HLD of Nb-IoT/CatM1 introduction
    • A list of required HW was produced
    • Plan for frequency retune is done
    • Analysis of vendor feature and its implementation
    • Analysis of best solution/deployment scenarios done
  • HLD for Massive MIMO trial on FDD 1800MHz
    • Plan for site modification
    • Plan for testing

Access Network planning and optimization manager

One Tel

Mar 2017


  • MaCro cluster NW planning and NW design stream leader responsible for defining common planning site guidelines, initial site parameter settings for intra/inter band intra/inter technology cases.
  • Responsible for NW consolidation after 2 mobile operators merge:
  • Defining the survived sites list based on site coverage, contract, neighborhood attitude
  • NW sharing scenario based on multiple inputs from product marketing, sales, technical limitations of the systems in both companies
    • National Roaming implementation
    • MORAN implementation
    • MOCN implementation
    • NR+ implementation
    • Testing and feature verification for each scenario
  • Defining the current and future NW capacity and  capabilities like 4x4MIMO and beyond requirements
  • New nodes dimensioning based on inputs from both NW as well as product marketing inputs

Radio Access Network Planing and optimization engineer

AT&T New York

Sep 2015


  • Responsible for GSM network design and frequency, BSIC and neighboring planning as well as designing Macro&Micro repeater solutions for indoor/outdoor. Identifying problematic areas and proposing new sites or optimizing current ones by mean of azimuth&tilt changes.
  • Other activities: Parameter optimization of cells involving handover, power control parameters, responsible for the hardware design of the swapped network including 3G and 4G capabilities. 3G network design in sense of CE planning, azimuth, tilt and SC planning.
  • Responsible for VAMOS testing and reporting during the trial period.
  • Member of Single RAN technical evaluation team in TAG,
  • Responsible for 2G/3G/4G network design with ZTE equipment, Type Acceptance of ZTE’s(new vendor) 2G,3G and 4G features.
  • Responsible for initial LTE rollout and network design in both 1800MHz and 800MHz band in sense of antenna planning/replacements, radio unit requirements and quantities, quantities of the baseband resource HW, as well as feature acceptance. Planning and executing frequency re-farming of 1800mhz band nationwide  as a preparation for future LTE 20Mhz band implementation.
  • Responsible for new active DAS systems using new ZTE HW
  • Responsible for Carrier Aggregation(CA) trial and implementation. CA will be implemented in hot-spot zones as well as small cells (if HW ready).
  • CEM(Customer Experience Management) tool team member responsible for Access Network requirements and Vendor evaluation.




Master studies in Power electronics

San Jose State University

Dec 2001


Postgraduating (M.Sc) studies in Power  Electronics

(Simulation of Bootstrep converter)

B.Sc. in Telecommunication and electronics

Northeastern University

Sep 1999





5G Trial

Lead MNT engineer

Aug 2019


During a short period of 4 months a 5G MNT was setup including new Core Netowrk and 5G NSA configuration was verified where  download speed reached 2.050Gbps

Setmax introduction


May 2019


Responsible for Setmax system integration into A1 network. responsible for system dimensioning, VM dimensioning and build , IP set-up leading to prompt knowledge of customer expreience



  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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How to write a Radio Access Network Engineer Resume

A Radio Access Network Engineer, or RAN engineer is the person in charge of planning, developing, and maintaining radio access networks. This is a very broad field that involves communication between a number of different telecommunications technologies. The following article describes how to write an effective resume for this position.

Create an outline for your resume:

The first thing you should do is create an effective outline for your Radio Access Network Engineer resume. Your first step is to decide what your most important qualifications are and how they can be emphasized. If you have experience in the field, this will be easy to do. Otherwise, make a list of all the things you will need to emphasize in order to provide a comprehensive picture of yourself as a prospective employee.

Highlight your responsibilities:

The next step in creating an effective resume for a Radio Access Network Engineer is to highlight your job responsibilities in the past. The responsibility you emphasize should correspond with the qualifications you decided were most important. Be sure to focus on any unique projects or tasks that you completed, and do not neglect to mention things like awards or commendations you have received.

Describe your education:

Finally, you need to describe your education and work experience. Complete this section with an objective statement that highlights any relevant degrees or certifications earned in the past. If you have IT certifications, include them as well. You may also wish to include how you contacted your most recent employer or explain why they hired you. Ensure that the information in this section is clear and concise, using short sentences if possible without making the text difficult to read.

If you are applying for an engineering position, then all of the above requirements will be a part of your application.

Radio Access Network Engineer Key Responsibilities:

  • Interprets and evaluates radio transport network requirements from the service provider.
  • Designs radio access networks that are compatible with wireless local area network (WLAN) and wide area network (WAN) systems.
  • Designs radio access networks that are compatible with wired local area network (LAN) systems.
  • Recommends changes in cellular configurations to improve or enhance service quality including call set-up time, transmission quality, and capacity.
  • Evaluates radio access network service quality to ensure compliance with service guarantees.
  • Recommends changes in wireless communication networks to lower operating costs and optimize capacity.
  • Designs WLAN and WAN systems to accommodate new multimedia services such as IP telephony, videoconferencing, video on demand, and high-speed Internet access.
  • Devises hardware/software configurations to reduce network latency and minimize transmission errors.
  • Optimizes system capacity by maximizing bandwidth utilization of a wireless channel or cell site.

Tips to write a Radio Access Network Engineer Summary:

Provide a summary of your education, training, and work experience. Keep it relatively short by including only the most important information.

Highlight any unique projects or tasks that you completed in the past. Do not forget to mention awards or commendations you received.

Use action verbs to show what you have done in the past. If necessary, use a list of accomplishments instead of writing long descriptions of your work experience.

Example summary:

“A self-motivated and dependable worker with excellent analytical and interpersonal skills. Possesses a diverse knowledge of computer programming, security, networking, and telecommunications technologies. Demonstrated leadership in the planning and directing of a major management software implementation.”

Radio Access Network Engineer Skills:

  1. Technical knowledge and skills:
    You must mention any technical skills you acquired in college or during your work experiences. However you should not include any details about the code or functions that were used in those courses because they can be seen as a competition for the things that you want to describe.
  2. Communication skills:
    To connect with people, you need to know how to communicate effectively and listen correctly. In addition, you may need to work with some specific tools that will enable you to facilitate communication, for example:  “Email / Instant Messenger / Social Networks”
  3. Learning skills:
    You need the ability to learn new things quickly and effectively while doing other tasks. It is also important to know how long it takes to learn a specific thing or concept, what are the most important aspects in learning, and how you can plan your time for more efficient learning.
  4. Problem-Solving skills:
    Hearing a problem is easy, but knowing how to find the solution to it is more difficult. You need to be able to recognize the problem and know how to solve it properly. Some of the best problem solvers have a habit of writing down problems as they appear and recall them later in order to work on them.
  5. Time management skills:
    To succeed in any job or business, time is one of your most important resources, which you must manage effectively from day one.

Tips to write a Radio Access Network Engineer Cover Letter:

  • Describe how you solved a problem
  • Provide information if you think the employer would find it beneficial
  • Focus on legitimate reasons why they should hire you, such as experience and qualifications
  • Keep your letter short and direct to the point
  • Be clear about your interest in the position.


The above outline is a guide for you to follow when creating a resume. There are many different formats that you can choose from when writing a resume, but the most important part is to be brief while still providing an accurate description of yourself as an employee. It may also be wise to use bullet points rather than long sentences in order to avoid having your resume look like one giant block of text.