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Christa Scott

ESL Teacher




Hard working and diligent ESL Teacher with three years of teaching experience oversea. Celta trained, with the ability to create lesson plans that are designed to be both student center and challenging to encourage learning. Awarded teacher of the month for performance and teaching support by one of the largest language centers in Vietnam.



  • Curriculum development
  • Classroom management
  • Lesson Planning
  • Digital literacy
  • Student-guided learning


Work Experience


ESL Teacher

ABN International School

Aug 2019


  • Responsible for creating and implementing a professional structured lesson plan.
  • Maintaining a learning environment with the use of Classroom management techniques.
  • CELTA – 10/2015

Product Specialist

Mark Institute NY

Sep 2014


  • ​​​​​​Responsible for direct prospecting, presentation, and sales of new automotive vehicles.
  • Prospecting and maintaining new and existing customer database for appointment setting and followup.
  • Maintaining sales quota of 15 cars a month.




Masters in literature


May 2015


Business Administration

San Jose State University






  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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What Should Be Included In A ESL Teacher Resume?

When it comes to writing a resume for an ESL teacher, there are certain components that must be included in order to get a job. A resume should provide a clear and concise overview of the most important qualifications and experience an applicant has to offer.

For an ESL teacher, some of the most important components to include on a resume are teaching experience, certifications, and any additional qualifications that may make an individual stand out from the competition. Teaching experience should be listed in chronological order, beginning with the most recent position. If a job seeker has any type of teaching experience, it should be included on the resume. If the experience is limited, any volunteer teaching activities can be included.

Certifications are another important component of an ESL teacher resume. These should be listed in chronological order, beginning with the most recent. Certifications should be listed with the title of the certification and the organization that granted it. Additionally, any additional qualifications that may be relevant to the job should be listed. These may include knowledge of languages, cultures, and educational methodologies.

Finally, any special skills or awards should also be included on an ESL teacher resume. This could include awards for outstanding teaching performance, recognition for special achievements, or any other related accomplishments.

By including these components on an ESL teacher resume, individuals can ensure that they stand out from the competition and present themselves as qualified candidates for the position.

What Skills Should I Put On My Resume For ESL Teacher?

Writing a resume for an ESL teacher needs special attention since it can be different from other teaching positions. It is important to include the right skills so that potential employers can see you are a perfect fit for the job. When creating an ESL teacher resume, there are various skills that you should consider highlighting.

First, emphasize your expertise in teaching English as a second language. This includes having a good understanding of proper grammar, syntax, and pronunciation. You should also demonstrate proficiency in teaching the four basic language skills – writing, reading, listening, and speaking. Furthermore, employers will also look for evidence of experience teaching students from different cultural backgrounds.

It is also important to highlight other skills that are related to teaching ESL. You should be proficient in using different teaching techniques and strategies, such as using visuals, audio-visual materials, and multimedia presentations to ensure that the lesson is engaging. Additionally, you should also have excellent communication and interpersonal skills in order to effectively convey your lesson to the students. It is also beneficial to have digital literacy such as the ability to use online educational platforms as part of your ESL teaching curriculum.

Finally, be sure to demonstrate your strong organizational abilities as ESL teachers are often tasked with creating lesson plans and assessments. You should also emphasize your ability to stay patient, even with difficult students, and to be flexible in responding to unexpected challenges. These are important skills that all ESL teachers need to have in order to be successful.

By emphasizing the right skills and abilities in your resume, you can make sure that you stand out as a strong candidate for the job. Your resume should also be tailored to the job posting to showcase your experience and qualifications for the position . Finally, be sure to demonstrate your strong organizational abilities as ESL teachers are often tasked with creating lesson plans, assessments, and even developing materials for use in the classroom. Additionally, it is important to highlight your communication skills, both written and verbal, as being able to effectively communicate with students is essential for any ESL teacher.

What Is The Job Description Of The ESL Teacher?

An ESL Teacher is responsible for teaching English as a second language to non-native English speakers. The primary goal of an ESL Teacher is to help students develop their English-language skills and become proficient in speaking, reading, writing and listening in English. Depending on the students’ level of proficiency, ESL teachers may also help them improve their grammar.

To be an ESL Teacher, you need to have a degree in English, or a related field of study, as well as a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate. It is also important to have a good understanding of the cultural differences between your home country and the country where you are teaching. Furthermore, familiarity with different cultures and languages can be very beneficial in helping you understand and communicate with your students.

The job description of an ESL Teacher includes creating lesson plans, teaching classes, monitoring and assessing student progress, providing feedback and guidance to students, and organizing extracurricular activities. In addition, ESL Teachers are responsible for maintaining a safe and positive learning environment. This includes disciplining students, when appropriate.

What Is A Good Objective For A ESL Teacher Resume?

When putting together a resume for an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher position, it is important to include a strong objective statement that captures the essence of your professional experience and motivation. A good objective should highlight your qualifications and experience as it relates to the position and show your enthusiasm for teaching ESL.

When writing your objective, include information about your educational background and certifications in the field. If you have additional skills such as experience in developing lesson plans or working with a range of student abilities and ages, then be sure to include this information. Describing your teaching style and approach to the position is also important.

Be sure to use language that conveys your excitement for the position and your commitment to educating students. An effective objective will show the employer that you have the necessary qualifications and skills for the job and that you are passionate about it.

Good examples of ESL teacher resume objectives include:

“Experienced ESL teacher seeking to leverage four years of teaching experience and certification in ESL to make a positive difference in the lives of ESL students at XYZ school.”

“Skilled ESL teacher looking to utilize five years of experience in curriculum development and teaching ESL to create a challenging and stimulating learning environment for students at XYZ school.”

“Certified ESL teacher looking to use ten years of experience in classroom instruction and lesson planning to foster a positive and inclusive learning environment at XYZ school.”

By crafting a well-written objective statement, you can set yourself apart from other applicants and demonstrate your commitment to the position. With a strong objective, you can show that you are the right person for the job.

What Are The Career Prospects In The ESL Teacher?

The demand for English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers is growing across the world. As global communication and travel become more commonplace, the need for individuals who can speak English proficiently is greater than ever. This demand presents a unique opportunity for ESL teachers to pursue a career in an ever-growing field.

In addition to teaching English language proficiency, ESL teachers can also provide a range of other educational services such as teaching English literature, cultural studies, and other related topics. ESL teachers often have the opportunity to teach in different settings, such as schools, universities, private language institutes, and even corporate training centers.

The salaries for ESL teachers vary widely depending on experience and qualifications. In the United States, ESL teachers can expect to make anywhere from $85,000 to over $165,000 per year. However, salaries tend to be higher in countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

In addition to a competitive salary, ESL teachers can also enjoy other benefits such as flexible working hours, a chance to travel, and the opportunity to work with people from different cultures. With the right qualifications and experience, ESL teachers can also progress their career and apply for positions in teaching or education management.

To become an ESL teacher, it is important to have a Bachelor’s degree in English or a related field, as well as a TEFL or TESOL certification. In addition, many employers prefer individuals with prior teaching experience. A strong command of English and an ability to effectively communicate are also key skills needed to excel as an ESL teacher.

Overall, the demand for ESL teachers is expected to grow in the future, making it an attractive career choice for those looking to pursue a career in the field.

Key Takeaways for an ESL Teacher resume

Writing a resume for an ESL Teacher position can be daunting. When applying for a teaching position, it is important to make sure that your resume reflects you as a qualified educator and highlights your accomplishments within the field. The key takeaways for an ESL Teacher resume are to include any relevant certifications, experiences, and teaching techniques that make you a standout candidate.

When writing your resume, it is important to make sure that you include your certifications for ESL Teaching. This includes any certifications that you have received from language institutes, universities, or any other official educational institutions. Additionally, if you have a degree in a related field such as linguistics, teaching English as a second language, or education, these should also be included.

Include any experience that demonstrates your ability to teach ESL in your resume. This can include teaching experiences in the classroom, online tutoring experiences, or volunteer work related to teaching English as a second language. Additionally, if you have attended any educational workshops or conferences related to ESL teaching, make sure to include these as well.

Finally, it is important to highlight any particular teaching techniques that you have used in the classroom. If you have used innovative or creative methods to teach ESL, make sure to include these in your resume. This will demonstrate your ability to innovate and think outside the box when it comes to teaching.

By following these key takeaways for an ESL Teacher resume, you will be able to create a standout resume that will make you a top candidate for any ESL teaching position. So, make sure to include any certifications, experiences, and teaching techniques that demonstrate your qualifications as an ESL teacher.

It is also beneficial to include any awards or recognition that you have received for your teaching performance. This will show prospective employers that other educational professionals have found your work to be exemplary. Additionally, make sure to include any volunteer work or other activities related to teaching ESL that you have done. This could include tutoring or mentoring ESL students, as well as leading activities or facilitating workshops related to ESL. Lastly, make sure to highlight any special techniques or strategies that you use to teach ESL. This can include things like learning games or special visual aids that you use to make learning more engaging and effective. In summary, make sure to think outside the box when it comes to teaching and include any relevant experiences, certifications.